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Book Title: I Saw Mommy
Kissing the Nanny (
An FF Holiday

Author and Publisher: Shannon O’Connor

Cover Artist: Alt19

Release Date: December 8,

Genre: Contemporary FF

Tropes: Holiday Romance,
Nanny/Parent, Single Mom, love after divorce

Themes: Holiday Romance,
love after divorce

Heat Rating: 4

Length: 60 000 words/225

It is a standalone story and not end on a cliffhanger.



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& in KU 1 week after release


An FF Holiday



Morgan loves three things; Books, women, and being
single. But when Grad school costs more than her rent, she needs to come up with a way to
make some money and fast. After a one-night stand with a beautiful woman, she wakes the
next morning in a hurry to make it to her interview as a live-in nanny.

Despite acing the interview, she has to pass one final test;

meeting the mother—who just so happens to be her one-night stand. They both decide to
call it a one-night thing and move forward, with Morgan becoming her son’s nanny.

As a divorced, single mom Lucy can get all the help she
needs. But as the mistletoe is hung and the stockings are filled, are sparks flying too? As Lucy
begins to fall for her son’s nanny, she shows her love in a series of her favorite books.
Counting down the 24 days of Christmas with Morgan, by trying to tell her how she feels,
worried she doesn’t feel the same.

Morgan devours each book, desperate to know if Lucy is
sending her a sign. But as Christmas approaches, will each woman get what they want? Or
will they be stuck out in the cold as the days of Morgan’s nannying contract are up?


About the Author

Shannon O’Connor is a twenty-something, bisexual, self-published poet of several books and
counting. She released her first novel, Electric Love in 2021 and is currently working on
several sapphic romance novels. She believes there is a lack of positive Female/Female
romances in the world, and wants to make them more accessible. She is often found in
coffee shops, probably writing about someone she shouldn’t be.


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Facebook | Facebook Group

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COVER REVEAL: “Model Love”





Welcome to the Model Love
world, home of McKay’s Models–an inclusive, international modelling agency where
everyone is free to be themselves. From exclusive headshots to couture catwalks, these
beautiful models will turn heads wherever they go, and now it’s time for them to find their

This shared world features
seven brand new contemporary MM romances, by eight amazing authors, and launches on
the 23rd September 2022.


Couture Crush by Charlie Novak

Exclusive by Ki Brightly and Meg Bawden

Headshot by JP Sayle

Pulling Focus by HJ Welch

Getting Signed by Colette Davison

Strike a Pose by Jackie North

Denim by Design by Megs Pritchard

Cover Artist: Sleepy Fox

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance



Release Day Dates

September 23

Couture Crush by Charlie

Beau Barrett is about to

become Alt. Bride’s first male cover model, but what about his own fairy-tale

childhood best friends to
lovers, second chance, low/no angst, instalove


September 27

Exclusive by Ki Brightly
and Meg

Getting signed as an
exclusive model for a new fashion line is a dream come true for Asa, but is there more to the
rich Ruslan than meets the eye?

mafia, age gap,


September 30

Headshot by JP Sayle

Can Jack save his home
and win the man who’s claimed his heart?

friends to lovers, age gap,
hurt/comfort, saviour, make-up lover


October 4

Pulling Focus by HJ Welch

From this side of the
lens, everything’s fake. Especially the love.

fake boyfriend, age gap,
secret debt


October 7

Getting Signed by Colette

Can a chance at making
a dream come true give Jae something more—Xander?

best friend’s brother, friends
to lovers, size difference, opposites attract, make-up lover, low angst


October 11

Strike a Pose by Jackie North

Make a wish on a
shooting star. Cry to the moon like the coyotes do.

found families, hurt/comfort,
opposites attract, cowboy/city boy, mutual rescue


October 14

Denim by Design by Megs

Can Stan and Milo find
love, or is mixing business and pleasure too much too handle?

age gap, opposites attract,
low angst, hot loving


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COVER REVEAL: “Famine (The Four Horsemen Book #3) by Sienna Moreau. $20.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Included!


Book Title: Famine (The
Four Horsemen Book #3)

Author and Publisher: Sienna

Cover Artist: Reese

Release Date: August 29,

Genre: Dark M/M Paranormal Romance

Tropes: Second chance,
forbidden love, lovers to enemies to lovers, hurt/comfort

Length: 80,000 – 90,000

Heat Rating: 3 – 4 flames

It is not a standalone story. It
is the third book in the series and
must be
read in order.

This book does not end on a
cliffhanger. It is a HFN as there is an overarching plotline that will conclude in book 4.


Pre-Order Links

Universal Link | Amazon US | Amazon UK

A fallen angel with a broken heart. The third horseman
who rejected him. A love that can destroy them both.


Punished for choosing love over faith, the Archangel of
Kindness emerged from a century of confinement enshrined in darkness, a shell of his
former self. Rejected by the very Being for whom he sold his soul, the last threads of his
sanity were stripped away. He is now Lucifer, the King of Hell.

Famine’s choices have only ever caused suffering for those
he loves. He struggles with guilt, blaming himself for what Lucifer has become. He’s certain
keeping his distance is the only way he can ensure Lucifer falls no further.

But together or apart, on the same side or not, it doesn’t
matter. They are forever bound, forced to endure a never-ending loop of anguish. Betrayed
and surrounded by new threats, they find themselves relying on each other while battling
their own demons. But soon a choice must be made: allow their love to destroy them both
or embrace it before the world ends.

Famine is the
third book in the Four Horsemen series. This book is
not a standalone and must be read in order.

Content Warnings: Religious themes, extreme violence,
gore, and others.

Arachnophobia warning: There is also a dog-sized pet
spider named Paul who just wants to be loved.

This is a paranormal, second chance, lovers-to-enemies-
to-lovers, MM romance filled with snark and morally questionable characters. It ends with a
HFN and a mild plot cliffhanger.


“Please don’t make this harder than it needs to be,” Famine said, his
voice low. “You know something.”

“I know many things,” Lucifer said. He slowly circled Famine, his tail
dragging on the concrete behind him. It slid over Famine’s boots, scratching lines into the

Famine didn’t follow the movement, even when his instincts screamed
at him not to let Lucifer stand at his back. He had trusted Samael with everything in him, and
he wanted—wanted so badly—to be able to trust Lucifer, even though he knew it was futile.
Lucifer still loved him but that love had been contorted, turned to something dark and
nothing like the beautiful love they had once shared. He was just as likely to stab Famine in
the back as he was to kiss it. A deep, dark, twisted part of Famine didn’t care which one he
did, so long as Lucifer touched him. When Lucifer touched him with any kind of intent,
everything in Famine settled. The world righted itself, and the turmoil that he lived with
every day seemed less, more manageable.

Sharp nails slid across his back. They didn’t dig enough to draw blood,
but even through the fabric of his shirt Famine felt it. He flinched, even as warmth trailed
out from the places Lucifer touched.

“I have so many secrets, Famine,” Lucifer whispered. He pressed his
nose against Famine’s nape, breathing in deeply. Wet flicked across his skin—Lucifer’s

“I gather them, so you’re forced to come to me. To beg.”

About the Author

Sienna Moreau is a dark MM
romance author who likes to let the darker side of life come out to play. If you’re looking for
morally grey characters, snark, mayhem and steamy situations then you’re in the right

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| Facebook Group | Instagram


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COVER REVEAL: “Jamison” by A.N. Waugh


Book Title: Jamison: A
Maxim Novel

Author: A.N.

Cover Artist: Midnight

Release Date: June 7,

Genre: Contemporary MM Romance

Trope/s: Friends to lovers, second chance romance, rockstar

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: approx 45 000

It is book one in a new series.
It does not
end on a cliffhanger for the couple, but
there are some unresolved conflicts that will reappear later in the series.


Pre-Order Links

Universal Link | Amazon US | Amazon UK


Jamison Black. Lead singer for the band Maxim, and
my first love. He broke my heart to follow his dream. Now, six years after the heartbreak, he
is my job. I’ve worked hard for this internship and to get close to him again, but it doesn’t
take long to realize we can’t be anything more than friends. Not when Maxim is so close to
the success they’ve been chasing all this time.

I never knew how much I missed Vance Martin until
I saw him in the last place I expected. He is my heart. Always has been, always will be. I’m his
client, and he’s determined to keep me in the friend zone. A place I refuse to stay. I might
have left my heart behind six years ago, but I won’t let him go again.

Jamison is the first book in the Maxim series. A
MM Rockstar, best friends to lovers, second chance romance with two stubborn main
characters, a too observant, witty and flamboyant interfering coworker, entertaining
bandmates and friends, and a fake girlfriend who has forgotten her love isn’t


“Your music has garnered you a growing fan club, and I think
you’re on the verge of hitting it big.” Lance Macallister, owner of Twisted Records, always
starts these meetings the same: compliments on our music—because let’s face it, we’re
good—followed by a reprimand for our behavior. Or, more accurately, Alex’s behavior.

“But?” I ask, prompting the reaming we’re all here for.

“But,”—he meets each of our stares—“we have to do
something about the band’s image if you want to go any further in your careers. Ronnie
spotted your talent that night six years ago, but talent only gets you so far.”

Ronnie offers me a polite smile. The man has been our
manager since we won a battle of the bands contest in some hole in the wall bar, but he
lacks any of the aggressiveness needed to keep a band of young twenty-somethings in line.
Especially as he’s not that much older than us.

“What do you need us to do? I thought me dating Marcy was
enough to eclipse any bad publicity coming our way.” The last time our lead guitarist,
Alexander Gregory, pulled a stunt that got us called into this conference room, he’d trashed
a hotel room and punched a bellhop. Macallister’s solution was to throw the popular up-
and-coming actress, Marcy Dixon, at me. By redirecting the attention to my relationship with
the popular starlet—no matter how fake it is—Macallister had kept Alex’s destructive
behavior from the press. I’d do anything for Maxim, and it’s not as though pretending to
date Marcy is a hardship. She’s gorgeous, and the sex is good. Our relationship may be fake,
but I’m still a man with needs. Marcy understands that it’s all for show with a little fun on
the side to ease the tension once in a while.

“It is. For now. But you’re gaining in popularity with your new
single, ‘For Tonight’. It won’t be long until your faces are all over the entertainment rags. And
when that happens, they’ll show the bad alongside the good.” Jude Thomas, Macallister’s
friend and business partner, glares at us like the heathens he likely considers us. The man
hasn’t had a smile for us since we met. Ronnie assures me he likes us, but that’s hard to
believe when all he does is look down his nose at us and glare before rushing from the room
after each meeting.

“Jude is right. We need to keep ahead of any potential
disasters,” Macallister says. Meaning we needed to get Alex to fall in line before we lose the
label any money. “I’ve hired a PR team specifically for Maxim. They’ll be here in two days for
introductions before you leave for tour.”

“Tour?” Anderson—Anders—Cartwright, our keyboardist,

“Yes. You’ll be opening for Tainted as they tour the country. I’ve
also taken the liberty of hiring a stylist. He’ll be heading on tour with you and the PR

I look at my bandmates to gauge their reactions to the news.
Alex looks pissed. What else is new? Anders looks indifferent, ready to go with the flow of
whatever we decide to do. Thierry Lachlan, Maxim’s drummer, and Rierdan Hughes, bassist,
are both looking to me, concern for the band’s future clear on their faces.

“I’m sorry, okay.” Alex grits out the words between clenched

“You’re always sorry, Mr. Gregory,” Jude throws back at him, his
tone clearly saying he doesn’t believe Alex deserves another chance.

“Which is why you will be required to attend anger
management sessions. Since we can’t postpone the tour, they will be held virtually and to
ensure you follow through, we have assigned a member of the PR team to attend alongside
you.” Macallister gathers the papers sitting on the table in front of him. “I’ll see you in two
days, gentlemen. Try not to get into any trouble before then.”

Jude hightails it from the conference room while McAllister
and Ronnie leisurely take their leave. No one says a word until the door closes behind

“Fuck! Alex, you need to tame whatever the hell issues you
have.” Thierry shoves a hand into his dark blond mane, gripping the roots and dislodging the
hair tie holding his bun in place.

“I don’t know what’s going on with you, but Thierry’s right. If
you don’t get yourself under control, Maxim will suffer for it.” Even Anders, the usually
carefree, go with the flow guy, is noticeably frustrated with our guitarist.

“I think this anger management Macallister has planned will be
good for you, Alex,” I tell him, and I mean it. He’s always been the angriest of our group, but
the past few years have seen him move into a wave of hostility I can only describe as self-

Alex grunts his disapproval but doesn’t argue. He wants Maxim
to be successful as much as the rest of us. After six years, we’re finally getting a chance to
prove we’re worthy of all Twisted Records has put in to get us here.

Rierdan slams his palm down on the table, jerking my attention
to the smile stretching his face. “We’re going on tour. Maxim is going to be headlining for
fucking Tainted!”

About the Author

A.N. Waugh is an author of MM/MMM+ romances, a
pansexual mess, and a firm believer that love is love.

Social Media Links

Facebook | Facebook Group | Pinterest

Newsletter Sign-Up |
Instagram | BookBub | TikTok

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COVER REVEAL: “The Fractured Fallen” by Jessamyn Kingley.


Book Title: The Fractured Fallen (D’Vaire, Book 29)

Author and Publisher:
Jessamyn Kingley

Cover Artist: LJ Anderson,
Mayhem Cover Creations

Release Date: May 19,

Genres: M/M Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Tropes: Fated mates

Themes: Love, second chances, overcoming obstacles

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 89 083

It is not a standalone story,
but d
oes not end on a cliffhanger.

Goodreads Series Link


For any chance at love,
they must first be willing to trust.



A proud fallen knight, Gentry Patterson likes to take people
under his wing. Gifted with an easygoing nature, he makes friends effortlessly and, thanks to
his love of cooking, often invites his inner circle over for meals. Gentry’s favorite week of the
year is the annual retreat for his race, where he’s reunited with the many friends and
colleagues he’s met through the years. The only thing that would enrich his existence is his
mate, but he has yet to meet him.

Newly resurrected Tobias Kinsler wants to put his training
behind him and make his superiors proud. However, Tobias is struggling. He keeps it to
himself because he lacks people he’s willing to trust. With a mere few months of life under
his belt, Tobias attends the fallen knights’ annual retreat and discovers his other half.

The two men have a sizzling connection from the start and
waste no time binding their souls. Unfortunately, they will soon learn that secrets lurk
beneath their growing friendship, and those secrets fracture the tenuous bond between
them. As they chart an uncertain future, Gentry and Tobias must decide if they’re still willing
to honor Fate.



Toby was staring aimlessly when there was a distant ding of
an elevator. To his shock, his dick went rock hard, and the thick, pungent smell of
honeysuckle filled his nose. His head whipped to the right, and he saw that a brown-haired
man who was probably three or four inches over six feet was stalking toward him.

As the fallen knight moved closer, Toby admired his broad
shoulders and the sexy smile on his handsome face. Within a few feet of Toby, the man’s grin
grew broader, lighting up his hazel eyes. He was Toby’s mate, and Toby was elated, but

“Hi, I’m Gentry,” he said as he stopped next to Toby.

“I’m Toby.”

“I’ve always been excited about attending the retreat, but I
had no idea I’d meet my mate here,” Gentry remarked.

Toby loved the light smattering of freckles on his nose and
cheeks. “It’s my first one.”

“You’ll love it. I’ll help make sure of that. The line’s moving,”
Gentry remarked as he snatched Toby’s suitcase from him, flustering the fallen knight who
was so unused to being noticed as anything more than a disaster.

“I feel like I’ve been standing here forever.”

Gentry leaned close, and Toby closed his eyes to better
enjoy the honey and citrus scent of his gift from Fate.

“I got here super early so I could avoid this line,” Gentry

“I’ll have to remember that in the future.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll remind you.”

The confidence in his voice relaxed Toby, and he grinned at
Gentry. “I’m going to hold you to that.”

“We need to exchange numbers and coordinate our
schedules for the week.”

“I guess you’re okay with the fact that Fate picked us to be

With a nod, Gentry winked at him.

“You’re gorgeous, and I’ve always wanted a fallen knight for
a mate. You get my job. We already have a ton in common even though we just met. But I
want to learn everything about you. And I do mean everything.”

Although Toby had little sexual experience, Gentry’s flirting
was obvious enough that he couldn’t miss his interest.

“I’d like to tell you everything,” Toby commented softly.

Forcing himself to look away from the pretty hazel eyes,
Toby was somehow unsurprised by the twenty-three in roman numerals on Gentry’s shirt. It
figured that he’d be paired with a possibly ancient and clearly remarkable fallen knight. His
fear intensified, but Toby trusted Fate.

“You’re frowning. You okay?” Gentry asked.

“Yeah, I’m not a fan of lines,” Toby lied.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get you registered and settled

There was something about the way Gentry had swooped
right in and inserted himself into Toby’s world that appealed to him.

“You’re a protective person, aren’t you?” Toby

“I do like to feed my friends and help them with whatever
they need.”

Toby shuffled forward again as the line picked up a little
speed and tried to handle the wealth of emotions racing through him. It was imperative that
Toby set aside his issues and focus on how lucky he was. Not only was Gentry handsome, but
he was also clearly interested. His smile didn’t falter, and although they knew nothing about
each other, Gentry’s presence soothed.

“That’s good. I can’t cook.”

“Don’t you worry, I’ll make sure you get to eat like a king.
You’ll have to tell me all your favorites.”

“I’ve discovered that there isn’t much I don’t like, but I love
a good steak.”

“Fate matched us perfectly. I can grill you one to
perfection,” Gentry said.

“Next,” Venerable Knight Roman Calixtus called.

Toby was so lost in staring at Gentry that he hadn’t realized
it was his turn. He fumbled to drag his identification card out of his pocket, and Toby handed
it over to Roman, who greeted him warmly and asked if he required a key to a room in the

Gentry leaned close again. “You can share my room if you

Everything was happening quickly, but Toby was ready to
dive into their relationship . Fate had given him a gift, and Gentry was supposed to be his
perfect match.

Toby grinned. “I’d like that.”

“Are you a bathroom hogger?” Gentry asked.

The Venerable Knight registering Toby looked away from his
computer screen to study the pair when Toby announced he didn’t need a hotel key.

“I don’t think so. I pretty much limit my use to regular
maintenance,” Toby assured Gentry.

“You two are going to share a room?” Roman

“We just met, but Toby is my mate,” Gentry stated loudly.

Toby loved the confidence in his voice and latched onto it as
a sign that his fear was unnecessary.

Roman smiled. “Congratulations. That’s wonderful.”

“Thanks,” Toby and Gentry said together, which made them
both laugh.


About the Author


Jessamyn Kingley lives in
Nevada where she begs the men in her head to tell her their amazing stories which she
dutifully writes it all down in what has become a small mountain of notebooks. She falls in
love with each couple and swears whatever book she wrote last is her absolute

Jessamyn is married and
working toward remembering to start the dishwasher without being distracted by the scent
of the magical detergent. For personal enjoyment, she aids in cat rescue while slashing and
gashing her way through mobs in various MMORPGs. Caffeine is her very best friend and is
only cast aside briefly for the sin better known as BBQ potato chips.

Visit her website

Join her Facebook group, Jessamyn’s Ruffian’s


Social Media Links

Facebook | Twitter |


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COVER REVEAL: “Venerably Daray (D’Vaire, Book 28) by Jessamyn Kingley


Book Title: Venerably Daray (D’Vaire, Book 28)

Author: Jessamyn

Publisher: Independently

Cover Artist: LJ Anderson of
Mayhem Cover Creations

Release Date: March 31,

Genres: MM Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Trope: Fated mates

Themes: Love

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 95 441

It is book 28 in the D’Vaire
and does not end on a

Goodreads Series


Even with Fate’s blessing,
there are no guarantees in life or love.



Skeleton Lord Brynnius Daray is happiest when he’s
wielding his daggers or elbow deep in flour, baking some wondrous treat. As an elite
assassin, Brynnius spends his days protecting the Council of Sorcery and Shifters, and his
evenings are for family. The Darays are lively and dedicated, and Brynnius loves them
fiercely. However, at night he is alone, and Brynnius yearns for his mate.

Having been recently resurrected, Samson is desperate to
prove his worth as a fallen knight. The trouble is, Samson is part of a ground-breaking
experiment—and the new spell is flawed. Or perhaps it is the man himself that has issues.

While Samson struggles to understand his purpose, he learns that Brynnius is the other half
of his soul.

Although Fate has brought them together, neither man is
sure what the future holds. To figure it out, they must confront the past and reconcile their
present. Just when Samson and Brynnius finally find common ground, the world intrudes.
Nothing will ever be the same for the Darays.



Brynnius loved his job, and he had a wonderful family and a
beautiful home, which he shared with the rest of the Darays. When he wasn’t fighting crime
or combing through Council bills to aid Alaric in voting appropriately, Brynnius was baking. If
there was a recipe for something sweet or delicious, the sentinel wanted to hunt for the

Around him, the Darays and his larger extended family,
known as D’Vaire, praised his baked treats, which gave Brynnius the confidence to continue
to make them yummy things. It was fun to travel around the world to grab things
unavailable within the Council, and Brynnius liked surprising everyone with novel treats.

Brynnius was pondering whether to make the blackcurrant
tarts he’d recently found a recipe for when he pulled open the door to the resurrection
room inside the shared training center that belonged to the fallen knights and

The moment Brynnius crossed the threshold, his entire
body went haywire. As a sentinel, Brynnius lacked sexuality, and had no concept of outer
beauty, so his dick growing hard stunned him. It was a sensation foreign to Brynnius, yet it
wasn’t unpleasant.

His mind was overloaded with the terrific smell—a mixture
of vanilla cupcakes and cinnamon coffeecake. At the end of the hall, Brynnius spied
Venerable Knight Arvandus Ruarc-Daray—a member of his family and the only man to be
permanently resurrected twice.

Next to Arvandus was a stranger with a head full of glossy,
gorgeous black curls. He was built on a massive scale. As they moved closer, Brynnius
wondered if the stranger’s shoulders were even broader than his own. Although he wanted
to get closer to the stranger, there was too much chaos in Brynnius’s mind for him to move.
The man at Arvandus’s side was Brynnius’s mate, and Brynnius had no idea what to do.

A beautiful smile crossed the man’s face, and there was a
confused curiosity in his gaze. Since the man was freshly resurrected, Brynnius doubted he
understood their connection or felt the same clamoring inside himself.

“Fallen Knight, Rank One Samson, this is Skeleton Lord
Brynnius Daray,” Arvandus said with a flash of his oft-used grin.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Skeleton Lord. I apologize that
I don’t have a last name yet to give you. The Arch Lich wishes to honor my dragon and needs
to speak to the Emperors in order to decide how best to do that.”

“The pleasure is mine, Samson,” Brynnius remarked softly
and offered him a nod.

Sentinels did not touch strangers, though Brynnius readily
admitted to himself that he wanted to be close to Samson. It would have to wait. The fallen
knight was unsteady on his feet, so Brynnius didn’t want to keep him in the hall, despite his
innate desire to know everything about him and not leave his side.

“Are you on the way to your room?” Brynnius

“Yes, VK Arvandus told me to pick the one closest to the

That was no surprise to Brynnius; he was aware Arvandus
always offered that favored space to the first recruit. Flustered, Brynnius was unsure if he’d
remembered to offer Samson a traditional sentinel nod in greeting, so he bobbed his head.

“Good choice. Good luck with your training,” he

“Thank you, Skeleton Lord.”

“See ya later, Brynn,” Arvandus remarked.

They turned the corner toward the dormitories, and
Brynnius smiled at Samson, who turned back twice. The fallen knight might not understand
their connection yet, but Brynnius was bolstered by his interest. It’d help him get through
the next eight weeks, since Brynnius couldn’t be with Samson until he graduated.

Brynnius was determined to allow Samson to train without
distractions as Reverent Knight Drystan had allowed his mate to do when he was
resurrected. But unlike Drystan, Brynnius intended to tell no one about his encounter with
Samson. The last thing Brynnius wanted to do was keep his family on pins and needles with
excitement over the next two months.

After Samson was discharged from the Ascension Center,
Brynnius would finally be able to talk to him again, and they’d be able to start their journey
as mates. Until then, Brynnius planned on reflecting often on the extraordinarily handsome
man with the unique eyes, and preparing for their future.



About the Author


Jessamyn Kingley lives in
Nevada where she begs the men in her head to tell her their amazing stories which she
dutifully writes it all down in what has become a small mountain of notebooks. She falls in
love with each couple and swears whatever book she wrote last is her absolute

Jessamyn is married and
working toward remembering to start the dishwasher without being distracted by the scent
of the magical detergent. For personal enjoyment, she aids in cat rescue while slashing and
gashing her way through mobs in various MMORPGs. Caffeine is her very best friend and is
only cast aside briefly for the sin better known as BBQ potato chips.

Visit her website

Join her Facebook group, Jessamyn’s Ruffian’s


Social Media Links

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Book Title: Yours, Everlasting

Author: Beth Bolden

Cover Artist: Sleepy Fox Studio

Release Date: April 6, 2022

Genre: Fantasy MM Romance

Tropes: Opposites attract, road trip romance, secret admirer

Themes: Good versus evil, staying true to one’s self, redemption

Length: 92 000 words

Heat Rating: 4 flames

It is not a standalone story. It is book 2 in the Enchanted Folklore series and does not end on a cliffhanger.


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Evrard . . .Rhys . . .Evander . . .

Evander has gone by many names in the last thousand years. He’s lived almost as many lives, using his immortality and his unique shapeshifting abilities to become anyone and anything. His goal was simple: to eradicate the malevolent magic threatening all humankind.

After finally succeeding, Evander feels he’s earned a justifiable and peaceful retirement. But the past never stays buried, and he discovers that it’s been watching him . . .

Marcos, the Guardian of War, has waited, he’s observed, he’s admired, and he’s yearned. But now it’s time for him to step into the light and let Evander see him for who he truly is.

But fate is fickle, destinies aren’t set in stone, and as much as Marcos hopes Evander might be his, it will be the fight of his life to not only win Evander’s heart, but to defeat the evil that once again raises its sinister head.


Rhys was in an exceedingly bad temper.

First, Marcos had been incredibly high-handed, demanding that they postpone their journey for at least a few days, in order to be “properly” outfitted with supplies.

Rhys had brought a handful of coins with him, enough for some periodic lodging and food along the journey, but based on the standards Marcos was insisting on, it wouldn’t be nearly enough.

And now, they had come to this dirty, ugly tavern, with its watered-down mead and slop for food. As for the lodgings, they were hardly an improvement. The bed was small and narrow, the mattress filled with lumpy straw that Rhys did not want to question the origin of. And to make things worse, there was only one of these uncomfortable beds.

Marcos insisted that he take it. “I will be keeping watch,” Marcos said, sliding a rough piece of wood across the door. “You can take the bed.”

And now, the very worst part of this entire situation was that Rhys was required to be grateful that Marcos had been so generous.

Rhys did not want to be grateful.

He wanted to be angry—but it was difficult to be angry with someone who offered you the only bed in the room, no matter how poor it was.

Rhys shifted to the other side of the mattress, trying to find an area without lumps, but was unsuccessful. He sighed, not even bothering to temper his frustration.

“Trouble sleeping?” Marcos asked kindly.

Even in the dark gloom, Rhys could see where he had settled—opposite the doorway, back against the rugged plank walls of the room, booted feet drawn up to his chest. Rhys could even see the wry expression on his face.

He’d always enjoyed his ability to see in the dark, always considered it one of his favorite gifts, but now he wished he could do it a little less well.

“The bed is lumpy,” he said, aware of how ungrateful he sounded. He could very easily be on the floor. Marcos was still, as far as Rhys knew, a full-fledged Guardian. He could have overpowered Rhys in an instant, with merely a crook of his fingers, never mind all those very impressive muscles.

But he hadn’t.

Rhys still had not figured out what ulterior motive Marcos had for accompanying him, and that annoyed him most of all.

“You could always transform. The hay might suit you better if you were of an equine descent,” Marcos teased.

Up until now, Rhys was unaware that Marcos teased. This was new. But then, even though they had served on the Conclave together for hundreds and hundreds of years, he had never really known Marcos. He’d kept to himself, more at home on a battlefield or in the armory than he was the Castle at the Top of the World.

“I certainly will not,” Rhys said firmly. “I will . . . adjust.”

He’d slept in far worse. Admittedly, not in some time. He’d gotten spoiled and lax. But at the very beginning, when he’d first been banished to the surface, there had been some lean, cruel years.

“Then I suggest you do,” Marcos said. “We have a long journey ahead, and there will be little time for resting after we leave here.”

Rhys turned over, plumping the straw underneath him, and attempted to banish the questions that kept swirling through him. Particularly all the questions he had about Marcos.

He’d just managed to lull himself into a relaxed state that at least approximated sleep when he heard a rustling outside the front door.

Not a rustling. A scratching.

About the Author

A lifelong Pacific Northwester, Beth Bolden has just recently moved to North Carolina with her supportive husband. Beth still believes in Keeping Portland Weird, and intends to be just as weird in Raleigh.

Beth has been writing practically since she learned the alphabet. Unfortunately, her first foray into novel writing, titled Big Bear with Sparkly Earrings, wasn’t a bestseller, but hope springs eternal. She’s published twenty-three novels and seven novellas.

Author Links

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Continue ReadingCOVER REVEAL: “Yours, Everlasting” by Beth Bolden. $20.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Included!

COVER REVEAL: “The Last Beginning” by Abrianna Denae


Book Title: The Last Beginning

Author: Abrianna

Publisher: Self-published

Cover Artist: Designs by

Release Date: April 5,

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance

Trope/s: Friends to lovers, hurt/comfort

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 61 000 words/210

It is a standalone story in a
new series and d
oes not end on a


Pre-Order Link

Universal Amazon link |
Amazon US | Amazon UK


“Nobody tells you how one moment, one decision, can change the course of your
entire life.”

Kit Briar is starting over. At thirty-three, he thought he had
his life planned out, but a devastating revelation sends him back to his hometown,
desperate to make a life for himself and his son.

“Sometimes, a single kiss can lead a person down a road they never

Lawson Craig never meant to fall in love with his hot new
neighbor, his life’s complicated enough. Except Kit and his young son fulfill a void he did
know he had. The more he tries to fight against the mutual attraction, the harder it is to stay

“If it came down to it, I’d let him go. I’d let him go because he deserves someone so
much better than me.”

Lawson and Kit find themselves in a whirlwind romance.
They fall hard and fast, but every choice comes with consequences and neither of them are
prepared for what happens when their blissful bubble pops. They’ll have to learn to trust in
each other and what they’re trying to build in order to get the happy ending they’ve both
always wanted. When every road seems to lead to heartbreak, how will they ever find


We lean back against the counter and talk about random things for a while. It’s nice. I have
some friends but no one I hang out with regularly. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, this
could be just a one time thing, but I like the vibe Kit has, I’m hoping he likes mine too.

“You said you’re from the area?” I ask after a lapse in conversation.

Kit nods, “Yeah, my family all still live close. My siblings helped me move in today.”

“How many siblings do you have?”

He smiles a little, “Two sisters and two brothers. I’m the baby of the family and they all treat
me that way. Never mind that I’m a grown ass man.”

“I think siblings are supposed to do that. I’m one of two. I have an older brother, we’re close
since neither of us talk to our parents anymore. What about you?”

“I’m pretty close to all my siblings. It’s just my dad. Mom passed away when I was eight.”

“Wow. Five kids for one person, did he ever remarry?”

“No. He dated someone for a long time, but they broke up about five years ago. He’s gone
on dates since but says he’s too old for anything serious.”

I scoff. “I don’t think love cares how old you are.”

Kit smiles at me and I ignore the way my heart trips over itself. “That’s what my sisters say,
but I think he’s content. He has us and his grandkids. He’s enjoying his life.”

“Can’t say I blame him. I’d probably be the same.”

Kit looks at me, his dark brown eyes assessing, “Yeah? Believe in love for everyone but

“Ehh,” I make a seesaw motion with my hand. “Yes and no. Would I like to have that one
person I spend the rest of my life with, knowing that they’re it for me? Yes, I
think most people want that. Do I think it’ll happen?” I shrug, “It’s complicated.”

“Trust me,” Kit sighs, “I know all about complications.”

Is it me or are we closer than before? My arm brushes his and I try not to react
like a fucking teenager with their first crush. It’s ridiculous really, the things I feel for this
man that I’ve known an hour.

“Tell me about the neighborhood?” He asks, breaking into my thoughts. “You said the
neighbor on your other side hates you?”

I sigh and ignore how fucking close his mouth suddenly is to mine. We’re almost
the same height, it would be nothing to lean forward and kiss him.

“Uh yeah, she’s a total bitch. I mean, maybe. I think it’s just me. She’s older, in her fifties I’d
say. I try to be nice and do things like mow her yard and take her garbage cans out, things
like that. She glares at me and never shows any appreciation. I can’t tell if she
really hates me or if she is just a really sour person, you know?

“When I first moved in I made cookies, brownies, and muffins for her, the previous owners
of this house, and the people across the street from me. She’s the only one who refused to
take anything from me. Which, I get, it was kinda weird to have this stranger show up with a
bunch of baked goods, but you’d have thought I offered up straight poison the way she

“She doesn’t know what she’s missing. More for me.” Kit smiles and I can’t help but smile as

“You’ll have to come into the bakery some time, I’ll give you a discount.”

Kit pouts, “Oh so I only get free stuff at home.”

“Yep. Gotta make that money.”

He huffs out a laugh, “I’d happily pay for anything made by you.”

It’s not my imagination this time. He definitely leaned forward.

“You flatter me,” I hope that didn’t come out as breathless as I think. “What if
the only thing I can make are cookies?”

“I like cookies.” He whispers.

We’re so fucking close.


I don’t know who moves first. One second we’re a breath apart, the next, our lips are
touching in an impossibly soft kiss.

Neither of us move for a moment, and then Kit slowly moves his mouth over mine. I follow
his lead, keeping the kiss soft and slow.

A hand grabs my hip and I groan as our bodies come together. Kit takes that opportunity to
deepen the kiss. His tongue sweeps against my lip and I allow him in my mouth.

Gasping, I fight him for dominance. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt anything this good.
He lets me take control of the kiss and I push him against the counter. Our lower bodies are
flush and I can feel his arousal brushing against mine. Shivering, I press my lips harder to his.
Tangling one hand in his hair, I pull back enough to bite at his lip, making him moan.

“Shit,” he gasps before kissing me hard.

I press my hips into his and groan at the sensation. Kit’s hands grip my ass tightly and it feels
so fucking good. I almost beg him to fuck me, but that’d be reckless. Kissing him is enough
for now.

We pull apart for breath, both of us panting softly. “Just so you know,” I tell him, “I don’t go
around kissing all the neighbors.”

He laughs breathlessly, “That one neighbor might like you if you did.”

I snort and shake my head. “You’re prettier.”

I kiss him again, softer now. Our tongues meet and it’s perfect. Best kiss I’ve ever had. I
could spend hours just kissing this man. Crazy? Absolutely, but it’s not the craziest thing I’ve
done, not by a long shot.

About the Author

Abrianna Denae is a
twenty-five-year-old author living in Northern California. An English major, they have always
had a passion for writing.

Deciding to sit down and
write one of the many stories that had plagued their mind for years was the easy
part—finding the time to do it was a different story.

Caffeine is their best friend,
and sleep is her worst enemy.

A lover of books that make
the reader feel something, Abrianna tries to incorporate as much of their real-world views
and feelings into their stories as they can.

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You can also email her at

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