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Book Title: My First

Author: Sky

Publisher: Sky

Cover Artist: Cate

Release Date: May 17,

Genre: Contemporary M/M

Trope: Fake Boyfriend, Age
Friends to Lovers

Theme: Forgiveness

Heat Rating: 5 flames

Length: 185 words/ pages

It is Book 1 of the Surrender

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A young man searching
for his future, an older man living his life single.

Can they both find the
love they desire?




“Grayle Meadows was like no other man I’d ever met. He
was tall, handsome, sophisticated, and sexy as hell. Eyes so blue you thought you were
swimming in a seductive ocean, and you could lose yourself and never come up for air, and
he was the first man I ever loved. I could have spent my life adoring and loving him, but for
one thing, he said, ‘You’re too young.’ Twenty five wasn’t that young. I was just hitting my

A young man searching for his future, an older man living
his life single. Can they both find the love they desire?

Submission series is an age gap (25/35) M/M
Romance with HFN. The first book contains fake boyfriends and friends to lovers.



Chapter 1


I’ve seen men, great-looking men. Some average, some tall,
beautiful, handsome men, but I never thought much of it. However, when I laid eyes on
Grayle Meadows for the first time, I knew I’d missed a lot in my life.

The day I first caught sight of that man, I knew he was out
of my league, but hey, foolishness and dreams are for young men, and I was going to dream
until something, or someone woke me. However, it wasn’t happening today, because today
my eyes were feasting on Grayle Meadows—hair perfect, eyes blue, face magnificent, suit
perfect, wide muscular shoulders, thin waist, and he was stunning.

All man, and I saw him first.

I’d like to think I was the first to see Grayle. However, it was
delusion on my part. I was sure there were many who laid eyes on this beautiful,
handsome-looking man before I’d entered the picture called life.

He appeared to be ten years my senior, therefore, to say
others had seen him first had to be inadequate, and superfluous. In other words,
unnecessary to say the least, because there was the likelihood that his mother and father
saw him long before I did. Maybe a brother or sister or two could claim that trophy if they
were giving them out for who spotted the handsome, sensuous, blue-eyed Grayle Meadows

I’d throw in my medal for him being the sexiest, and most

compelling man alive. I was sure he could have any woman, or man, if that was his choice,
but I wanted him to pick me, and why not? I was young, gay, and available. Willing to go the
distance if it called for that. He exuded sex in the way no other man could. He didn’t just
walk, his steps measured, he sailed across the floor with no wind at his back, and when he
spoke it was with a low raspy baritone voice.

I’d gladly hand over a medal, but no one could claim that
they saw him the way I’d pictured him in my mind, then in my dreams, and how he’d
invaded my senses when he first strolled into the shop where I’d worked every summer
since my parents allowed me to have a summer job.

I smelled his manly scent among all the customers standing
at the counter waiting to be served. When I spotted him with his beautiful, strong face, deep
intense eyes, I knew he was the man for me, and he’d be my first and only love.

I dropped what I was doing and rushed over, elbowed one
of my fellow workers, and my best friend Lane, took the scoop from his hand, and I stood
waiting for my first and only to open those full lips, and tell me what he wanted—a blowjob
from me, or a piece of my firm, hard, young ass.

Name it. I’m here to please, I thought, wearing a wide smile.

I looked over at Lane. “Who is he? I saw him first.”

“His name is Grayle Meadows.”

I pushed Lane aside and stared at him, daring him to say a
word, or take a step in Grayle’s direction, because he was mine, and I had dibs on him.

Grayle leaned over, trying to decide on which vanilla flavor
to order, and I couldn’t help but take in his scent on this hot false-spring day. Not even the
heavenly smell of chocolate, strawberry ice cream, and lime sherbet could dull my senses,
because his shaving lotion had overtaken me along with the flash of his big blue eyes, and
his dark-auburn curly hair. It was a bad hair day for me, but not Grayle Meadows. I doubted
he’d ever had a bad hair day or anything else, because there wasn’t enough heat and wind
in the world to disturb and disrupt that full mane of beautiful shiny hair.

I watched his large hands move to his hair, and his long
fingers raked through it as he bent once more to look at all the flavors, and when he raised
his head, his eyes locked with mine. He smiled and moved on. My heart lurched and my
cock twitched. He was my first. Never had I had that feeling about anyone before where my
dick involuntarily set off a firestorm that had gotten out of control.


About the Author

Hi, I’m Sky


I write steamy M/M romance
books, and I love to read hot M/M romance. Maybe steamy is too mild a term for my books.
Maybe I should say that my gay romance books are hot, hot, hot. I enjoy writing about
strong, flawed men who don’t mind saying they’re sorry when they hurt the ones they

I read and write across
genres and what gives me pleasure, and there is nothing more pleasurable or satisfying to
me than to write a happy ever after hot M/M romance with a kink or two.

My favorite books to read are
anything M/M, vampires, werewolves, mystery, and steamy romance. I have been busy with
reading and writing to bring you the best M/M romance books. Enjoy!


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Book Title: Hard Earned Cash

Author: K.L. Hiers

Publisher: Stormy Night Publications

Release Date: June 26, 2020

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance, BDSM, Mafia

Trope/s: May/December, Kink, Getting Away With Murder, Fake Marriage

Themes: Revenge, Trust, Bad Guy Very Good At Being Bad

Heat Rating: 5 flamesLength: 112 000 words/ 385 pages

Buy Links – Available on Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US | Amazon UK


When you belong to a man like Boss Cold, you take what he gives you. Jimmy Poe has known that since he first offered himself to the feared mob boss in payment of a debt, yet over the past year he has gotten to see a very different side of Cold. A side that made Jimmy fall in love.

But their love will be put to the test when Cold is arrested. Can the bond between them endure even as the dark shadows of Cold’s past come to light and Jimmy’s life is put at risk as well?

Publisher’s Note: Hard Earned Cash is a sequel to Cold Hard Cash. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Jimmy Poe was absolutely trembling in the back of the limousine, staring anxiously out the window up at Westchester Prison. His foot was tapping, fingers twitching, and his teeth were working at his lower lip with a carnivorous ferocity.

“Jimmy,” Boss Cold said softly, a cool hand pressing against his leg and squeezing. “Calm down.”

Eyes fluttering, Jimmy nodded frantically, but he still continued to fidget.

“Breathe for me,” Cold said more firmly, his thumb slowly stroking Jimmy’s inner thigh. He squeezed his leg again. “Now.”

Taking a few deep breaths, Jimmy’s pulse began to descend. Cold’s voice was beautiful and strong, and there was a very distinct purr that it took on when he gave orders. It worked its way directly into Jimmy’s brain, and he was powerless to resist.

Boss Cold, also known as Roderick Legrand, the mob ruler of Strassen Springs, was not a man who tolerated any amount of disobedience in any aspect of his life. From his criminal empire to the bedroom, his word was law.

It was the foundation of their relationship, and it gave Jimmy purpose and confidence, and it was a love like no other.

“I know you’re excited,” Cold said soothingly, “but you’ll put yourself in a fit if you don’t calm yourself.”

“There’s a part of me that still thinks this is all a dream,” Jimmy gushed, looking back out the window to the prison where his father had been trapped for so many years.

Today was the day David Poe was finally being freed.

He had been wrongly convicted for the murder of Jimmy’s mother nineteen years ago, and Cold had recently discovered that the killer was a traitorous member of his own gang. Justice was brutally served as the result of meticulous planning that not only granted David’s freedom, but also destroyed Cold’s enemies and left him completely untouchable.

“It’s very real,” Cold promised, patting his knee.

“Thank you,” Jimmy beamed happily. “Thank you for everything.” He leaned forward, trying to steal a kiss.

Cold caught his jaw before he could, smirking faintly as he looked over Jimmy’s lips. He hummed, pretending to consider whether or not he was going to allow it.

“Please, sir?” Jimmy pleaded playfully.

Cold growled softly at the ‘sir’, pressing a heated kiss against Jimmy’s mouth. “You wicked thing,” he snarled. “Teasing me right before I’m going to meet your father.”

“You’ll have to punish me later,” Jimmy chuckled.

“Careful,” Cold warned him, his thumb gently stroking over his chin, “or it’ll be a punishment you may not enjoy.”

Heat prickled beneath Jimmy’s collar as he asked, “Mmm, your belt?”

“Keep pushing me and you’ll find out,” Cold warned.

Jimmy knew he could only tease Cold so much before he got truly aggravated with him.

Although that did come with its own unique set of pleasures, he wanted his boyfriend in a good mood to meet his father.

“I’ll behave,” Jimmy said, smiling when Cold kissed him again. He sat back in his seat, eyes focused out the window once more for any sign of his father.

“Perhaps you should have come alone,” Cold mused.

“Why? Never met anyone’s parents before?”

“No,” was the flat reply.

“Are you nervous?” Jimmy teased, delighted by the idea.

“You really want the belt tonight, don’t you?” Cold scowled. “I do not get nervous.”

Jimmy grinned and resisted the urge to giggle. He wasn’t about to argue, gasping excitedly when he saw the gates of the prison finally open and his father step outside. “He’s here! He’s really here!”

Jerry was already opening the door of the limo, Jimmy tumbling out and breaking into a dead run to greet his father.

“Hey, slugger!” David exclaimed, dropping his bag to embrace his son. He squeezed him tight and pressed tearful kisses into his hair.

Jimmy’s own eyes were stinging with tears as he hugged his father as hard as he could. He was absolutely thrilled to be holding his father as a free man.

“My boy,” David said, his voice cracking from so much emotion. “Thank you. Thank you for never giving up on me. I love you so much, kiddo.”

“I love you, too!” Jimmy exclaimed with a big grin. “Oh, my God. You’re here. You’re really free, and, and, and my God. No more inch of glass, no more phone calls, you’re really here!”

“Damn right,” David chuckled warmly, kissing his son’s forehead and giving him one last big hug. He nodded towards the limo, teasing, “I think your boyfriend is waiting for us.”

About the Author

K.L. Hiers is an embalmer, restorative artist, and queer writer. Licensed in both funeral directing and funeral service, she’s been working in the death industry for nearly a decade. Her first love was always telling stories, and she has been writing for over twenty years, penning her very first book at just eight years old. Publishers generally do not accept manuscripts in Hello Kitty notebooks, however, but she never gave up.

Following the success of her first novel, Cold Hard Cash, she now enjoys writing professionally, focusing on spinning tales of sultry passion, exotic worlds, and emotional journeys. She loves attending horror movie conventions and indulging in cosplay of her favorite characters. She lives in Zebulon, NC, with her husband and their six children, three of whom have paws and one who sometimes thinks he does.

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