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Book Title: High Alert

Author: Becca

Publisher: Rainbow Tree

Cover Artist: BookSmith

Release Date: August 11,

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: Friends to lovers, best friend’s brother, small town

Themes: Firefighter, natural disasters, hurt/comfort

Heat Rating: 3

Length: 64 000 words/344

It is a standalone book and
oes not end on a cliffhanger.


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It’s a tale as old as


I’ve crushed on my brother’s best friend since I sprouted
hairs on the unmentionables. Once upon a time, he was straight, until he wasn’t… and talk

about bad timing.

And when we’re finally at a place for me to make my move,
sexy rural firefighter Dan clams up and acts weird and I’m left with pants that are too tight
and my heart feeling bruised… but he’s a good friend and I’m grateful he’s in my life.

Because of course Dan is a good guy.

Though him being “good” and ridiculously easy on the eyes
and possibly the best man I know only makes me want him more.

When we’re thrust into a situation that brings both of us
close to danger, it’s hardly the time to be chasing first kisses or finally acting on my crush.
But Dan doesn’t seem to mind.

I just know that when the stakes are high and emotions are
running wild, sometimes you have to show your hand and go all in.

And that’s exactly what I plan to do.


The squeal of brakes had me exhaling. Any minute now,
he’d be stepping out of my brother’s Toyota. With just a few metres and steel between us, I
had no idea how to react, not with the nervous excitement thrumming in my veins.

The doors opened, and movement caught my attention.
Dan Madison followed after my brother, his eyes already on mine.

His hand tightened around the pack of beers he carried,
and pink coloured his cheeks.

But that was likely my imagination making a much bigger
deal about this reunion than it really was.

Funny, the things you noticed, though. He had new glasses.
They were thicker rimmed than any style I’d seen him wear before. He rocked the whole hot
geek vibe. Killed it, in fact.

Though there was nothing geeky about him in the
traditional sense. Not when he worked with his hands for a living as a carpenter, and I
doubted so much had changed that he wasn’t digitally challenged beyond a game on the

It took everything in me not to allow my gaze to eat him


Two years—however brief on that one-week visit
home—of not working side by side with the man when I talked him into fitting me some
new doors.

Two years of not listening to his addictive laugh that made
me smile so big my face hurt.

And two years since once again, he’d left me disappointed
when he’d waved goodbye and headed back to the city—and his boyfriend—where he’d set
himself up with a new life away from the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Never once had I told him about how I felt, the right time
never seeming to arrive. If I’d known he was gay before he’d left town when he was twenty,
perhaps I would have been more obvious with my crushing. At eighteen, I’d been very
definitely out. But Dan’s sexuality came as a surprise. Craig had dropped that bombshell
when I was in my second year of uni.

And hadn’t that been a kick in the gut, swiftly followed by
elation. For the first time ever, I’d considered that just maybe I had a chance.

The chance never came, though.

There was no point when we lived a couple of hours apart.
Long-distance wasn’t something I thought I could handle, even when it was for my brother’s
best friend, the man who’d snagged a piece of my heart when my balls first dropped and my
dick had thickened watching Gerard Butler in

There was also the fact he’d had a boyfriend.
Had been the exciting word of the day. Almost a year ago, they’d split.

The gravel under his feet grew louder, and his gaze
remained fixed to mine. Barely a metre apart, and he stopped, shifting the six-pack to his

“Hey, Ross.” Pretty light-brown orbs peered back at me,
wide and just as mesmerising as I remembered. “Bloody hell, you’re a sight for sore

I grinned, uncertain of the words that might fall out of my

I didn’t need to worry. In Dan’s next breath, he said, “Get
your arse over here already and give me a hug.”

I ignored my brother’s snort as he snagged the beer from
Dan and walked on past us.

A deep exhale escaped my lungs as I stepped forwards and
pulled him into my arms. I wrapped myself around him, holding him tight. The feel of his
large limbs, strong and firm, wrapped around my own frame made my heart sing.

“Good to see you too, mate. About time you made the
move back to civilisation.” My grin remained wide when I eased away, his snort making me

“Civilisation, huh?”

“Yep. You better believe it. You know, a Subway opened in
town, and Bunnings got an extension. Civilisation at its best.”

Dan’s laugh washed over me like a familiar hug, the
sensation warming me, much like the log fire already built in my sitting room did.

“Come on.” I gripped his arms, giving a happy squeeze.
“Let’s go and grab one of those beers.”

About the Author

Becca Seymour is the #1 gay
romance best seller of the True-Blue series, having sold more than seventy thousand copies
of book one in the series so far. Known for “steamy and endearing” and “emotionally
profound love stories” (InD’tale Magazine) her books have been nominated for multiple
RONE Awards.

Becca lives and breathes all
things book related. Usually with at least three books being read and two WiPs being
written at the same time, Becca’s life is merrily hectic. She tends to do nothing by halves so
happily seeks the craziness and busyness life offers.

Living on her small property
in Queensland with her human family as well as her animal family of cows, chooks, and
dogs, Becca appreciates the beauty of the world around her and is a believer that love truly
is love.

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COVER REVEAL: “The Last Beginning” by Abrianna Denae


Book Title: The Last Beginning

Author: Abrianna

Publisher: Self-published

Cover Artist: Designs by

Release Date: April 5,

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance

Trope/s: Friends to lovers, hurt/comfort

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 61 000 words/210

It is a standalone story in a
new series and d
oes not end on a


Pre-Order Link

Universal Amazon link |
Amazon US | Amazon UK


“Nobody tells you how one moment, one decision, can change the course of your
entire life.”

Kit Briar is starting over. At thirty-three, he thought he had
his life planned out, but a devastating revelation sends him back to his hometown,
desperate to make a life for himself and his son.

“Sometimes, a single kiss can lead a person down a road they never

Lawson Craig never meant to fall in love with his hot new
neighbor, his life’s complicated enough. Except Kit and his young son fulfill a void he did
know he had. The more he tries to fight against the mutual attraction, the harder it is to stay

“If it came down to it, I’d let him go. I’d let him go because he deserves someone so
much better than me.”

Lawson and Kit find themselves in a whirlwind romance.
They fall hard and fast, but every choice comes with consequences and neither of them are
prepared for what happens when their blissful bubble pops. They’ll have to learn to trust in
each other and what they’re trying to build in order to get the happy ending they’ve both
always wanted. When every road seems to lead to heartbreak, how will they ever find


We lean back against the counter and talk about random things for a while. It’s nice. I have
some friends but no one I hang out with regularly. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, this
could be just a one time thing, but I like the vibe Kit has, I’m hoping he likes mine too.

“You said you’re from the area?” I ask after a lapse in conversation.

Kit nods, “Yeah, my family all still live close. My siblings helped me move in today.”

“How many siblings do you have?”

He smiles a little, “Two sisters and two brothers. I’m the baby of the family and they all treat
me that way. Never mind that I’m a grown ass man.”

“I think siblings are supposed to do that. I’m one of two. I have an older brother, we’re close
since neither of us talk to our parents anymore. What about you?”

“I’m pretty close to all my siblings. It’s just my dad. Mom passed away when I was eight.”

“Wow. Five kids for one person, did he ever remarry?”

“No. He dated someone for a long time, but they broke up about five years ago. He’s gone
on dates since but says he’s too old for anything serious.”

I scoff. “I don’t think love cares how old you are.”

Kit smiles at me and I ignore the way my heart trips over itself. “That’s what my sisters say,
but I think he’s content. He has us and his grandkids. He’s enjoying his life.”

“Can’t say I blame him. I’d probably be the same.”

Kit looks at me, his dark brown eyes assessing, “Yeah? Believe in love for everyone but

“Ehh,” I make a seesaw motion with my hand. “Yes and no. Would I like to have that one
person I spend the rest of my life with, knowing that they’re it for me? Yes, I
think most people want that. Do I think it’ll happen?” I shrug, “It’s complicated.”

“Trust me,” Kit sighs, “I know all about complications.”

Is it me or are we closer than before? My arm brushes his and I try not to react
like a fucking teenager with their first crush. It’s ridiculous really, the things I feel for this
man that I’ve known an hour.

“Tell me about the neighborhood?” He asks, breaking into my thoughts. “You said the
neighbor on your other side hates you?”

I sigh and ignore how fucking close his mouth suddenly is to mine. We’re almost
the same height, it would be nothing to lean forward and kiss him.

“Uh yeah, she’s a total bitch. I mean, maybe. I think it’s just me. She’s older, in her fifties I’d
say. I try to be nice and do things like mow her yard and take her garbage cans out, things
like that. She glares at me and never shows any appreciation. I can’t tell if she
really hates me or if she is just a really sour person, you know?

“When I first moved in I made cookies, brownies, and muffins for her, the previous owners
of this house, and the people across the street from me. She’s the only one who refused to
take anything from me. Which, I get, it was kinda weird to have this stranger show up with a
bunch of baked goods, but you’d have thought I offered up straight poison the way she

“She doesn’t know what she’s missing. More for me.” Kit smiles and I can’t help but smile as

“You’ll have to come into the bakery some time, I’ll give you a discount.”

Kit pouts, “Oh so I only get free stuff at home.”

“Yep. Gotta make that money.”

He huffs out a laugh, “I’d happily pay for anything made by you.”

It’s not my imagination this time. He definitely leaned forward.

“You flatter me,” I hope that didn’t come out as breathless as I think. “What if
the only thing I can make are cookies?”

“I like cookies.” He whispers.

We’re so fucking close.


I don’t know who moves first. One second we’re a breath apart, the next, our lips are
touching in an impossibly soft kiss.

Neither of us move for a moment, and then Kit slowly moves his mouth over mine. I follow
his lead, keeping the kiss soft and slow.

A hand grabs my hip and I groan as our bodies come together. Kit takes that opportunity to
deepen the kiss. His tongue sweeps against my lip and I allow him in my mouth.

Gasping, I fight him for dominance. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt anything this good.
He lets me take control of the kiss and I push him against the counter. Our lower bodies are
flush and I can feel his arousal brushing against mine. Shivering, I press my lips harder to his.
Tangling one hand in his hair, I pull back enough to bite at his lip, making him moan.

“Shit,” he gasps before kissing me hard.

I press my hips into his and groan at the sensation. Kit’s hands grip my ass tightly and it feels
so fucking good. I almost beg him to fuck me, but that’d be reckless. Kissing him is enough
for now.

We pull apart for breath, both of us panting softly. “Just so you know,” I tell him, “I don’t go
around kissing all the neighbors.”

He laughs breathlessly, “That one neighbor might like you if you did.”

I snort and shake my head. “You’re prettier.”

I kiss him again, softer now. Our tongues meet and it’s perfect. Best kiss I’ve ever had. I
could spend hours just kissing this man. Crazy? Absolutely, but it’s not the craziest thing I’ve
done, not by a long shot.

About the Author

Abrianna Denae is a
twenty-five-year-old author living in Northern California. An English major, they have always
had a passion for writing.

Deciding to sit down and
write one of the many stories that had plagued their mind for years was the easy
part—finding the time to do it was a different story.

Caffeine is their best friend,
and sleep is her worst enemy.

A lover of books that make
the reader feel something, Abrianna tries to incorporate as much of their real-world views
and feelings into their stories as they can.

Social Media Links

Facebook | Facebook Group | Twitter |

BookBub | Goodreads
Author Page
Amazon Author Page

You can also email her at

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BLOG TOUR: “Ryld’s Shadows” by Bellora Quinn & Angel Martinez. Rafflecopter Giveaway Included!


Book Title: Ryld’s Shadows: AURA 4

Author: Angel Martinez and
Bellora Quinn

Publisher: Pride

Release Date: March 8,

Genres: Urban Fantasy M/M Romance

Tropes: Fish out of water, friends to lovers, unlikely pair

Themes: Acceptance, growth, people aren’t always what they

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 74 000 words/ 276

It is not a standalone story. It
is book four in the AURA series.


Buy Links

Pride Publishing | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Kobo | Apple Books | B&N

Ryld must learn to control
his dangerous shadows before they kill someone he cares about or someone unscrupulous

learns how to control him.


AURA’s offices have been quiet since the mage tower
incident—as quiet as they can be for an agency dedicated to policing holes in reality—and
the department heads have been free to turn their attention back to mundane matters. The
return to quiet bureaucracy gives AURA’s Director of Research, Kai Hiltas, the time to turn
his energy to a new issue—a young drow with unusual and dangerous powers named

Though his shadows always lurk at the edges of his vision,
Ryld does his best to live peacefully and not let them hurt anyone. He has his work, his
apartment and a succession of minders assigned by AURA who are, ostensibly, there to keep
him safe in his new world and to prevent him from causing any scenes with his shadows.
Most of the time, the arrangement works. But one disastrous incident causes Ryld’s minder
to leave him unattended and lost—the precise thing he was hired to prevent.

To replace the faithless minder, Kai suggests Hank, a
half-goblin accountant recently in the middle of a string of terrible luck, while Kai works out
how best to get Ryld the magical training he so desperately needs. For his part, Hank truly
likes Ryld and insists he would be happier working as Ryld’s companion rather than as a
controlling minder.

As Hank and Ryld slowly come to terms with sharing
space—and eventually more—Kai’s search for a teacher for Ryld takes them out west on the
invitation of the Elvenhome’s aelfe queen and right into the lap of inter-elven feuds, ancient
prejudice, conspiracies and trafficking rings. What should have been a pleasant visit soon
turns into more than even forever-scheming Kai can handle.


“Another one, Brady. I don’t have all night.”

The bartender sighed when Hank thumped his fist on the
That crack was already there. I know it

“One terabin
per customer. You know the rules.”

“I’m not even close to drunk enough.”

Shaking his head, the bartender put a glass of water in
front of Hank. The water swayed. Maybe the bar swayed. A single
terabin would’ve
taken down a human and sent them to the ER. A second one would even put a troll on the
floor. Hank was pretty sure he could manage another.

Brady put his hands on the bar and leaned in. “What’s
happened, Hank? This isn’t like you.”

Hank tried to answer, his short tusks getting in the way of
his words. That hadn’t happened since he was a teenager.

“What was that?”

“They fired me today. Fired me.” Hank gave up trying to look
menacing and put his head in his hands.

“Did you screw something up? Lose a decimal place or
something?” What Brady knew about accounting probably wouldn’t have filled half a

“No.” Hank gulped a breath. “I did my job. I worked hard.
But the new manager… She said I wasn’t commensurate with the company image.”

“Wait. Just ’cause of how you look? You could file a

“Sure. Right. The pretty sylphs in the non-human rights
office are gonna get right on that. Far as they’re concerned, the only place I should be is
locked up.”

The bartender winced in an uncomfortable way and patted
Hank’s arm awkwardly. “Not like you’re riding a varg down the street swinging a battle-axe.
You’re, you know, civilized. Still can’t serve you another one.”

A bitter smile curled Hank’s mouth as he took the water
and chugged half of it down. “Thanks, Brady. I feel so much better now. I’ll… I guess I’ll find
something. Somewhere.”

Out on the sidewalk, Hank breathed in the relatively fresh
air. Poisoned with exhaust fumes and all the reek of too many humans in too small a
space—still it was cooler and not the close, claustrophobic smell of the bar. He probably
shouldn’t have let Brady’s racist comments go, but tonight he was too damn tired to deal
with it, and Brady needed to count his lucky pebbles that Hank wasn’t some thin-skinned
goblin kid with a chip bigger than his head.

You’re okay, Hank. You’re one of the few good goblins. Not like those other filthy barbarians.
Pat the half-gobbo on the head and

He wanted chilies, huge bags of them, wanted to drown in
the capsaicin high they’d bring. But he had enough sense, even this drunk, to know he’d
overdo it in his current state of mind and probably end up in the ER from a ghost pepper OD

Once was enough.

No. Go home. Get some sleep. Figure it out in the

He’d manage. He always did.

It was just that this time he thought he had managed. Found
a place for himself. Reached the spot where things could be routine, and he could be
normal. Just another worker bee in the crowd.

The screech of tires on pavement yanked him out of his
reverie and just about made him jump out of his skin. His reactions were muddled and slow,
but the shot of adrenaline racing through him as he stared at the truck only inches away was
almost enough to knock him sober.

The driver’s door opened, and a tall elf got out. His face
was full of haughty arrogance and disdain, as was usual for aelfe, but his words were even
and neutral as he asked, “Are you all right?”

Before Hank could answer the passenger door opened, and
another elf got out, this one a drow. “You are walking where vehicles are supposed to be

“Get back in the truck, Ryld,” the first elf said

“But, he’s walking where vehicles are driven. That’s against
the rules.”

“Get. In. The. Truck. Ryld.”



The drow cut his eyes away. He made some odd gestures
but sat back down and closed his door. Even from behind the windshield Hank could pick

out how unnaturally blue his eyes were. He’d only ever seen drow with red eyes or

“Are you all right?” the blond elf asked again.

Hank pulled in a slow breath, then two more. The rising
nausea settled, and he leaned a hand against the lamppost on the corner. “Fine. I’m fine.
You stopped in time.”

The elf stared at him, maybe thinking Hank owed him a
thank you for not ploughing over him. Finally, he gave a sharp nod. “Okay. Good.”

That was it. He climbed back into the truck, shut the door,
said something sharp to the drow and drove off.

Weird. That was…weird. Though maybe the terabin had made the whole interaction
so strange. Maybe there hadn’t been any blue-eyed drow insisting on road rules. Hank
shook himself, hurried across the street and reached his apartment building without any
further bizarre incidents.

About the Authors

Angel Martinez

The unlikely black sheep of
an ivory tower intellectual family, Angel Martinez has managed to make her way through life
reasonably unscathed. Despite a wildly misspent youth, she snagged a degree in English Lit,
married once and did it right the first time, (same husband for almost twenty-four years)
gave birth to one amazing son, (now in college) and realized at some point that she could
get paid for writing.

Published since 2006, Angel’s
cynical heart cloaks a desperate romantic. You’ll find drama and humor given equal weight
in her writing and don’t expect sad endings. Life is sad enough.

She currently lives in
Delaware in a drinking town with a college problem and writes Science Fiction and Fantasy
centered around gay heroes.

Author Links

Blog/Website | Facebook | Facebook Group

Twitter |

Newsletter Sign-up

Bellora Quinn

Originally hailing from Detroit
Michigan, Bellora now resides on the sunny Gulf Coast of Florida where a herd of
Dachshunds keeps her entertained. She got her start in writing at the dawn of the internet
when she discovered PbEMs (Play by email) and found a passion for collaborative writing
and steamy hot erotica. Soap Opera like blogs soon followed and eventually full

The majority of her stories
are in the M/M genre with urban fantasy or paranormal settings and many with a strong
BDSM flavour.

Author Links

Facebook | Twitter


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RELEASE BLITZ: “Fractured Soul” by Matthew Dante


Book Title: Fractured Soul (Book 3)

Author: Matthew Dante

Cover Artist: @the.ravens.touch 

Release Date: March 3, 2022

Genre:  M/M Thriller

Tropes: Obsessive Love

Themes: Human Trafficking

Heat Rating: 3 flames       

Length:  62 000 words/320 pages

This is the third book in the Fractured series. It does not end on a cliffhanger.

Books 1 and 2 should be read first.


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK  |  Amazon CA   


They say we are all products of our environment. Those raised in happy households will become loving, well-adjusted members of society; while those raised in violence and darkness will grow to be angry, heartless, and unstable. Truer words were never spoken.

After surviving the terrifying events that occurred on the murder farm, Alex’s views of society have darkened. That once bright and hopeful light has now dimmed and given rise to rage and suspicion. 

Alex’s views of humanity are tested even further when he stumbles across a man bleeding to death in an alleyway. Who is this man? And why was he left for dead? 

Marc and Alex suddenly find themselves thrust into the seedy underworld of human trafficking and prostitution as they work to uncover the criminal organization preying on the weak and vulnerable.

This is a MM thriller dealing with the darker elements of the criminal underworld. 


“While I might not say much at these hang outs, I do enjoy being there with you and being part of this circle of friends. You know that making friends has never come easy for me, but with you by my side, it makes things easier for me.”

“I’m glad to hear.”

“I do feel sorry for Seth though. I’ve never seen a guy look so terrified to come back to a table before.” Marc let out a chuckle as Alex’s head popped up.

“Hey! That boy needed a reminder to watch himself!” 

“And you sure reminded him. It was kind of sexy watching you claim me as your own. You were like a caveman about to club Seth over the head, then throw me over your shoulder, and carry me back to your cave! I’ve never felt so special and loved.” Marc said as he pulled Alex back down against his body.

“Well, you are special to me. How many couples can say that they took down a pair of serial killers and survived a murder farm together?” Alex chuckled as he caressed Marc’s bare chest.    

“I guess we do have that as an advantage over other couples. Couples that kill together, stay together. Or something like that.” Marc’s hand slid down Alex’s back and cupped the tender cheek of his ass. Alex let out a moan. “But in all seriousness, even if a guy flirts with me or tries to hit on me, always know that I only have eyes for you and that you are the only one that holds the key to my frozen heart. I would gladly battle my way through the fires of Hades if it meant that I got to spend the rest of my life worshiping you.”

“Well with words like that, I kind of feel bad for scaring Seth. The poor guy had no chance.” They both let out a laugh.

About the Author 

Matthew Dante is a Canadian indie author who loves to write about magic, fantasy, and romance. He is an avid reader, world traveller, lover of all things Marvel and DC, and a romantic at heart. 

Most of his stories center around gay main characters who are usually the love interests and the heroes of these stories. He writes these novels, so that other LGBTQ people will be able to read about characters and stories that they can relate to and be proud of.

Social Media Links

Facebook   |   Instagram

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BLOG TOUR: “Hot Stepdad Summer” by Iris Faire. $10.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Included!


Book Title: Hot Stepdad Summer

Author: Iris Faire

Cover Artist: Iris

Release Date: January 30,

Genre: Contemporary MM
Romance LGBTQ Romance, Romantic Suspense

Tropes: Taboo -stepdad,forbidden love, bisexual and gay awakenings,
mafia suspense

Themes: Coming out,
acceptance, found family, first loves

Length: 33 000 words/ 122

Heat Rating: 4.5 flames
(There are a few steamy scenes that get spicy and intimate and real for our main couple –
but nothing involving BDSM. Maybe a tiny bit of hands around the throat, that’s


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US | Amazon UK

Only one man could save
me. What I found in him was unexpected.


Wrongs righted. Love fated. Passionate desires unleashed.

I didn’t need a protector. And I wanted more than a hot

alpha possessing me.

I desired love. What I found in him was unexpected. If only
the world around us would stop judging, we would have a chance to build a life

When the past caught up to me and a friend, dark forces
surrounded us.

Only one man could save me.

It turned out his protection, his possession, and his love all
claimed me, fulfilling every dream possible.

Iris Faire weaves a tale of past wrongs righted, of love fated, and passionate desires
explored. The quick read romp ends in a happy ever after. It can be read as a stand alone,
but will have you wishing for more in the interconnected Stepdad Summer Series.


“Who were those guys?” His fists balled up on my stomach,
and I heard the crack of his jawline tightening with teeth gnashing. These signs of his
possession turned my heart to jelly.

“Relax there, Mr. Protective. They were punk ass college
guys on spring break. Never saw them again. And I haven’t been with anyone since . . . Until
last night. With you.”

“Me? So you were my first in forever, and I was as well for
you?” He squeezed me tighter.

“Hm-hmm. After your birthday, I intended to quit for sure.
But then you came to see me. So I danced for you. And then I kept going, wondering if you
might come back. And you did. Every Tuesday and Thursday, when Mom had her meetings
like clockwork. Somehow, you made me feel safe. And . . . I enjoyed dancing for you. I liked
your eyes following my every move.”

“Don’t go back. I don’t want you there. I can’t stand the
thought of other men watching you, touching your G-string or going anywhere near your

I tightened our hold once again, wiggling my bottom
against his half hard morning wood. “Hm. So you’re the jealous type. I like it.”

“Yeah, maybe I am. Besides, I should have stopped you
when I first saw you. If I had given any thought to how dangerous it might be for you there .

. . maybe Nico wouldn’t be in this situation.”

“Fucking Nico,” I said with upmost affection for my friend.
“It probably didn’t matter. His drug use would have still gotten out of hand, maybe slower is

“Still, don’t go back. Quit today.”

“And work where? I can’t stay at moms, and can’t stay at
Dominic’s. It’s nice of you to offer here, but I need a job to afford my own place.” I already
had a printout of some jobs to check on for the week. Coffee barista, nighttime janitor . . .
nothing really appealing, but my options narrowed without a degree or career trajectory. I’d
go to hell before admitting Mom was right about college.

“Stay with me. I’ll take care of us until you find something

“Yeah?” I twisted, facing him, and cupped his cheek. I hung
on every hope for what this meant between us.


I brushed his lips, taking full advantage of this euphoric
morning feeling. This thing right now between us, undefined, yet perfect. Undeterred by an
uncertain future, simply luxuriating in each other’s arms before time or whatever life threw
at us took it away.

He worked down, brushing his lips across my neck and
Adam’s apple.

“Mm. If I stay with you, does it mean I get more of your lips
all over me?”

“Whatever you want, I’m happy to provide,” he said,
pushing me onto my back. Brushing his whiskers down my torso followed by his soft lips and
tongue, every move of his grew like little reassurances of our path ahead, freely exploring
whatever this was between us.

About the Author

Iris writes from the comfort
of her kitchen, while sipping vanilla lattes on a good day—even in summer. Writing MM
Romance is a nice distraction from her many other commitments, like needle-working,
homemaking, and mom taxi service. While it’s terrible fun to invest time in her book

characters, she’s not expecting to quit her day job anytime soon.

Visit her website
to keep up to date on her latest work in

On a more serious note: Iris
has a teen who is trans. And she loves them with her whole heart and soul.

Author Links

Blog/Website | Twitter

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RELEASE BLITZ: “Meduso” by B.J. Irons. Rafflecopter Giveaway Included!


Book Title: Meduso: A Greek
Mythology Gay Retelling

Author: B.J.

Publisher/Cover Artist:
Spectrum Books

Release Date: February 19,

Genre: Fantasy M/M
Romance – Greek Mythology

Tropes: Forbidden

Themes: Coming of Age,
Innocence, Betrayal, Tragedy

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 75 000 words/270

It is book 1 of 9 in the
Mythologay Series

Warning: The
has a sad ending.


Buy Links – Available in Kindle

Universal Link | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Greek Mythology with a Gay


Venomous snakes for hair.

A glare that will cast people to stone.

Beheaded by the tragic Greek hero,

It’s a safe assumption that we all know the basic facts
about one of Greek Mythology’s most famous monsters, Medusa; the beautiful maiden
cursed and turned into a Gorgon. Her tragic story and death at the hands of the hero,
Perseus, has been told countless times for thousands of years.

But the thing with Greek Mythology is just that. They are
myths. Narrated, fictional legends as old as time that have been passed down from
generation to generation. Time has a way of changing the original tale. So, how can we be
sure that the myths we think we know are the real story?

What if important aspects of these myths have been
altered? What if the monster wasn’t really a monster at all? What if Medusa wasn’t actually
Medusa? What if her name was Meduso? And what if she wasn’t a her, but a him? This is
the tale of Meduso and his death at the hands of the hero Perseus’ sword. It is a tale of
innocence, love, betrayal, and tragedy.


Stheno and I continued to descend the mountain until we
passed the precipice. The slope flattened, leading to a narrow trail. We followed this trail
until we were able to see a bare hole right in the middle of the mountain. Stheno led the
way inside, grabbing a lit torch at the entrance, carrying it with her as we explored deeper
into the cave.

It felt like a never-ending tunnel. We continued to walk for
several minutes until we finally reached a very large and circular room within the cave. The
torch was no longer of use to us since there was a massive oculus overhead, allowing light
to enter.

A figure came forth, stepping into the light. My mouth
gaped open. For being Typhon’s wife, I was expecting to see a monstrous female creature. A
repulsive, murky beast with fangs and talons, smelling of putrid, rotting flesh. But this was
not what stood before me. She had similar features to my mother. The lower half of her
body was composed of forest green scales, coiling into a snake’s tail. Her upper body was
that of a human, but not just any human. An alluring one. Pleasant to the naked eye.
Fair-skinned with shiny hair, the color of emeralds.

“Come forward, brother and sister,” the figure


Stheno and I approached her, now allowing me to get a
closer glimpse of her jade eyes that matched the jeweled tiara on her head.

She slithered just inches away from us. Her palm rubbed
along my cheek, with her fingertips tracing my chin. She studied me carefully.

“My. Oh my! And to think Ceto and Phorcys had the
capability to produce such a lovely creation,” she said to me. Her fingers now spun in a
circular motion to feel my hair. “And these beautiful golden locks. You will tempt all of the
mortals with this face. Dare I say the goddesses and even the gods too?” Echidna winked at
me before stepping back to give us separation.

“Meduso has yet to be introduced to the mortals, Echidna.
He will begin to socialize with them soon,” Stheno proclaimed.

“Ahhh. Is that so? His gorgeous features and now the
added layer of innocence and naivety will do wonders in the mortal world,” Echidna

My face began to turn as red as the rose of Aphrodite. I did
not know whether to be appreciative or stunned by her flattery. I’ve never had anyone pay
me such compliments in my entire life.

“Tell me, my dear, what is it you desire?” Echidna

“Desire?” I questioned.

“Yes. What is it you seek from this world? Power, riches, a
gorgeous woman… or maybe a handsome man?”

Stheno cut her off. “That will be enough, Echidna. There is
no need to tarnish the boy’s mind.”

I was unsure of what Echidna meant by desiring a handsome man. I’ve never even set sight on a mortal to know what aspects of them I was captivated
by. Most of the stories I’ve been told involved a male being in love with a female. However,
Euryale did share some rumors she had heard about certain Olympian gods taking some of
their male servants as lovers. But I did not know where my attractions lied, based on my lack
of experience.

“Oh, don’t be so dull, Stheno!” Echidna exclaimed. “At least
give the boy some direction! He’ll wind up as dull and stupid as Koalemos if you keep him
secluded any longer.”

Stheno shook her head. “I think you of all people are the
last immortal that should be giving me advice. Look at the direction you chose for yourself.
And know where it put you!”

“Hmph. I’ll never understand you and our parents.
Choosing to stay isolated in the oceans while the rest of the world around you is drastically
changing.” Echidna continued to express her disdain for the traditions and beliefs of our

As my sisters continued to banter back and forth, I stood
still, just staring ahead at them. Their silhouettes became blurry and then non-existent in my
line of vision. Was I having an out-of-body experience? Instead, a new sight was before me.
Some sort of rope. No, it was a net with a
gigantic fish caught in it, in the water, except the water was fairly shallow. I could see its
translucence and the glimmer of light shining through it. I swam toward the caught fish,
trying to free it with my bare hands. The fish was able to escape, but as I tugged away, I
realized I was snagged within the confines of the net. I tried my best to yank away, but to no
avail. As I glanced upward, I realized I was being pulled towards the surface, until…

Stheno called out to me, bringing me back to reality.
“Meduso! Are you okay!?”

I just glanced at her blankly. “Yes. I’m fine. Why? What is

“Your eyes…” Stheno began, with a worried expression on
her face. “They turned pure silver, for a moment,” she revealed.

“What? Are you sure?” I was extremely bewildered, not
even sure if I believed what she had just shared.

“A vision.” Echidna slid close to me and raised my chin up
with her hand, glaring into my eyes. “Did you have a vision, Meduso?”

“A vision? I mean, I saw a fish being caught in a net just
now. I’m not sure where. I’ve never experienced anything like this. What is happening?” I
felt shook up.

“It’s nothing to worry about, dear brother. You just had a
vision. Call it a
gift, if you will. A sight into the future or a major phenomenon
happening elsewhere in the world. Such things gods usually experience. I’m surprised you,
as a mortal, are able to have them,” Echidna confessed.

“This truly is your first time experiencing this, Meduso?”
Stheno asked.

“Yes,” I admitted.

“Hmm. I wonder what it could mean. A fish in a net?”
Stheno was puzzled.

“View it as a mark of destiny, Meduso.” Echidna advised.
“Whatever you do, never run from these visions you have. The Fates are reaching out to
you, for a reason. They want you to see this. They want you to be brave and follow through
with these visions.”

“Do you really think so?” I turned to Stheno to see if she
had the same opinion.

“I think you should inform our mother and father about
this first,” Stheno recommended.

“Oh. Don’t listen to her, Meduso! They’ve held you back
long enough from whatever your destiny may be. Press onward, dear brother. If I were you, I
would leave the oceans the second you get the chance to, and never look back,” Echidna

“Yes. Echidna did the same, Meduso, and look where she
ended up. Locked away, alone in a barren cave in the mountains!” Stheno wittily

Echidna’s eyes flared at Stheno as she made this comment.
Her once pale skin shifted to a dark green color to match her scales. She was now angered.
“I’d watch your tongue, Stheno! Although I am your sister, I am not to be made a fool of! Do
not trifle with me!” Echidna threatened.

Stheno stood her ground. “And what are you going to do?
Make any tumultuous action and the gods and goddesses will know of your location. An
empty threat, if I’ve ever heard one.”

“How dare you! Get out, now!” Echidna vilely

Stheno grabbed the torch and turned back to face me.
“Come, Meduso. We leave!”

I just stood there, equidistant between both of my sisters.
Echidna glided to me, caressing my cheek one last time before our departure. “You are more
beautiful than I had ever imagined, brother. It will serve you well in their world. Never put
that beauty to waste.” Those were her parting words as Echidna swiftly skidded out of sight
in the blink of an eye, deeper into the dwelling of her cave.

I followed behind Stheno as we left, ascending the
mountain once again.

“That Echidna! Curse her!” Stheno grumbled.

“I don’t think she was so bad, Stheno. Much more pleasant
than I had imagined.”

“Meduso, that was only one side of Echidna that you saw.
Remember, she is the wife of the most cruel and vicious monster known to existence. Do
not forget. It takes a certain someone to be able to commit to that,” she explained.

Once we reached the summit, Stheno held out her hands
to me for me to take. I clasped onto them and we closed our eyes, summoning our mother
for our return. Within a flash, I opened my eyes, and I was once again standing on the ledge
of the cliff in our grotto.

“How does Echidna fare?” my mother, Ceto, asked.

Stheno shook her head and dismissed herself.
“Troublesome as ever! We have much to talk about, mother!” She headed back into the
palace, with my mother following in pursuit.

I chose not to join them, knowing Stheno would have
private affairs to discuss with my mother and father. I sat on the edge of the bluff, gleaming
into the crystal blue water, reflecting on the vision I had.

A net with a fish? What could it mean?

I found myself coming up with little to no answers or

I was then reminded of Echidna’s counsel and the last
words she spoke to me.

Never put that beauty to waste.

Little did I know that I would carry this guidance with me
for years to come. Never did I picture that it would end up shaping my future.

About the Author

BJ Irons works in the field of
education as an educational leader and college professor. Many of his personal experiences
as a gay man, have contributed to his works. Being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community
himself, BJ hopes to continue to bring more fun fictional works to his LGBTQIA+ readers. The
world could always use a little more color and fun.

Social Media Links

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RELEASE BLITZ: “Restored Ruins” by G.R. Lyons


Book Title: Restored Ruins (A Paranormal Gay Daddy

Author: G.R.


Cover Artist: Dana Leah at
Designs by Dana

Release Date: February 25,

Genre: Paranormal M/M/M Romance

Tropes: Age gap, second
chances, hurt/comfort, found family, celebrity/commoner

Themes: Faith/belief/acceptance (not religious) of self and possibility,

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 60 000 words/ 240

It is a standalone story and
does not end on a cliffhanger. It has an HEA

It is the first book in a new


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US | Amazon UK

Kidnapped by his idol?
Yes, please!


Connor Jenkins is sick of rejection. Now, instead of getting
close to anyone, he lives vicariously through other people’s phones and webcams. Thanks to
his skills, he always gets away with it.

Until he hacks his idol.

Brendan Shyth is haunted by loss. First, the death of his
boy. Then the end of his music career thanks to a grief-induced drunken accident. Fringe
science regrew his fingers, but he still can’t bring himself to play again. Avoiding his fans, the
media, and his manager, Brendan hides in his mansion, determined to be left alone.

Until he finds his webcam on and realizes someone is
watching him. Someone other than the ghost of his dead lover, that is.

Brendan has Connor tracked down and kidnapped,
meaning to teach him a lesson. But the teasing brat gets under his skin in a way that no one
has in years.

A boy in need of security. A ghost in need of acceptance. A
man in need of faith. With a career, sanity, and hearts on the line, can these men overcome
their fears before it’s too late?

Restored Ruins is the first book in the Gentleman
Hackers series. It features a boy whose hair color never stays the same, a daddy who puts
him in serious time-out, a ghost desperate to be seen, and an MMM HEA ending. No pianos
were harmed in the writing of this romance (though they do make good horizontal


Had he really been kidnapped?

First of all, rude.

He tried to blink the haze from his vision while he
processed this strange, new reality.

Someone had actually managed to catch him.

Well, shit. Well done.

Connor started to sit up, then paused. Two things occurred
to him at once.
Three things,
One, it was somehow morning
already. Two, he was in a bed.
With some
amazingly soft sheets, by the way. Damn
. He
was going to have to figure out what they were made of and get some for himself.

Not that he could probably afford them, but, hey, a boy
could dream.

And, three…

He was naked.

Connor raised an eyebrow. Huh.

He stared up at the ceiling as he took stock of his body. The
soft sheets cascaded over his naked skin, making him hyper-aware of every tiny movement
he made. A slow inhale made the fabric brush teasingly over his nipples, and a slight shift of
his leg had the sheets drifting over his groin. Connor squeezed his legs together.
Holy fuck. Much more of that and he would be a horny mess, though it was already almost too
late for that.

Connor paused, wondering if his kidnappers were watching

He bit back a moan at the idea, then muttered a curse and
shook his head. He had to focus.

Connor drew his arms out from under the sheets. He
wasn’t restrained in any way. There was nothing stopping him from getting out of bed and
exploring the room. And he didn’t feel pain anywhere. Other than where the needle had
gone in. That still stung.

Again. Rude.

Connor rubbed the spot and slowly sat up. At least his
kidnapper had been kind enough to keep the ground from punching him in the face. That
would not have been fun.

He paused, then probed all over his face with his fingertips,
just to be sure.

Nothing hurt there. Connor: one. Ground: zero. Ha! Take that.

Chuckling to himself, he glanced around the room, trying to
guess where he might be. It looked like a normal bedroom—bed, dresser, nightstands,
lamps—but way more high-end than he was used to. Spacious. Elegant. Obviously
expensive, but tastefully so. And it didn’t have the rubber-stamp feel of a hotel room.
Connor had seen plenty of those—from casual hookups with businessmen just passing
through town—so he would know.

But this was different. This was custom. Unique. This was
someone’s home.

He looked to one side and saw a pair of glass doors leading
out to a balcony, the view obscured by some gauzy curtains. Across from him was an open
doorway into a washroom. Connor blinked.
. Even from that angle, the washroom
looked enormous, and he was sure he wasn’t even seeing half of it.

On the nightstand beside him was a small computer tablet.
When Connor started to reach for it, the device detected his proximity and illuminated the
screen, showing him a home control panel. There were options for room temperature,
dimmed lighting, and blackout window shades, amongst other things.

Connor smirked. Don’t worry, darling. I’ll play with you later.

He grabbed the sheets, meaning to toss them aside and get
out of bed so he could explore the room more thoroughly, then stopped when he heard the
snap of a key in a lock.

Connor spotted the door—fancy double doors, in fact—and
watched them slowly open.

He blinked stupidly and almost laughed as a butler
appeared in the widening gap. An actual, real-life butler. White gloves and all.

Before Connor could voice his mirth, though, the butler
stepped aside and bowed his head deferentially, revealing another man who’d been
standing behind him.

The second man took a few steps into the room, glaring
directly at Connor.

Connor’s jaw dropped.

Holy shit.

Vesad Stromos. Right there. In the flesh.

He’d been kidnapped by Vesad Stromos. Forget just spying
on the man through a hacked webcam. He was actually inside the famous musician’s

Day. Fucking. Made!

About the Author

G.R. Lyons stumbled into
writing as a form of trauma recovery when traditional therapy wasn’t working.

Then the story ideas just kept
on coming.

Pulling from a vivid
imagination as well as real-life experience as a trans man, a sexual assault survivor, and a
person living with mental illness, Lyons has written multiple, interconnected series set
within his fictional world of the Shifting Isles.

When not writing, Lyons can
be found belly dancing around the house, studying anarcho-capitalist philosophy, buried in
his never-ending TBR pile, or working out at the local CrossFit gym.

Social Media Links

Blog/Website |
Facebook Group | Instagram

Newsletter Sign-up | Pinterest

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