NEW RELEASE: “Always Theirs” by J. P. James


My new bodyguards will protect me from my stalker, but who will save me from a broken heart?


I’ve been a teen pop idol since I was fifteen, and being famous has pros and cons. A pro? The adulation from my fans. A con? The adulation from my fans. I’m being stalked, and my manager insists that I hire protection: Jameson and Jordan Jones, two brawny FDNY firefighters who moonlight as bodyguards. 

The problem is that Jamie and Jordy are so magnetic that I can’t focus on my songwriting. I thought all I wanted to do was to live free and make music, but suddenly I’m not so sure when love is on the line. Throw in the fact that my stalker turns out to be a queer teen, and I don’t know what to do anymore. Jamie, Jordy and I support LGBTQ+ rights, but what do we do when our stalker is actually one of us? How do we fight back without undermining the cause?


My brother and I took a security gig to make a little cash on the side. We thought Fyre Connell would be an entitled brat, but the man is vulnerable, sensitive, and longing for something more. He’s been famous for so long, and living his life on social media is wearing him thin. But when we catch a queer teen making trouble, it throws our relationship into a spiral. Will Fyre punish the boy for jeopardizing his career? Or is there another solution that satisfies our need for justice, without undermining our commitment to the cause? Even more, how do we move forward as three men who are passionate for one another without setting off alarms the world over, while also respecting our true selves?

**Always Theirs is a full-length MMM novel with a HFN/HEA and no cliffhangers.** 


Exclusive Excerpt:

“There are two people I want you to meet first, though,” my agent says.

My ears tick up.  “Who?” I ask, but Damon doesn’t say
anything.  Instead, he leads me behind the curtains.

I can tell there are two huge guys standing near the curtains.  I can barely
make them out, but they’re tall and strong.  I can feel their power. 
They’re dressed in dark clothes, covered from wrist to ankle in black.  It
helps them blend even more into the curtains around us.  The only thing
that sets them apart is the heat from their bodies.  I didn’t know I could
feel strength, but it radiates from them like rays of sunlight.  It’s

“Follow us,” Damon instructs them.

He pulls me by the small of my back.  Together we all descend the stairs,
Damon leading us, and the other two following in tow.  I don’t know these
guys, but I feel warm and  … safe.

Damon stops a few feet past the bottom of the stairs, and gently, he encourages me to turn around.  I don’t know why, but for a split second, I hesitate. 
I threw myself into this performance to distract myself from last night, and
now my lungs feel heavy.  I desperately catch my breath, but I realize the
second I turn around that the show isn’t the only thing that’s stolen my

Coming face to face with these guys is like attempting to stare into the sun. 
It’s beautiful and impressive, and I’m not sure I can look much longer.

I’m thankful that I’m sweating and red from the night.  I’m the only one who
feels my cheeks flush. 

“Fyre, I’d like you to meet Jordan and Jameson Jones,” says Damon.

“Jordan,” I repeat in my mind … until my ears register the names out loud.  I gulp, feeling my cheeks flush harder.

“Yes,” Jordan says.  He gazes back at me.  His chest heaves up and down, and
I let my eyes drop to his impressive torso.

“And Jameson,” I say, as my eyes move to the other brother.

Jameson’s expression is softer, but no less inspired.  He looks back at me tenderly, like I’m something special.

It’s one thing for Damon to say I’m special.  I’m used to it, maybe too used to
it.  It’s quite another thing, to see it confirmed in a beautiful
stranger’s eyes.

“It’s, uh, nice to meet you,” I stammer, “Both of you. Jordan and Jameson.”

I stand there, speechless after my blubbering, but my eyes rake over both
men.  They may be dressed in suits, but my mind runs wild as I imagine the
rippling muscles and hard abs underneath.  My eyes struggle to take in as
many details as possible.  They have sharp jawlines, minimal stubble,
piercing blue eyes, raven hair, and lightly tanned skin.  They’re tall,
and athletic.  They look tough, but it doesn’t push me away.  No way
in hell could I stay away now.  I feel like an astronaut pulled into their
gravity.  Who are these guys, and why do I feel the urgent need to know
everything about them?

“Jordan and Jameson will be your bodyguards for the rest of the tour.”  Damon’s words penetrate the cloud I’m floating on and bring me back to reality. 
The venue.  The show.  Baltimore.  Still, did Damon just say what I think he said?

“Bodyguards?” I wonder out loud.

Damon clears his throat. “They know about what happened last night.  They were working at the Kimpton at a different event.”

“They know about Percy?” I whisper, but not nearly as quiet as I thought.

“Damon briefed us on Percy Ellis, correct,” comes Jordan’s voice, calm and
“They’ll be following me?” I ask Damon again, only this time I hold my gaze on the brothers.

Their gazes shift, looking at each other, then Damon, and back to me.  Their
shoulders tense.  It looks like they aren’t breathing as easily.  Did
I say something wrong?  They’re watching me just as intently, sending
shivers up and down my back, but now I see worry behind their eyes.

“We won’t make you uncomfortable, Fyre,” Jordan vows.  “This is for your

“We’ll stay out of your way as much as possible,” Jameson adds.

I gulp.  The problem is that I don’t want the handsome bodyguards to stay
out of my way.  I want them in my room, in my body, and in my life in
every way possible.


Eric Huffbind

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