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Morgan Brice’s ‘New in 2022–Have You Read Them
All?’ Tour

A special book tour to celebrate this year’s new releases by
Morgan Brice

  1. Sins of the
    Fathers—MM Supernatural Suspense
  2. No Surrender—An MM
    Psychic Detective Romance Adventure
  3. Again: Fox Hollow
    Zodiac Novel 2–MM Shifter Romance Suspense
  4. The Devil You Know:
    MM Supernatural Romance Adventure (ebook and audio release)
  5. Blink: MM
    Supernatural Suspense (audio release)
  6. Huntsman (audio

Plus, two holiday novellas

  1. Crewel Fate ~ Gail Z.
    Martin in
    Christmas at Caynham Castle
  2. Memory and Malice: A Badlands MM Psychic Detective
    Romance in Ring in the New at Caynham Castle



Book Title: Sins of the
Fathers—MM Supernatural Suspense

Length: 62K words/ 213

Release Date: August 26,

Genres: Urban fantasy MM paranormal romance

Tropes: Hurt/comfort, friends to lovers, established relationship, learning
to trust, dealing with the past, dealing with family secrets.

Themes: Letting go of the past, moving on after loss, family

It is book 2 in the series but
can be read standalone.
It does not end on a



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Reckoning with the past just might destroy Grady and
Dawson’s plans for the future


Three deadly accidents that might have been magical
murder. A dark witch with a grudge against the King family. Federal agents with supernatural
abilities. And, as usual, Dawson and Grady are smack dab in the crosshairs of trouble even
they can’t outrun.

When Grady King’s brother Knox is targeted by shady
characters, old secrets, coverups, and lies come to light. Grady and his boyfriend Dawson
begin to question what really happened when Grady’s grandparents and Dawson’s parents
died. Then agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Supernatural Investigation show up
pursuing a different case, only to discover that the crimes appear to be connected, with a
vengeful dark witch at the center of the plot. And since monsters never sleep, Grady and
Dawson are still carrying out their duty to hunt dangerous paranormal creatures, restless
spirits, nefarious faeries, Civil War ghosts, creepy cryptids, and things that go bump in the
night. It’s all part of the centuries-old King family mandate to protect the people of
Cunanoon Mountain and Transylvania County, a mission Grady and Dawson are sworn to

But when it looks like something is hunting the people
Grady loves, it’s time to dig into the family’s painful past, uncovering dangerous details of
long-ago hunts against immortal creatures who never forget—or forgive.

Can they solve the mystery and figure out who’s behind the
deaths, or will they bear the deadly consequences of their hidden history? Reckoning with
the past just might destroy Grady and Dawson’s plans for the future and set loose a tide of
malicious magic that could sweep them all away.

Sins of the Fathers is a thrill-packed MM romance
adventure full of fast cars, outlaw country boys, snarky werewolves, vengeful ghosts,
menacing monsters, and a love that can’t be denied.


Book Title: No
Surrender—An MM Psychic Detective Romance Adventure

Release Date: April 20,

Genres: Urban fantasy MM paranormal romance, psychic

Tropes: Hurt/comfort, established relationship, learning to trust, grumpy-
sunshine, cold case, ghosts helping/interfering, lots of magic, wedding planning

Themes: Found family, loyalty, dealing with unresolved issues, putting the
past to rest

Length: 224

It is Book 5 in the Badlands
series but can be read as a standalone.

It does not end on a cliffhanger.

Heat Rating: 4 flames


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Cold cases, hot leads, a
psychic psychopath, a copycat killer, cursed objects, the trial of the century–and wedding


Psychic medium Simon Kincaide and sexy homicide
detective Vic D’Amato met hunting a supernatural serial killer. Since then, Simon has
become a police consultant on cases involving the paranormal, and Vic has gotten over his
doubts about Simon’s abilities being real. Along the way, they fell in love and got engaged.
But it seems like the danger never ends.

Now, the first case Simon and Vic worked together comes
back to haunt them as the killer goes to court and all hell breaks loose. The killer has a crazy
fan setting curses on key players in the upcoming trial. Ghosts from an old cold case suggest
that someone got away with murder. And a supernatural creature attracted to fear and
death is using the Grand Strand as its feeding ground. Simon and Vic feel like they’re waging
a war on all fronts, but with the stakes so high, there can be No Surrender!

No Surrender is a fast-paced thrill ride MM
paranormal romance packed with supernatural suspense, haunted tourist attractions,
monsters, visions, hot sex, hurt/comfort, loyal friends, wedding planning, found family,
ghosts galore, dark magic, and an evolving, established romantic relationship with all the


Book Title: Again: Fox
Hollow Zodiac Novel 2–MM Shifter Romance Suspense

Release Date: July 5,

Genres: Urban fantasy MM shifter romance suspense

Tropes: Shifters, one true pairing, reincarnation, fated mates, psychics,
magic, curses, hurt/comfort, found family,

Themes: Long-distance relationship, knowing you can depend on each
other, navigating a new relationship

Length: 247

It is book 2 in the Fox Hollow
Zodiac series. It is a standalone book and does not end on a cliffhanger.

Heat Rating: 4 flames


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Amazon US | Amazon UK

The fast, furry, and furious!
A lynx shifter, pursued by a cryptid trophy hunter. A wolf shifter desperate to rescue a lover
who’s not just his fated mate—but his one true pairing across past lives. And a love that
transcends time.


The fast, furry, and furious! A lynx shifter, pursued by a
cryptid trophy hunter. A wolf shifter desperate to rescue a lover who’s not just his fated
mate—but his one true pairing across past lives. And a love that transcends time.

Lynx shifter Noah Wilson narrowly escaped being captured
by the Huntsman. While recuperating in Fox Hollow, he meets his fated mate, wolf shifter
Drew Lowe.

Noah has to return to Canada to finish filming his TV
projects, so he and Drew visit when they can and come up with creative solutions to their
long-distance relationship. Noah and Drew are sure they’re meant for each other and start
making plans.

Drew’s dreams make him wonder if he and Noah are more
than fated mates—could they be a true pairing, destined to find each other lifetime after

Then Noah accidentally records a murder, and the killer is
on his trail. Can he elude a master tracker and reach the safety of Fox Hollow, or will he and
Drew have to wait to find happiness in another life?

Again is a thrill-packed MM shifter romance adventure full
of sexy shifters, hurt/comfort, one true pairing, reincarnation, sincere psychics, hunky
mechanics, first responders, a sexy wildlife photographer, found family, and fated


book plus audio release

Book Title: The Devil
You Know: MM Supernatural Romance Adventure

Length: 240

Release Date: February 8,

Genres: MM romance, supernatural romance adventure, urban

Tropes: Hurt/comfort, friendship/partnership/lovers, found family,
second chance at love

Themes: Evolving established relationship, healing, learning to trust,
facing old fears

It is a standalone book and
oes not end on a cliffhanger.


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It all comes down to
trusting the devil you know!


Seth and Evan met “on the job” when Evan was the
intended sacrifice of a dark coven, and Seth came to the rescue. Now, they’ve teamed up to
stop a century of ritual murders and get justice for Seth’s brother Jesse and the other

Seth and Evan have a plan to stop the next witch disciple,
plus new allies and magic. But this time, the warlock knows they’re coming, and he has plans
of his own. When Seth disappears and is trapped in a spell that gives him his heart’s desire,
can he free himself in time to help Evan?

And when Evan’s younger brother shows up unexpectedly,
can Evan trust Parker to have his back? It all comes down to trusting the devil you

The Devil You Know is a thrill-packed urban fantasy
MM paranormal romance with plenty of supernatural suspense, hurt/comfort, hot sex,
found family, and dark magic and features an evolving, established romantic relationship
with all the feels.

Book 5 – audio book release

Book Title: Blink: MM
Supernatural Suspense

Narrator: John Solo

Release Date: April 19, 2022
(audio release)

Genres: Paranormal/urban fantasy M/M Romance, action/adventure,
romantic suspense

Tropes: Second chance love,
hurt/comfort, true soulmates, psychic, witches, ghosts, mobsters, resort town

Themes: Learning to trust, hurt/comfort, second chance love, established

It is part of series but could
stand alone. It does not end on a cliffhanger.

Heat Rating: 5 flames


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Ghosts always remember.
Mobsters never forget.


Erik Mitchell helped Interpol bust cartels, oligarchs, and
spoiled billionaires for art fraud. As an undercover cop, Ben Nolan helped bring down a
Newark crime family. Now Erik and Ben have started over in Cape May, leaving their danger-
filled jobs behind them, excited about a fresh start and their new relationship.

Plans to renovate a historic old theater stir up dangerous
ghosts and revive interest in unsolved Mob hits. The curse of a murdered witch strikes a
close friend, old movie props reveal clues to long-ago crimes, and a shakedown scheme
sends Ben’s cousin running for cover.

Time is running out to lift the curse. The Russian Mob wants
revenge on Erik, and the Newark Mob is gunning for Ben. A grieving ghost seeks justice.
Secrets, lies, and deception unravel in the blink of an eye.

Erik and Ben were planning for happily ever after. But
unless they can outwit witches, wraiths, and wise guys, they could go down in a hail of
gunfire and a blast of dark magic—and see their plans go up in smoke.

Blink is a suspenseful MM paranormal romance
mystery-adventure filled with second chance love, hurt/comfort, true soulmates, awesome
food trucks, dangerous secrets, restless ghosts, psychic visions, powerful witches, angry
mobsters, and a very haunted theater.

BOOK 6 – Audio release

Book Title:

Narrator: John Solo

Length: 5 hours, 36

Release Date: August 23,

Genres: Urban fantasy MM paranormal romance, shifter romance, gay

Tropes: Friends to lovers, hurt/comfort, learning to trust, second chance
at love, fated mates, small town romance, found family

Themes: Love conquers all, starting over

It is a standalone book and
oes not end on a cliffhanger.


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Amazon | Audible

Huntsman is full of sexy
shifters, hurt/comfort, second chance love, sincere psychics, hot first responders, found
family and fated mates.


A grieving wolf. A hunted fox. Fated mates, thrown together
by chance, and the looming threat of a fabled Huntsman who might tear them apart

Fox shifter Liam Reynard is running from a killer. He uproots
his life to find sanctuary in Fox Hollow, deep in the Adirondack Forest in New York.

When his car breaks down, sexy wolf shifter Russ Lowe
comes to the rescue, and one touch makes it clear they’re fated mates. Neither man was
looking for love, and both are still mending from past heartbreak. When mysterious fires and
disappearances threaten Fox Hollow, Liam fears the killer is hot on his trail. Can he protect
the town and his fated mate from the evil hunting him, or will an ex-lover’s betrayal cost
Liam everything he loves?

Huntsman is full of sexy shifters, hurt/comfort, second
chance love, sincere psychics, hot first responders, found family and fated

Book One in the Fox Hollow: Zodiac series

…and these holiday favorites for Xmas and New


Book Title: Christmas at
Caynham Castle – Crewel Fate ~ Gail Z. Martin

Authors: Gail Z
plus Jeanne Adams, Caren Crane, Seressia Glass, Donna MacMeans, Nancy
Northcott, Anna Sugden

Publisher: Rickety Bookshelf

Length: 521

Release Date: November

Romance—note—Gail’s story is MM paranormal romance. The others are
MF romance and MF romantic suspense

Tropes: Friends to lovers,
established relationship, enemies to lovers, second chance at love, paranormal romance,
psychic, spies

Themes: Learning to trust,
found family, hurt/comfort, family secrets

These are seven individual
novellas all set at the same fictional castle/town and Christmas ball


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| Amazon UK


Christmas at Caynham Castle

A Collection of 7 Holiday-Themed Novellas

A seasonal ball,

A charming town on the Welsh border,

And an ancient castle with adventure, mystery, ghosts and
romance in every corner.

Celebrate the Christmas season with seven authors,
each telling the story of the holiday at Caynham Castle in her own spectacular

Crewel Fate ~ Gail Z. Martin

When Teag Logan and his fiancé Anthony Benton travel to England to celebrate their
engagement, Teag’s magic and supernatural experience hone in on restless spirits, an old
scandal and century-old secrets that could turn deadly. Can Teag and Anthony solve the
mystery and settle the spooks before the Ball, or will more people join the ranks of the castle


Book Title: Ring in the
New at Caynham Castle

(Memory and Malice: A Badlands MM Psychic Detective
Romance by Morgan Brice )

Publisher: Rickety Bookshelf

Release Date: December 21,

Genre: Romance.
Note – the Morgan Brice novella is MM paranormal romance. The rest are
MF romance/romantic suspense

Tropes: Friends to lovers,
established relationship, enemies to lovers, second chance at love, paranormal romance,
psychic, ghosts, historical mystery, gargoyles, witches, magic

Themes: Learning to trust,
found family, hurt/comfort, family secrets,

Each is a standalone story
with no cliffhanger.


Buy Links

Amazon US | Amazon UK


What better way to celebrate the new year than by
partying in an ancient castle, now a hotel, in a small English town? Join us in lifting a glass to
the holiday with these festive novellas:

Memory and Malice: A Badlands MM Psychic Detective Romance by Morgan Brice

Psychic medium Simon Kincaide and his fiancé, homicide detective Vic D’Amato, planned a
relaxing Christmas and New Year’s at Caynham Castle. But when Simon encounters a man
possessed by a malicious ghost, he fears that a spirit with an ancient grudge intends to
disrupt the holiday festivities. Can Simon and Vic prevent a disaster and protect the Earl, or
will a ghost from the past destroy the chance to ring in a bright new future?


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RELEASE BLITZ: “The Reaper” by Rae Scott.


Book Title: The

Author: Rae

Publisher: Page

Release Date: November 3,

Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Crime

Tropes: Vigilante justice/ Victims no one will miss/ The one you least

Themes: Good vs Evil, Life or Death

Heat Rating: No

Length: 188 pages/ 60 000

It is a standalone story and
oes not end on a cliffhanger.


Buy Links

Amazon US | Amazon UK |

Reap what you have sown.


Fear not those who are innocent, for I shall cause you no
harm. I seek out only those who have yet to pay for their sins. Fear me if you have no

remorse, for I am the Reaper, and I will ensure that you reap what you have

The serial killer known as The Reaper is loose on the streets
of Norfolk. Its victims have two things in common: They have each hurt a child but served
little to no time in jail for it and none of them regret their actions.

Detective Mel Tanner is close to retirement when she is
assigned to investigate a murder that leads her in a hunt for the serial killer known as The
Reaper. As a seasoned homicide detective of fifteen years, she now finds herself jaded and
unfeeling to the atrocities that she has had to witness every day.

When rookie Detective Nat Petrov lands her dream
assignment, to work with the best Detective in Norfolk, she is thrown headfirst into The
Reaper’s perverse sense of justice. The Detectives race against the clock as body after body
turns up with the signature Grim Reaper tarot card, each life ended in a way specifically
designed for the individual victim. Will the detectives be able to catch a twisted serial killer
before time runs out or will The Reaper exact revenge in a way more personal than anyone
could have ever fathomed?


Michael watched with a sense of foreboding as the masked
figure in the black cloak stood looking down at the various items on the table, fear of the
unknown beginning to take hold of him. A thousand thoughts and images ran through his
mind as he tried to work out the reason for why he was there on that table, but as hard as
he tried, he couldn’t come up with a single explanation for his circumstances. He tried to
figure out who his captor might be, but the only name he could come up with was the Grim
Reaper, because that’s what his captor looked like. The Reaper came back and held a card in
front of his face with its left hand. It was a three-by-five-inch tarot card, and on it was a
picture of the Grim Reaper. Michael felt the color drain from his face. The Reaper pulled the
card away and with its right hand, held up a laminated newspaper clipping for him to read.
Michael Fitzpatrick received a six-month
sentence for the beating death of his then-girlfriend’s six-year-old son. Questions on the
mishandling of evidence dropping the charges from murder to child abuse

His stomach dropped. “I did my time for that,” he said, his
voice shaking with dread. Out of nowhere, his captor’s fist came swinging down hitting him
square on his nose. The sound of his nose breaking resonated loudly in his ears. Instantly his
eyes began to water, and blood began flowing down his throat. He tried to turn his head so
he could spit the coppery-tasting substance from his mouth, but the Reaper held him still,
forcing Michael to swallow the thick fluid. The Reaper slowly shook its head from side to
side. Fear of repercussions should he move kept him still and motionless even when his
captor went back to the table again.

When the Reaper returned, he was shown another news
article. This one detailing all fifty-three injuries the boy had sustained by him during a
drunken rage. While he read the article, tears spilled from Michael’s eyes in earnest as he
finally realized that he wasn’t going to get out of this room alive. Again, his captor went to
the table, returned the news article, and came back to look down at him with its unblinking
gaze. It held the Grim Reaper’s card up to him again, only this time it showed him the
message that had been written on the back of the card. Swallowing several times to clear
the blood from throat, Michael read it out loud, “Fear not those who are innocent, for I shall
cause you no harm. I seek out only those who have yet to pay for their sins. Fear me if you
have no remorse, for I am the Reaper, and I will ensure that you reap what you have sewn.”
Michael looked from the card to the Reaper, tears flowing down his cheeks as he begged for
his life. “Please, no. I did my time for that. I would never have hurt him if I hadn’t been
drunk. It wasn’t my fault. She knows how I am when I get drunk. She should have kept him
quiet and away from me.”

The Reaper placed the card on Michael’s chest and shook
its head. With its other hand, the Reaper slowly lifted up a ball-peen hammer, holding it in
front of Michael’s face so he could see it, the intention clear.

“Please, no. I’m sorry,” Michael sobbed, frantically pulling
against his bindings as panic began to take over.

The Reaper slowly turned and walked around the table until
it was standing next to Michael’s right knee. As the hammer was steadily raised over its
head, the Reaper looked down into Michael’s eyes.

He didn’t feel the wetness pooling around him as his
bladder released nor the pain of the restraints as they cut into his already raw and bleeding
skin. The only thing he felt was pure unadulterated terror. “No, please! You don’t

The Reaper tilted its head, the hammer still hovering high in
the air over Michael’s knee and placed one black-gloved finger to its mouth.
Shhh. It said as the hammer came down hard, shattering his kneecap.

About the

Born in New England, Rae
Scott spent her childhood hiking, fishing, and enjoying the outdoor life inherent to the area.
This love of adventure led her to travel the world in a quest to discover new and exciting
things, feeding her thirst for knowledge and creativity that she now draws on for her books.
In between her travels, she can be found on her porch in Virginia with her family coming up
with new ideas as to where their next adventure will take them.

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BOOK BLAST: “The Grocers’ Son” by Garrick Jones


Book Title: The Grocers’

Author: Garrick

Publisher: MoshPit

Cover Artist: Garrick

Release Date: September 21,

Genres: Crime Fiction;
Detective; Thriller

Tropes: Lost lovers

Themes: The strength of relationships over time; What one will do for

Heat Rating: 2 flames

Length: 138 629 words/ 422
pages (paperback)

It is a standalone book and
the third book in the Clyde Smith Mystery series.

It does not end on a cliffhanger.



Buy Links

Amazon AU | Amazon
| Amazon UK | Smashwords




“I swear to God it was Willoughby. My brother stood not
two feet away from me, called me Lina to my face, and pulled Harley into his arms, saying he
was sorry, sobbing, and calling him his boy.”

An apparition in Sydney’s fruit and vegetable market leaves
the mother of one of Clyde’s best friends believing that her brother, hanged for murder
twenty-four years beforehand, has somehow risen from the grave and confronted

She is adamant that the visitation was real and visits Clyde
asking him to investigate the mass murder her brother was supposed to have committed.
She believes he was either set up or was covering for someone else’s crime.

Could this vision have been a folie à deux, a delusional
vision shared by both mother and son? As Clyde investigates, clues lead him to one of
Australia’s most famous silent screen actors, a man who, together with his murdered father,
becomes intrinsically linked to the mass murder, known as The Killing at Candal

Wheels within wheels, lies, extortion, and coverups lead
Clyde to a bloody confrontation on a deserted beach in the tropics. This time, it’s not only
his own life at risk but also that of one of his most valued and closest friends.



I was in my “puzzle room” when I heard Harry’s cooee from
the front door.

I called it a puzzle room because that’s the phrase we’d
used during the war to describe a safe place where we could discuss plans, devise strategies,
and toss ideas around. Mine was my bathroom, lying on my back in the bath with the lights
out and the shower falling onto my legs, the only illumination from the flickering blue light
of the gas geyser. After eating dinner, I’d listened to Mama Lena’s
Arrivederci Roma
radio programme then had got stuck into some research on Elwood Pearson.

I could hear Harry clunking around in the hallway. “I’m in
here!” I called out.

“I know!” he responded, then appeared in the doorway,
totally naked except for the black bow tie around his neck and wearing his socks and

“What happened to the master of the house looking for the
lazy footman?” I said, laughing because I could see he was more than three sheets to the

He climbed into the tub and sat between my legs, water
pouring over his head, grinning at me stupidly. “I changed it,” he said. “It’s master of the
house, pissed out of his skull, ravishing the naked footman in the bathtub.”

“Come here,” I said, and pulled his head down for a kiss.
“You’re not that drunk,” I added, my hand having found no evidence of brewer’s

“Shh!” he said, biting my chin. “Mark’s crashed in the spare


“Too many cocktails, both of us. We caught a taxi and he
helped me up the stairs.”

“So, no noise then?”

“Nup,” he said, then pulled my legs around his hips and let
forth a loud wolf-howl.

I laughed then pushed my wet washcloth between his
teeth, which he spat out then attacked my mouth with his own. I really hoped Mark had
closed his bedroom door. When Harry was in this sort of mood, he could make a lot of noise
… not that I was complaining.


About the Author

From the outback to the

After a thirty-year career as a
professional opera singer, performing as a soloist in opera houses and in concert halls all
over the world, I took up a position as lecturer in music in Australia in 1999, at the Central
Queensland Conservatorium of Music, which is now part of CQUniversity.

Brought up in Australia,
between the bush and the beaches of the Eastern suburbs, I retired in 2015 and now live in
the tropics, writing, gardening, and finally finding time to enjoy life and to re-establish a
connection with who I am after a very busy career on the stage and as an


Social Media Links

Blog/Website |
Facebook | Twitter |

Newsletter Sign-up


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BLOG TOUR: “Morrel & Morcerf and the Spear of Destiny” by Kyle Baxter.


Book Title: Morrel & Morcerf and the Spear of Destiny

Author and Publisher: Kyle

Cover Artist: Kyle

Release Date: October 28,

Genres: LGBTQ+ Action & Adventure Fiction, MM

Tropes: Race Against the Clock, ex-military, king incognito

Themes: Community, Family

Heat Rating: 2

Length: 98 449 words/ 373

It is a standalone book. It is
part of a connected series—shared universe—but you do not need to have read the previous
books to follow it.


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited


Gay Mystery
Archaeologists Chase Nazi Gold!


Alois d’Pierrepont and Marton Prawer have been attending
black market antiquities events trying to recover treasure stolen by Nazis during World War
II. Marton is particularly interested in a certain missing Picasso.

Following the trail to France, the two stumble into far more

than they bargained for when a shady auction they’re attending in Paris’s Latin Quarter is
raided by Interpol. Alois’s uncle Frederick, from Bring Me Edelweiss, is soon hot on the case
along with his lover Joel McIntyre.

After recovering the journal of a Nazi general the four men
race across western Europe, chased by fascists desperate to find the treasure for
themselves. Gunfights and car chases ensue as the group uses a map in the journal to track
down the treasure and its contents, rumored to include the fabled Spear of Destiny.


Alois d’Pierrepont knelt at the door to the study and pulled
a small black pouch from his breast pocket. With a grunt, he undid the button on his Versace
“Black Baroque” evening jacket. It fit a little too snugly for squatting. Opening the bag, he
selected two picks, inserted them in the door lock, and went to work.

“How’s it going?” Marton Prawer asked, appearing beside
him and flashing his winning smile.

Alois looked up at his boyfriend. Id go a lot quicker if you wouldnt hang on my
, he thought. “Just bloody fine,
dear,” he grumbled between gritted teeth.

They’d come to the party to find evidence that the host
collected Nazi memorabilia. Marton was obsessed with returning stolen loot to the Jewish
A noble pursuit. And being a history buff and amateur archaeologist himself, Alois
found him fascinating and intense.

The owner of this house had a reputation for acquiring
antiques with a sketchy provenance. But reputation was not proof, so the two young men
were looking for something they could leverage for information. Something that might get
them an
in to the black market antiquities scene. To be fair, Alois was at a loss as to how to
accomplish that, but Marton was determined.
Seems a bit of a stretch.

It was a good thing he was able to use his own contacts to
get an invite to this party, but . . .
May wind up
paying for that.
That particular person, a
socialite named Denis, was a pill and likely to bring it up to gain his own leverage. He let out
a long, deep breath.
So far, its worth
. After all, they’d made it here.
But still, the games people
. Its all so exhausting.

He wiped beads of perspiration off his forehead and
frowned. Locks never gave him this much trouble. Then again, he wasn’t used to performing
under pressure. Before, it was always a lark, a trick he picked up as a kid running around his
grandfather’s drafty old home, picking the locks on all the doors for fun. Though he’d long
ago gone pro and bought a professional lockpick set, this was different. They were on a

“Take a breath.” Marton’s voice was easy and

Alois shook out his hand and let out a long exhalation, then
went back to it. After a moment, the tumblers clicked easily like they’d been waiting for him.
The lock let out a satisfying

“Sorry, just a bit nervous.” Alois chuckled as he stood.
“Never done this ‘in the field,’ as they say. Before, it was always a party trick or me larking
about. Never actually tried housebreaking before.”

Marton looked up at Alois and gave him a kiss on the lips.
“You did great.” He ran a hand along the front of Alois’s slacks, teasing him until he
hardened. “I’ll give you something special when we get back to your place.”

A deep moan escaped Alois’s chest. “I’m looking forward to
it already.” Grabbing the door handle, he stepped inside the office and flicked on the

They stepped into a nondescript modern office.

“Oh,” Marton said in surprise.

“What, were you expecting a Nazi flag on the wall?” Alois
asked, nudging the shorter man in the side. “Or an autographed photo of Hitler?”

About the Author

Kyle is an artist, playwright,
and writer. As a playwright, Kyle has had his plays performed in New York at the NY
International Fringe Festival, and the Midtown International Theater Festival. As an artist
and illustrator, he has had his art exhibited in both New Orleans and New York.

Born in Hawaii, Kyle is an
Army brat and grew up in Erlangen, Germany, as well as Augusta, Georgia, and several cities
in Texas. After stints in Louisiana and New York, he resides again in Honolulu with his black
Labrador Retriever Brady.

Author Links

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Facebook | Twitter |

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RELEASE BLITZ: “Bone to be Wilde” by Dani Lakely


Book Title: Bone to be Wilde
(Holiday in Sunset Surf Book 2)

Author and Publisher: Dani

Cover Artist: J

Release Date: September 27,

Genre: M/M Halloween Rom-Com

Tropes: Opposites attract, amnesia spell, small town

Themes: Forgiveness

Heat Rating: 3 flames

It is the second book in the
series, but may be read as a standalone. It d
oes not
end on a cliffhanger.


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon UK

Drop in for a


It’s trick or treat for two smitten lovers in this seasonal
holiday romance as Halloween approaches and a little unleashed magic lets the ghoul times

Forrest’s to-do list:
1. Convince Jonathan to move in with

2. No, seriously. That’s it.

It’s been nine months of playful bickering and bliss
for Forrest Wilde and his boyfriend, Jonathan. But in order to move their relationship
forward, Jonathan needs Forrest to find closure from his past.

Alexander Adler is back in town and dragging all of
Forrest’s ghosts screaming into the light. Is there still a spark waiting to ignite between
Forrest and his ex, or are they nothing more than toasted history? Forrest isn’t exactly eager
to find out, given that sometimes the monsters under the bed are people who haunt us from
days gone by.

Every autumn, the town of Sunset Surf comes alive
in celebration of the season. But this year, when Forrest falls under a mysterious spell that
forces him to forget the person he loves most, there will be plenty of spooks in store for the
fun-loving and eccentric residents of this seaside village. Torn between flight and fright,
Forrest must face his fears in order to make his way back to true love—or risk losing it

Bone to be Wilde is a contemporary gay rom-
com set in a small beach town on the Southern California coast. The story features an
amnesia plot, hijinks and banter, corn maze capers, ghost stories, and a little black cat. Stop
in for a spell if you’d like a Halloween treat!

* This story follows the events of the first book in
the series, Merry & Sprite, but may be read as a standalone.


The ghost story is read word for word until the bewitched
dildo appears.

“That’s not … you’re messing up the entire book,

Jonathan is sending him a withering glare from the worn
and well-loved armchair he’s occupying. Forrest blinks lazily back at him, letting his mouth
curve into a slow smile until Jonathan can’t resist and his frown breaks, the corners of his
mouth lifting up too.

“That’s not how we learned it in school,” Jonathan says
primly, but he’s biting at his cheek, trying not to laugh. That right there is one of Forrest’s
favorite things about his boyfriend. Ruffling his feathers and then watching him completely
eat it up.

Which is preciously the reason he’s turning
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow into gothic erotica as he reads aloud to Jonathan, tucked away in
the reading nook at the local book shop. The try-before-you-buy section of the store is
brimming with used paperbacks, each one more dog-eared and dusty than the last,
scattered in senseless piles on shelves and spilling onto the floor.

It’s one of their usual haunts for a late afternoon date, and
on this particular Saturday in mid-October, Forrest is trying to draw out their time together
as much as he can.

“And then,” he continues in a sinister tone, “the women of
Sleepy Hollow tied Ichabod up in the horse stables and gave the naughty schoolmaster his
own education … on strap-ons.”

“You’re insufferable.”

“Ichabod-od-od,” Forrest calls out, in a tone meant to
annoy. “A curious and kinky spell had been cast upon him to bend over for anyone, at any
time. Ichabod became the town—”

“Hush! Don’t talk about spells in front of…” Jonathan’s eyes
go wide as he nods towards a little black cat, curled up soundly in a reading chair nearby.
Lilith, he mouths silently.

There’s this kooky idea Jonathan’s latched onto about Lilith
possessing magical powers. This came after he was struck on the head by a Christmas
ornament and the fairy godfather capers that followed brought the two of them together.
Forrest doesn’t like to think he got a boyfriend due to a braining, but here he is.

He’s not going to deny the possibility that Jonathan may
have been under somebody’s spell when he mysteriously started getting psychic visions that
led him into granting the wishes of local townsfolk. But Forrest is resistant to boarding the
Lilith train without any proof other than Jonathan thinking she winked at him. And
sparkled, like some sort of glitter fairy of cats, which definitely isn’t a thing that exists.

But the matter of wish-granting was not the first peculiar
situation to occur around here, and many of these unexplained events happened long
before Lilith trotted into town and charmed the entire village into taking her in. Though
lately, she’s chosen Forrest’s bed to call her own. To be fair, he can’t blame her. His eight-
hundred-count sheet set is

The truth is, there’s always been something in the water at
Sunset Surf, and he’s not just talking about the radical waves.

About the Author

DANI LAKELY is a recovering
people-pleaser who loves a proper cup of tea, days spent at the ocean, and helicopter
parenting the birds who frequent her yard in a small seaside town on the West Coast of the
United States. Pretty much, if your granny’s into it, so is Dani!

Often to be found with a
book in hand, she reads across many genres, but her favorite is queer romance. Dani’s
fondness for love stories carried over from reading to writing, and she is genuinely happy to
share her kissing books with you.

Social Media Links

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Facebook | Twitter |

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TikTok | Goodreads


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SERIES TOUR: “The Pizza Chronicles” by Andy V. Roamer





The books in the Pizza
Chronicles series follow the main character, RV, through his high school years, as he tries to
answer his many questions about life, God, prayer, sexuality, being the son of immigrants,
and staying loyal to his heritage while carving out his own life and relationships.

The stories should
read in order.

Book #1: Why Can’t Life Be
Like Pizza?

Book #2: Why Can’t
Freshman Summer Be Like Pizza?

Book #3: Why Can’t
Relationships Be Like Pizza?

Book #4: Why Can’t Sophomore Summer Be Like Pizza?

Book #5: Why Can’t Dating Be
Like Pizza?

Overall Heat Rating for the series: 1 flame



Book Title: Why Can’t
Dating Be Like Pizza?

Author: Andy V. Roamer

Publisher: Nine Star Press

Length: 52 000 words

Release Date: August 20,

Genre: Young Adult

Trope: Gay

Heat Rating: 2 flames

Themes: Dating, films, art,
bullying, gay suicide, finding one’s passion, surviving break-ups

This story is a continuation of
Book #1-4 with the same characters and does not end on a cliffhanger. It is best to read the
books in order.

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Series Buy Links

NineStar Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Sixteen year-old RV
negotiates the ups and down of junior year of high school, filled with pressure, new
romance, and unexpected discoveries.



RV is now a junior in Book #5,
Why Can’t Dating Be Like Pizza?. It’s the most important year of high school, as his guidance
counselor makes clear. He pushes RV to improve his grades, get more active socially, and
show colleges why they should accept him over other candidates. But RV has other things on
his mind. He has met Luke, freshly arrived in Boston from Los Angeles. Luke shows him a
whole new world of romance, movie making, and fun. RV’s friends and family pull him in
other directions though. There’s the responsibility of earning money. His longtime friend
Carole pulls him into politics, asking him to direct her campaign running for the student
council. His old crush Bobby isn’t around much, and RV has to accept that he and Bobby are
no longer an item, though he still has some feelings for him. But when Luke makes an
unexpected announcement, RV really has to accept that dating has painful downs as well as
joyful ups.






Book Title: Why Can’t Life Be Like Pizza?

Author: Andy V. Roamer

Publisher: Nine Star Press

Cover Artist: Natasha Snow

Length: 55 100 words/ 208

Release Date: March 30, 2020

Genre: YA Contemporary

Trope: Son of immigrants

Themes: Coming Out

It is a standalone story.

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NineStar Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

In Why Can’t Life Be Like Pizza? RV begins freshman year at demanding Boston Latin School, doing his best to keep
up and fit in while wrestling with his immigrant heritage and his sexuality.



Wrestling with his sexuality, along with a lot of other things,
RV thinks all is okay when he starts going out with
Carole. But things get more complicated when RV develops a crush on Bobby, a football
player in his class, who admits he may have gay feelings, too. Bobby is African American and
facing his own pressures. Luckily, RV develops a friendship with Mr. Aniso, his Latin teacher,
who is gay and always there to talk to when the pressure becomes overwhelming.




Book Title: Why Can’t
Freshman Summer Be Like Pizza?

Author: Andy V. Roamer

Publisher: Nine Star Press

Cover Artist: Natasha Snow

Length: 50 200 words/196

Release Date: June 1,

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Trope: Summer Vacation

Themes: Obstacles to exploring sexuality and enjoying summer

This story is a continuation of
Book #1 with the same characters


Buy Links

Nine Star Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Tagline In
Why Can’t Freshman Summer Be Like
? RV and Bobby have survived freshman
year and are looking forward to spending a wonderful summer together. But life has other


RV and Bobby’s summer is not what they wish for. They
hardly have time to spend with each other.
Bobby is busy at football camp and working at a job his father has pressured him into
taking. RV is busy with a summer job, too, and also has to help his parents pass their U.S.
citizenship test. His friend Carole jumps at the chance to spend her summer in Paris. As
always, Mr. Aniso, RV’s Latin teacher is there to talk to when RV gets too lonely. He’s also
there when RV inadvertently spills one of Bobby’s secrets, and Bobby is so angry at him RV is
afraid he’s ready to cut off the friendship.



Book Title: Why Can’t
Relationships Be Like Pizza?

Author: Andy V. Roamer

Publisher: Nine Star Press

Length: 58 000 words/ 272

Release Date: March 15,

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Trope: Forming relationships

Themes: Maintaining relationships through difficulties/helping friend
through tragedy

This is a continuation of Book
#2 of The Pizza Chronicles


Buy Links

Nine Star Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

In Why Can’t Relationships Be Like Pizza?, Book #3, RV begins sophomore year in high school, though his
relationships create more questions than answers.



RV is trying to maintain his newfound friendship with
Bobby, but it’s becoming harder and harder.
seems a different, more distant, person. RV’s friend Carole is distracted with the ups and
downs in her relationships with the French boyfriends she met during her summer in Paris.
RV’s new friend Mark is focused on his family’s troubles. School is a mixed bag. But Mr.
Aniso, RV’s former teacher and mentor, is there to lean on, especially when near tragedy
strikes and RV needs Mr. Aniso’s counsel to stay strong and provide help where
it’s needed most.



Book Title: Why
Can’t Sophomore Summer Be Like Pizza?

Author: Andy V.

Publisher: Nine Star

Length: 52 000

Release Date: August
23, 2021

Genre: Young Adult LGBT

Tropes: Summer vacation between freshman & sophomore
years of high school

Themes: Teenage steps toward maturity: ups & downs of
romance, driving lessons, coming out to family

It is a standalone story, with the same characters from books

The books have frequent references to previous titles in the
series, so better if they are read in order.


Buy Links


Amazon US | Amazon UK

RV’s summer after sophomore year of high school
isn’t all fun and games as he navigates a budding new relationship, struggles with driving
lessons, copes with the ups and downs of his summer job in a movie theatre, and tries to be
patient with his traditional family that doesn’t want to deal with his sexuality.


It’s the summer after sophomore year and RV enjoys new
adventures and faces new challenges having finished two years of high school. Since he
loves movies, he’s happy to get a job as an usher at a movie multiplex, but learns the
realities of dealing with job stresses and unruly customers. It’s time for him to start learning
how to drive, and his father is eager to give him lessons. But he’s not the most patient of
teachers and RV is not the most capable of drivers. Bobby is still around, but he’s doing the
hard job of recovering from his injury so doesn’t have time for much else. RV tries to open
himself up to a new relationship and is happy when he meets Matteo, who works at the
multiplex also. It looks like the start of a budding romance – until it isn’t. And then there is
RV’s family, loving but traditional, not ready or willing to discuss issues of sexuality. Luckily,
as always, there is Mr. Aniso, RV’s freshmen-year teacher, who has become a friend and is
always there to talk over anything that might be bothering RV. But he’s away for the summer,
helping his partner’s family, so there’s only so much time and attention he can give RV.


About the Author

Andy V. Roamer grew up in the Boston area and moved to New
York City after college. He worked in book publishing for many years, starting out in the
children’s and YA books division and then wearing many other hats. This is his first novel
about RV, the teenage son of immigrants from Lithuania in Eastern Europe, as RV tries to
negotiate his demanding high school, his budding sexuality, and new relationships. He has
written an adult novel, Confessions of a
Gay Curmudgeon
, under the pen name Andy V. Ambrose. To relax, Andy loves to ride his
bike, read, watch foreign and independent movies, and travel.


Social Media Links


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BOOK BLAST: “Trans Deus” by Paul Vander Spiegel


Book Title: Trans

Author: Paul Van der

Publisher: Perceptions

Cover Artist: Paul Van der

Release Date: August 11,

Genre: LGBTQ – Christian

Tropes: Trans Christ in modern day England

Themes: Trans Christ persecuted by the religious, the transphobes, the
haters; closeted Peter, terrorist Judas, addict Andrew, humanist Thomas.

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 75 000 words/ 249

It is part 1 of 4 Queer Gospels
– each one is a different take.



Buy Links

Amazon US | Amazon UK


Trans Christ born in a
modern-day, transphobic England



The Word was with God. The Word was God. Nothing was
created apart from the Word. The Logos became a trans woman and she dwelt amongst us,
full of grace and truth.

Four men have their lives changed forever: Jude, the

terrorist sent to kill the transgender Christ; Peter, the repressed gay man grasping after a
religion of certainty; Andrew, the slave to his sexual appetites; and Tom, the ardent atheist
with crippling financial problems.

From the towns and moors of northern England to the
shadow of the cross in the City of London… the light shone in our darkness and the
consumer, military technocracy comprehended it not.



Tom Bauer scanned the myriad titles in the Selfish Help,
Mind n’ Body, Religion, and Pop Psychology subcategories, publications propped and penny-
stacked on white MDF shelves.

Pop Psychology? What’s the world coming
? Tom thought. What he wanted was Death
Metal Psychology, Hip Hop Head-Help, Roland TB 303 Counselling: anything but fluff and
bluff. He started to laugh, at book shops, at life, at himself for being such a useless sack of
How have I ended up
? he demanded of existence, desperate for
a fix of some arsehole’s fake positivity?

The woman stood next to him reading the inside cover of
The Secret slid it back onto the shelf, then hurried away.

The man who didn’t believe in belief pulled a volume from
the packed display and examined the recommended retail selling price printed beneath the
barcode—the book was the same price as a leg of lamb, as three large chickens.
How the fuck can I justify spending
? he thought.

There was enough money to last another couple of months.
His personal account was overdrawn, as was the joint account. There was always the credit
card and the emergency second credit card, the one that Kristin didn’t know about. The
feeling of being overwhelmed, of drowning, washed over him. Tom was scared: scared that
they could lose their house, scared that what had been certain, mundane, predictable was
now fuzzy and nebulous.

He picked out a copy of the Selfish Help bestseller
I can make you Bulletproof and tried to read the introduction, but the words expanded and
went blurry against the paper. Kristin stepping up her working hours to full-time helped, but
it wasn’t anywhere near enough to cover the shortfall in his wages: the choice was now
which bills
had to be paid.

Tom knew that he was not on his own: across the Public
Sector thousands of people were being let go, especially, it seemed, in the north of England.
Every suitable vacancy had hundreds, thousands, of applicants. His mind flicked to the visit
he had made to the Didsbury Job Centre that morning: there was nothing, not unless he
wanted to be an amusement park squirrel on minimum wage. He had asked the stony-faced
Employment Agency manager whether a drug habit was a mandatory requirement for the

Some people have no sense of
, he reminded himself.

Once he had been on an upward trajectory within society.
Now, Tom visualised his family falling into the abyss of poverty.

Tom pushed I
can make you Bulletproof
with its free hypnosis
CD back into the shelf. He stared at the rows of crack-lit books, at the dope publications, at
the trash written by authors selling glass pipes and rocks to the vulnerable, pushers who
peddled badly cut gear to existential junkies.
Bluffers and bullshitters, he thought,
the lot of you. And yet, I want to buy your
product, get high, face the inevitable come down, buy the sequel
. The thought compounded his sense of despair.

That was when Dave Lucas and Bob Nielson from the
Salford Health Trust Planning Department strode past the end of the aisle and took their
seats in the coffee bar. Tom had forgotten the two spreadsheet goons read manga and
graphic novels for free during their lunchbreak. The last thing he needed was Dave—the
Lurch lookalike in his
X Files T-shirt—and Bob—his skinny anaemic monosyllabic
sidekick—asking him how he was. And he certainly didn’t want to hear how things were
going back at the office, didn’t want to see that “you-poor-bastard” smile, or, even worse,
the sparkle of glee in the eyes of those spared the executioner’s axe. In Tom’s considered
viewpoint, anyone who still believed in “love for your neighbour” need only set up a
corporate redundancy programme to see the reality of the human: fuck thy neighbour lest
thou too get fucked.

Bob Nielson—a sadistic un-helpful prick in Tom’s
opinion—was the man widely suspected of being the elusive Phantom Logger, that
desperado of the digestive system who delighted in cooking up foot-long turds and
depositing them in the men’s third-floor toilets and leaving without flushing. A closed toilet
bowl lid was a sure sign that Nessie was back in town. Neilson had been spotted giggling
outside Trap One just before one particularly unpleasant discovery.
Maybe Bob n’ Dave took it in turns, Tom considered, competing in
their own ghastly gastrointestinal game

How had those two morons survived whilst he’d been cast

He needed to escape the book shop ASA-fucking-P. Tom
knew that if he had to engage in any form of communication with Beavis and Butthead, he
was liable to murder one, or both, of them; bash their heads in with a British Bake Off
cookery brick.

Option One was to hide in the stinking toilets for an hour
like a junkie.
Screw that, Tom decided, which left him with Option Two.

Option Two was printed on the flyer that he had been given
by a smartly-dressed woman outside Boots the Chemist on Market Street, a piece of paper
that announced Manchester Cathedral were running a lunchtime programme of speakers
with that day’s febrile attempt entitled, “
Myth of Eden—a new approach to Genesis
Having someone attempt to defend the Great Book of Fairy Tales enraged and fascinated
Tom at the same time.

He decided that facing down a representative of a
misogynistic, homophobic, corrupt organisation staffed by paedophile pensioners would
take his mind off his financial woes, even if only for a short time. Tom wondered if he could
get thrown out of church for heckling.
Watch out
all you bishops and kings
, he thought,
the Pale Rider is at your gate.

He paid for a copy of The Times at the self-scanning machine,
extended it to its full height, hid his head behind the newspaper, and strode through the
main door. Once he was on Deansgate, he stuck his tongue out at Dave and Bob through the
window. The two men didn’t notice, but an old man drinking a latte from a tall glass stared
at him in surprise.

It took two minutes for Tom to walk to his favourite place in
the whole world, the John Rylands library. Tom loved everything about the building—the
décor, the stillness and, most of all, the collection of ancient writings, works that covered
every aspect of the human experience across three millennia: legal, medical, science, and
the history of tribes and lost nations. He could spend his entire life in this one library and still
only scratch the surface of the knowledge within.

Plus, it was free admission.

Through the glass entrance, through the gift shop and café,
up the modern staircase, past the Italian tourists, then into the red-stone vaulted cloisters,
and up the stone staircase to the third floor where Thomas reverently entered the Reading
Room. There, he was greeted by old friends: Luther, Milton, Shakespeare, Goethe, and
Calvin, evidently no girls were allowed in Enriqueta Ryland’s library, apart from the lady
herself. Tom sat at the mahogany table beneath the statue of Gibbon. Trusting in the
presence of this enemy of Faith he read the newspaper, searching all the while for the one-
liner that would transform his life.

Tom finished the easy, then started the medium difficulty,
Sudoku puzzle. Thirty minutes later, he had ground to a frustrating halt. Checking his watch,
he noticed he was late for the Genesis gig at God’s gaff. He had a choice to make—sack off
scripture or go and put the righteous in their rightful place. Still holding the newspaper, Tom
legged it from the library, dove down Deansgate, veered along Victoria, and arrived, gasping
for breath, at the Cathedral doors.

The presentation in the Saviour Chapel had already begun
and all the black metal chairs had been taken. Tom edged right and stood, leaning against
the cold stone wall.

A blonde woman in jeans and a blue t-shirt prowled the
front of the chapel. “Clothes are made from the cotton plant,” she said to her audience,
“from animal hide, from nylon that is made from oil found under the seabed. Clothes are
human constructs of naturally occurring materials. Gravity is a physical law, but our certainty
that the universe is a matter machine is a human construct, a metaphor. Even when we are
given fact, we fashion it into meaning to wear about our person.”

“Amen,” a man in front of Tom said.

“For fuck’s sake,” Tom muttered, shaking his head,
realisation dawning on him that he had made a dreadful mistake.

“Our certainties adjust during our lifetime,” the woman
said, “new knowledge and different learning become more important, people we love die,
friends change, our pets grow old and die, the world around us changes, new roads are built,
and our favourite breakfast cereal has a packaging redesign.”

To his left was a disabled man in a wheelchair—twisted
limbs, twisted face, thick oversized ears, and jam-jar spectacles. Tom averted his gaze.
Poor sod, he thought. It would have been better
for him, for his family, for society, if he’d never been born

“That which is our reality, our certainty, is but a metaphor.
It is unreal in the sense that it is a construct of a construct. All our certainties are torn down
at our death. We arrive at check-in stark naked and shivering, belonging to no culture and
belonging to all. Stripped of all that we have ever wrapped around ourselves, what is

You’re shit-boring, love, Tom thought. Wish I hadn’t
come now
. Behind the altar, a huge red curtain
hung from the roof. Tom was struck by how much the church resembled the 2-3-74 temple
Ultimate Negation 2—the first-person shooter game that had used a digitised version
of the building as the backdrop for all-out war between the remnants of humanity and
hordes of gun-toting alien invaders. The Church authorities had claimed on the TV news that
their Cathedral was a “space for grace,” and the Japanese corporation who had produced
the game had violated this sacred principle. Tom had never heard anything so stupid in all
his life: most city-centre tourist attractions would give their right arm for that kind of


About the Author

I am the author of Trans
Deus, 7 Minutes, Parably Not, and A Particular Friendship. My stories are about the
intersection of faith and sexuality. I am a William Blake obsessive, and I’m working on new
books with Blake’s themes – sex and gender, revelation and rebellion – at the heart of the

Author Links

| Twitter



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SERIES TOUR & NEW RELEASE: “Perfect World” Rafflecopter Giveaway Included!



The Perfect World Series by Shari

Superhero. Supervillain. Super-complicated

The stories should be read in

Perfect World (Perfect
World #1)

(companion novel)

New Era (Perfect World

Broken World (Perfect
World #3)

Publisher: Farnhurst

Cover Artist: Shari

Genres: LGBTQ / Science Fiction / Superhero Fiction

Tropes: Enemies to

Overall Heat Rating for the series: 1 flame




Book Title: Perfect World

Length: 341

Release Date: July 18,

This book ends on a cliffhanger.



Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US | Amazon UK




London, 2115

It is the year 2115 and the world is very different. With
climate changes, natural disasters and war shaping the landscape, England has become a
nation made up of several super cities and wasteland in between.

Eric Rawlins is a genetically engineered superhero created
by the London Security Agency (L.S.A) to defend and protect the city against both national
and international threats. With his superior abilities, celebrity status and beautiful girlfriend,
Eric appears to have the perfect life. However, it is an illusion created by the L.S.A in order to
control him.

Eric’s nemesis is the charismatic Adam Larimore. The only
son of billionaire business tycoon Victor Larimore, Adam is gifted with a genius level IQ as
well as the same longevity as Eric.

When the actions of the L.S.A throw the two of them
together Eric finds himself questioning everything that he has ever known as well as
discovering the true course of events that led to Adam turning to a life of crime. As they
become closer Eric realises that the L.S.A may be the real threat to London. But can he trust
Adam or is he part of Adam’s plan for revenge against those who have wronged



Book Title: Adam

Length: 243

Release Date: March 12,

It can be read as a standalone
but it is best to read with the Perfect World series.

The book does not end on a



Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US | Amazon UK




Adam Larimore is on a mission of self-destruct. After
learning that he was genetically engineered for the sole purpose of inheriting his father’s
empire, Adam has been determined to ruin his father’s life and, in the process, his own.
When Ivan Williams, the man soon to become the Head of the London Security Agency
(L.S.A), approaches Adam with the offer of a business partnership, Adam discovers the
appalling truth behind the technological and genetic advancements that have come to shape
England. His relationship with his father is at breaking point and when events take a
devastating turn, Adam finds himself pushed further than perhaps he wanted to go.



Book Title: New

Length: 272

Release Date: May 28,

It is not standalone story and
oes the book end on a cliffhanger.



Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US | Amazon UK




Eric Rawlins is a broken man. Still reeling from the L.S.A’s
betrayal and then the death of his lover, Eric is struggling with his new responsibilities in
north London. When a proposition from the Government heightens the stakes, Eric very
quickly finds himself faced with a choice that could change the destiny of the entire

Eric knows that he has to step up and become the hero that
those closest to him are convinced that he can be, but a deadly confrontation with the
L.S.A’s new special agent leaves his belief in tatters.

Meanwhile, unknown to Eric, Adam awakens to once again
find himself a pawn in Ivan Williams’ play for power.



Book Title: Broken World

Length: 87 569

Release Date: July 8,

It is not a standalone story. It
does not end on a cliffhanger.

Warning for some readers: This novel contains a brief non-
graphic depiction of a suicide attempt, which may be a trigger for some readers.



Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US |
Amazon UK




Eric Rawlins has made the people of England a promise.
That he will stand for them against Ivan Williams and the L.S.A, but with politics and agendas
threatening to dictate his every move, Eric struggles to find allies that he can trust.

When a daring mission to rescue Adam’s staff goes awry,
Eric finds that he is starting to question himself in ways that shake him to the very core.
Whilst grappling with his inner turmoil, Eric can also see that Adam is struggling against his
own demons.

As the pressure begins to build, Eric takes the fight to
Williams. However, Adam’s dangerous obsession with revenge threatens to not only put the
entire operation in jeopardy, but his relationship with Eric too.


Excerpt from Broken World

Adam moved as soon as the L.S.A agents did. He slammed into
Elle and knocked her to the ground. As the gunfire started, Adam kept her covered with his
own body. Beneath him her screams were barely audible over the shooting. It was not just
coming from the White Tower, but from the opposite direction where the barracks had been

Then he felt a hand on his arm. Glancing up he was relieved to
see Eric leaning down over them. Adam reacted immediately. He got to his feet and dragging
Elle up with him, Adam pushed her into Eric’s arms.

“Go!” he snapped when he saw how Eric hesitated. “I’ll be
right behind you!”

Lifting Elle up off the ground, Eric started to run back towards
the bridge and Perses. The gunfire began to fade into the background as the L.S.A seemed to
now be concentrating on whoever it was who had started shooting at them.

They had passed the ruins of the Bell Tower when it happened.
Adam felt something crash into him, and he was thrown back into the masonry. Pain
exploded from his left shoulder and travelled all the way down his arm.

“Eric!” he tried to shout, but the pain had robbed his voice of
its strength and his boyfriend’s name came out as a choked whisper.

“I’m afraid he’s long gone,” Neil’s sneering figure appeared in
Adam’s line of vision. “It’s just you and me!”

Neil reached down and dragged Adam back to his feet by his
good arm. He looked battered and almost deranged. Neil’s nose was still bleeding and when
he spoke Adam could see blood staining his teeth red. His eyes were wild and one of his
pupils was enlarged. There was blood in his hair, matting the blond against his head. Still
despite all this, he seemed supercharged with his fury. All of it was directed at Adam.

“Dad’s going to be pretty pissed off about this mess!” Neil
snarled as he started to pull Adam back towards where Traitor’s Gate had once stood. “But
maybe if I bring him you, he will be more inclined to look passed all of this!”

Adam tried to dig his heels into the ground, to make it as
difficult for Neil as possible but his struggles barely seemed to make a difference.

“Eric!” he croaked into his radio. As soon as he spoke, Neil
lunged forwards and ripped it from his ear. Suddenly free, Adam drew back whilst his
uninjured hand went for his gun. Neil was on him before he could raise the weapon. He
struck Adam hard around the side of the head. Pain blossomed from the impact as he once
more fell to the ground. The cry that escaped Adam as he landed amused Neil. His snarl
twisted into a sadistic grin as he once more hauled Adam back to his feet. For a few seconds,
the pain forced Adam let himself be dragged through the former Traitor’s Gate site and
towards the river.

If he gets me back into south London, then it’s all

Adam renewed his struggling. He could not move his left arm
and Neil still had hold of his right, so he quickly changed tactics. Using his momentum to
push himself closer to the other man, Adam brought his knee up between Neil’s legs with as
much force as he could muster. Neil yelled angrily, but he did not let Adam go as he doubled
over. His action jerked Adam off his feet, and he would have fallen had Neil not kept his hold
on his arm.

“You’re going to fucking pay for that!” Neil screamed furiously
as he slammed Adam against the metal railings that cordoned off the Thames from the
Tower of London site. One hand still held Adam firmly in place whilst the other closed
around his throat.

Adam gasped. Pinned between Neil’s body and the railing, he
was unable to move more than a token struggle. He tried to pull his arm free, but with the
pressure on his neck increasing Adam was finding it impossible to breathe. Neil loomed over
him, and he was close enough that Adam could see the red lines streaking through the
whites of his eyes. He was not trying to kill Adam, just force him into unconsciousness. This
thought gave him little comfort. If he was taken back to the L.S.A headquarters, then he
would be dead by the end of the day.

Adam’s vision was starting to blur, and he had stopped fighting.
He could feel the cold press of the railing at his back and the metal shaking under their
combined weight.

“Neil…” Adam choked out with the last of his strength. “The

Yet as he spoke, he felt it give way. Adam shot his arm out,
trying to reach for something – anything – to save him, but his hand closed around nothing
other than air. As he felt himself falling, Neil drew back and managed to catch his footing
right on the edge. The sight of him stumbling onto the firmer ground was the last thing
Adam saw as he hit the water. Immediately as the cold river enveloped him, Adam fought for
the surface. However, with only the use of one arm, he was unable to break his head above
the water. Feebly he tried to kick, but his already oxygen-starved lungs could not take
anymore. Adam barely had a moment to feel afraid before he blacked out.

Copyright © 2022 Shari Sakurai

All rights reserved


About the Author

Shari Sakurai is a British
author of paranormal, horror, science fiction and fantasy novels that almost always feature a
LGBTQ protagonist and/or antagonist. She has always loved to write and it is her escape
from the sometimes stressful modern life!

Aside from writing, Shari
enjoys reading, watching movies, listening to (loud!) music, going to rock concerts and
learning more about other societies and cultures. Japanese culture is of particular interest to
her and she often incorporates Japanese themes and influences into her work.

Shari loves a challenge and
has taken part and won the National Novel Writing Month challenge thirteen


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