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Book Title: Perfectly
Mismatched (Pine Wood Falls #4)

Author: Sarah

Publisher: Sarah Havan

Cover Artist: Sarah

Release Date: June 22,

Genres: Mpreg, Non-shifter
Mpreg romance

Tropes: Frenemies to lovers

Themes: Recovering from
trauma, starting a new life

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: approx. 80 000

It is part of a series but can
be read as a standalone.

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They’re fated even though
they can’t stand each other.


Dekker Baines decides he wants to start a family, but he
doesn’t have an alpha, so he goes to one of Pine Wood Falls get-togethers. It’s where you go

if you need someone to mate with, but his evening goes sideways when a few alphas don’t
take no for an answer.

Ryder Remington is Dekk’s business partner, and when he
gets a call that Dekk is in trouble, he runs to his rescue and comes across a scene that makes
his blood boil. A month after the attack, when Dekk goes into heat again, Ryder tells him
he’ll be the father of his children. Dekk is reluctant at first but can’t fight his urge to be with

Now they’re starting a family, but the thing is, they can’t
stand each other. They are as mismatched as two people can get. Together they have to
navigate recovering from trauma, try to tolerate living with each other, and get ready for
quintuplets. If they can manage all of that, they might get their happy ending, but things
never go according to plan.


It was one of those moments where I wondered why I went into business with this man.
Ryder Remington was very punchable, but like I could have ever punched him, he towered
over me.

“There’s no way in hell we’re naming the bar that.” He
scratched the dark stubble on his jaw and shook his head.

I crossed my arms over my chest and smiled. “Why? It’s
cute, a play on words.”

“Bars aren’t supposed to be cute,” he grumbled.

“Not everything has to always be macho and manly.” I sat
at the bar with my laptop in front of me.

“Macho. Who uses that word? You know who? Someone
who likes cute. For now, the bar is staying named bar.” He couldn’t even be bothered to
capitalize it. The sign above the door outside seriously said
bar. From where he
squatted on the floor, he bore his dark-brown eyes into me, pressing his lips together. It was
his go-to
I’m an alpha, and you’re going to listen
to me

“But The Ballet Bar has such a nice ring to it.”


I stuck my nose up in the air. “Fine, always so

“I’m not grouchy,” he said, snarling his lip.

“Gruff.” A perfect word for him. Demeanor and looks. He
was a six-foot-five wall of muscle with light tan skin and a head of thick wavy hair. He always
wore dark jeans and a black T-shirt and seemed to favor the perfect amount of stubble. And
if I didn’t know him and was in a dark alley with him, I’d turn and go in the opposite
direction. He always looked like he wanted to harm somebody.

“Aren’t you supposed to be doing some kind of work?” he
asked as he emptied the box of bottles next to him.

“Aren’t you?” I flicked my wrist in his direction, and
besides, I was doing work. Someone had to keep our business affairs in order. I had just
finished placing an order for a new local craft beer we were going to try.

“How did I get talked into opening this place with you?” He
stood and folded up the now empty box.

“You saw the brilliance behind my plan.” Basically, I was
able to front half the money to open the place. Pine Wood Falls offered a lot of assistance if
you opened a business there, like land or a storefront, but there were plenty of other things
needed to open a business that required capital. I had moved back to the area about half a
year before and wanted something new in my life. Plus, being my own boss sweetened the
deal, and my friend Lucas told me he heard about how Ryder was looking for a business

He furrowed his brow and began to wipe down the counter.
“And you know what?”

“You know what I know? You’re still trying to come up with
a response.”

“You’re supposed to be the business end. In the back,
doing the books.”

“Do you know that running a business entails more than
some money and doing the books as you say?”

He ignored me and continued to wipe the counter.

“And I put up half the money, too, so I should have just as
much right naming the place. You’re the one that makes the drinks, but it doesn’t make you
special.” He thought since he was the alpha, he got to call the shots, but we were in it
fifty/fifty. Therefore, even if he only saw me as some little omega, I still had an equal say,
and I was not ready to give up my fight on naming the bar, but for the day, I let it go.

“It does. I’m so goddamn special.”

“You precious little peach you.”

“Said the ballerina.”

“Said the college dropout.”

“I went and tried. Did you ever take a college course?

Well, he had me there. “I was at an elite dance

He put his hands on the edge of the bar and leaned in
toward me. “For high school.”

“I was actually there until a year after high school,” I

“See, and you’re making fun of me. I’m a proud college
dropout. You, it seems, was held back at your fancy pants school.” He smirked and threw the
towel he wiped down the counter with over his shoulder.

About the Author

Sarah Havan writes all kinds
of LGBTQIA+ romance, loves watermelon flavored candy, and has a vast flannel shirt
collection. When not writing, Sarah loves to read and watch shows about

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Instagram | Patreon


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RELEASE BLITZ: “Omegas in Power” by Sai Fox


Book Title: Omegas in Power

Author: Sai Fox

Cover Artist: Samantha

Release Date: May 31,

Genre/s: Contemporary MM Omegaverse/MPreg Romance

Trope/s: Fake Marriage, Mating

Themes: Grieving, Acceptance, Coming to Terms with Loss

Heat Rating: 5 flames

Length: 72 000 words/ 307

It’s the first book in a series,
but can be read as a stand-alone

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Alpha in the streets,
Omega under the sheets.


Grayson Valins should have the world at his feet.
Born to one of the wealthiest families in Seattle, Grayson was raised exactly as a Valins heir
should be: sharp as a tack, witty, charming, and powerful.

He was the ideal son—until he presented as an omega.

Now he’s barely holding on to the threads of his father’s
empire, watching the vultures circling overhead. If he makes a mistake with the Felder and
Sons merger and acquisition, it’s game over.

If he doesn’t get married, either… that’s just as bad.

Zack Felder’s in over his head. After the tragic
death of his older brother, Zack has no choice but to put his music career on hold and head
back home to handle the family’s affairs. The family business is drowning, and Zack isn’t sure
what to do.

So, when the older and wildly attractive Grayson Valins
offers him a deal—a fake marriage in exchange for saving his family’s legacy—how could
Zack ever deny that?

But what happens when emotions get tangled and a good
business deal turns into something much more potent?

Omegas in Power is a stand-alone HEA 72,000-word
novel with a buff, snarky omega businessman and a sensitive, passionate alpha musician.
Warnings for mentions of off-screen child abuse and grief.



The way Grayson said those words sent a chill down Zack’s
spine, and though he knew he shouldn’t have, Zack couldn’t stop himself from turning back
around to look at the omega.

He was closer now than he had any right to be, towering
just an inch or two above Zack, but for some reason it felt like it may as well have been a
foot. His eyes were wide, mouth open, and now that he was this close, Zack couldn’t help
but smell the sweet, intoxicating scent of slick and heat engulf all of his senses.

“Wait. Are… are you in heat?”

Grayson’s nostrils flared as he took another step closer,
Zack instinctually taking a step back. His back hit the tiled wall, breath escaping his lips.

“And if I was?” Grayson’s words came out like a purr, one
that made its way straight down from Zack’s ears and right to his cock. He leaned in close, so
close that Zack could see that his pupils blowing, irises barely a ring of gray against a sea of

Fuck. I was right.

“I—I should go,” Zack spluttered, heart racing in his chest as
the omega in front of him came closer and closer, staring at him as though he were a
particularly fascinating bug. Zack needed to leave, needed to get as far away from Grayson
Valins as he could get before he did something that they
both would regret.

The man in front of him only tilted his head to the side, a
look of consternation crossing his face. “Why would you do that?”

“You’re not thinking clearly.”

“I don’t need to think clearly,” Grayson replied with a
little smirk, but the way he said it made Zack remember the words his papa taught him
when he presented. An omega in heat—particularly a
distressed omega in heat—wasn’t in the
right place to say yes to

And propositioning a random alpha in the bathroom
sure as hell isn’t thinking clearly.

There was a tiny part of Zack, the part that yearned for a
mate as much as he yearned for the oxygen in his lungs, that made him want to keep going.
The man in front of him was beautiful and smelled like everything that Zack ever dreamed
an omega mate would smell like, but…

Zack’s pulse quickened as Grayson leaned down, their lips
so close that Zack could feel the man’s breath against his mouth. He could nearly taste him.

Every alpha instinct in Zack wanted to claim the omega in
front of him. No matter what his papa taught him, what morals and lessons he learned, it
felt as though Zack were fighting a war inside of him that he
knew he was going
to lose. If he didn’t pull back right now, if he didn’t stop himself—

He was going to claim Grayson Valins.

The same Grayson Valins that wants to take everything
away from my family. Everything.

Grayson was the one who pressed his hot, hard body
against Zack, engulfing him in a kiss that stole his breath and sanity away with tongue and
teeth. There was heat and the feeling of a hand reaching up to pull the back of his shirt tight
around his throat, making him gasp. That mouth, that sinful fucking mouth against his, made
Zack’s knees damn-near buckle under him.

But Zack liked it.

Letting himself fall into the sensations, Zack leaned into the
kiss, hands wrapping around Grayson’s broad shoulders to pull their chests flush against one
another. He could feel the shudder of the omega’s harsh breaths against his lips and the
staccato of his gasps as Zack ground their cocks together through the thin fabric of their

Grayson groaned against his mouth before grabbing Zack
by the back of his skull, forcing the alpha’s mouth against his throat. “Oh, God. Fuck.

Please what? Zack thought
through the haze. The intoxicating smell of flowers and vanilla coffee made the hairs on his
arms stand at attention.

Grayson seemed to know exactly what he wanted, pushing
Zack against the nearby wall so hard it sent a shockwave through Zack, shaking him back to
what little sense Grayson hadn’t damn-near sucked out of his soul.

What the fuck was he doing? Someone could see
anyone could walk in—but that only seemed to make Zack

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

He had ruts before where he felt nothing but the
overwhelming desire to knot and breed, but never once in Zack’s entire life did it feel quite
like this. This was a new level of need, an utterly impossible yearning to do nothing more
than fuck into that warm, tight heat he could smell permeating through Grayson’s

But with whatever self-restraint Zack had left in him he
used to press both hands against Grayson’s shoulders, shoving him back hard enough to put

a good foot of distance between them. Zack’s head hit the wall behind him with a sickening

“Fuck!” he hissed, but Grayson only panted in

Today didn’t go as expected—at all.

Something flashed in Grayson’s eyes, a moment of clarity,
but before Zack had a chance to say anything, Grayson wiped his mouth with the back of his

“You don’t want me?”

“I don’t know you,” Zack shot back.

About the Author

Sai Fox was born and raised
in New York City, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that there’s an ever-present
coffee cup on her desk as she writes well into the night. A chronic insomniac, some of her
best ideas come to her right before heading off to bed.

Currently residing in Tokyo,
Sai finds most of her time spent writing, reading, and wandering the strange and
intoxicating streets that tell thousands of stories… with a cup of coffee. There is always a cup
of coffee.

Sai has been writing fiction
for well over a decade, enjoying the ability to push boundaries of society and sexuality
through her work.

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RELEASE BLITZ: “Taking A Chance” Amazon Fire HD 8″ Tablet + $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Included!


Book Title: Taking A Chance: Charity Anthology

Authors: D.G. Carothers,
Toshi Drake, C.W. Gray, K.L. Hiers, Gianni Holmes, G.R. Lyons, KC Luck, Claire Marta &
Abrianna Denae, Amanda Meuwissen, Shane K. Morton, Faith Ryan, Bretton Sans, JP Sayle,
Lynn Van Dorn, Shannon West, Toby Wise


Cover Artist: Samantha
Santana, Amai Designs

Release Date: April 23, 2021
(limited run – comes off sale July 22, 2021

Genre/s: Contemporary, Sci-Fi, MPreg, Action Adventure,

Trope/s: Enemies to lovers, star-crossed lovers, friends to lovers, Second

Themes: BDSM, Hurt/Comfort, Work Place, College, Age Gap, Size
Difference, Rom Com

Heat Rating: Varied from 0 to
5 flames

Length: about 800 pages

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Come take a chance with
us and help support the AIDs Healthcare Foundation in the process.



Seventeen authors were challenged to take a chance to
write something new and outside their normal box to help celebrate International Take A
Chance Day. These authors went above and beyond by writing sixteen stories that span the
gender and sexuality spectrum. They’ll make you laugh, cry, shout with joy as they take you
on a journey through their contemporary, paranormal, science fiction, and adventurous

Desert Knight by D.G. Carothers

Taking A Leap by Toshi

When Clyde Met Hay by

Playing for Keeps by K.L.

Alien Attraction by Gianni

In the Twilight Hours by KC

Evan’s Awakening by G.R.

Always and Only You by Claire
Marta and Abrianna Denae

Silhouette by Amanda

A Dark Half by Shane K.

Fated by Faith

The Sweetest Ache by
Bretton Sans

Love’s Heart Print by JP

Catch Me If You Can by Lynn
Van Dorn

Take a Chance on Me by
Shannon West

Taking The Leap by Toby


All proceeds will be
donated to the AIDs Healthcare Foundation. AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is a global
non-profit organization providing cutting-edge medicine and advocacy to over 1,000,000
people in 43 countries. They are currently the largest provider of HIV/AIDS medical care in
the U.S.

This anthology will only
be available for a limited time.



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RELEASE BLITZ: “Unshamedly Us” by Collette Davison. $40.00 Amazon Giftcard Giveaway Included!


Book Title: Unashamedly Us
(Offbeat Shifters Book 4)

Author: Colette

Publisher: Independently

Cover Artist: Colette

Release Date: April 13,

Genre/s: Paranormal M/M

Trope/s: Omegaverse,
shifters, age gap (19 years), mpreg, pop star, hurt/comfort, found family

Themes: Importance of
family, being true to yourself, standing up for yourself

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 77 000

Nott a sttandalone story. It is
the fourth book in a series, which should be read in order. At the very least, it should be
read after book 3, Unapologetically Me.

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Charlie taught me I
deserved to be loved. Will I be brave enough to claim him as mine?



Temporarily separated while Charlie is on tour, my love for
him grows. He is my future—or he will be, once we’ve made our relationship public.

Charlie has been patient—probably too patient—while I’ve
been struggling to get over my fear that history will repeat itself. An unforgiving media
destroyed my career, I don’t want the same thing to happen to the man I love.

Telling the world is one of many obstacles we have to
navigate. The only thing I’m sure of is that we’ll find our way together.

Unashamedly Us is the fourth book in Offbeat Shifters,
an m/m paranormal romance series with a continuing storyline. The series is best read in
order, however Charlie and Austin’s story begins in book 3, Unapologetically Me. This book
includes a monkey shifter who has to face his fears, an arctic fox shifter who will always
stand up for himself, extended families, steadfast friends, lots of children, and a HEA ending
for the main characters. There are pregnancy and birth scenes in this book.


“I’m feeling needy.” I walked up to him, pulling him close and kissing him while savouring his
touch and taste.

“Me too.” Charlie smiled and then leant against my body. He stroked my back and breathed
in deeply, his chest expanding against mine.

“What are you doing?”

“Memorising your scent.”

I kissed his hair and then inhaled so I could do the same. Charlie’s scent was very
distinctive—toffee apples and crisp autumn mornings. My heart squeezed tight at the
realisation that I wouldn’t get to hold, kiss, or be in the same room as Charlie for three

Staying behind and keeping our relationship secret, for now, was the right
decision. Charlie didn’t need any stress on top of the rigours of touring. It didn’t matter that
his schedule was more relaxed than most singers enjoyed; the demands of performing
two-hour sets were exhausting. Worrying about the media gossiping about us was the last
thing he needed. Or maybe it was the last thing I needed, and Charlie was an easy scapegoat
for my fear.

But the media and Charlie’s fans would gossip the moment they found out we were a
couple. I was nineteen years older than him, and we were both omegas.

Charlie slipped his hands underneath my shirt and started to walk me backwards, kissing

“This is nice,” I said during a brief break between kisses.

“I’m saying goodbye,” Charlie whispered as he tipped us both onto the sofa.

“Didn’t we do that this morning?”

“Uh-huh.” He pushed my shirt up and pressed kisses to my chest.

“And last night?”

“Yes, but I want to say it again.” He looked up at me. “I’m really gonna miss you.” He undid
my belt. “I need to feel your skin against mine one last time before I go.”





Secretly Mine
(Offbeat Shifters
Book 1)

Book 1 could be read as

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The first rule of being a bodyguard is never get involved

with your client. It should have been easy to follow, but Jesse Steele is a beautiful, kind
omega, who’s far more down to earth than a pop star has any right to be.

Someone discovering our tryst becomes the least of our
worries when it becomes clear Jesse has a stalker.

Can I love Jesse and protect him, or will my emotions cloud
my judgement and put him in danger?

Secretly Mine is an m/m paranormal romance with a
protective tiger shifter, a sweet monkey shifter, lots of cuddles, secret kisses, and piggy back
rides. Whilst it is set in an alternate universe where omegas give birth, there are no
pregnancy or birth scenes in this book.

Trigger warning for mentions of infertility.



Openly Yours (Offbeat
Shifters #2)

Book 2 is a direct follow-on
from book 1 and will not have the same impact without having read book 1.

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Now the tour is over, Isaac has to adapt to depending
financially on someone else for the first time.

When my world gets thrown into turmoil again, I need to
learn that relying emotionally on others isn’t a bad thing.

We have to face our biggest challenge together—creating a

different dream from the one we had envisioned.

Openly Yours is an m/m paranormal romance with a
loving tiger shifter, a sweet monkey shifter, enthusiastic family members, and lots of
cuddles. Whilst it is set in an alternate universe where omegas give birth, there are no
pregnancy or birth scenes in this book.

Trigger warning for scenes revolving around



Unapologetically Me
(Offbeat Shifters #3)

Book 3 could be read as a

but has spoilers for the other
two so is definitely better read as part of the series.

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Amazon US
| Amazon UK



Austin Steele is my idol. He’s also the guy I can’t get enough of.

Everyone thinks they know who I am—one of pop’s biggest divos. They don’t know me at
all. Austin Steele makes me want to see the real me, only there’s some problems:

We’re both omegas, he’s nineteen years my senior, he’s nursing old wounds, and he wants
to keep what’s happening between us a secret.

I thought a one-night stand was all I wanted. Now it’s becoming so much more. But how can
we look to the future when we can’t let go of our pasts?

Unapologetically Me is the third book in Offbeat Shifters, an m/m paranormal

romance series with a continuing storyline. This book includes a misunderstood and
unapologetic Arctic fox shifter, a caring capuchin monkey shifter, and a HFN ending. While
it’s set in an alternate universe where omegas give birth, there are no pregnancy or birth
scenes in this book.

About the Author

Colette’s personal love story began at university, where she
met her future husband. An evening of flirting, in the shadow of Lancaster castle, eventually
led to a fairytale wedding. She’s enjoying her own ‘happy ever after’ in the north of England
with her husband, two beautiful children and her writing.


Social Media Links

Blog/Website | Facebook Page | Facebook Group: Colette’s Cosy Corner

BookBub |
Twitter | Goodreads |
Instagram: @colettedavison

Mailing List | Newsletter Sign-Up



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RELEASE BLITZ: “Wishes for ROHI” by K.L. Hiers. $20.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Included!


Book Title: Wishes for Rohi

Author: K.L.


Cover Artist: Reese

Release Date: March 26,

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Trope/s: Arranged marriage, fish out of water, falling in love with the
wrong brother, magical mpreg

Themes: Love Overcomes All Things

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 53 000

It is a standalone

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Ashley Mostrich gets one heck of a birthday surprise when
the guy he brought home for the night turns out to be the twin brother of the prince he
didn’t know he was supposed to marry. Unbeknownst to Ashley, his grandpa made a deal
with a jinn and promised him off to the royal family before he was even born.

Zamir is the heir to the mystical kingdom of Palmyra and
promises he will love Ashley in time, while his younger brother, Zaire, is trying to get into
Ashley ‘s bed again. Ashley wants to be a faithful fiancé to Zamir, but he cannot deny the
powerful chemistry he feels with Zaire. Additional jealousy flares when Ashley discovers that
Zamir’s heart already belongs to another, but the pressure for the wedding is on because
the future of the Palmyran people hinges on a royal union magically producing an

Once Ashley realizes that Zaire’s feelings for him might be
more than physical, he finds himself falling in love with the wrong brother and risking the
fate of the entire kingdom. It’ll take a miracle—or one very powerful wish—for everyone to
have a happy ending.



“Why does everyone keep calling me ‘savior’?”

“You don’t know? About the prophecy?” Zaire questioned


Zaire made a sour face, mumbling a few soft curses before
clearing his throat. “My brother is truly an idiot. Come with me,” he said, taking Ashley’s
arm and guiding him back toward where the little girl was.

People were bringing her little trinkets and baubles,
receiving a slice of the cake from her in exchange. She had a crown of flowers in her hair,
well dressed, and seemed to be of some importance despite her youth.

Ashley watched for a few moments. “Who is that?”

“That is Lady Alana,” Zaire replied, waiting for the name to
settle in Ashley’s brain.

“Lady Alana. Wait, she’s the birthday girl?”

“Yes,” Zaire said, something sad in his voice. “Our people
are dying, Ashley. Slowly but surely, jinn are fading away. Every generation has gotten
smaller and smaller, and there hasn’t been a new jinn child born in over thirty

“Thirty years… Alana was the last one?”

“Yes. Even with all our proper breeding and perfect little
arranged marriages, every mating ritual since her birth has failed. But there’s a prophecy,
you see, that a royal wedding will bless the entire kingdom with an entire new generation of

“Wait a damn second, that little girl is freakin’

“Yes,” Zaire huffed impatiently. “We don’t age as humans
do. Now, do you understand why you are so important?”

“Everyone actually believes that me getting knocked up by
your brother or me knocking him up is the future of your entire race?”

“Mmm, pretty much. It’ll probably be you getting knocked
up, to be honest. But you know, no pressure!”

“Fuck,” Ashley mumbled, rubbing a hand over his face and
chugging his drink.

“My brother knows what’s at stake,” Zaire said gently, a
tone meant to be comforting. “He will make amends for his behavior, I know it.”

“Do you believe the prophecy?”

Zaire’s brows furrowed, and he glanced down at his mug as
he thought over the question. He took a small sip before he said, “I believe that other
people believe it’s true. I’ve never been much for fate or destiny. I much prefer the idea that
I’m in control of my own life.”

“You realize this makes what you did even more screwed


“If the prophecy is real, you risked the future of your race
just to piss off your brother.”

“First of all,” Zaire drawled, wagging his finger, “I never
planned for ‘what we did’ to go that far. I truly had no intentions of having sex with you. I
was expecting to find a blushing virgin, not an insatiable bedroom hellcat—”

“A bedroom what now?”

“And second of all,” Zaire went on with a smirk, “it was
quite impossible to think about the good of my people once I had tasted your gorgeous

“Zaire!” Ashley protested, whipping around to see if
anyone was listening. He stared back at Zaire, and he suddenly realized that although he
could hear his voice, his lips were not moving.

“When you were screaming my name, all I thought about
was wanting to hear that sweet sound as many times as I possibly could.”

Ashley gulped, blood creeping up into his cheeks as he
stammered, “That’s… that’s, uhm, that was very s-selfish of you.”

“I know,” Zaire said out loud with a smug little smile. “I’m a
very selfish person. At times, quite envious as well.”


“Seeing my brother get all the things I want for myself has
become a bit tiresome,” Zaire replied, his lips not moving again, and yet his voice was fully in
Ashley’s ear as he stepped into his space. “Not very fair at all.”

“How, how are you doing that?” Ashley hissed, instinctively
backing away.

“Doing what?”

“The talking without talking.”

“Magic,” replied Zaire’s voice in his ear.

“You’ve gotta stop saying those kinds of things,” Ashley
barked, cringing when he noticed his raised voice earned them several curious

“Hmm, I didn’t actually say a thing,” Zaire pointed out

“Fine! Stop not saying those things!”


About the Author

K.L. “Kat” Hiers is an
embalmer, restorative artist, and queer writer. Licensed in both funeral directing and funeral
service, she’s been working in the death industry for nearly a decade. Her first love was
always telling stories, and she has been writing for over twenty years, penning her very first

book at just eight years old. Publishers generally do not accept manuscripts in Hello Kitty
notebooks, however, but she never gave up.

Following the success of her
first novel, Cold Hard Cash, she now enjoys writing professionally, focusing on spinning tales
of sultry passion, exotic worlds, and emotional journeys. She loves attending horror movie
conventions and indulging in cosplay of her favorite characters. She lives in Zebulon, NC,
with her husband and their children, some of whom have paws and a few that only pretend
to because they think it’s cute.


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Book Title: The Offering Surrender

Author: Rosary Deville

Publisher: Self-published

Cover Artist: Zoe Perdita

Release Date: March 16, 2021

Genre/s: M/M dark erotica; taboo; mpreg; paranormal/urban romance; shifter fantasy; werewolves

Trope/s: alphas and betas; strong/unruly protagonist

Themes: dubious/non-consent; forced marriage; societal inequality; abuse; violence; dom/sub; BDSM

Heat Rating: 5 flames

Length: 98 000+ words/ 183 pages

It is not a standalone story. It requires Book 1, The Offering to be read first.

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Fern’s fate was never his to decide, and now Wereduin Society challenges him in the most brutal way possible.

The Offering is nearing the end, and Fern will become a mated beta. So far, he’s been unsuccessful at escaping his alpha, Donovan Blackfang. But in their world, where it’s dog eats dog, Don might be the key to Fern’s survival.
Read the conclusion of the Offering in the riveting second book of the Wolves of Wereduin series.

Hands grabbed my ankle, and I collapsed to the ground, barely time to catch myself on my forearms. How the hell had I missed that alpha lying near a quilt waiting for two challengers to end their fight? Upon seeing me, he must have decided that I was more desirable and snatched me instead. He made quick work of trying to get at my first claim mark. I growled at him before I went limp. Papa had taught me a trick that just might work with this alpha. He didn’t look too smart. He leered down at me like a hungry predator about to eat a willing meal. He leaned over me, whispering.
“You submit so beautifully. You’re such a beautiful beta.” The moment he was near, I shoved my fingers into his eyes. He yelped back, clutching his face. Quickly I rolled out from under him and darted to my feet, running with all I had.
Another alpha spotted me and came at me from the side. The previous alpha—now raving mad at what I had done to him—gained on me from behind. My quilt was located at the top of a cliff to the east. But I was getting closer.
I wanted to yell for help from Don. I mouthed the words, but my voice didn’t work.
Yet another alpha charged me. I saw a beta who had been pinned by him. Looking relieved, she dashed to her feet and made it back to her quilt. Her alpha gave her stone-cold eyes and turned away from her. While the alpha hadn’t thrown her beta out, it looked like she might. The beta got to her knees. Going over, she fell at her alpha’s feet, kissing them, rolling onto her belly. It nagged me that I might have to do that for Don as well. Either way, I had no time to watch the other beta and her alpha or think about the consequences that awaited me at my quilt.
A fourth alpha blocked my path. Shit. I was winded and tired. He jumped, tackling me to the ground. As he took me down, the other alpha jumped on him from behind. The one attacking from the side jumped in as well. I was smashed underneath them as they bit and clawed, trying to kill each other and get to me. I could barely breathe. I saw my quilt through an opening between their bodies.
Don was sniffing the other betas approvingly.
No! I wasn’t going to lose to any of them, and I certainly wasn’t going to let any of these assholes claim me. I decided to use their fighting to my benefit. Crawling through the moving tangle of bodies, arms, and legs, I squeezed my way out of the mass. I was a lot smaller than any of them, so I was able to fit. Had I been taller, it would have been impossible.
One of them realized what I was doing and grabbed my ankle, sinking his claws into my skin. Yelping, I kicked as hard as I could and freed myself. I got to my feet the quickest I ever had and raced up the side of the cliff. I saw my quilt only several meters away. I could make it.
Don glanced up from the beta he sniffed. The damned thing had the gall to roll around on my quilt. If the beta won their challenge and the alpha accepted them, the quilt now belonged to the new beta. Jealousy and something else flared up inside me. Rage. I wanted that beta gone—wanted all those betas off my quilt, but particularly that one, probably because of all of them, she had the most of Don’s attention.
I met Don’s gaze as one of the alphas chasing me grabbed my ankle, and I fell into the dirt. It hurt a lot, but I wasn’t about to stop. Head-banging him—and thanking every mosh pit I had ever been in—I crawled away from the alpha. On hands and knees, I made it to my quilt. A second alpha grabbed me the moment my fingers snagged the fabric. I didn’t let go.
“Get off! Don!” Would he leave me to be claimed by one of these savages? He had the right to. I had left him of my own free will. He was under no obligation to help me. But…he’d said he loved me?
The alpha punched my side, and I gasped, letting go of the quilt. I knew what he planned to do by instinct. Without thinking, I covered the back of my neck over the final claiming spot. Fangs tore into my fingers and the back of my hand, tearing flesh and muscles, and sinking into my bones. One of his fangs succeeded in going between my thumb and index finger, piercing my skin.
Agony tore through my body worse than any pain I had ever experienced. It hurt straight down to my soul. Was this the bond I had with Don being broken? I had heard it was the most painful thing a beta could experience, being claimed after they already had an alpha, even one who was still in the process of claiming them. Don and I had gotten further than I ever realized. I screamed as much as my trapped body allowed. Blood covered my hand. He bit, again and again, trying to pull my hand away.
“Don, please! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Please! I’m begging you!” Words spilled from my mouth. I had no power over them. My insides, my head, my heart, every pore on my body burned. I needed my alpha. This new challenger was succeeding in removing my death grip. Was this it? Did I finally push Don too far? Would I end up with a much worse fate? This terrible werewolf most likely lived on the streets. Maybe he would even turn me into a sex slave to earn some money. “Don…please…”

About the Author

Rosary is an author of erotica ranging from sweet and fluffy to dark and taboo. She aims to foster a sex-positive experience for readers to indulge their fantasies in a fun and safe space. Sometimes she uses her writing to journey into the often hidden and taboo depths of human sexuality. And hopes readers will take away from her stories, not an acceptance of violence and sexual abuse, but rather a way to embrace their inner desires often shamed by society.

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