RELEASE BLITZ: “Green Eye Boy” by BL Maxwell.


Book Title: Green Eyed

Author and Publisher: BL

Cover Artist: J.M. Walker

Release Date: April 6,

Genre: Contemporary M/M

Tropes: Small Town Romance,
vacation romance, workplace romance

Themes: Fresh start, Moves
for Love

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: approx. 25-30 000

It is a standalone book and
does not end on a cliffhanger.

It is part of the All American
Boy Series.


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After quitting his job, Billie Watts hits all the food festivals
he can as he drives across the country. When he finally reaches Stony Brook, Maine, he’s
excited to find he’s there just in time to try one of the lobster rolls he’s heard so much
about. The bright neon yellow food truck with a giant red lobster on top looks like the
perfect place to try it.

Lance Karl is as ready as he can be for the start of the
three-day Tall Ships Festival and hopes to sell enough lobster rolls out of his food truck to
make a good start towards owning a restaurant. The day begins cold and misty, and a text
from his nephew saying he can’t help him is not the perfect start he’d hoped for.

When a green-eyed stranger interrupts his frantic morning,
Lance doesn’t realize meeting Billie will not only change his day, but maybe even the rest of
his life. Two strangers, drawn together over their work ethic, and sealing the deal over
delicious lobster rolls. They could just be the perfect match.

A small-town MM vacation romance.


Not wanting to wait a moment longer, I took a big bite.

It was delicious. Sweet lobster in a light mayonnaise sauce with just a touch of lemon juice
and chives. But the bread, the bread made it, which was saying a lot for a lobster roll. I
wondered if he baked it himself or if he outsourced it, then gave myself a mental slap for
worrying about the business side rather than just enjoying how good the roll was.

I finished eating far too soon and hated I’d only ordered one. As I stood and debated getting
another, I noticed the long line that had formed while I’d been sitting. The guy inside was
rushing around, and from where I stood it didn’t look like he had any hope of filling all the
orders he was about to get.

My feet were in motion before my brain had a chance to catch up. “Need some help?” I
asked as I cracked open the door he’d entered at the side of the truck.

“Are you kidding? Because if you’re kidding, I’m probably gonna hurt you. But if you’re
serious, what are you doing standing there? Put an apron on”—he pointed at the door—
“the order book is right here.” He tossed the order pad and pen at me, as I tied on the apron
I found hung on the door. “Have you worked in a restaurant before?” he asked as he rushed
back to fill the orders he’d just taken.

“Yes, many times. What do you want me to do?”

“Take the orders, I’ll fill them.”

“Got it.” I walked out to the line and asked the people at the front if they’d ordered before I
worked my way toward the end, bragging about how good the food was as I went, and
taking a lot of orders I hoped he’d be able to fill. “You won’t be disappointed, believe me. I

drove all the way out here from California just to try a lobster roll, and I can honestly say it
was totally worth it,” I told whoever would listen as they waited patiently.

About the Author

BL Maxwell grew up in a
small town listening to her grandfather spin tales about his childhood. Later she became an
avid reader and after a certain vampire series she became obsessed with fanfiction. She
soon discovered Slash fanfiction and later discovered the MM genre and was hooked.

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RELEASE BLITZ: “Long Past Dawn” by J.K. Jones.


Book Title: Long Past Dawn

Author and Publisher: J.K.

Release Date: March 23,

Genre: M/M

Tropes: Forbidden love,
friends to lovers, Gang Romance, High School Romance

Themes: Coming out, drug
addiction, abuse forgiveness

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 54 858 words/250

It is a standalone story but
has a
soft cliffhanger.


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Delinquent. Savagery runs hot in his veins. Miguel
González doesn’t have any memories that don’t include cruel fists raining down on him. The
only light in his life had been his younger sister Valeria, who was slaughtered during a drug
run by the Gulf cartels.

Vengeance is the only answer.

War is brewing between the Gulf cartels and Los
Zetas. With it, a rising drug lord threatening to destroy everything he’s working towards.
Miguel will need to claw his way to the top if he wants justice.

It’s a new school year. There are a bunch of new
faces, fresh and eager to learn as they navigate through high school. Most people fear

Then there’s him.
Javier Hernández isn’t afraid.
There’s something strange about Javier, something
lethal. His gaze is deep, penetrating. Like two blades covered in frost, sinking into his

Javier breaks beautiful things.
But Miguel begs for it.

Warning: Novella, gang wars, deals with
alcohol addiction, substance abuse, HFN ending.


St. Augustine, Florida

Miguel storms across the sea of bodies, shoving his way to the bar. He barks his order,
choking back something sweet and citrus. Fists pound in the air as raucous party-goers sway
to the music.

Where’s Mateo? He was supposed to be here.

The bruise on his eye throbs, blood still trickling down his brow from where his foster father,
Felipe, had punched him earlier. He can’t even remember what he did to piss Felipe off. It
started with a few jeers here and there, scathing comments about being a freeloader, then it
ended with Felipe’s fist raining down on him.

Fucking bastard. Miguel knows he shouldn’t have left Valeria alone with him.

It’s all the same shit. Guilt rakes up and down his body, but he pays at the counter, not
bothering to flash his fake ID before he downs his drink.

Shit. No sign of Mateo. Oh, well. He can’t wait forever.

Miguel fights his way through the crowd, desperate to get home soon. It’s late. Valeria will
be worried. That’s enough motivation to keep him moving faster. He’s only about halfway
across the room when he finally loses his patience and shoves into the next person blocking
his path.

The man turns, a deadly glint in his eye as he checks who just pushed him. Miguel glares
back defiantly, the stranger looking barely old enough to be allowed in a club at all.

He’s handsome. Devastatingly so. Miguel’s heart jams in his throat as the man smiles, sleek
and cool. Deadly. A shiver runs down his spine and he banishes it with the hot flood of
disgust that washes through him. This is not the time or place. Valeria, his younger sister, is
waiting for him.

The man’s gaze morphs into something softer, steel melted down with fire. A smirk drags
across his face and he steps closer. His hair is wild auburn curls, his skin ochre like the setting
sun. The stranger’s eyes are a swirling mix of greens, blues, and browns, a smoky hazel. He’s
wearing a neon green sheer top, his pierced nipples flickering in the strobe lights, and his
black skin-tight jeans make his legs look endless.

“Can you back the fuck off?” Miguel tries to say but his voice gets lost in the heavy,
pounding bass. He huffs out a breath and turns to continue elbowing his way through the
crowd. He barely manages a step, when a hand encircles his wrist, the strength in that grip
forcing him to stop.

He whips his head around to look back at the man who is impeding his escape. The fiery
look is still there, as Miguel glowers at him. The man just grins lazily, tugging on his wrist
until he trips forward.

The move causes Miguel to press up against the man, both of his hands splaying across his
chest and his face nearly buried in the crook of the man’s neck. What the fuck? He tries to
wrench himself back, to regain some distance from the man, when the other bends slightly
to brush his lips against the shell of Miguel’s ear.

“Leaving so soon?” His voice is hot and wet against his earlobe. Miguel shivers and he feels
the other man smile. “Dance with me.”

Fuck no. The way their bodies move is not what Miguel would call dancing. It’s too slow to
match the beat of the song. The stranger slots one of his thighs between Miguel’s legs and
presses forward, rolling his hips indecently. Miguel sucks in a sharp breath. With half a mind
to punch the man in the throat, he leans back slightly only to find his movement being

followed as a pair of lips attach themselves to his throat.

About the Author

Heaven and hell, demons and angels. J.K Jones has always had an affinity for otherworldly
things. From her debut novel, it’s easy to see she loves all things crawling in the shadows. As
it so happens, J.K Jones is the author of a gritty, fun, action-packed, soul-rending novel. Her
characters are so dark and twisted they defy the dimensions of this world. She does not
believe in HEA, she does believe in writing a suitable ending for her characters. Never will
you read any of her works where the characters ride off into the sunset together. Not going
to happen. There is nothing J.K. Jones loves more than a tragic ending. She is an avid reader,
poet, and LGBTQ activist. She is a University graduate with a BA in Sociology, also has a
TESOL certificate for teaching English as a Second Language.

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RELEASE BLITZ: “The Last Beginning” by Abrianna Denae.


Book Title: The Last Beginning

Author and Publisher:
Abrianna Denae

Cover Artist: Designs by

Release Date: April 5,

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance

Trope/s: Friends to lovers, hurt/comfort

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 61 000 words/210

It is a standalone story in a
new series and d
oes not end on a


Buy Links

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Amazon US | Amazon UK


“Nobody tells you how one moment, one decision, can change the course of your
entire life.”

Kit Briar is starting over. At thirty-three, he thought he had
his life planned out, but a devastating revelation sends him back to his hometown,

desperate to make a life for himself and his son.

“Sometimes, a single kiss can lead a person down a road they never

Lawson Craig never meant to fall in love with his hot new
neighbor, his life’s complicated enough. Except Kit and his young son fulfill a void he did
know he had. The more he tries to fight against the mutual attraction, the harder it is to stay

“If it came down to it, I’d let him go. I’d let him go because he deserves someone so
much better than me.”

Lawson and Kit find themselves in a whirlwind romance.
They fall hard and fast, but every choice comes with consequences and neither of them are
prepared for what happens when their blissful bubble pops. They’ll have to learn to trust in
each other and what they’re trying to build in order to get the happy ending they’ve both
always wanted. When every road seems to lead to heartbreak, how will they ever find


We lean back against the counter and talk about random things for a while. It’s nice. I have
some friends but no one I hang out with regularly. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, this
could be just a one time thing, but I like the vibe Kit has, I’m hoping he likes mine too.

“You said you’re from the area?” I ask after a lapse in conversation.

Kit nods, “Yeah, my family all still live close. My siblings helped me move in today.”

“How many siblings do you have?”

He smiles a little, “Two sisters and two brothers. I’m the baby of the family and they all treat
me that way. Never mind that I’m a grown ass man.”

“I think siblings are supposed to do that. I’m one of two. I have an older brother, we’re close
since neither of us talk to our parents anymore. What about you?”

“I’m pretty close to all my siblings. It’s just my dad. Mom passed away when I was eight.”

“Wow. Five kids for one person, did he ever remarry?”

“No. He dated someone for a long time, but they broke up about five years ago. He’s gone
on dates since but says he’s too old for anything serious.”

I scoff. “I don’t think love cares how old you are.”

Kit smiles at me and I ignore the way my heart trips over itself. “That’s what my sisters say,
but I think he’s content. He has us and his grandkids. He’s enjoying his life.”

“Can’t say I blame him. I’d probably be the same.”

Kit looks at me, his dark brown eyes assessing, “Yeah? Believe in love for everyone but

“Ehh,” I make a seesaw motion with my hand. “Yes and no. Would I like to have that one
person I spend the rest of my life with, knowing that they’re it for me? Yes, I
think most people want that. Do I think it’ll happen?” I shrug, “It’s complicated.”

“Trust me,” Kit sighs, “I know all about complications.”

Is it me or are we closer than before? My arm brushes his and I try not to react
like a fucking teenager with their first crush. It’s ridiculous really, the things I feel for this
man that I’ve known an hour.

“Tell me about the neighborhood?” He asks, breaking into my thoughts. “You said the
neighbor on your other side hates you?”

I sigh and ignore how fucking close his mouth suddenly is to mine. We’re almost
the same height, it would be nothing to lean forward and kiss him.

“Uh yeah, she’s a total bitch. I mean, maybe. I think it’s just me. She’s older, in her fifties I’d
say. I try to be nice and do things like mow her yard and take her garbage cans out, things
like that. She glares at me and never shows any appreciation. I can’t tell if she
really hates me or if she is just a really sour person, you know?

“When I first moved in I made cookies, brownies, and muffins for her, the previous owners
of this house, and the people across the street from me. She’s the only one who refused to
take anything from me. Which, I get, it was kinda weird to have this stranger show up with a
bunch of baked goods, but you’d have thought I offered up straight poison the way she

“She doesn’t know what she’s missing. More for me.” Kit smiles and I can’t help but smile as

“You’ll have to come into the bakery some time, I’ll give you a discount.”

Kit pouts, “Oh so I only get free stuff at home.”

“Yep. Gotta make that money.”

He huffs out a laugh, “I’d happily pay for anything made by you.”

It’s not my imagination this time. He definitely leaned forward.

“You flatter me,” I hope that didn’t come out as breathless as I think. “What if
the only thing I can make are cookies?”

“I like cookies.” He whispers.

We’re so fucking close.


I don’t know who moves first. One second we’re a breath apart, the next, our lips are
touching in an impossibly soft kiss.

Neither of us move for a moment, and then Kit slowly moves his mouth over mine. I follow
his lead, keeping the kiss soft and slow.

A hand grabs my hip and I groan as our bodies come together. Kit takes that opportunity to
deepen the kiss. His tongue sweeps against my lip and I allow him in my mouth.

Gasping, I fight him for dominance. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt anything this good.
He lets me take control of the kiss and I push him against the counter. Our lower bodies are
flush and I can feel his arousal brushing against mine. Shivering, I press my lips harder to his.
Tangling one hand in his hair, I pull back enough to bite at his lip, making him moan.

“Shit,” he gasps before kissing me hard.

I press my hips into his and groan at the sensation. Kit’s hands grip my ass tightly and it feels
so fucking good. I almost beg him to fuck me, but that’d be reckless. Kissing him is enough
for now.

We pull apart for breath, both of us panting softly. “Just so you know,” I tell him, “I don’t go
around kissing all the neighbors.”

He laughs breathlessly, “That one neighbor might like you if you did.”

I snort and shake my head. “You’re prettier.”

I kiss him again, softer now. Our tongues meet and it’s perfect. Best kiss I’ve ever had. I
could spend hours just kissing this man. Crazy? Absolutely, but it’s not the craziest thing I’ve
done, not by a long shot.

About the Author

Abrianna Denae is a

twenty-five-year-old author living in Northern California. An English major, they have always
had a passion for writing.

Deciding to sit down and
write one of the many stories that had plagued their mind for years was the easy
part—finding the time to do it was a different story.

Caffeine is their best friend,
and sleep is her worst enemy.

A lover of books that make
the reader feel something, Abrianna tries to incorporate as much of their real-world views
and feelings into their stories as they can.

Social Media Links

Facebook | Facebook Group | Twitter |

BookBub | Goodreads
Author Page
Amazon Author Page

You can also email her at

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RELEASE BLITZ: “Beasts of Burden” by J.K. Hogan. Rafflecopter Giveaway Included!


Book Title: Beasts of Burden (The Black Blade Chronicles 2)

Author and Publisher: J.K.

Cover Artist: Wicked Pixel

Release Date: March 29,

Genre: M/M Fantasy Romance

Tropes: Enemies to reluctant friends to lovers

Themes: Swords and sorcery, adventure quest

Heat Rating: 4

Length: approx. 75 000

It is not a standalone story. It
is the second book in
The Black Blade Chronicles

This book ends on a HFN,
with the understanding that the HEA will be at the end of the 3 book arc.


Buy Links – Available in Kindle

Amazon US | Amazon UK

The journey


Senne Clayward and Kasimir vas Hjardar continue their
quest to rescue Senne’s young ward, Princess Sigrid, from the evil tyrant who has taken her
hostage. After they follow through with a mad plan to sneak into King Prosper’s fortress that
only halfway succeeds, the princess slips through their fingers once more. As they travel
across the continent of Taleth, they are one step behind their quarry at every

Encountering numerous obstacles and enemies
both old and new, Senne and Kasimir doggedly pursue their goal while coming to rely on
each other more than ever. The two unlikely companions enlist the help of a small band of
adventurers to track the princess and intercept her captors while the armies of Toivonen
march westward behind them.

Kasimir continues to grapple with the beast on his
back—a lifelong struggle—while Senne must bare his soul to earn the trust of those around
him. Can they survive the journey? Will they save Sigrid in time to keep her from harm and
prevent the realm from plunging into eternal darkness? And what will be left for them after
the dust settles?


“You there. Halt!”

“Here we go,” Kasimir murmured under his breath. He
turned to confront a group of greycloaks who had approached them from behind. None of
them seemed to have any visible rank higher than foot soldier. Kasimir put on a carefully
blank expression. “There a problem?”

“By royal decree, bearing arms within the city walls is
prohibited. You are in violation of this order.”

“Oh, aye.” Kasimir nodded dumbly. “Saw the notices, I did.
Smart idea, that. Only the notices was addressed as to say ‘Attention Senkalese citizens and
Yesenians traveling within the city, by royal decree’ an’ all that. But y’see, we’re not
Yesenian, an’ me mate here, well, he cannae read at all. So I figures it ’ad naught to do wi’

Senne cast him a puzzled look, no doubt wondering why he

was putting on the thick Lunarii peasant burr. Kasimir’s reasoning behind it was sound.
These guards were merely grunts. He had to confuse them enough to report to their
commander, because without someone of higher rank noticing them, they had no chance of
being put before the king.

Just as Kasimir predicted, one of the grunts, the one who
seemed to be somewhat in charge, scratched his head and looked at the soldier to his right.
“Does it say that?”

The other guard shrugged. “Well, yeah, seems right
enough. Never thought about what happens if we catch an outlander armed up in the

“We ought to fetch the captain, then,” said the

His right-hand man nodded sagely.

“I mean you, ya bloody imbecile,” he spat. The
foot soldier flinched and scarpered off. “Youse two, don’t move a muscle until the captain
gets here.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Kasimir said in his normal

Senne snorted quietly. The soldier gave them an odd look
but didn’t comment. After countless minutes of the tension-filled standoff, the messenger
returned, leading a man wearing a red officer’s cloak.

Upon further inspection, Kasimir realized he was not only
an officer, but a decorated one. His cloak was pushed back off his shoulders so Kas could see
he wore epaulettes studded with silver stripes and dripping with braided silver cords. The
dragon emblazoned on his armor appeared to be inlaid with real silver, and the regulation
bycocket hat had been replaced by an obsidian dragon-winged battle-helm. It all made for a
fearsome sight, and Kasimir had to fight the urge to take a step back when the man

When the captain reached them, he flipped up the visor of
his helm, and Kasimir was surprised that he appeared much younger than he would’ve
thought for a high-ranking officer, though the gray threaded through his dark hair
proclaimed him to be middle-aged. He was handsome in that craggy, chiseled way Yesenians
had—they always seemed to look as though they’d gone straight from mother’s womb to
the battlefield and never looked back—with his square jaw, closely trimmed black beard,
and slightly bent nose, as if it had been broken a time or two.

“I am Vilhelme, Commander of the King’s Army. Who are
you and why are you in my city?”

“Commander,” interrupted the head guard. “These blokes
said the arms notices only refer to Yesenian citizens, so I didn’t know what to do with

The look Vilhelme turned on the man was nothing short of
murderous. “That is absurd.” He turned back to Kasimir and Senne, effectively dismissing the
ignoramus, and repeated his question. “Who are you and what are you doing here?”

“Just travelers passing through,” Kasimir hedged. “Here to
trade for supplies.”

Vilhelme glared over his shoulder again. “In that case,
welcome. If you wish to trade in the city, I am afraid you must surrender your weapons.
They will be stored in the armory until you are ready to move on.”

Kasimir’s jaw tensed, his pulse thudding in his throat.
“Can’t do that, friend.”

Vilhelme attempted a smile, though it was more a baring of
teeth than anything. “You may address me as Commander Vilhelme and nothing else. If you
do not wish to disarm, you will be escorted to the main gate so you may leave. In fact…”
Vilhelme narrowed his eyes. “You should not have even gained entry with all those
weapons. I shall have a
chat with the watch captain.”

“No need,” Kasimir said conversationally. “We snuck

Despite the smile, Vilhelme’s eyes glittered with danger.
“Why would you do a thing like that?”

“We want to see the king,” Senne said. “Thought if we
breached the wall, he’d come down from on high and deliver the mighty blow of

Vilhelme scoffed. “His Royal Eminence does not entertain
petty criminals.”

“Oi,” Kasimir said. “Why don’t you give him a message for
us, then?”

Vilhelme turned to face him head-on and crossed his arms
as if he were bored. “I’m dying to hear what that might be.”

“Tell him,” Kas growled through clenched teeth, “that
we’ve come for the girl.”

Vilhelme raised a fist to chin level, almost casually, and they
were instantly at the sword points and arrow tips of the guardsmen who had tripled in
number and somehow surrounded them. Easily thirty weapons, at least half of which would
be aimed at a kill spot somewhere on Kasimir’s body. His vision wavered. His blood ran hot,
pounding wildly in his chest and up through his neck, nearly choking off his breath.

“That,” said Vilhelme, “would be inadvisable if the two of
you are in any way attached to your hides.” He cast a bored glance at the men around him,
oblivious to Kasimir’s torment and the danger they were all in. Kas didn’t think Senne had
noticed either.

“All the same,” Senne said, his jaw bunching with his frown.
“Tell him the knight and the sellsword have come to collect our charge.”

“Well, I can’t say whether or not you’ll ever see the king,
but you’ll certainly get a good long look at the inside of our dungeons,” Vilhelme remarked
blandly. Then he gave his head guardsman a small nod. “Take them.”

About the Author

J.K. Hogan has been telling
stories for as long as she can remember, beginning with writing cast lists and storylines for
her toys growing up. When she finally decided to put pen to paper, she found her true
passion. She is greatly inspired by all kinds of music and often creates a “soundtrack” for her
stories as she writes them.

J.K. resides in North Carolina
with her husband, two sons, and their pets. If she isn’t writing, J.K. can be found designing
book covers at Wicked Pixel Designs, creating fiber art and supplies at Earthbound Fiber Arts
watching Hurricanes Hockey and, of course, reading!

Social Media Links

Blog/Website | Facebook | Twitter

Instagram | Amazon | Pinterest


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