RELEASE BLITZ: “Studious” by Leslie McAdam.


Book Title:

Author and Publisher: Leslie

Cover Artist: Garrett

Release Date: October 7,

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: Rake/Virgin, love tutor, opposites attract, nerd/popular guy,
office romance

Themes: Being comfortable in your own skin

Heat Rating: 5 flames

Length: 70 000 words/258

It is a standalone story in the
IOU series.

It does not end on a


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After a disastrous high school game of spin the bottle, I
gave up trying to get a boyfriend and spent my time studying instead. Now I’m twenty-four,
and I’m not only a virgin, I haven’t even been kissed.

When I meet
Danny, a handsome legal hotshot, he catches my eye. Right before I trip on flat ground.


He’s got a massive
… reputation. He’s the most popular guy in the club, a total playboy with a new conquest
every night. There’s no way he’d be interested in me.

But one night
after I imbibe too much, he winds up taking care of me. And when I ask for his help with my
travesty of a social life, he agrees to teach me how to be less awkward with men … if I let
him document my progress so he can win a bet with his best friend.

Even though he’s
just my love tutor and I’m just his apprentice, this starts to feel like more.

Too bad it can’t be
anything but a high-level seminar in how to seduce someone else.

Studious is a
sweet and sexy contemporary opposites-attract m/m romance about a suave attorney who’s
scared to love and the shy, nerdy bookkeeper he’s teaching how to be a player. Cue
makeover montage and a smoldering first kiss. These heroes most definitely are
falling in love. (Okay, heartwarming HEA guaranteed.)


“Can you help me?” I blurt out.

He blinks. “Help you how?”

“Help me be more like you.”

Danny throws his head back and laughs. “Why on earth
would you want to be more like me? Just be yourself. You seem like a pretty cool

“I’m too shy, and I don’t know how to ask for what I

“You did it pretty well just now,” he points out.

“That’s because I’m desperate.” I bite my lower lip and let
out a sigh. “Never mind.”

He holds up his hands. “Whoa, whoa. What is it that you

“I’m really inexperienced,” I say. “It’s embarrassing. I see
you all confident, and I wish I could have that kind of confidence.”

“You have plenty of confidence. You’re the absolute boss of

“But I know nothing about what to do between the

Danny smiles. “Oh, is that all? You can get experience in the
bedroom. That’s easy.”

“That’s what I’m saying. It isn’t easy. I don’t even know
where to start.”

Now his face morphs to confusion. “What do you

I straighten my shoulders. Might as well confess everything.
“I’ve never even kissed anyone. Like a real kiss, I mean.”

He studies me. “You really haven’t kissed anyone?”

“Go ahead and say it,” I mutter. “I’m the biggest nerd you’ve
ever met.”

“No. I think you may be the most genuine person I’ve ever
met. You’re not letting yourself be talked into something you don’t want to do.”

I falter. “But that’s the point. I do want to kiss

“Would you want to kiss me?” Danny’s question isn’t
teasing or an offer. It comes out as a genuine inquiry.

My huffed-out laugh is loud and fast. “Yes. I mean, no,
that’s not right.”

I can’t believe I’m talking about kissing with Danny while
he’s wearing only boxers and looking so kissable I could die from …
something. Desire or
shame, not sure which. It could go either way.

Right now, it’s looking like shame, since I’m aghast that I
managed to ask my crush for help.

Oh, shit.

This is going to implode. I’m going to lose my job and then
be blackballed from ever working again. And …

I take a deep breath. I’ve come this far, and I’m ashamed
enough as it is to both be a virgin and be asking one of my new bosses for help. I’m not
going to leave here without having done my best to plead my case. Except …

“I’d like to kiss you, but I wouldn’t want you to feel guilted
into it,” I say.

“Fair enough,” Danny says. “But that isn’t what I meant. I’m
just trying to figure out where you’re coming from. You want me to help you find someone
else to kiss.”

Now or never.

“Yes, and I want you to teach me how to kiss. And how to
have sex.”

Danny chokes on his coffee but recovers quickly. “Like, be a
sex tutor?”


“Jesus. I need a moment.” He puts his cup down and takes a
deep breath. “Do you have any idea how enticing the idea of being someone’s first is? At
least to a guy like me?”

“So will you help me? Because the only dates I’ve been on
have sucked. I’m not having any luck at all.”

He rubs a hand over his face. “I’m trying to figure out what
it is you’re asking. What exactly do you want me to teach you, and how? Because I’m not
fucking you,” he adds quickly. “I mean, you’re plenty fuckable. But I’m not the right one for
you. You should save that for someone you care about.”

“You don’t have that kind of restriction.”

“I don’t do feelings or commitments. So the emotional part
of sex doesn’t matter to me.”

“I don’t want it to matter for me, either. I’m sick of this.” I
gesture at myself helplessly.

He’s silent for a long moment. Then he shakes his head.
“I’m sorry, but I think it’s a bad idea. I can’t do it.”

About the Author

Leslie McAdam is a California
girl who loves romance and well-defined abs. She lives in a drafty old farmhouse on a small
orange tree farm in Southern California with her husband and two children. Leslie’s first
published book,
The Sun and the
, won a 2015 Watty, which is the world’s
largest online writing competition. She’s gone on to receive additional literary awards and
has been featured in multiple publications, including Her books have
been Top 100 Bestsellers on both Amazon and Apple Books. Leslie is employed by day but
spends her nights writing about the men of your fantasies.

Author Links

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Instagram | Newsletter

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RELEASE BLITZ: “Playing by the Rules” by Beth Bolden. $20.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Included!


Book Title: Playing by
the Rules
(Miami Piranhas Book

Author and Publisher: Beth

Cover Artist: Cate Ashwood

Release Date: October 7,

Genres: Gay contemporary sports romance

Tropes: Forbidden romance, friends to lovers

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 103 000

It is #3 in the


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Universal Link | Amazon
Amazon UK


Ex-quarterback Davis Abernathy knows he’s on his last

If he strikes out as Paxton Kelly’s coach, nobody
else is going to call him. Not to get back on the field, and not to stand on the

He’s got a lot to teach Pax, and as a second-year
quarterback, Pax has a lot to learn. But Davis doesn’t anticipate the irresistible way they’ll be
drawn together from their first meeting. He never could have predicted such a fierce and
uncontrollable yearning—or that Pax would feel the same.

It should be easy to remember rules aren’t meant
to be broken, and certain lines aren’t meant to be crossed, but the only thing that’s easy is
falling totally, completely in love with Pax.

As Davis falls harder, Pax succeeding becomes just
as important—and maybe more so—than resurrecting his own career. If he messes this up,
his last chance isn’t all he’ll be sacrificing.

What he should be is focused on being the perfect
mentor. But what he wants is Pax in his bed, Pax in his life, and more impossibly, to win Pax’s
heart forever.


Davis gave Pax credit, watching him after the game,
because he put on a good face. The kind of face that a leader would wear when one of his
players had an extraordinary game, and Dylan undeniably had. He’d tied the record for the
most field goals made in a single game.

Davis thought he might be the only one who saw the
frustration lingering in Pax’s face. The only one who looked close enough to see

After he finished with the press conference, Davis
went to find him.

And found him, just as he’d expected, back to the wall
in a tiny empty hallway a few doors down from the media room.

This was always where he went to decompress after a
game, and after the media had finished tearing him apart.

Davis knew it wasn’t goddamn easy, and he didn’t
begrudge Pax the quiet time he needed. Whatever was required to rebuild the confidence,
to shore up the walls that everyone constantly kept trying to tear down.

When he appeared in the mouth of the hallway, Pax
glanced up. “I just need another minute,” he said.

“It’s cool,” Davis said. He took the spot right next to
Pax, leaning against the wall, too. Didn’t say anything else. Just watched.

It wasn’t really allowed to watch him this

But he did it anyway.

Pax’s head was tipped back, eyes closed, as the stress
of the day slowly slipped off his face. He had a good week’s worth of scruff, golden brown
and glinting even in the darkened light of the hallway. He’d unbuttoned his suit jacket, and
Davis could see the shadow of his torso under the white shirt he wore underneath

Davis’ fingers flexed. He wanted so bad to reach out
and touch, even though he knew he couldn’t.

But for one minute, for sixty seconds, he let himself
really want it; for once, didn’t try to bury the desire, just felt it. It didn’t make this any
easier, but there was something freeing about letting himself have this. Even if it was only
for a brief moment.

He was on second sixty-seven when finally, Pax

“My hips weren’t loose,” he said ruefully.

“What? I’m shocked,” Davis teased.

“No, you’re not.” Pax sighed. “What are we gonna do
about it?”

“How do you know there’s something we’re going to
do about it?”

Pax shot him a look. Hot, singeing him around the
edges. The desire flared, but this time, Davis stuffed it right back down, right back into its
box, straining at the corners and joints. But it held. Barely.

They’d won the game today. They were four and two,
and they’d won their last four games. Pax had come so far. The last thing Davis needed to do
was lose himself.

“Okay, fine, yeah, I’m gonna do something about it.
But you’re not going to like it.”

“Oh, I didn’t think I was going to like it.” Pax’s
voice was very dry. He still hadn’t opened his eyes, but Davis knew that if he did, he’d see
amusement in them.

And trust. So much trust.

Was it any wonder he couldn’t betray

“If it’s any consolation, I’m not sure I’ll like it either.”
He already knew he wouldn’t. But it would make Paxton a better football player, and that
was the only thing that mattered. Not all of his sleepless nights, not all of his pointless
yearning, not any of the feelings that he kept trying to push away.

About the Author

A lifelong Pacific Northwester, Beth Bolden has just recently moved to North Carolina with
her supportive husband. Beth still believes in Keeping Portland Weird, and intends to be just
as weird in Raleigh.

Beth has been writing practically since she learned the alphabet. Unfortunately, her first
foray into novel writing, titled Big Bear with Sparkly Earrings, wasn’t a bestseller, but hope
springs eternal. She’s published twenty-three novels and seven novellas.

Author Links

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Facebook | Twitter |

Instagram | Newsletter Sign-


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RELEASE BLITZ: “Blinding Light” by BL Maxwell. $10.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Included!


Book Title: Blinding
Road To
Rocktoberfest 2022)

Author and Publisher: BL

Cover Artist: Natasha

Release Date: October 11,

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance, Rockstar Romance

Tropes: Age gap

Themes: Second chances

Heat Rating: 2 – 3

It is a standalone story and
does not end on a cliffhanger.


Buy Links –
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US | Amazon UK


Easy Rian has been lead singer for Blinding Light since the
band was formed. Through the years many things have changed. Not all of them good.
When the lead guitarist leaves mid-tour, the rest of the band is left waiting to see if they’ll
continue on to Roctoberfest, or if this is where their tour ends.

Liam Tarrant has been playing guitar for as long as he can
remember. When he gets the chance to audition for Blinding Light, he jumps at the chance.

Meeting the band is surreal, especially the lead singer, Easy. Liam has always had a crush on
Easy, but he never thought he’d get the chance to meet him, let alone spend time alone with

Easy is drawn to Liam, no matter how much he wants to
deny it. When the two are thrown together over practice and planning the upcoming tour,
attraction grows between the two of them that neither can deny. But falling in love on tour
could be what finally ends Blinding Light, and both of them will need to choose what’s more
important to them. Love or music, can they have it all?

#rockstar #mmromance #grumpysunshine

Blinding Light is part of the multi-author The Road to Rocktoberfest 2022 series. Each
book can be read as a standalone. Hot rockstars and the men who love them, what more
could you ask for?


That look he gave me. I knew that look. And right now, right
here, I needed to decide if we changed our professional relationship forever, or if I actually
behaved and didn’t fuck it up. “What do you want, Liam?” Christ, I hadn’t meant to say that,
but now that the words were out there I found myself waiting for his answer.

“What if I said you?”

I reached out and stroked my knuckle down his cheek and he
leaned in closer as his eyes slid shut. “Think about what you’re asking. This could be your big
break. What happens if it all goes to shit between us and we end up hating each

“You sound like this has happened before?” he said with a grin
that made me feel things I hadn’t felt in far too many years.

“Maybe. Maybe not.” He didn’t need to know about all the
random hookups through the years. Both bandmates, and fans. Some at afterparties, and
some non-fans at bars. Lots and lots of randoms. “You’ve got that spark.”

About the Author

BL Maxwell grew up in a small town listening to her grandfather spin tales about his
childhood. Later she became an avid reader and after a certain vampire series she became
obsessed with fanfiction. She soon discovered Slash fanfiction and later discovered the MM
genre and was hooked.


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BLOG TOUR: “The Bond” by Xavier Axelson.


Book Title: The Bond
(Elemental Book 1)

Author: Xavier

Publisher: JMS

Release Date: October 1,

Genres: Contemporary M/M Horror/Dark

Tropes: Vampire/stranger comes to town/strange things start to
happen/good versus evil/transformations/magic/suspense/creepy

Themes: Loyalty, forgiveness, obligation, acceptance

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 155 459 words/392

It is Book 1 in the series and
ends with a
HFN. There are unresolved plot points
but it’s not necessarily a cliffhanger.


Buy Links

| Amazon US | Amazon UK

In a small New England
town, three men, each facing unthinkable horrors, must rely on their friendship to destroy
an evil beyond imagination.


Four men are about to discover things are definitely not
what they seem…including themselves. Declan Makavoy, small town farmer and single
father, finds out it’s not just his thumb that’s green. Ivan Soresceau, a local reporter, who
always plays with fire in life and love, is about to discover what it means to be burned.
Chester Silberglocke, the ailing but sage chiropractor, finds his death only the beginning of
an atmospheric afterlife. Vinny Pirelli, the local swimming champ may make waves inside
and outside the pool but has no idea he is the last piece in a dangerous and life-changing
puzzle. Seduction and unearthly occurrences are only the beginning in what proves to be a
race against time as Declan, Ivan, Chester, and Vinny are pitted against a dark force beyond
imagination, in the ultimate battle of good versus evil.


The wind carried the unpleasant smell of decay. In the heat
of summer, the odor is nectar sweet, but in autumn, decay is unexpected. In the summer, it
could be tomatoes left too long on the vine, fresh roadkill or sewage wafting up from the
dank sidewalk grates. Autumn chilled the stench, offered it bite and acid. The hair on my
neck stood on end. I dug my hands deeper into my pockets.

Coming out of the tree-lined path leading to the fields
reminded me of emerging from a dream. Overwrought and graphic, like an illustration in a
bad comic, the scene unfolded block-by-block, piece-by-piece. The fields were barren, except
where remains of gourds and pumpkins jutted from the earth like fevered skulls, things
emerging to the cold dreary light. The distant pine trees lined the border of my property like
sentries sent from a general to contain the scene. Beyond the trees, the forest appeared a
black mass; empty and full at the same time. Perhaps Adam’s body—or Adam
himself—waited, hidden in the woods.

They hadn’t found a body.

Hadn’t found…

A new but not unfamiliar wave of pain welled within my
chest so I thought I’d burst. Adam was dead. Dead…How could he be…?

Chester turned toward me, his eyes wide. He

Antonia sat, facing him. She’d been playing house or school
with her gourd-squash students. Her singsong contrasted with the fouled air, unnerving

Behind her, centered in the field, something either unaware
or unconcerned with our presence was consuming the remaining pumpkins.

Some thing.

“Declan,” Chester breathed, “stay still.”

The stench coming from the field hit like a ton of putrid

“Get her.” I heaved, trying to breathe through the stink. “I
have to get her.”

Chester restrained me with more strength than I thought he
possessed. “She must stay still.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“I don’t know.”

Just then a huge crow dove and we watched as the creature
reached with a massive clawed paw, grabbed the bird and crushed it. It then stuffed the bird
into its mouth and made horrific bone-sucking sounds of pleasure.

Antonia smiled and called, “Daddy, have you seen the

About the Author

Xavier Axelson is a writer and
columnist living in Los Angeles. Axelson’s work has been featured in various erotic and
horror anthologies including
Best Gay Erotica 2016
Volume 2,
Best Gay Erotica 2015.

Longer written works include
“The Incident”, “Dutch’s Boy”, “The Birches”, “Earthly Concerns”, “Velvet,” and “Lily”.

Author Links

Facebook | Twitter |


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RELEASE BLITZ: “Bone to be Wilde” by Dani Lakely


Book Title: Bone to be Wilde
(Holiday in Sunset Surf Book 2)

Author and Publisher: Dani

Cover Artist: J

Release Date: September 27,

Genre: M/M Halloween Rom-Com

Tropes: Opposites attract, amnesia spell, small town

Themes: Forgiveness

Heat Rating: 3 flames

It is the second book in the
series, but may be read as a standalone. It d
oes not
end on a cliffhanger.


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon UK

Drop in for a


It’s trick or treat for two smitten lovers in this seasonal
holiday romance as Halloween approaches and a little unleashed magic lets the ghoul times

Forrest’s to-do list:
1. Convince Jonathan to move in with

2. No, seriously. That’s it.

It’s been nine months of playful bickering and bliss
for Forrest Wilde and his boyfriend, Jonathan. But in order to move their relationship
forward, Jonathan needs Forrest to find closure from his past.

Alexander Adler is back in town and dragging all of
Forrest’s ghosts screaming into the light. Is there still a spark waiting to ignite between
Forrest and his ex, or are they nothing more than toasted history? Forrest isn’t exactly eager
to find out, given that sometimes the monsters under the bed are people who haunt us from
days gone by.

Every autumn, the town of Sunset Surf comes alive
in celebration of the season. But this year, when Forrest falls under a mysterious spell that
forces him to forget the person he loves most, there will be plenty of spooks in store for the
fun-loving and eccentric residents of this seaside village. Torn between flight and fright,
Forrest must face his fears in order to make his way back to true love—or risk losing it

Bone to be Wilde is a contemporary gay rom-
com set in a small beach town on the Southern California coast. The story features an
amnesia plot, hijinks and banter, corn maze capers, ghost stories, and a little black cat. Stop
in for a spell if you’d like a Halloween treat!

* This story follows the events of the first book in
the series, Merry & Sprite, but may be read as a standalone.


The ghost story is read word for word until the bewitched
dildo appears.

“That’s not … you’re messing up the entire book,

Jonathan is sending him a withering glare from the worn
and well-loved armchair he’s occupying. Forrest blinks lazily back at him, letting his mouth
curve into a slow smile until Jonathan can’t resist and his frown breaks, the corners of his
mouth lifting up too.

“That’s not how we learned it in school,” Jonathan says
primly, but he’s biting at his cheek, trying not to laugh. That right there is one of Forrest’s
favorite things about his boyfriend. Ruffling his feathers and then watching him completely
eat it up.

Which is preciously the reason he’s turning
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow into gothic erotica as he reads aloud to Jonathan, tucked away in
the reading nook at the local book shop. The try-before-you-buy section of the store is
brimming with used paperbacks, each one more dog-eared and dusty than the last,
scattered in senseless piles on shelves and spilling onto the floor.

It’s one of their usual haunts for a late afternoon date, and
on this particular Saturday in mid-October, Forrest is trying to draw out their time together
as much as he can.

“And then,” he continues in a sinister tone, “the women of
Sleepy Hollow tied Ichabod up in the horse stables and gave the naughty schoolmaster his
own education … on strap-ons.”

“You’re insufferable.”

“Ichabod-od-od,” Forrest calls out, in a tone meant to
annoy. “A curious and kinky spell had been cast upon him to bend over for anyone, at any
time. Ichabod became the town—”

“Hush! Don’t talk about spells in front of…” Jonathan’s eyes
go wide as he nods towards a little black cat, curled up soundly in a reading chair nearby.
Lilith, he mouths silently.

There’s this kooky idea Jonathan’s latched onto about Lilith
possessing magical powers. This came after he was struck on the head by a Christmas
ornament and the fairy godfather capers that followed brought the two of them together.
Forrest doesn’t like to think he got a boyfriend due to a braining, but here he is.

He’s not going to deny the possibility that Jonathan may
have been under somebody’s spell when he mysteriously started getting psychic visions that
led him into granting the wishes of local townsfolk. But Forrest is resistant to boarding the
Lilith train without any proof other than Jonathan thinking she winked at him. And
sparkled, like some sort of glitter fairy of cats, which definitely isn’t a thing that exists.

But the matter of wish-granting was not the first peculiar
situation to occur around here, and many of these unexplained events happened long
before Lilith trotted into town and charmed the entire village into taking her in. Though
lately, she’s chosen Forrest’s bed to call her own. To be fair, he can’t blame her. His eight-
hundred-count sheet set is

The truth is, there’s always been something in the water at
Sunset Surf, and he’s not just talking about the radical waves.

About the Author

DANI LAKELY is a recovering
people-pleaser who loves a proper cup of tea, days spent at the ocean, and helicopter
parenting the birds who frequent her yard in a small seaside town on the West Coast of the
United States. Pretty much, if your granny’s into it, so is Dani!

Often to be found with a
book in hand, she reads across many genres, but her favorite is queer romance. Dani’s
fondness for love stories carried over from reading to writing, and she is genuinely happy to
share her kissing books with you.

Social Media Links

Blog/Website |
Facebook | Twitter |

Newsletter Sign-up
TikTok | Goodreads


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RELEASE BLITZ: “Hidden Blade” by Kaje Harper


Book Title: Hidden Blade: The Road to Rocktoberfest 2022

Author and Publisher: Kaje

Cover Artist: Natasha

Release Date: October 4,

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: First-time, clinical anxiety

Themes: Coming out, hurt-comfort

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 86 000

It is a standalone story and
does not end on a cliffhanger.

It is part of a shared-world
series. This is the first release from this year’s set.


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US | Amazon UK

willpower isn’t enough.



Social anxiety’s been my constant companion for
twenty-three years, sometimes in the background, sometimes silencing me and yanking my

guts out in the nearest trash can. No matter how much I love playing music, I’m never going
to get up on a stage and perform in front of a crowd. But since I met Erik, and was asked to
join his band Hellsbane, that knowledge hurts worse.

No heart (even Erik’s) or dick (even Erik’s) is big
enough to carry me past my limits, but God, I wish there was a way.


Life’s damned unfair when a guy with the voice of a
hard-rock angel and a songwriting talent like Cam’s can only post anonymous videos online.
But you can’t cure anxiety with wanting, or willpower. My drummer needs to quit trying to
push Cam onstage with us before he breaks.

Rocktoberfest’s still our goal, and touring with
Hellsbane was my only ambition, until I met Cam. Now I can’t have everything I love in one
place, but dammit, I wish there was a way.

A first-times, life challenges, coming out,
rockstar romance.

Hidden Blade is part of the multi-author The Road to Rocktoberfest 2022 series. Each book
can be read as a standalone, but why not read them all and see who hits the stage next? Hot
rockstars and the men who love them, what more could you ask for? Kick back, load up your
kindle and enjoy the men of Rocktoberfest!



“You suck.” I glared at Andre as I clutched the puke bucket
between my knees.

“Hey, you did it, dude.” He took his eyes off the road for a
second to grin at me. “You got through a whole set and walked off that stage with your head
held high.”

“And my intestines climbing out my mouth.”

“Ew, gross image.”

“You’re a nurse. You eat gross images for

Andre threw his head back and laughed. “Okay, you got me.
But seriously, wasn’t that even a little bit cool?”

“The bit where I puked in the john before I went onstage,
or the part where I got as far as the dumpster down the block afterward?”

“Oh, the dumpster. For sure.” He patted my knee. “I won’t
push you anymore. But you were a hit. If you wanted a job or a good fuck, they were lining
up to offer it to you. Maybe both at the same time.”

“Hah. Bullshit.” I’m skinny and beanpole-tall and I haven’t
cut my hair in years because reasons, and I have this nose that I only don’t hate because it’s
just like my dad’s was.

“I mean it.” At the stoplight he fished in his pocket and
pulled out a card. “Lead singer of this group was drooling all over your set and he came
looking for you like a moose hunting its mate when you were done.”

“You make him sound so appealing.” I took the card from
his fingers. “Apparently I could’ve fucked a moose. Wow.”

“Or been fucked by.” The light turned and Andre hit the gas.
“He wasn’t that bad, for an older dude. I know you like them with some years on

“Shut up, Bones.”

“Only the truth, Spock.”

I chuckled, despite the acid still churning around in my
stomach. No one on the planet knew me as well as Andre, and in one regrettably truthful
moment years back I’d spilled my attraction to silver foxes and solid older men. He liked to
tease me, but never in a mean way, and he kept bigger secrets of mine than that one. “I’m
not trying to get laid.”

“You should be. Seriously, Cam, you’ve been with what, two
guys in your whole life? A man has needs, or so I tell Lyssa every day.”

“That girl is way too good for you.”

Woman, Cameron. Don’t let the g-word cross your lips. And you’re damn right she’s
too good for me. The key is never letting her figure that out, am I right?”

“Sure. Whatever you say.” Andre was the best. His clowning
was intended to distract me, keeping my anxious brain from fixating on
what-the-shit-did-I-just-do??? Which I shouldn’t have let myself think about, dammit, and I flipped the card
over in my fingers to focus on something else.
Hellsbane. A familiar band logo and on
the next line,
Erik Svenson – lead guitar and
With a phone number, an email,
Instagram, Bandcamp, and Twitter.

Hellsbane’s business card! I’d known they’d be there, of course, even if we deliberately arrived
only just in time for my set, so I hadn’t heard them play. And if they’d been in the audience, I
hadn’t recognized a single face in the one panicked look I’d allowed myself. Although…
There’d been a big blond, bearded guy up front who might’ve been their lead singer… Our
eyes had met, and he hadn’t laughed at the fear in mine.

Was that Erik? Watching me? Fuck, maybe I should’ve
played my new song, even if the chorus wasn’t polished yet. Or not skipped that
instrumental bridge, except if I’d stopped singing, I might not’ve started again.
How bad did I screw up in front of Erik

About the Author

I get asked about my name a
lot. It’s not something exotic, though. “Kaje” is pronounced just like “cage” – it’s an old
nickname, and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I’ve been writing far longer than I care to
admit (*whispers – forty-five years*), although mostly for my own entertainment. I write
M/M romance, often with added mystery, fantasy, historical, SciFi, paranormal… I also have
Young Adult short stories (some released under the pen name Kira Harp.)

After decades of writing just
for fun, my husband convinced me I really should submit something, somewhere. My first
professionally published book, Life Lessons, came out in May 2011. I now have a good-sized
backlist in ebooks and print, both free and professionally published, including Amazon
The Rebuilding Year and Rainbow Award Best Mystery-Thriller Tracefinder: Contact.
A complete list with links can be found on my website “Books” page at

Social Media Links

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Facebook | Facebook Group: Kaje’s Conversation

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COVER REVEAL: “Beauty and Valor” by Jessamyn Kingley


Book Title: Beauty and
Valor (D’Vaire, Book 32)

Author and Publisher:
Jessamyn Kingley

Cover Artist: LJ Anderson of
Mayhem Cover Creations

Release Date: October 20,

Genres: MM Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Tropes: Fated mates

Themes: Love, overcoming obstacles

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 88 638

It is not a standalone story
but d
oes the book end on a

Goodreads Series Link

Amazon Series Link

Amazon US | Amazon UK

Perfection comes in many
forms, and true courage is beautiful.


Preston Hawthorneonca-Stone is a warrior. In a fit of rage,
his father changed Preston’s life on a horrible day in 1994. Now a brain injury survivor,
Preston lives with his brother and their growing family. A recent addition to the Council of
Sorcery and Shifters, Preston has landed his dream job of working with animals.

Resurrected in 1995, Ridgely Walsh is dedicated to his job

and the tightknit group of friends he considers family. With his penchant for honesty, Ridgely
is the level-headed and sometimes hard-assed member of their little group. Ridgely doesn’t
play foolish games, and he accepts people at face value.

Although Ridgely yearns for a mate, nothing prepares him
for the moment he meets Preston. The beautiful jaguar-human hybrid with the big brown
eyes halts Ridgely in his tracks. Ridgely rapidly discovers his true purpose is to be a good
partner to his other half. Preston is equally taken with Ridgely but fears how the fallen knight
will handle his imperfections. Together, they must navigate the path Fate chose for them and
discover what it means to love unconditionally.


As Preston walked to the table, Ridgely rose and
immediately understood by the hitch in the hybrid’s gate that his slow speech wasn’t the
only unique thing about him. Ridgely’s mind processed that information. In the Council
world, they staffed hospitals and clinics with druids capable of mending nearly every malady.
What they could not fix was anything in the brain and some issues in the spinal cord.

Ridgely wondered if Preston had been born with some
anomaly or if he’d suffered an accident. As a human hybrid, Preston was more delicate than
an average shifter, but neither that nor his physical challenges bothered Ridgely. His curiosity
was genuine, but Ridgely would allow Preston to reveal his secrets in his own time. When his
mate was ready, Ridgely hoped to understand what set him apart, but it was one of the
many things intriguing about Preston.

With a smile, Ridgely circled the table and aided Preston
into his seat.

“I’m so glad to see you,” Ridgely told Preston.

“I’m sorry I walk slow,” Preston replied, consternation
making his brow furrow, and he locked his gaze on the shiny white plates on the

His lips pursed, Ridgely strode to his chair and sat. “I can’t
imagine why you’re apologizing to me for how you walk. It makes no difference to me how
you get to the table, just as long as you’re here.”

Preston’s dimples deepened as he lifted his head and
smiled at Ridgely. “Dates are scary.”

“Right? I changed my shirt three times.”

“I picked mine out yesterday. My family helped.”

Their server appeared and took their drink orders. Ridgely
went with a beer, while Preston chose a raspberry tea.

“I feel bad that I’m drinking and you’re not,” Ridgely

With a twist of his mouth, Preston’s thick lashes concealed
his dark eyes. “I have to take some medications, and I’m not supposed to have alcohol with

“I hope you don’t feel like apologizing for that too.”

Preston pulled his lips in, and humor danced in his gaze. “I
was considering it.”

“Believe it or not, I figured that out. Your face is pretty

“I know. It makes me a terrible liar.”

Ridgely chuckled. “That’s fine with me. I’m not a fan of

“I don’t like it either.”

“Let’s decide what we’re ordering so we can compare notes
and find more things in common.”

“Okay,” Preston said. “Have you eaten here

“Once. I had steak, I think. I remember the food being

Their drinks arrived, and they informed the server of their
choices of cuisine. The server took the menus and left them alone again.

“I have a hard time remembering things,” Preston informed
Ridgely quietly. His lanky frame tensed, and Ridgely’s instinct was to soothe the troubled
man. “Jordan used to make me lists for my daily hygiene and other routine tasks. Without
them, I’d forget to do the basics like brushing my teeth, taking my medications, putting
everything I need for the day in my bag, and feeding my kittens.”

“Sounds to me like you guys approached a problem and
found a workable solution.”

“You have a positive attitude. I like that about you.”

“Thank you, Dimples. I like you too. Tell me more about
your job. I know you’re a big animal lover. Have you always worked at rescues?”

Preston grinned at the nickname, and Ridgely loved the joy
on his beautiful face.

“No, I couldn’t get anyone to hire me when we lived as
humans. The Council has programs designed to help people like me, and that’s how I was
hired at Felidaes. I worked in a restaurant prior to that. My boss was nice, but it was

“I’m glad you joined the Council, otherwise it might’ve
been a long time before we met.”

“I read that humans killed the leaders of the fallen

Ridgely nodded. “They did centuries ago. I try not to be
biased against anyone, but the humans I’ve interacted while I’m working haven’t treated me
or my co-workers kindly.”

“It wasn’t horrible to live as humans, but it was a lie. I
didn’t want to make friends because I hated being dishonest about myself. Although Jordan
worked hard to ensure I had the care I needed, I had to switch doctors constantly so they
wouldn’t discover I was a hybrid. I’m happy I don’t have to deal with that any longer. I have
more opportunities, and it’s a relief to be myself. And we had to shift in our apartment, so
my beast didn’t like that.”

Their food arrived, and Ridgely eagerly dug into his
potatoes. Just as Ridgely remembered, the taste was exquisite, but not nearly as enchanting
as the man across from him.

About the Author

Jessamyn Kingley lives in
Nevada where she begs the men in her head to tell her their amazing stories which she
dutifully writes it all down in what has become a small mountain of notebooks. She falls in
love with each couple and swears whatever book she wrote last is her absolute

Jessamyn is married and
working toward remembering to start the dishwasher without being distracted by the scent
of the magical detergent. For personal enjoyment, she aids in cat rescue while slashing and
gashing her way through mobs in various MMORPGs. Caffeine is her very best friend and is
only cast aside briefly for the sin better known as BBQ potato chips.

Visit her website

Join her Facebook group, Jessamyn’s Ruffian’s

Social Media Links

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RELEASE BLITZ: “The Things We Find” by BL Maxwell.


Book Title: The Things We Find

Author and Publisher: BL

Release Date: September 28,

Genre: MM Paranormal

Tropes: Friends to lovers,
hurt/comfort, protector, man in peril

Themes: new relationship

Length: 42 000

It is a standalone book and
does not end on a cliffhanger.


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Universal Link | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Some things are better left


Some things are better left alone.

Dane Jones works from home with only his three dogs for
company. When he stumbles onto a social media page about urban exploring, he’s curious
about different sites around Sacramento that seem like they’d be interesting to investigate.
He starts chatting with Griff Warren, and after a few conversations he’s even more excited to

Griff Warren is also curious about urban exploring, but he
has very little interest in experiencing something paranormal. When the guy he’s been
chatting with in the online group is so enthusiastic to go, it’s contagious. They plan to go to a
warehouse and while there, experience something they can’t explain.

Dane and Griff were looking for an adventure, but they find
more than they bargained for at a deserted farmhouse on the river. When Dane finds an old
toy discarded in one of the rooms, both of them are thrown into a world neither
understands. Full of cursed objects, strange markings, and powers, neither knows how to
handle. Lucky for them, Griff’s Friend knows exactly who can help.

#MMParanormal #UrbanFantasy #Friendstolovers


“Blake said everyone is ready to go as soon as you two want to.
I think he’s surprised you were still interested after what you saw at the cemetery.” Sid didn’t
look up from his phone as he talked.

“Let’s go soon, if I think about it too long, I’ll talk myself out of

I could see Dane wasn’t completely sold on this idea, but I also
knew how badly he wanted to know the mark he wore would protect him if he needed it to.
And I wanted him safe. I didn’t want him to ever be at the mercy of another being taking
control of him. “Let’s go on Thursday, we can take off early and get there before dark.”

“Good idea, it’s a slow week so we can definitely get out of
here early. Let’s make sure we have everything we need so we can leave as soon as we’re
done. I’d rather not be there after dark.” Sid looked at the two of us before clapping his
hands together. “Okay then, if we’re all done here?”

“Yeah, give me just a minute to walk Dane out.” I took his hand
and led him to the door. “Thanks so much for the coffee, that was sweet of you.” He gave me
an odd look until we walked out the door and I pressed him against the wall. “Sorry, but I
didn’t want you to leave without a kiss.”

“This feels like more than a kiss,” he whispered.

“Oh, it’s more than a kiss. If we were alone, it would
definitely be more than a kiss.”

He laughed and bowed his head before meeting my eyes again.
“Do you think we’re making a mistake going back?”

About the Author

BL Maxwell grew up in a small town listening to her grandfather spin tales about his
childhood. Later she became an avid reader and after a certain vampire series she became
obsessed with fanfiction. She soon discovered Slash fanfiction and later discovered the MM
genre and was hooked.


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