“Switching Wesley: The Dungeon I” by Aimee Brissay. Currently on sale for $0.99 in the US & UK through July 9th. Also available for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.


Two Doms falling for each other. What could possibly go wrong?

Wesley has everything under control. He works as a professional Dom at the Dungeon, the only BDSM establishment in town, and though he’s single, his life is satisfying as it is. 

Then Connor, a fellow Dominant and future colleague, comes along, and Wesley begins to question himself and his choices. Is he really a Top? And how can he continue working at the Dungeon as a Dom when he wants nothing more than submit to Connor?


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For the first time in longer than he could remember, Connor felt nervous. It wasn’t performing in front of an audience, which he had done before, as much as doing it in front of Wesley. There was something about the man that made him feel unworthy.

He closed the door behind him, and rested his back against it. How would it be today? Would he be able to handle it or would he flash back to Alin, his ex? Fear chocked him at the thought. He wiped his clammy palms against his pants, the image of his dead lover burning his retinas.

No. It couldn’t happen. That part of his life was over. Dead and buried, just like Alin, Connor cursed the day they had met. The man, barely legal, had been a force of nature. He took Connor by storm and it had taken him a long time to see Alin’s true face. And like so many times before, doubt ate away at Connor. Had there been something he could have done for Alin? Anything to stop his deadly spiral downwards? What kind of Dominant was he when he failed to see what his lover was going through?

Bile rose to his mouth and he swallowed it back. Awkwardly, he rubbed his palms together in another attempt to wipe them off.

What was he thinking, coming to work in the Dungeon? Yet, there he was. Lucas had given him a chance and he wasn’t planning on throwing it away.

Alone in the chamber assigned to him, he tried to shake off the worries and memories and focus on the job at hand. Despite the name of the club the room he was in was fairly common, like one would have found in any house, with a table and a couple of chairs in the corner, a large Saint Andrew’s cross on the wall opposite the door, and hooks dangling from the beams on the ceiling.

He knew there were more impressive chambers in the place, Lucas had mentioned them when he had signed the contract, but he hadn’t had a chance to take a tour. For his first time, he was just happy with the plain room he’d been given.

He checked the unfamiliar room, trying to get himself used to the layout and the paraphernalia at his disposal. He whistled at the array of toys exposed. It was the best stocked playroom he had ever seen. He walked over to the cabinet and perused the array. There were some items there, like the silver hooks, he had drooled over for months without being able to afford them. His fingers tingled to touch them, so he linked his hands behind his back to restrain himself from reaching for them. There would be enough time to explore when he wasn’t fighting nerves.

Pulling himself from the cabinet, Connor opened the gym bag he was carrying across his back. He extracted the mats he had brought with him and began spreading them on the floor to form a neat square. Satisfied with the end result, he checked his watch. The soft knock on the door confirmed he was running out of time. Pushing the empty bag out of his way, he went over to open the door.

Wesley’s shy smile had Connor’s heart skip a beat.

“Am I early?”

Connor dry swallowed and stepped back to allow Wesley to enter the room.

“No, no. Right on the dot.”

“Where do you want me?”

Connor paused, gaping at Wesley in shock, images of a naked Wesley swirling in his head. 

“Oh, for the scene.”

Wesley frowned, confusion written clearly all over his face. Connor recovered quickly and jumped to answer, trying to hide his slip.

“You can take one of those chairs, if you don’t mind.”

Wesley nodded and headed for his place. The clocked chimed the hour and the knock on the door marked the beginning of the session. With one deep breath, he welcomed the submissive into the room.


“Come on in.”

Robert hesitated in the doorway, eyes darting from Connor to Wesley and back. 

“Sir Wesley is here to assist. Is this alright with you?” The question took Wesley by surprise. Connor had already checked that Robert had been informed about Wesley’s presence in the room, so there wasn’t a need to ask him in person. But the fact that he did so, that he wanted to make sure for himself that the sub was indeed fine with the change, denoted a level of care that only a highly responsible Dom would exhibit. 

“Yes, Sir.” Robert reacted to the command in Connor’s voice. His posture changed, his back straightening and his eyes looking slightly past Connor. 

“Good. Come on in. Take off your shoes.”

If the request surprised Robert, he didn’t show it. He obeyed immediately. As the sub took off his sneakers, Wesley looked around. When he had entered the room, he had missed the mats on the floor. They were blue, thick and clearly custom made. Uncomfortable, he glanced at his own shoes, and tried to retrace his own steps, hoping he hadn’t stepped on and dirtied them. He couldn’t remember, so he pulled his feet back, under the chair, just to be on the safe side.

In his socks, Robert stood up, waiting patiently for the next command. 

“Socks too.”

He started toeing off them, but Connor stopped him. 

“Do it elegantly, please.” 

Robert froze, panic flashing across his face, before he crouched and removed them one by one, as careful and graceful as he could. Once done, he looked back at Connor, his eyes not really meeting the Dom’s.

“Stand up. Come closer.”

Robert complied, taking two steps until he stood at the inner edge of the mats. Wesley watched Connor carefully, observing the concentration the man showed, the way he was taking in Robert’s reactions and posture. He clearly wasn’t as inexperienced as Wesley had thought, after all.


By then, Robert was standing in the middle of the square the mats made. 

“Now sit.”

Robert sunk to the floor in one smooth, practiced move. 

“Very nice. Make yourself comfortable, please.”

A bit surprised and unsure, if Wesley was interpreting the sub’s expression correctly, Robert complied. He wiggled, a lot less graciously this time, until he was sitting cross-legged, hands resting awkwardly over his knees. Yoga, he didn’t practice. 

 “Now, let’s talk some.”


“Before we start, let’s go over the rules.”

Wesley leaned in, eyes narrowing to slits, breath held as he waited for Connor’s next words. There were house rules, which all the employees, be them dominants or submissives, had to obey. Wesley, like everyone else there, had a set of his own on top of the Dungeon’s, some dictated by his personal boundaries, other times by the concern for others’ safety.

“As you wish, Sir.”

“I am Connor. Sir Connor to you. You will address me properly. You will answer my questions immediately. Is this clear?”

“Yes, Sir.” There was no hesitation in Robert’s voice. 

“What’s your safe word?”


“Apricot.” Connor repeated the word, as if trying to imprint it his own mind. “Okay.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“What are your limits?”

Surprise had Wesley straighten his back. Maria had extensive files for everyone who frequented the Dungeon. Did Connor think Robert had hidden things from Lucas and his partner? Judging from the sub’s expression, he was just as shocked. However, he recovered quickly and proceeded on listing everything that was on his list. Connor listened to him patiently, his entire attention on the man on the floor. Wesley watched Connor, taking in the body language.

Robert finished talking and remained seated, eyes forward, his pose perfect and elegant, waiting for the following commands. 

Without a word, Connor walked to the table by the wall and wheeled it by the mats. He took out the ropes and spread them on its surface. Wesley noticed with satisfaction that Connor preferred hemp over other materials too. Robert remained still, though Wesley caught the gasp escaping his lips at the sight of the hemp.

“Sit up. Take off your shirt and pants.”

Robert scrambled to obey, some of his elegance lost in his hurry.

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