RELEASE BLITZ: “My Name is Jimmy” by Garrick Jones.


Book Title: My Name is Jimmy

Author: Garrick

Publisher: MoshPit

Cover Artist: Garrick

Release Date: June 1,

Genres: LGBT mystery thriller,
LGBT crime fiction

Themes: Lies and deception,
murder mystery, finding Mr. Right, war and its aftermath

Length: 17 930 words/53

Heat Rating: 4

It is a standalone story and
does not end on a cliffhanger.


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In 1947, James “Jimmy” Bacon becomes involved in a
violent workplace altercation fuelled by a PTSD-induced rage. His boss, a fellow war-veteran,
tells him to take a few months off work, have a holiday, go somewhere warm, and get his
head together.

Jimmy decides to take a coastal steamer to the

northernmost outpost of Australia, Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, to visit the
grave of his oldest friend, Sandy, killed during the Japanese bombing of the city in 1942.
Upon arriving, he discovers that Sandy’s death is not as simple as military records seemed to
indicate. After learning that Sandy’s grave contains only an arm with no distinguishing
features, he starts asking questions around town in order to find out what really happened
to his mate.

The more he asks, the more he discovers that Darwin is less
about post-war reconstruction and more about drugs, gambling, and the excessive
consumption of alcohol. It’s a lawless city where 95% of the population is male and
prostitution is banned, creating a thriving underworld where rough frontier-town blokes and
men from the armed forces are doing more with each other than having a beer and passing
the time of day.

While digging deeper, Jimmy discovers a terrible truth,
arousing the interest of men who would do anything to keep the past a secret—men who
consider his life of little value. Jimmy is forced to rely on quick thinking and his army training
when death comes looking for him in the dead of night.


Tides in Darwin were monumental, sometimes more than
twenty feet rise and fall twice a day. The harbour was still dotted with wrecks, the
Indonesian bosun of the launch from the
Pamanoekan taking us to the makeshift
long jetty that jutted out into the sea from Mindil Beach happily pointed out the ships and
the numbers killed on each vessel. The American destroyer USS
Peary had the highest death toll:
over eighty-eight killed during the raid and only fifty-three survivors. I had no idea; we
hadn’t got that news, just that ships had been sunk and the town bombed twice. As we
negotiated towards the beach, I saw two officials waiting at the end of the jetty. There were
only six of us disembarking in Darwin, but there seemed to be a small crowd on the beach
itself—probably about twenty men in all. I couldn’t imagine they were a welcoming
committee; they were most likely blokes who’d decided to quit the town and sail on the
Pamanoekan to either Broome or Perth to start new lives.

“Take care, Mr. Bacon,” the bosun said to me. “Darwin’s a
hard drinking town, rough and violent. Too many blokes, barely any women. Watch yourself,
especially in the pubs, most men in this hole like to speak with their fists.”

“Sounds like what I’m used to, mate. Don’t worry about

“Got your military permit to go ashore?”

I patted the breast pocket of my jacket. Everyone had to
have a reason to go to Darwin; in 1947, you still couldn’t just turn up there out of the blue.
I’d applied for my permit with a covering letter from Sandy’s parents, asking me to take a
photo of his grave. Reluctantly, it had been granted after I’d showed my service record to the
dick at the permit office in Sydney. He was all of sixteen by the look of him. I’d slapped it on
the counter and growled. His eyes had bulged a little, but he’d stamped it and called out
“next!” over my shoulder.

I had six weeks in Darwin to get warm, find what I was
looking for, and shake off some of my demons. The first two I was sure I could do; the last
remained to be seen.

“Taxi, sir?” a thick-set man asked as I stepped onto the
beach after being processed.

“Nah, I’ll walk,” I replied.

“Where you going?”

“Stokes Hill.”

“In this heat?” he asked with a smile, showing a mouth full
of gold teeth. “That’s nearly an hour on foot, mate. Do yourself a favour and get in my

“Call this hot? I served in Ceylon, India, and Malaya, and
finished my war in Burma and Siam, my friend. An hour stroll in the sun will do me

“Suit yourself,” he said. When I asked which way I should
go, he pointed in the direction of Stokes Hill then turned his back on me to ask a man and his
who were standing not far away, looking
stunned at their surroundings, whether they needed a taxi. Two years after the war, there
were still bomb craters and uncleared tangles of broken palms on either side of the road
that led to the jetty.

I walked down the beach for a bit then changed into my
shorts and a singlet, threw my army duffel bag over my shoulder, and lit a fag. “Hello,
Darwin,” I said to nowhere in particular.

I could have sworn it told me to fuck off and go back

About the Author

After a thirty year career as a
professional opera singer, performing as a soloist in opera houses and in concert halls all
over the world, I took up a position as lecturer in music in Australia in 1999, at the Central
Queensland Conservatorium of Music, which is now part of CQUniversity.

Brought up in Australia, between the bush and the
beaches of the Eastern suburbs, I retired in 2015 and now live in the tropics, writing,
gardening, and finally finding time to enjoy life and to re-establish a connection with who I
am after a very busy career on the stage and as an academic.

I write mostly historical gay fiction. The stories are
always about relationships and the inner workings of men; sometimes my fellas get down to
the nitty-gritty, sometimes it’s up to you, the reader, to fill in the blanks.

Every book is story driven; spies, detectives,
murders, epic dramas, there’s something for everyone. I also love to write about my country
and the things that make us Aussies and our history different from the rest of the

I’m research driven. I always try to do my best to
give the reader a sense of what life was like for my main characters in the world they live

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RELEASE BLITZ: “Dysfunctional” by Isabel Lucero. $20.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Included!


Book Title: Dysfunctional

Author and Publisher: Isabel

Cover Artist: Robin Harper
from Wicked by Designs

Release Date: May 25,

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: Stalker, serial killer romance

Themes: Dark romance

Heat Rating: 4

Length: 67 666 words/190

It is a standalone story and
oes not end on a cliffhanger.


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Available in Kindle Unlimited

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Ezra Hamilton hasn’t felt the warm spurt of blood flow
through his fingers or the indescribable feeling of pushing a knife deep into someone’s flesh
in a long time. Too long.

He’s been watching a man stalk women, curious as
to what he’s doing with them. Ezra’s never encountered someone with similar dark
tendencies before, and what starts off as genuine curiosity turns into much more when
Kaspian turns the tables on him.

As their chemistry builds, so does the mistrust.
They both know they can’t trust a killer, but their inner demons call to each other

When Kaspian’s impulsivity threatens to ruin Ezra’s
freedom, he knows he has to stop him. Kas appears to be fixated on Willow—a woman Ezra
works with. In an effort to not have to worry about her disappearance bringing heat on him,
he tracks Kaspian as Kaspian follows Willow into a cabin in the mountains.

There, in the middle of a blizzard, secrets will be
revealed and revelations made, but the chances of everybody making it out alive are


“Are you planning on killing me? Or is that just reserved for

I grin and take a sip. “I don’t plan these things. Not

“So, then maybe I should take care of you right now. I could
live in peace without the worry that you’ll run your mouth or decide to try to kill me one

“I wouldn’t kill you, Ezra.”

“You couldn’t kill me, Kaspian.”

I bite my bottom lip before a smile takes over. “Don’t
underestimate me.”

“Don’t play with me.”

“Like this?” I say, chancing a step in his direction as I slide
my fingers into his waistband again.

His hand is around my throat in an instant. “If you even
think about saying anything to anyone, I will end you before you even realize I’m a

“You’re always a threat.”

“Don’t forget it.” He eases his grip but keeps his hand in
place. It’s probably because he just likes touching me, but I don’t mind it.

“We could work together.”

“What we do is different, and I don’t work well with

My fingers unsnap the button before dragging his zipper
down. “We’re similar, you and I. It could be fun.”

“I don’t have a reason to anymore.” He struggles to get the
sentence out, long pauses between the words.

“Oh, you don’t think I believe that, do you? Maybe you had
a reason to kill the first two, but what about the others? Was there a reason? Or did you
simply have a need? An urge?”

I start to tug his pants and underwear down, and he keeps
watching me.

“I told you. I don’t want to have to worry about moving
again. I’m fine with the way things are now.”

“Are you?” I question. “Really?”

He ignores me, because he knows his answer would be a
lie. “Now that you’ve gotten my attention, what’re you planning on doing next? Find more
girls to follow?”

My fingers wrap around his shaft. “Would that make you

He moans as I drag my fist down to his crown. “No. There’s
nothing between us.”

My nostrils flare when I look at him. “I wouldn’t say

His hand moves from my throat to my hair, yanking on the
strands until my head is as far back as it can go. “You want me now, huh? That’s what this is?
You’ve used the girls, you’ve killed them, and it’s my turn, right? You want me to take care of
you? I’m supposed to fawn over you, care where you are and who you’re with? You want me
to be the daddy you likely didn’t have? Is that it?”

I suck in deep breath through my nostrils, rage running
through my veins as I clench my jaw. “Don’t. Do not mention him.”

His lips curl up into a snarl. Hardly a smile, but he’s amused.
“Ah, I’m starting to understand. Daddy didn’t give you what you needed.”

“Shut up,” I say, releasing my grip on his cock and trying to
push away.

He tightens his hold on my hair assuring I can’t go
anywhere. He’s got maybe fifteen pounds on me, and it’s all muscle.

“Daddy didn’t give you any attention, did he? He didn’t care
about you. Wasn’t there for you. Maybe he didn’t love you. Daddy ignored you, didn’t he?”
His tone is nothing but mocking hostility.

“Stop it. You don’t know what you’re saying.”

His arm wraps around my back to keep me from fighting
out of his grip, pinning my arms down in the process. He smashes me into him, his
expression wicked. This isn’t Ezra. It’s Quintin.

“That’s why you need a man to obsess over you. You want
that father figure, right? I’m guessing dear old Dad didn’t discipline you either. You seek it
out in men. That’s why you like them dominant.”

“You couldn’t be dominant if you tried,” I sneer. “Mr. I-have-
to-have-reasons. There’s no fucking moral code to killing. You don’t get to make up an
excuse to justify why you did it. You did it because you fucking wanted to. If you can’t admit
that, then—”

I’m spinning. He doesn’t let me finish my rant, because he
releases his hold on me just to swirl me around and bend me over the kitchen counter. His
cock presses into my ass while his hand comes down on the side of my head, pressing my
cheek to the cold granite.

“Shut the fuck up.” His voice is like gravel—rough, and it
sends a thrill up my spine. “You like commanding men? Then do what the fuck I say and stay

He walks around me, his hand moving to my back while he
uses his other one to open up drawers.

“What are you looking for?”

“Shut up.”

“A knife? You gonna kill me?”

A drawer slams shut, and when he has to lean over to open
the next one, his hand on my back lifts slightly, so I take the opportunity and run.

About the Author

Isabel Lucero is a bestselling
author, finding joy in giving readers books for every mood.

Though born in a small town
in New Mexico, Isabel currently lives in Delaware with her family. When not completely lost
in the world of her next WIP, she can be found reading, or in the nearest Target buying
things she doesn’t need.

Isabel loves connecting with
her readers and fans of books in general. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
and TikTok

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RELEASE BLITZ: “The Devil You Know” by S.J. Coles. Rafflecopter Giveaway Included!


Book Title: The Devil
You Know

Author: S. J.

Publisher: Pride

Release Date: May 24, 2022

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance, Mystery, Courtroom

Tropes: Forbidden Love, Second Chance, Reformed Bully, Billionaire

Themes: Forgiveness, Journey of Discovery, Healing

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 98 131 words/ 402

It is a standalone story and
oes not end on a cliffhanger.


Buy Links


Amazon US | Amazon UK

The law is about how you choose to represent the truth.
Love is no different.


Hilary Whyte believes that he has left his teenage troubles—and the person who embodied
them—in the past. He has spent a decade building his career as a defense solicitor, believing
that despite his troubled past, even the worst human beings deserve justice.

Now he has a promotion on the horizon as well as a fairytale wedding to his film star fiancé.
On paper, life couldn’t be better.

But now he is being made to represent Dom Gosford, the boy who made his adolescence a
living hell, on a double murder charge, and Hilary can’t be sure he is innocent. As the trial
approaches, the two men are forced to travel a road of discovery, only to find that the truth
of their connection goes much deeper than the question of who killed Lizzie and Dean

Reader advisory: This book contains a graphic
description of murder and references to suicide, pedophilia, blackmail, pre-marital infidelity,
and child pornography


Dominic finally turned around. Hilary had told himself many
times in the last few weeks that he’d forgotten what this man looked like—that he’d
successfully wiped the image from his mind, along with the sound of his voice. But as he
took in the eyes, blacker than midnight, the hard, almost cruel set to a jaw that would
otherwise be considered handsome, it was like Hilary was again sprawled on the PE
changing room floor, that same face hanging over his, bloodied lips twisted and mocking, his
fist raised for another blow.

“So, it really is you.” Dominic didn’t speak loudly, but it was
like a stone had dropped into the silence of the room. “I could have laid a considerable
amount of money on never seeing you again.”

“Well, I guess we would have both lost that wager. Shall
we?” Hilary said, indicating the sofas and coffee.

“I’m good,” Dominic said, lifting his glass. “You help

Hilary sat, ignoring the coffee, even though his veins were
clamoring for caffeine. Fear that the coffee pot would shake in his grip was too real. Instead,
he opened his briefcase and began laying the paperwork out on the narrow glass table. “It
probably would have been better to meet at the office for this—”

“Too many flapping ears,” Dominic said. “My mother-in-law
has some trust issues, to say the least.”

“We can manage here if you’re more comfortable. But just
so you know,” he said, pulling a device out of his case and laying it on the coffee table, “I’ll
be recording every session.”

“Still have trust issues of your own, I see.”

“So,” Hilary said, switching the recorder on, not meeting
Dominic’s eye, “I’m up to speed on all the known facts of this case. This meeting is for me to
get to know your side of the story in more detail and to help you prepare for what happens

Dominic gazed at him thoughtfully. “I’ve been trying to
remember… What was it we called you? In school?”

“That isn’t—”

“Lilywhite. That was it, wasn’t it?”

Hilary took a moment to steady his voice. “Let’s get one
thing straight right from the start, Mr. Hart-Gosford,” he said levelly. “Our personal
connection is one of the reasons why Walter Gunnerson wanted me to represent you. But all
he knows is that we both attended St. Edmund’s.”

Dominic lifted his fine, black eyebrows. “If the good Mr.
Gunnerson knew the truth, he might wonder why you agreed to take this case at all…as I

Hilary looked him in the eye. “I’m capable of not allowing
the past to affect my judgment. But if you insist on bringing it up, it will become a problem.

He sipped his drink. “I understand.”

About the Author

S.J. Coles is a Romance writer originally from Shropshire, UK.
She has been writing stories for as long as she has been able to read them. Her biggest
passion is exploring narratives through character relationships.

She finds writing
LGBT/paranormal romance provides many unique and fulfilling opportunities to explore
many (often neglected or under-represented) aspects of human experience, expectation,
emotion and sexuality.

Among her biggest influences
are LGBT Romance authors K J Charles and Josh Lanyon and Vampire Chronicles author Anne

Author Links

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BLOG TOUR: “No Surrender” by Morgan Brice. $10.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Included!


Book Title: No Surrender: Badlands Book 5 – An MM Psychic Detective
Romance Adventure

Author: Morgan

Publisher: Darkwind

Cover Artist: Natania

Release Date: April 22,

Genres: Urban fantasy MM paranormal romance, psychic

Tropes: Hurt/comfort, established relationship, evolving relationship,
learning to trust, grumpy-sunshine, cold case, ghosts helping/interfering, lots of magic,
wedding planning

Themes: Found family, loyalty, not keeping secrets, dealing with
unresolved issues, putting the past to rest

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 224

It is a standalone book in the
Badlands series and
does not end on a


Buy Links

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Kobo | Nook

Cold cases, hot leads, a
psychic psychopath, a copycat killer, cursed objects, the trial of the century–and wedding


Psychic medium Simon Kincaide and sexy homicide
detective Vic D’Amato met hunting a supernatural serial killer. Since then, Simon has
become a police consultant on cases involving the paranormal, and Vic has gotten over his
doubts about Simon’s abilities being real. Along the way, they fell in love and got engaged.
But it seems like the danger never ends.

Now, the first case Simon and Vic worked together comes
back to haunt them as the killer goes to court and all hell breaks loose. The killer has a crazy
fan setting curses on key players in the upcoming trial. Ghosts from an old cold case suggest
that someone got away with murder. And a supernatural creature attracted to fear and
death is using the Grand Strand as its feeding ground. Simon and Vic feel like they’re waging
a war on all fronts, but with the stakes so high, there can be No Surrender!

No Surrender is a fast-paced thrill ride MM paranormal
romance packed with supernatural suspense, haunted tourist attractions, monsters, visions,
hot sex, hurt/comfort, loyal friends, wedding planning, found family, ghosts galore, dark
magic, and an evolving, established romantic relationship with all the feels.

No Surrender is Book 5 in the Badlands series but can
be read as a standalone.


“Since when do serial killers get fan mail?” Homicide detective Vic D’Amato fumed. “How
fucked up is that?”
“They don’t just get fan letters; they get marriage proposals,” his

partner Ross Hamilton replied, shaking his head in disbelief. “I don’t get it, but that doesn’t
stop it from being true.”

Vic took a slug of coffee from his stained mug and barely kept from grimacing at the bitter
taste. Hospitals and police precincts always made the worst java. “I guess it’s like the people
who follow all the true-crime podcasts. We get paid to be hip-deep in the worst humanity
has to offer, but doing it for fun? People are weird.”

“You’ve been a cop for how long, and you’re just figuring that out now?” Ross teased.

Vic shrugged. “Every time I think that I’ve lowered my expectations too far, reality
says—‘Here, hold my beer.’”

“Yeah, well. I’m right there with you on this one.” Ross chuck‐ led. “Have you heard whether
you and Simon will have to testify at the trial?”

“Pretty certain. Of all the charges, Fischer shooting Simon is the most ironclad, with plenty
of witnesses,” Vic replied. “I’m not in any hurry to be part of the media circus, but I don’t see
a way to avoid it.”

“Lucky you—the Slitter trial is shaping up to be the biggest deal Myrtle Beach has had in a
long time.”

Vic grew up in a family of cops back in Pittsburgh. For generations, D’Amatos had been proud
to serve. His father, brothers, and other relatives were still on the force up north while his
sister was studying criminology. But an encounter with something supernat‐ ural Vic couldn’t
explain had made him unwelcome with the Pitts‐ burgh police. Vic had relocated, started
over in Myrtle Beach—and met the love of his life.

“I don’t want to put Simon through what happened the last time,” Vic confided.

“Not sure you’re going to have much choice about it.” Ross finished his coffee and set the
cup aside. “The closer we get to the trial date, the more reporters will be angling for a
scoop. I’m surprised there haven’t been some camped out in front of the store already.”

“I suspect Simon boosted the wardings against nuisance as well as malice. I tried talking him
into going down to Charleston to spend some time with his cousin, but he flat-out refused to
leave me here alone during the run-up to the trial.”

“Alone—with me and the captain and the rest of the depart‐ ment, plus a squad of lawyers
and witnesses?” Ross joked.

“And not one of you with any magic, in a trial where the killer used spells to help him get
away with murder,” Vic answered. “Simon doesn’t want to be in the spotlight—or the
crosshairs—but if it comes to that, I don’t doubt he and his friends will come up with ways to
protect us.”

Simon Kincaide, Vic’s fiancé, ran Grand Strand Ghost Tours. The boardwalk shop also offered
psychic readings and séances, showcasing Simon’s abilities as a psychic medium as well as
his knowledge of the spooky side of local history and his background as a former folklore
and mythology professor.

When an impasse in the hunt for the Strand Slitter brought the investigation to a standstill
more than a year ago, Vic tamped down on his deep skepticism about the paranormal and
asked for Simon’s help as a psychic. Their first encounters with each other were prickly, and
Vic accepted much of the blame for that since he had doubted Simon’s abilities and hated
needing his help.

Simon turned out to be the real deal, and his visions plus the ability to communicate with
the ghosts of the Slitter’s victims cracked the case—nearly costing Simon his life. In the year
since then, Simon became an official police consultant, working cases with Vic and Ross
when a supernatural connection seemed likely. Vic and Simon fell in love and now had a
wedding to plan.

About the Author

Morgan Brice is the romance
pen name of bestselling author Gail Z. Martin. Morgan writes urban fantasy male/male
paranormal romance, with plenty of action, adventure and supernatural thrills to go with the
happily ever after. Gail writes epic fantasy and urban fantasy, and together with co-author
hubby Larry N. Martin, steampunk and comedic horror, all of which have less romance, more
explosions. Characters from her Gail books make frequent appearances in secondary roles in
her Morgan books, and vice versa.

On the rare occasions Morgan
isn’t writing, she’s either reading, cooking, or spoiling two very pampered dogs.

Series include
Witchbane, Badlands, Treasure Trail, Kings of the Mountain and Fox Hollow. Watch for more
in these series, plus new series coming soon!

Author Links

Website |
Audible Profile | Amazon profile

Facebook Group | Facebook Page

Pinterest (for Morgan and Gail) | Twitter



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BOOK BLAST: “The House with a Thousand Stairs” by Garrick Jones


Book Title: The House with a Thousand Stairs

Author: Garrick

Publisher: MoshPit

Cover Artist: Garrick

Release Date: March 18,

Genre: Historical gay

Tropes: Rekindling past
friendships; the connection of spirits.

Themes: Cross-cultural
relationships; connection through the love of the land; rebuilding lives after conflict;
Indigenous beliefs and spirituality; farmer and policeman; Australian Outback.

Heat Rating: 2 – 3 flames

Length: 353

It is a standalone story and
oes not end on a cliffhanger.


Buy Links

Amazon AU | Amazon
| Amazon UK | Smashwords



In Gamilaraay, the language of the
Kamilaroi peoples of north-western New South Wales, it’s the word for The Milky Way. It’s
also the name of Peter Dixon’s homestead and sheep station, situated in the lee of the
Liverpool Ranges.

In 1947, Peter returns from war, his parents and
younger brother dead, the property de-stocked and his older brother, Ron, having emptied
out the family bank account and nowhere to be found.

The House With a Thousand Stairs is the story of a
young man, scarred both on the inside and the outside, trying to re-establish what once was
a prosperous and thriving sheep station with the help of his neighbours and his childhood
friend, Frank Hunter, the local Indigenous policeman.

Enveloped by the world of Indigenous spirituality,
the Kamilaroi system of animal guides and totems, Peter and Frank discover the true nature
of their predestined friendship, one defined by the stars, the ancestral spirits, and Baiame,
the Creator God and Sky Father of The Dreaming.

Maliyan bandaarr, maliyan biliirr.


Two days later, Richard Williams, Sparrow’s nephew, turned

Peter was standing in the old kitchen when he heard the car
horn. He’d been shaving off his patchy beard and still had soap on half his face, so yelled up
the side passage, “Out here!” He couldn’t be bothered shaving since he’d come back home
and had let his beard grow for a few days. It grew thicker along his chin line than on his
cheeks, and had got to the length where it looked untidy and scraggly … and it itched like a

“Jesus, look at you,” he said as Richard poked his head in the
door. “You grew.”

“So did you.”

The first thing Peter noticed in his shaving mirror was how his
boyhood friend had filled out. Dressed in a singlet under a pale blue shirt, opened to the
third button from the neck, and overalls rolled down to the waist, Richard leaned against the
doorframe, idly inspecting Peter’s back.

“Few war wounds, Pete.”

“You bring any back?”

“Only on my dick. Teeth marks mainly.”

Peter laughed, holding the razor away from his face so he
didn’t cut himself.

“I bet if I had a good look I’d find teeth marks in other places,

“No one calls me Dick anymore, except my uncle, Pete.”

“You’ll always be Dick to me,” Peter replied with a wink.

His friend laughed. They stared at each other in the mirror
longer than men who hadn’t been close as teenagers might have done.

“Mechanic, eh?” Peter said, rinsing off his face and wiping his
razor on a towel. He still used a straight edge.

“Here,” Richard said, “turn around, you’ve missed a bit.”

He took the razor and then scraped under Peter’s chin, nudging
it upwards first with the back of his fist.

“I’ve missed more than a bit,” Peter said, pushing forward
gently so their hips bumped against each other.

“I don’t do that anymore,” Richard replied with a smile.

“Yeah, neither do I.”

They both laughed.

There’d been a small group of boys, on the cusp of becoming
men, who’d been close. They’d “mucked about together”, as it was called back then. They’d
laughed and joked about it, compared sizes, talked about the girls they said they’d rooted,
when every one of them knew each of them had lied. But then there’d been those times
when a few of them would slip off somewhere together without the others, or meet up by
chance with ants in their pants and find somewhere quiet.

Peter had been popular—the others had sought him out. He
was happy to do the thing the others were leery of, or felt was somehow not manly. None of
them blabbed about his ability to roll onto his tummy or lift a knee against a tree to let them
have a go. He didn’t care what anyone thought. It didn’t make him feel any less of a bloke for
it—he simply liked the feeling. His availability had always come at a cost, though. He’d
invariably asked, “A ride there for a ride back?” And they’d always nodded dumbly, their
knees trembling, knowing the reciprocal ride back was as rare as hens’ teeth. Dick Williams
had been one of the few of his mates who had been happy to allow Peter to climb on after
he’d had a turn, or to get on his knees and give him a gobbie afterwards to bring him

“Christ you’ve got some muscles on you, Pete Dixon.”

“Comes from doing push-ups with blokes on my back who say
‘I don’t do that anymore’.”

Richard snorted softly. “Guess that’s something you didn’t give
up in the army?”

“I’ll bet you a fiver you didn’t either.”

Richard didn’t reply, he merely shrugged and looked over his
shoulder out of the doorway. It’s what nervous blokes did, Peter thought. What have
you got to be nervous about, Richard Williams?
Those were his thoughts, but
something below his belt had answered his question.

“So, we gonna go have a squiz at your truck?” Richard asked,
offering his packet of tailor-mades.

“In a minute,” Peter said, shaking his head at the offer of a
Chesterfield and then taking his makings pouch from the pocket of his shirt, which had been
draped over the back of a chair.

“What you waiting for?”

“You to take your clobber off and get in there,” Peter said,
tossing his head in the direction of the room in which he’d been sleeping for the past three

“I dunno, Pete … it’s been a long while, and as I said, I

“Get in there, Williams,” Peter said with a growl as he lit his
cigarette. “The squiz at the truck can wait a bit, there’s something in your pants I want a
gander at first.”

He watched for a few seconds while Richard fumbled with his
shirt; his hands were trembling. There’d always been a lot of chemistry between them. It
was something he’d almost tasted the moment Richard had poked his head around the

“Let me unbutton your shirt,” Peter said gently, passing him his
lit cigarette.

“Unless they had different names for them in the part of the
army you served in, Pete, that’s not my shirt,” Richard said with a laugh.

“Buttons, buttons, shirt or pants, they all have to be undone,
sooner or later.”

About the Author

After a thirty year career as a
professional opera singer, performing as a soloist in opera houses and in concert halls all
over the world, I took up a position as lecturer in music in Australia in 1999, at the Central
Queensland Conservatorium of Music, which is now part of CQUniversity.

Brought up in Australia, between the bush and the
beaches of the Eastern suburbs, I retired in 2015 and now live in the tropics, writing,
gardening, and finally finding time to enjoy life and to re-establish a connection with who I
am after a very busy career on the stage and as an academic.

I write mostly historical gay fiction. The stories are
always about relationships and the inner workings of men; sometimes my fellas get down to
the nitty-gritty, sometimes it’s up to you, the reader, to fill in the blanks.

Every book is story driven; spies, detectives,
murders, epic dramas, there’s something for everyone. I also love to write about my country
and the things that make us Aussies and our history different from the rest of the

I’m research driven. I always try to do my best to
give the reader a sense of what life was like for my main characters in the world they live

Social Media Links

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RELEASE BLITZ: “The Fractured Fallen” by Jessamyn Kingley


Book Title: The Fractured Fallen (D’Vaire, Book 29)

Author and Publisher:
Jessamyn Kingley

Cover Artist: LJ Anderson,
Mayhem Cover Creations

Release Date: May 19,

Genres: M/M Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Tropes: Fated mates

Themes: Love, second chances, overcoming obstacles

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 89 083

It is not a standalone story,
but d
oes not end on a cliffhanger.

Goodreads Series Link

Buy Links – Available in Kindle

Amazon US | Amazon UK

For any chance at love,
they must first be willing to trust.


A proud fallen knight, Gentry Patterson likes to take people
under his wing. Gifted with an easygoing nature, he makes friends effortlessly and, thanks to
his love of cooking, often invites his inner circle over for meals. Gentry’s favorite week of the
year is the annual retreat for his race, where he’s reunited with the many friends and

colleagues he’s met through the years. The only thing that would enrich his existence is his
mate, but he has yet to meet him.

Newly resurrected Tobias Kinsler wants to put his training
behind him and make his superiors proud. However, Tobias is struggling. He keeps it to
himself because he lacks people he’s willing to trust. With a mere few months of life under
his belt, Tobias attends the fallen knights’ annual retreat and discovers his other half.

The two men have a sizzling connection from the start and
waste no time binding their souls. Unfortunately, they will soon learn that secrets lurk
beneath their growing friendship, and those secrets fracture the tenuous bond between
them. As they chart an uncertain future, Gentry and Tobias must decide if they’re still willing
to honor Fate.


Gentry relished the last bite of his dessert and grinned at
Toby. “Did you want to dance?”

The room had filled with soft music, which was perfect to
sway to. Many couples were already near the stage, moving to the melody.

“I don’t know how.”

“I can teach you. We don’t have to do anything crazy,”
Gentry assured him.

Toby’s nerves and his lack of guile when it came to
admitting everything he had no clue how to do endeared the fallen knight to Gentry.

“Slow dancing isn’t too difficult,” Gentry said.

“This will sound crazy, but I’m not the best at physical

“Oh, come on, only Juris Knights suck at physical stuff,”
Gentry said with a laugh.

Toby leaned toward Gentry so no one would overhear him.
“The Juris Knight at our table doesn’t seem to agree.”

“He’s frowning, but it’s true. I’m a fallen knight, I can’t

“I can’t tell if you’re lying.”

“Yeah, I think Fate did that on purpose. It’s so I can lie to
you if you have on a truly horrible outfit. I’ll assure you it’s wonderful.”

“Please tell me if I’m wearing something horrible.”

“If you insist,” Gentry said. “You sure you don’t want to

“I’ll try, but I make no promises that we won’t embarrass
ourselves and the entire Order of the Fallen Knights.”

“Not being perfect at something doesn’t mean we’re letting
down our entire race,” Gentry said as he stood. Once again, Gentry held out a hand to Toby,
who didn’t hesitate to take it after he rose. Gentry weaved between the tables with Toby in
tow until he reached the cleared area that served as the dance floor.

“Okay, what do I do?” Toby asked when they

Gentry turned to face Toby and put an arm around him. It
brought them closer, and Gentry sternly warned his dick to behave. Without the need to be
told, Toby mirrored his actions. Since they hadn’t let go of each other, Gentry raised his
other arm so they were in the proper position to dance.

“Just move your feet from side to side. We don’t have to do
anything fancy. Follow my lead.”

“I can do that.”

Within a minute or two they synced their footsteps and
were moving slowly to the lovely music piping through the speakers.

“I told you it was easy,” Gentry said.

“I like being close to you.”

“We’re killing this mate thing so far.”

“You’re the first person who doesn’t make me nervous to
be around them,” Toby confided.

There was such earnestness in his pretty eyes that Gentry
unconsciously came to a stop.

“Are you okay?” Toby asked.

“I’d like to kiss you.”

Without a word, Toby raised up onto his toes, and Gentry
wasn’t stupid enough to deny the invitation. Their lips met with exquisite tenderness. It was
a moment frozen in time, and Gentry vowed to remember it for eternity. When Toby tilted
his head, Gentry didn’t bother to resist darting his tongue out to deepen their caress.

Toby moaned softly as they explored each other. While
couples milled around them, Gentry lost all awareness of the outside world. He was steeped
in Toby. They broke apart slowly, and Gentry stared into Toby’s stunned gaze.

“I’m glad I waited for you to be my first kiss,” Toby

Gentry smiled at him. “I’m glad you did too.”

About the Author

Jessamyn Kingley lives in
Nevada where she begs the men in her head to tell her their amazing stories which she
dutifully writes it all down in what has become a small mountain of notebooks. She falls in
love with each couple and swears whatever book she wrote last is her absolute

Jessamyn is married and
working toward remembering to start the dishwasher without being distracted by the scent
of the magical detergent. For personal enjoyment, she aids in cat rescue while slashing and
gashing her way through mobs in various MMORPGs. Caffeine is her very best friend and is
only cast aside briefly for the sin better known as BBQ potato chips.

Visit her website

Join her Facebook group, Jessamyn’s Ruffian’s

Social Media Links

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RELEASE BLITZ: “Collar Me” by Colette Davison. $10.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Included!


Book Title: Collar Me (My Kinky Housemate Book Three)

Author and Publisher: Colette

Cover Artist: Covers by

Release Date: May 17,

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: Puppy play, friends to lovers, small amount of

Heat Rating: 4

Length: 72 000

It can be read as a standalone
but is better read as part of the series.

The book does not end on a cliffhanger.


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

| Amazon US | Amazon UK

Will losing my trainer lead
me to what my heart desires—a collar and Preston?


I’ve found the perfect place to live in London thanks to the
My Kinky Housemate app. It’s close to work and my housemates don’t mind me de-stressing
from my job as a nurse by being a playful puppy. Life is good until my puppy trainer finds a
girlfriend leaving me high and dry.

A flippant comment leads to an offer from Preston, the
housemate I’ve got a mile high crush on. I thought my attraction wasn’t mutual until he
proves me wrong while being my temporary trainer for a puppy show.

Preston has never been into pet play before, but it seems
he’ll make an exception for me. As our relationship flourishes and strengthens with him as
my new trainer, someone in the puppy community sets out to destroy my

Can Preston help me resolve the situation before I get
driven out of the community that brings me joy?

Collar Me is an
MM puppy play romance with housemates that become lovers, handcuffs, a fantasy toy, a
jealous puppy and lots and lots of snuggles. It’s the third book in the
My Kinky Housemate Series and, while it can be enjoyed as a standalone, it’s better to read it after
Sugar Bunny and Plaything.


Realising our first training session will be more about me
training Preston than the other way around, I decide not to put on my puppy gear. Instead, I
go downstairs in my pyjama bottoms, with my house ears and kneepads on.

It’s a weird time of day. If I’m on a day shift, I’d have been up
and out of the house before anyone else is awake. I’m usually fast asleep if I’m on a night
shift or on my days off. I’ve never been awake and in the house at seven in the morning.
Beau and Fraser are in the kitchen, talking and laughing as they eat breakfast together. After
waving good morning to them, I go to the sitting room.

Preston is waiting for me. He’s dressed for work in smart black
trousers, a pale blue shirt, and a navy tie with white polka dots. I pause for a second or two
to appreciate how handsome he looks.

“Morning,” he says. “I did some reading online last night, but
I’m still not sure what I’m doing. Go easy on me, okay?”

I grin. “I figured. That’s why I’m not planning on going into
puppy space.”

“You’re not?”

“Nope. We can talk through some basics, maybe practice doing
a couple of simple commands. How does that sound?”

“Great.” He clears his throat and reaches for a bag.
“Apparently, a trainer is allowed to give their puppy a collar.”

I tilt my head and let out a confused ‘ruff’.

Preston opens the bag and takes out a purple nylon collar. “I
hope it fits.”

“When did you…?” I shake my head.

“Does the headshake mean you won’t wear it?” Preston looks
visibly disappointed. “I’m sorry. I thought—”

I wave my hands to stop him from talking. “No, no, no. I’m
confused, that’s all. When did you get that?”

“Does it matter?”

I press my hand to my stomach, which is fluttering ridiculously.
“Yes,” I whisper. “It does.”

About the Author

Colette’s personal love story began at university, where she
met her future husband. An evening of flirting, in the shadow of Lancaster castle, eventually
led to a fairytale wedding. She’s enjoying her own ‘happy ever after’ in the north of England
with her husband, two beautiful children and her writing.

Social Media Links

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Cosy Corner

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a $10 Amazon Gift Card

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AUDIOBOOK TOUR: “Stanley’s Christmas Redemption” by Gabbi Grey


Book Title: Stanley’s Christmas Redemption

Author and Publisher: Gabbi

Narrator: Michael

Release Date: May 2,

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: Single father

Themes: Redemption, Christmas

Heat Rating: 4

Length: 9 hours and 39

It is a standalone story and
oes not end on a cliffhanger.


Buy Links – Also available in Kindle Unlimited

Audible US | Audible UK

Amazon US | Amazon UK



I have life figured out—a good job, a nice car, and
an ex-boyfriend whose heart I broke. But then my half-brother dies unexpectedly, and I go
back to our hometown to settle his affairs. A quick trip before Christmas. Instead, I get the
shock of my life. Do I face this new challenge or do what I’ve always done—run? Or will I stay
and get to know the most amazing man I’ve ever met and take on a responsibility I’ve never
dreamed of facing? This will be a holiday season like no other.


I’m a therapist who helps people deal with grief.
My life is fulfilling. So what if I’ve been single for years? I have the kids I counsel and co-
workers I adore. Maybe I’m tired of going home to an empty house and not looking forward
to another Christmas alone. But I’m not going to be taken in by some slick city guy who can’t
wait to leave town. I’m not going to upend my life just because I’ve met the man of my
dreams. Right?

This is an 85K, opposites-attract, insta-love, mid-
angst gay romance novel. Previously published in the charity anthology Secret Santa: A
Romance Collection, the story has quadrupled in size with more love, laughs, and a touch of
Christmas magic.

About the Author

Gabbi lives in beautiful British
Columbia where her fur baby chin-poo keeps her safe from the nasty neighborhood
squirrels. Working for the government by day, she spends her early mornings writing
contemporary, gay, sweet, and dark erotic BDSM romances. While she firmly believes in
happy endings, she also believes in making her characters suffer before finding their true
love. She also writes m/f romances as Gabbi Black.

Social Media Links

Audible Profile | Blog/Website |

Twitter |
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