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Book Title: Swiped By My Dad’s Best Friend

Author: DJ

Publisher: DJ

Cover Artist: Cate

Release Date: May 20,

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: Daddy/boy, Dad’s best friend, age gap

Themes: App hookup to lovers; forbidden love; finding purpose in life

Heat Rating: 4

Length: Approx 73,000

It is Book 1 of the series
Thrust Into Love

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Rutledge: Frat boy, general screwup, and…Daddy’s boy?



Cooper Rutledge: frat boy, general screwup,
and…Daddy’s boy?


On the surface, I don’t take things too seriously.

Not my poor grades, or my hookups, or my inability to find
my purpose.

But that was before.


Before the daddy of my wet dreams swiped right on my

Before he turned out to be my father’s best friend.

Before I convinced him to indulge in one night of pleasure
with no strings.


I didn’t count on how magical it would be.

I didn’t know that when he spanked me and offered words
of praise, my soul would drink it up.

I didn’t realize how right Daddy kink would feel.


One night could never be enough.

Because I do care. Too much.

And when life sends me into an emotional tailspin, Trace
steps up to support me—proving he cares too.


Everything has gotten very real, very fast.

But are we ready for the fallout?

I can’t let anyone, not even my father, come between me

and Trace.


I’ve finally found my Daddy, and I’ll fight to keep

Swiped By My Dad’s Best Friend is a contemporary
age-gap M/M romance that includes light daddy kink and no age play.



This excerpt is from Cooper’s perspective. He’s just headed out to meet an app
hookup, and neither of them have any idea what they’re about to walk into.

I headed to the B&B where my hookup was staying. Luckily, it was within walking
distance. I took a shortcut across campus, jogging over the lawn alongside one of the
sorority houses, cutting behind the campus bookstore, and jumping a low, stone fence that
circled the grounds. That took me into Hayworth House’s backyard. As a former frat house,
the B&B was barely outside campus proper—and only two minutes from where I lived
on frat row.

Circling the house, I hesitated at the front door only a few seconds before walking in like I
owned the place. If it was a B&B, they must have guests coming and going, but it still
felt strange stepping into a house that wasn’t mine. I spotted the staircase right away,
thankful I wouldn’t have to wander around calling out for a guy I only knew by
Daddy or his handle, SeasonedBeefcake. The name was a little
cringey, but I couldn’t deny this guy had some definite beefcake cred despite his age.

A man emerged from the living room, and I froze. I knew instantly he wasn’t my hookup; his
body type was all wrong, unless my Beefcake had done some serious
photoshopping on his profile pics.

“Can I help you?”

I smiled sheepishly. “I know where I’m going.” I waved toward the second floor. “Here to see

One eyebrow arched as he looked me over. I was wearing sweats and a worn T. I’d thought
about dressing up, but why bother if I was just gonna take the clothes off?

“Go on then,” he said.

I wasted no time, jogging my way to the top and heading straight for the second door. It was
closed. My hookup had told me to let myself in, so once again, I skipped knocking and
strolled in bold as brass.

The room appeared to be empty. Huh.

I checked my phone. Yep. I was in the right place. The man must be around somewhere.
Maybe in the bathroom or down in the kitchen grabbing a drink. After a cursory look around
the nicely appointed room, I decided to go ahead and set the mood for when he returned. I
hadn’t had a hookup quite like him in a long while. I wasn’t too picky about my matches; if
someone wanted to hook up, I was down for some fun. It’s not as if I were trying to make a
love connection. I’d fucked around with slender guys, curvy women, and everything in

But this guy…

Well, I had to admit that the thought of big, strong hands manhandling me was tripping my
trigger big time.

I tugged my shirt over my head, deciding I’d rather not make a first impression with the ratty
material. I could let my skin do the talking. I pushed my sweats down—just a little—and
stilled at the sound of the door opening behind me.

A moment later, a heavy, damp body pressed up against my back. “You getting started
without me?” he murmured.

“Thought I might have to,” I said. “I was all alone with this hard dick.”

He chuckled. “Well, we can’t have that.”

I thought he’d grab my cock immediately, but he stepped back. I turned my head, just
enough to confirm he was every inch the daddy type I’d imagined: tall, broad, solid—and
wrapped in nothing but a towel. Yum.

His large hands dwarfed my shoulders, and I shivered as he slowly mapped the shape of me.
His touch was light as he traced down my spine with one hand and glided his other around
to my abs, caressing so lightly just beneath my navel that it almost tickled—and instantly
made my cock throb with jealousy.

I made a needy sound, surprising myself. I enjoyed sex, sure. I had plenty of opportunity
with a full campus of horny students. But I wasn’t usually this affected. My nerves fired up
under his touch, goosebumps rushing across my skin.

“Patience,” he said. “We’ll get there. You young guys are all rush, rush, rush. Let me enjoy
this amazing body of yours…”

Instinctively, I pressed my ass back, feeling the prod of his dick. He grunted and smacked the
top of my exposed right cheek. “None of that.”

I jerked a little at the smack, but it barely stung. Something about the way he was taking
control did it for me, my body thrumming as I moaned playfully. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Good boy,” he said, sounding amused, but more than willing to indulge my little fantasy. I
hadn’t ever experimented with daddy kink beyond watching a few porn videos with the
theme, but something about this guy screamed Daddy. It felt right to let him
take control, right to try to please him.

Finally, something I can do right.

Pushing my sweats down a little farther, he cupped my ass, squeezing it and making a
pleased, rumbling sound. I really wasn’t as fit as some guys. Too much snacking, too little
time in the gym. But I was young, and I had good genes. I was sending up thanks that my
body didn’t disappoint when he paused.

“This scar…” He traced a jagged line that extended from my ribs to my lower back. “I knew
someone with a scar like this. It was from a—”

“Skateboard accident,” we both said at the same time.

I’d fallen into an old fence, and it’d torn me to hell. I’d had to get stitches, and the scar never
entirely faded.

He inhaled sharply. “Cooper?”

I answered on reflex. “Yeah, who—”


He lifted his hands off me as if I’d burned him, taking a quick step back, his voice full of a
horror that disoriented me. One moment everything was finally going right, and the next, he
was leaping away from me.

I turned, taking a closer look at him. Dark hair, gorgeous beard, but those eyes…

My heart lurched, then skipped with an excited flutter. It couldn’t be, could it? But it was. I
saw it written all over his face. Before me, looking like the daddy of my wet dreams, was a
man I hadn’t seen in over ten years—my father’s best friend from our hometown.




About the Author


DJ Jamison writes romances
about everyday life and extraordinary love featuring a variety of queer characters, from gay
to bisexual to asexual. DJ grew up in the Midwest in a working-class family, and those
influences can be found in her writing through characters coping with real-life problems:
money troubles, workplace drama, family conflicts and, of course, falling in love. DJ spent
more than a decade in the newspaper industry before chasing her first dream to write
fiction. She spent a lifetime reading before that and continues to avidly devour her fellow
authors’ books each night. She lives in Kansas with her husband, two sons, one snake, and a
sadistic cat named Birdie.


Social Media Links

Blog/Website |
Facebook | Facebook Group | Twitter

Instagram | Newsletter
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RELEASE BLITZ: “Kraken My Heart” by K.L. Hiers. $25.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Included!


Book Title: Kraken My Heart (Sucker For Love Mysteries Book 2)

Author: K.L.

Publisher: Dreamspinner

Cover Artist: Tiferet

Release Date: May 18,

Genre: Paranormal Gay Romance

Trope/s: Closed Circle Mystery, Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Hemipenes
Loving, Finding Love After Heartbreak

Theme: Love Conquers All

Heat Rating: 5 flames

Length: 60 000 words/ 191

It is a standalone story, but
the author recommends reading the first one.

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It’s just Ted’s luck that he
meets the love of his life while covered in the blood of a murder victim.



It’s just Ted’s luck that he meets the love of his life while
covered in the blood of a murder victim.

Funeral worker Ted Sturm has a foul mouth, a big
heart, and a knack for communicating with the dead. Unfortunately, the dead don’t make
very good friends, and Ted’s only living pal, his roommate, just rescued a strange cat who’s
determined to make his life even more miserable. This cat is more than he seems, and soon
Ted finds himself in an alternate dimension… and on top of a dead body.

When Ted is accused of murder, his only ally in a
strange world full of powerful magical beings calling for his head is King Grell, a sarcastic,
randy, catlike immortal with impressive abilities… and anatomy. The two soon find
themselves at the center of a cosmic conspiracy and surrounded by dangerous enemies. But
with Ted’s special skills and Grell’s magic, they have a chance to get to the bottom of the
mystery and save Ted. There’s just one problem: Ted’s got to resist Grell’s aggressive
advances… and he isn’t sure he wants to.



Carefully, like Ted was navigating through a minefield, he
tried to sneak back to his room. Despite his diligent and precise pace, his foot collided with a
very large ball of fur just as he walked around the edge of the couch.

Mr. Twigs yowled in protest and promptly bit Ted’s

“You stupid cat!” Ted growled in pain, his leg jerking and
sending the cat stumbling into the wall. His heart dropped in instant regret, and he hurried
to turn on a lamp. “Shit! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to, little dude! Are you okay?”

Mr. Twigs was glaring at Ted over his sunglasses and
growled loudly. A portal suddenly opened up in the living room floor with flashing bright
lights and whipping winds.

Ted froze, staring stupidly at the giant black void in the
apartment floor. Being able to create a portal was a very rare skill, and he’d never seen one
in person before. “What the…?”

As if the swirling hole wasn’t crazy enough, Mr. Twigs
transformed into a very tall, very skinny, and very naked young man. He flashed a smile full
of pointed teeth, hissing, “Oh, that’s the last time you kick me, asshole.”

“I didn’t kick you!” Ted argued indignantly. “It was a fucking
accidennnnnttt!” he screamed as Mr. Twigs pushed him and sent him toppling headfirst into
the portal.

It was like… going down a water slide filled with

Ted didn’t feel air around him, not exactly, but it was
something thick and suffocating. The light all around him was so bright that he couldn’t see,
and he thought he had to be dying.

His stomach dropped as if he was falling, but he couldn’t
see anything to track his descent. He grunted when he smacked into something solid and
wet, the wind knocked right out of his lungs. He wheezed, trying to draw in oxygen and
staring up at a high vaulted ceiling.

Ted watched the portal close above him, and he weakly
lifted his head to see where he was. He was lying in a puddle of something sticky, and the
room was reminiscent of an old castle throne room.

Big ceilings, lots of stained glass, fancy throne….

He was also completely surrounded by monsters.

Giant scaled things with tentacles, humanoids with
spiraling horns jutting out of their foreheads, twisted feline creatures with sharp teeth, and
fishlike worms were all around him.

Ted scrambled to stand up, but he slipped in the sticky
mess beneath him. He could feel the goo all over his back and hands, sliding around as he
struggled to get out of it. He bumped into something cold and whirled around to find a dead

It was one of the feline creatures, its eyes lifeless and milky,
soaking in a puddle of….

Oh God.

It was blood.

“Pardon me, coming through!” a deep voice growled,
echoing throughout the massive chamber. “Stand aside! This is official royal business, so
move your ass!”

Ted was nauseated, staring up at a human figure pushing
his way through the crowd of monsters.

He was short but broad, thick in stature, and sporting a
nasty smile full of pointed teeth. Otherwise, he looked quite normal. His hair was jet black,
cut close to his scalp, with a well-groomed beard streaked with silver, and his eyes were a
spectacular shade of gold, looking over Ted like he was a tasty piece of meat.

He wore a three-piece suit, but it was a much flashier
ensemble than Ted would have worn for his job at the funeral home. The jacket and pants
were black, but the tie was an obnoxiously bright purple, and he could see a glittering watch
chain hanging from the man’s matching purple brocade vest.

“Well, aren’t you just a pretty little thing?” the man
greeted. “What’s your name, darling?”

“I’m, I’m…,” Ted stammered, looking around frantically as
the monsters backed away. Whoever this man was, he was definitely in charge. There was
something about the way he was looking at Ted that made him blush and his heart beat a
little faster.

“I’m Ted…. My name is Ted,” he managed to choke out. He
wondered if he was dead or if this was some sort of nightmare. His mind was having trouble
processing that any of this was real. “Where am I? What is this?”

“Welcome to Xenon, darling,” the man replied. “I’m Thiazi
Grell. I was voted most likely to get detained for illegal activities by my primary class, very
avid Tetris player, and reigning Miss Pretty Petunia Pageant champion for the last two
hundred years. Oh, and King of Xenon. Obviously.”

“Huh?” Ted squeaked.

“Would you like something to drink?” Grell offered.
“Something strong. Help you calm down, put some more hair on that luscious chest, come
to terms with the murder charges….”

“With the what?”


About the Author

K.L. “Kat” Hiers is an
embalmer, restorative artist, and queer writer. Licensed in both funeral directing and funeral
service, she’s been working in the death industry for nearly a decade. Her first love was
always telling stories, and she has been writing for over twenty years, penning her very first
book at just eight years old. Publishers generally do not accept manuscripts in Hello Kitty
notebooks, however, but she never gave up.

Following the success of her
first novel, Cold Hard Cash, she now enjoys writing professionally, focusing on spinning tales
of sultry passion, exotic worlds, and emotional journeys. She loves attending horror movie
conventions and indulging in cosplay of her favorite characters. She lives in Zebulon, NC,
with her husband and their children, some of whom have paws and a few that only pretend
to because they think it’s cute.


Author Links

Blog/Website | Facebook | Instagram | Newsletter Sign-up



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RELEASE BLITZ: “Xavier’s School of Discipline” by S. Legend. Rafflecopter Giveaway Included!


Book Title: Xavier’s School of Discipline

Author: S.

Publisher: Mockingbird

Cover Artist: Nadia
Polyakova and Chiara Monaco

Inner Book Artist: Artsy

Release Date: April 21,

Genre: Erotic M/M Romance

Trope: Soulmates

Themes: Belonging. Found Family. Spanking. Domestic Discipline.

Heat Rating: 4

Length: 83 539 words/306
print pages

This is book one in the series
but can be read as a standalone.

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“… there’s something
tantalizing about trouble and me in it with him.”



Follow Your Heart’s Discipline Calling

Finnegan Brighton is twenty-seven, has never moved out of
Dad’s house, can’t keep a job and has to rely on his brother for continued food and shelter.
In a bold move, he ships himself off to one of those new, fangle-dangle, discipline schools
hoping to turn his life around. But it’s not just a whim, he’s finally answering a calling inside
of him, one he’s ignored until now. The school turns out to be more than he bargained for,
giving him a family of men just like him, who want to teach him that he can love himself
enough to have everything he’s ever wanted. He just has to do the one thing he’s never
been able to do: Surrender.

Enter Xavier.

Xavier is the school’s unyielding headmaster and founder.
Oh, and he happens to be interested in the one Finnegan Brighton. Surely with the forces of
the strict headmaster and Finnegan’s affectionate, if overzealous domestic discipline family,
he can overcome himself, his own worst enemy, and surrender to who he is inside, right? Or
will his crushing self-doubt chain him to old patterns forever?

Either way, much spanking ensues! A polyamorous love
story with brats and Tops.



From Chapter 6

Dammit. I know what to do. I need to do it. As much as
Tops are drawn to soothe us … oh fine ‘brats’, us
brats are drawn to soothe Tops. I’ve
watched Grayson do it a ton, Chris, Bellamy and Johnny too. Even Bray when he’s in the
mood. I swallow. “Oh, sir? One more thing. We can still have people over, right?” It’s not
against House rules for each of us to have one friend from another House over. If it’s more
than that, it turns into a party, which would require permission, but as the rules stand, that
means one for me and one for Grayson.

His eyes narrow. “Who?”’

I shrug. “Haven’t decided yet, but there is this hot Top,
Nikolage, from one of my harder classes. Maybe he can uh, help me with my homework?” I
waggle my eyebrows, suggesting that yes, fucking Nikolage is what I mean.

His chair slides out, he stands, hands flat on the desk and
my heart’s beating so damn fast. I have to take a stealthy breath. Maybe I should abandon

the whole thing—I’m poking at a fucking lion and I know it—but I also know in my bones it’s
the right thing to do.


“Why?” I dare to cross my arms at him—a,
God … a brat’s red flag, okay?

“Come here, my little Finnegan.” He flashes shark teeth at
me. He is predator, I am prey.

I want to buckle, I want to tell him I’m just kidding, but I’m
in too deep now. I commit. “So you can spank me? Forget it. It’s not against the rules. I was
kind enough to even run it by you. I’ll be leaving now.”

I went too far didn’t I? Yep. Too far.

Xavier clears his desk in a smooth, panther-like leap. I’m
quick to respond, gripping either side of the leather chair I was just sitting in, catapulting
myself over it. But I was a hockey player, not a gymnast and though my response is quick,
my catapulting skills aren’t graceful. I catch the chair and hit my knee, landing like a rock on
the other side. “Fuck!” I roll on the ground behind it, licking my wounds.

How is it I can take one helluva spanking, but this paralyzes

Xavier’s there fast, reminding me of Superman, with the
way his jacket flares. He crouches beside me. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. Are you

I laugh. “I’m fine. I wasn’t scared.”

“You were a bit, but … well I thought you wanted me to
chase you.” I’ve never seen the man blush, he does now. He can’t even look at me.

I wait until he braves my eyes again. “Xavier, I
want you to chase me.”

He stares frozen, my words sinking in, as my heart thumps
loud drumbeats into my ears. While I wait for him to come to, I rub my sore knee. It is fine,
but there’s gonna be a nice bruise I’ll have to explain to Ani later. I smile thinking of the
arnica he’ll insist he has to apply to it. Xavier notices my rubbing.

“Your knee.”

“No, Xavier—”

But it’s too late. He scoops me up and it’s fucking
embarrassing how easy it is for him to lift me. It’s not like I’m small. He’s got me bridal style
and he swings me around, placing me in the chair and bending down to inspect the knee. I
wore loose jeans, he’s able to roll them up to have a look. “Doesn’t look to be swelling, but
you’ll ice it anyway when you’re home. Understood?”

He’s holding my knee in both of his elegant hands, which
are hot against my skin. I have to look down at him. “I will, sir.”

I’m kicking myself now. This was a disaster. One point to me
on not being a brat, a real brat would have pulled this off, I end up injuring myself.

“Now that it’s established your knee will be fine, we will
address, Nikolage.” His nose wrinkles, his form takes up all the space in the room once

Shit. Already forgot about Nikolage. “There’s no Nikolage. I
just said that to—”

“—I know Nikolage.”

“I meant there’s no Nikolage for me, sir. I only said that to,
never mind. May I go?”

He’s staring at me for a new reason now, a smile spreads
slowly, reaching his eyes. He yanks me up. We’re close, my lips aren’t far from his. “I want to
spank you so badly right now.”

That was the goal. “You uh, you can, sir.” My voice is above
a whisper.

“I know. I can spank you whenever I want. But that would
not be a good idea. It’s day eight, Finnegan.”

“I am well aware of the day, Headmaster Harkness,” I say,
boldness returning. Two can play the game of cheek, but only one of us will win, we both
know it’s going to be him.

“All right, that’s quite enough cheek from you, brat.”

I light up everywhere. Maybe him calling me brat isn’t so

“I don’t date people, Mr. Brighton. I own them. Do you
want to be owned?”


About the Author

Some of you know her as
Mock, others as S. Legend, or Miss S. She welcomes all names but will often go by Mock, a
name given to her by her readers.

Mock is an ambitious
creative, weaving the most precious aspects of her soul into stories. She is an architect,
building fascinating worlds, designed from inquiry, rooted in worldly wonderings. It’s an
intuitive process where she is the scribe, the translator, the conduit.

It helped that storytelling was
the language spoken at home. One simply didn’t say, “We have an ant infestation. ” In
Mock’s family it was, “I was on my way to the living room, when a peculiar ant crossed my
path. I looked to my right, a suspicious line of them marched toward the pantry. In that
moment I knew; my kitchen was under siege.” The natural flow of conversation always took
this form.

And so.

When Mock wrote her first
novel, she didn’t plan it chapter by chapter, there was no outline, no “plotting” to speak of.
But she didn’t “pants” it either, she didn’t make it up as she went along. She knew how the
story felt, where it curved in places and hollowed in others; she knew the destination it
rushed toward. Instead of orchestrating, she let the world inspire her, and held space for
the words to come, trusting the characters knew what they were doing. All she had to do
was tell a story, as she always had done; like breathing.

This is her peace, her healing
and solace: Gifts better shared.

Mock’s works are the comfort
you seek when you need to come home. Her unique writing style will take you, wayfaring
reader, to unexpected destinations.

She always says, “I’m not in
the business of making up stories, I couldn’t if I tried. I’m lucky enough to get picked to
share someone else’s story when I ask a question to the universe. Someone answers; I write
it down.”



Social Media Links

Blog/Website | Facebook | Twitter |

Newsletter Sign-up: Can
either sign up at the website or email

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RELEASE BLITZ: “Reclaiming Pride” by Jessie G. $25.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Included!


Book Title: Reclaiming Pride

Author: Jessie G

Publisher: Jessie G Books

Cover Artist: Andrew

Photographer: CJC

Cover Models: Luiz Oliveira
& Yenner Sanchez

Release Date: May 18,

Genre: MM Paranormal Romance

Tropes: shifters, hurt/comfort

Themes: prophecy, betrayal, trust

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 66 000 words/220

It is book 2 in the Kindred
Story Trilogy

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Grigori & Matisse
must accept their destiny and learn to trust each other before they can face the enemy they
know…and the one they never saw coming



The first time Grigori Federov, Zenith of the Wall, dreamed
of his Kindred, he feared Crowley’s good fortune was making him wish for things he couldn’t
have. As much as he doesn’t want to get his hopes up, the man in his dreams is in trouble,
and every time they connect, the threat is worse. Accepting that his fated mate is real is the
first step to finding him but saving him is only the beginning of their problems.

A lifetime of running and losing everyone he loves has
taught Matisse that no one can be trusted, and he doesn’t believe he’ll ever be safe. When
Grigori tries to convince him otherwise, his wish for it to be true isn’t enough for him to let
down his guard. But while he doesn’t believe in fairy tales, he may not have a choice when
the only one who can stop the hunters is the Zenith who wants to love him.

Discovering who they are together reveals a connection
between the Kindreds that could be a clue to fulfilling the prophecy. Unfortunately, it also
exposes a deception that forces the Zeniths to question their sacred purpose.

Now they have to decide: are they destined to save the
world or destroy it?



Everyone knew the least trustworthy person was the one
who begged to be trusted. Grigori didn’t look like the type to beg, but Matisse figured a guy
who showed up with an army at the exact moment it was needed would feel secure in the
image he was presenting. With all those muscles and a generous helping of facial fur
accentuating his scowl, the army was actually overkill.

You’re safe now, said the big burly bear to the itty-bitty lynx.

It was laughable. More than that, it was the most wildly
outlandish claim he’d ever heard. Safe? Come on! A kit still wobbling on four paws would
know better.

So, why didn’t he?

“Are you cold?” Grigori frowned and stepped closer. “You

“I did?” He hadn’t realized, but Matisse didn’t think it had
anything to do with the temperature. “No, I’m pissed that I didn’t realize how close the
hunters were. I can’t afford to get caught off guard like that.”

Then again, he couldn’t afford to follow a voice in his head
and yet here he was in a place he’d never been with men he’d never met half-believing that
he was safe because the big, smoldering badass said so.

“You were focused on my army charging toward you. I think
you can cut yourself some slack.”

“Except that mistake could have gotten me killed, so no
slack and no excuses.” And no more getting distracted by his hot savior.

By all appearances, Grigori knew he was in trouble even
though they had never met before and had rushed to help him. In Matisse’s experience,
strangers didn’t do that for one another unless they had an ulterior motive. He just needed
to figure out if Grigori was in league with the hunters or if he was working another angle.

“Do you know why they’re after me?”

“Not yet.” Grigori offered him a reassuring smile that
seemed…awkward. Unused. Kind of endearing, not that Matisse was fooled.
Much. “Mehdi will keep at least one alive so we can get you that answer.”

“Only one?” Matisse didn’t want to sound ungrateful.
Friend or foe, perfectly timed or total coincidence, Grigori and his men were the reason he
was still alive.

Grigori gave him a funny look and reminded, “They were
trying to kill you.”

“I know.” Who knew better than him? “I just…” Matisse
trailed off with a shrug. All he wanted was to have a normal, threat-free life like everyone
else. It was a simple request, and one he didn’t think required a blood sacrifice.


About the Author

Jessie G is a bestselling MM
Romance author with a penchant for hurt/comfort stories featuring chosen families and
second chances. She likes her men rough around the edges and willing to wallow into the
darkness to save the one they love. From ex-cons to bad boy bikers, military heroes to fated
mates, she hopes you find your next great read among her books.


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RELEASE BLITZ: “My First” by Sky McCoy. $10.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Included!


Book Title: My First

Author: Sky

Publisher: Sky

Cover Artist: Cate

Release Date: May 17,

Genre: Contemporary M/M

Trope: Fake Boyfriend, Age
Friends to Lovers

Theme: Forgiveness

Heat Rating: 5 flames

Length: 185 words/ pages

It is Book 1 of the Surrender

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Buy Links

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A young man searching
for his future, an older man living his life single.

Can they both find the
love they desire?




“Grayle Meadows was like no other man I’d ever met. He
was tall, handsome, sophisticated, and sexy as hell. Eyes so blue you thought you were
swimming in a seductive ocean, and you could lose yourself and never come up for air, and
he was the first man I ever loved. I could have spent my life adoring and loving him, but for
one thing, he said, ‘You’re too young.’ Twenty five wasn’t that young. I was just hitting my

A young man searching for his future, an older man living
his life single. Can they both find the love they desire?

Submission series is an age gap (25/35) M/M
Romance with HFN. The first book contains fake boyfriends and friends to lovers.



Chapter 1


I’ve seen men, great-looking men. Some average, some tall,
beautiful, handsome men, but I never thought much of it. However, when I laid eyes on
Grayle Meadows for the first time, I knew I’d missed a lot in my life.

The day I first caught sight of that man, I knew he was out
of my league, but hey, foolishness and dreams are for young men, and I was going to dream
until something, or someone woke me. However, it wasn’t happening today, because today
my eyes were feasting on Grayle Meadows—hair perfect, eyes blue, face magnificent, suit
perfect, wide muscular shoulders, thin waist, and he was stunning.

All man, and I saw him first.

I’d like to think I was the first to see Grayle. However, it was
delusion on my part. I was sure there were many who laid eyes on this beautiful,
handsome-looking man before I’d entered the picture called life.

He appeared to be ten years my senior, therefore, to say
others had seen him first had to be inadequate, and superfluous. In other words,
unnecessary to say the least, because there was the likelihood that his mother and father
saw him long before I did. Maybe a brother or sister or two could claim that trophy if they
were giving them out for who spotted the handsome, sensuous, blue-eyed Grayle Meadows

I’d throw in my medal for him being the sexiest, and most

compelling man alive. I was sure he could have any woman, or man, if that was his choice,
but I wanted him to pick me, and why not? I was young, gay, and available. Willing to go the
distance if it called for that. He exuded sex in the way no other man could. He didn’t just
walk, his steps measured, he sailed across the floor with no wind at his back, and when he
spoke it was with a low raspy baritone voice.

I’d gladly hand over a medal, but no one could claim that
they saw him the way I’d pictured him in my mind, then in my dreams, and how he’d
invaded my senses when he first strolled into the shop where I’d worked every summer
since my parents allowed me to have a summer job.

I smelled his manly scent among all the customers standing
at the counter waiting to be served. When I spotted him with his beautiful, strong face, deep
intense eyes, I knew he was the man for me, and he’d be my first and only love.

I dropped what I was doing and rushed over, elbowed one
of my fellow workers, and my best friend Lane, took the scoop from his hand, and I stood
waiting for my first and only to open those full lips, and tell me what he wanted—a blowjob
from me, or a piece of my firm, hard, young ass.

Name it. I’m here to please, I thought, wearing a wide smile.

I looked over at Lane. “Who is he? I saw him first.”

“His name is Grayle Meadows.”

I pushed Lane aside and stared at him, daring him to say a
word, or take a step in Grayle’s direction, because he was mine, and I had dibs on him.

Grayle leaned over, trying to decide on which vanilla flavor
to order, and I couldn’t help but take in his scent on this hot false-spring day. Not even the
heavenly smell of chocolate, strawberry ice cream, and lime sherbet could dull my senses,
because his shaving lotion had overtaken me along with the flash of his big blue eyes, and
his dark-auburn curly hair. It was a bad hair day for me, but not Grayle Meadows. I doubted
he’d ever had a bad hair day or anything else, because there wasn’t enough heat and wind
in the world to disturb and disrupt that full mane of beautiful shiny hair.

I watched his large hands move to his hair, and his long
fingers raked through it as he bent once more to look at all the flavors, and when he raised
his head, his eyes locked with mine. He smiled and moved on. My heart lurched and my
cock twitched. He was my first. Never had I had that feeling about anyone before where my
dick involuntarily set off a firestorm that had gotten out of control.


About the Author

Hi, I’m Sky


I write steamy M/M romance
books, and I love to read hot M/M romance. Maybe steamy is too mild a term for my books.
Maybe I should say that my gay romance books are hot, hot, hot. I enjoy writing about
strong, flawed men who don’t mind saying they’re sorry when they hurt the ones they

I read and write across
genres and what gives me pleasure, and there is nothing more pleasurable or satisfying to
me than to write a happy ever after hot M/M romance with a kink or two.

My favorite books to read are
anything M/M, vampires, werewolves, mystery, and steamy romance. I have been busy with
reading and writing to bring you the best M/M romance books. Enjoy!


Social Media Links

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Newsletter Sign-up | BookBub




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RELEASE BLITZ: “This is Not a Horror Movie” by Sara Dobie Bauer


Book Title: This is Not a Horror Movie

Author: Sara Dobie Bauer

Publisher: Self-published

Cover Artist: Natasha Snow Designs

Release Date: May 13, 2021

Genres: m/m new adult, gay paranormal romance, LGBTQ, romantic comedy

Trope: Friends to lovers

Themes: non-explicit, humorous, teens, Florida, summer vacation, hauntings, evil spirits

Heat Rating: 2 flames

Warnings: Scenes of graphic violence, death of minor characters, mentions of bullying, alcohol use

Length: 78 000 words

It is a standalone story.

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Emory Jones loves two things: horror movies and Connor Nichols.

For the past four years, Emory, Connor, and their families have vacationed side by side on Longboat Key, Florida. Eighteen-year-old Emory has pined for his neighbor from behind the covers of Stephen King books, but college boy Connor has never noticed him. Probably because Emory looks like Jack Skellington with good hair.

Emory anticipates another predictable summer of sunburn and disappointment. Instead, he ends up with a mystery on his hands when a beloved beach bum goes missing, and Connor volunteers to help with the search. Turns out it’s not just scary movie cops who are worthless, so the boys start an investigation of their own—leading them straight to an abandoned beach resort.

Despite the danger, Emory and Connor grow closer, but as Emory’s gay dreams start coming true, so do the horror movie tropes he so loves. Even though he knows that sex equals death in slasher flicks, Emory can’t keep his hands off the guy of his teenage dreams.



I’m about to follow a mysterious rat into the darkness when a hand lands on my shoulder. I suck a panicked gasp in through my lips as Connor says, “Sorry! Sorry.”

I put my hands on my knees and relearn breathing.

He stands there, backlit like some kind of hot angel, and shrugs. “Maybe you should be thanking me.”


“You like to be scared,” he says.

He’s right. Haunted house in the neighborhood? I’m first. Spooky cemetery? Coming through. Maybe that’s part of the reason I always let Liz drag me to parties at the Outpost. It feels like being in a scary movie. I’m waiting for Leatherface to show up and murder the morally reprehensible youth. Of course, if horror movie rules are true, I’m totally dead. I lost my virginity at sixteen and more often than not spend “happy hour” sharing malt liquor with Longboat’s famous homeless dude, Leland.

“What are you doing over here?” Connor asks.

“Befriending local wildlife.” I glance over my shoulder into the dark. I shove hair out of my face—a nervous tic I’ve acquired since growing it out. Because I needed another nervous tic. “What are you doing over here?”

“Talking to you.” He grins, but I can feel a disconnect.

Connor and I have always had a mutually agreed upon rhythm. He’s the big, gorgeous straight dude who puts up with me, the skinny, little gay kid.


No one knows I’m gay down here. Florida is for family, not fu— Anyway.

In summers past, Connor wrestled me and tickled me, and I pretended not to like it. We talked about some things, mostly scary movies, but kept an emotional distance. He accepts me being a drama queen, and I never let him know I would climb Everest for his kiss.

Staring at me with a dumb look on his face is not our rhythm.

I finally lose my shit. “Jesus, am I bleeding from my eyes?”

He coughs out a laugh. “What?”

“You’re looking at me funny.”

He looks away. “Oh.”

I cross my arms. I have, in fact, filled out a lot since last summer—and the lifeguarding helps—but I’m still self-conscious about my small frame and will probably never forget the jocks calling me “Tinker Bell” from seventh to tenth grade. I press my lips together and side-eye the kids dancing to some club beat on Liz’s phone. “Everyone’s looking at me funny, actually.”

Connor clears his throat and plucks at the front of his tight, white T-shirt. He looks like he wants to dive headfirst into the empty pool at his back.

“You don’t have to talk to me, you know.”

His blue eyes flit back my way. Even in the dark, I know they’re blue. He says, “But I like talking to you.”

I hug myself tighter and lift a shoulder. “Seen any good horror movies lately?”

His smile is back. “Tons. I saw this French one called Raw.”

I bounce up on my toes. “Cannibals! Oh my God, that movie was so good! The writing.” I tear at my hair in euphoric bliss.

He nods. “And the scene with the roommate.”

“And the ending!” I poke him in the chest. “Dude, I tried to get Liz to watch it. She’s all vegetarian now because she dated this hippie dude senior year. She said she gave up meat for her health, but I think it’s because he said he tasted death in her mouth.”

Connor does the silent open-mouth laugh thing that happens when my storytelling reaches peak levels of absurd.

“She made it thirty minutes into the movie before she had to leave the room and vomit. Meanwhile, I was sitting there eating, like, spaghetti.”

He puts his hand on my shoulder as he keeps laughing. I smell his deodorant: sporty man stuff. “I can’t believe I almost didn’t come this year.”

That steals the air from my lungs. Sure, I should be avoiding the guy, looking forward to the future, but all of a sudden, I can’t imagine a summer without Connor Nichols making me blush.



About the Author

Sara Dobie Bauer is a bestselling romance author and mental health / LGBTQ advocate with a creative writing degree from Ohio University. She lives with her hottie husband and precious pup in Northeast Ohio, although she’d really like to live in a Tim Burton film.


Author Links

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BLOG TOUR: “Sweet Hart” by Rae Marks. $25.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Included!


Book Title: Sweet Hart

Author: Rae

Publisher: Pride

Cover Artist: Erin

Release Date: May 11, 2021

Genre/s:. Contemporary M/M Romance (Action/Adventure)

Trope/s: Fake boyfriend

Themes: Finding belonging, Moving on from the past

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 79 900 words/
approx. 300 pages

This is the first book in The
Hart Consulting Series, but can stand alone.

Add on Goodreads


Buy Links

First for Romance | Barnes & Noble

Amazon US | Amazon UK


In order to stay alive, Bray
and Sam must appear to be lovers.

What happens when
pretending becomes too real?



When Brayden stumbles into a covert operation, Sam has
to keep him alive. Together they navigate their unexpected attraction and the world of the
Ukrainian mafia.

Brayden Hart needs to find his older brother Mason and
time is running out. Mason disappeared after being discharged from the military two years
before. While on leave from the army, Bray follows a lead his friend has been able to find.
When he knocks on the door of a dingy apartment outside Miami, the last person he
expects to meet is the gorgeous but grumpy Sam Wheeler.

Sam denies knowing Bray’s brother and turns him away.
But Sam is Bray’s only lead. Luckily, Bray’s childhood friend is one of the best hackers in the
country and helps Bray follow Sam to Ukraine.

In Kiev, Bray falls blindly into the fray of a covert operation
and Sam steps in to keep him alive. While navigating the choppy waters of the Ukrainian
mafia, Bray and Sam fall into the bedroom. But what happens when the mission



“I’ll let you relax,” Sam said as he stood.

“Don’t go. You said I couldn’t sleep. I want to relax, but if
you keep me talking, I won’t fall asleep.”

With a nod, Sam backed away and sat on the closed toilet.
From there, he could only see Bray from the shoulders up.
Much less of a temptation.

“This feels amazing. The warmth is seeping into my bones.
Today definitely didn’t turn out how I thought it would.”

Sam snorted. “Ditto. I thought I was in for a fairly mundane
business trip.”

Bray reached for the little soap provided by the hotel but
flinched. Sam jumped up to get it for him. He tried not to look at Bray’s lower half, but his
eyes caught on the bruises.

“Are they getting worse?” Sam asked.

“I’d only worry if it hurt to breathe. You’re quite the mother

hen, Sam Wheeler.”

Sam looked up at the sound of his alias. The last name
sounded so wrong coming from Bray’s mouth, but the kid was smiling like he was proud of
himself. Sam found himself smiling back until his gaze fell once again to the black-and-blue
marks on Bray’s abs.

“I feel responsible,” he murmured as he returned to sit on
the toilet lid.

“You couldn’t have stopped me. I did my best to hide the
fact I was following you.”

“Next time I’ll remember to have one of my men sit on

Bray’s eyes went wide.

“Not like that. Don’t get all offended. I meant trail you,
make sure you don’t leave the States.”

“I want to apologize,” Bray said. “I’ve caused you a lot of
trouble today with your…associates and I didn’t mean to. You don’t know how relieved I was
to see you walk into that room. I knew you’d come for me.”

Sam wasn’t sure how true that last sentence was, but he
was sure the rest was true. The look in Bray’s eyes made Sam uncomfortable.

“Don’t look at me like I’m some hero, Bray.”

“You’re a good man, Sam Wheeler. I knew it right away, and
today, you proved it.”

“I didn’t prove anything. My business is about as dark as
you can get. I’m not a good man.”

“You are to me. I might be naïve, but I think that counts for

“Don’t see pixie dust where there is none. It wouldn’t
behoove me to have left you there at their mercy. I had selfish reasons for getting you out of

“I’m sure you did.” Bray smiled.

Maybe he was getting too into his role, but that smile was
one of both indulgent patience and dirty little nymph. It was a smile one boyfriend would
give another and Sam hated how much he loved looking at it.


About the Author

Rae has been secretly
penning romances since high school. It started with short stories that grew into full-length
novels. When she received her first Kindle and had thousands of books at her fingertips, she
became a little distracted from writing. Then one day she read a book that she would have
written a different way. She began writing again and hasn’t stopped since.

When she’s not writing, Rae
can usually be found reading, walking along the beaches of Half Moon Bay, or taking her
geriatric dog to the vet, yet again.


Author Links

Website and
Facebook Group

Twitter |



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AUDIOBOOK TOUR: “Inheritance” by Gail Z. Martin.


Book Title: Inheritance (Deadly Curiosities 4)

Author: Gail Z.

Publisher: SOL

Narrator: Courtney

Release Date: October 20,

Genre: Urban fantasy with minor romantic elements

Tropes: Ghosts, witches, supernatural creatures, found family,

Themes: Starting over, creating found family, old secrets coming to light

Heat Rating: 1

Length: 7 hours and 14

It can be read as a standalone
story. It is the fourth Deadly Curiosities novel and the series crosses over with a number of
Morgan Brice series. Other books do not need to be read in order to enjoy the

Add on Goodreads


Buy Links

Audible US | Audible UK

Amazon US | Amazon


Find the demon box. Stop
the killer ghosts. Break the curse.



Cassidy Kincaide runs Trifles & Folly in modern-day
Charleston, an antiques and curio shop with a dangerous secret. Cassidy can read the
history of objects by touching them, and she teams up with friends and allies who use magic
and paranormal abilities to get rid of cursed objects and keep Charleston and the world safe
from supernatural threats.

Caribbean ghosts terrorize Charleston and start racking up
a body count. Then Beckford Pendlewood, the heir to a powerful family of dark warlocks,
shows up raving about a bound demon locked in a lost box and begs sanctuary. Can Cassidy
and her friends find the demon box, stop the killer ghosts, and break the Pendlewood curse
before Beckford’s murderous cousins and the vengeful demon destroy them all


NoteThis is primarily an urban fantasy/supernatural
adventure with a secondary romance, but there are two different evolving MM romances
that play an important role in the book.

It is the ‘tent
pole’ series from which all the others spin off. Cassidy Kincaide is Simon Kincaide’s cousin
(Badlands), and Teag Logan, her best friend, shows up in all the rest of the Morgan Brice
books as a helpful hacker. Simon and Vic (Badlands) come to Charleston in this book and
play a big role in fighting the big bad, as does Dante the pirate ghost from The Rising and
Loose Ends (Badlands). Teag is in a long-term relationship with Anthony, Beck and Logan
(new characters in Inheritance) fall in love, and Simon and Vic are badasses–so there are
three MM couples who play major roles with the plot even though the MC (Cassidy) isn’t
gay. (She has a boyfriend but there’s no MF sex on page beyond very minor kisses and

Inheritance falls between Flame and Ash and Unholy in the in-book timeline (and slightly before Loose Ends, oddly enough). Also, Unholy
takes Seth and Evan to Charleston where Cassidy and her crew play an essential role in
defeating that book’s witch disciple.


About the Author

Gail Z. Martin writes epic
fantasy, urban fantasy and steampunk for Solaris Books, Orbit Books, SOL Publishing,

Darkwind Press, Worldbuilders Press and Falstaff Books. Recent books include Convicts and
Exiles, Sellsword’s Oath, Inheritance, and Night Moves. With Larry N. Martin, she is the
co-author of the Spells Salt & Steel, Wasteland Marshals, Joe Mack and Jake Desmet

As Morgan Brice, she writes
urban fantasy MM paranormal romance including the Witchbane, Badlands, Treasure Trail
and Fox Hollow series.

Get a free complete short
story, Catspaw here



Social Media Links

| Facebook | Facebook Group | Twitter | Pinterest

Newsletter Sign-Up
Instagram | BookBub | Goodreads | Amazon Author Profile


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RELEASE BLITZ: “On a Roll” by Beth Bolden. $25.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Included!


Book Title: On a Roll (Food Truck Warriors #3)

Author: Beth

Publisher: Beth Bolden

Cover Artist: AngstyG Book
Cover and Media Design

Release Date: May 6,

Genre/s: Contemporary gay romance

Trope/s: Enemies to lovers, found family

Themes: Building trust, finding love again

Length: 84 000

Heat Rating: 4 flames

It is a standalone

Add on Goodreads


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Universal Link | Amazon US | Amazon UK


If they could stop arguing
for a hot second . . . they just might fall in love.



Gabriel Moretti and Sean Cooper should be friends. They’re
both passionate about serving delicious food to their customers. They both love to kick back

with the other food truck owners at the collective they’ve joined. But maybe it’s possible to
have too much in common . . .

Especially when they’ve chosen the exact same
name for their food trucks.

Gabriel and Sean know that one of them will have
to change the name. The only question is, who’s willing to give in first?

It’s inevitable that with such a difficult decision,
their tempers flare. But to their shock, their deeply-buried chemistry ignites too. Could it be
that for them fighting is actually flirting, and what they really crave is each other?



“Someone’s name needs to change by September first,” Tony said. “That’s the first home
game at the Coliseum,” he added, referring to the home football stadium of the University
of Southern California—the lot was situated only a few blocks away from the stadium
entrance, and they already knew on game days, they’d be overwhelmed.

“Alright,” Sean said. “We’ll figure something out.” That gave them a little over a month to
either make a decision—or kill each other. Whichever came first.

Tony stood. “Good luck,” he said. “I’ll be around if you decide you need a referee.” And then
he was gone, leaving the two of them alone.

Sean couldn’t remember a time they’d ever been alone. Their friends had probably gone out
of their way to make sure of that. Not sure if anything would still be left standing if it was
just the two of them.

“Not for this,” Gabriel said, and the underlying intensity—the intimacy—in his
voice made Sean’s hand freeze on his beer bottle.

He glanced up, and Gabriel was staring at him, those dark eyes reflecting his tone. More
than once during the last two years, Sean had been reminded of his very first reaction to

Tall. Big. Broad. Beautiful.

It had been the first time since Milo that he’d seen a guy and felt that instantaneous
moment of attraction. Then Gabriel had opened his mouth, and the moment was gone, but
it had existed.

Sean often remembered it at the worst possible times. Like right now.

“So,” Sean said, clearing his throat. Trying not to think of how dark the corner of the bar
was, how the flickering candle on the table was reflected in Gabriel’s eyes. How the light
turned his face into a Renaissance masterpiece. “How are we going to do this?”

“All business,” Gabriel teased, but the edge of his voice was almost . . . sweet.
Like he thought Sean’s attempt to be professional wasn’t annoying, but cute.

Something that Sean never expected from Gabriel was sweetness.

“Did we have something else we needed to talk about that isn’t business?” Sean

“No, but we have time. Over a month,” Gabriel said, taking a sip of his beer. “What’s the
rush? Maybe we’ll negotiate better if we get to know each other first.”

“You mean that you want to charm me first so that you’ll get the upper hand.” He didn’t
really think that was true—Gabriel could be difficult and frustrating and slippery, but Sean
wasn’t sure that he’d do something so underhanded. He wasn’t a bad guy. Sean
had learned that much by watching his friendship with Tony and Lucas and Ash and Tate

Even their own relationship, while still combative, had lost the sharper edges in the last few

Gabriel shrugged. “The best negotiation is one where we both get what we want.”

“I’m not sure how we can do that,” Sean admitted. “We both want the same thing.”

“Do we?”

Sean made a frustrated noise. “You know we do. We’ve wanted the same goddamn thing for
the last two years, and you even threw a meatball at my chest to try to get me to cave. So
don’t start, okay? I’m not stupid. I know exactly what you’re after.”

“Do you?” Gabriel’s mouth curved into something dangerous. Or maybe that was the
unwanted attraction to him blooming inside Sean.

“You want to win,” Sean said.

“Maybe we can figure out a way we can both win,” Gabriel suggested.

“Based on what I know we want, I find that hard to believe,” Sean said. Then
hesitated. This was exactly why Tony hadn’t wanted to leave them alone. Had wanted to
play referee. He hadn’t thought they could do this on their own. Maybe he was right. But
then, they’d never actually tried either.

Gabriel drained the rest of his beer and set it on the table with a decisive click. “I need more
alcohol for this,” he muttered, standing up. “You want something?”


About the Author


A lifelong Pacific
Northwester, Beth Bolden has just recently moved to North Carolina with her supportive
husband. Beth still believes in Keeping Portland Weird, and intends to be just as weird in

Beth has been writing
practically since she learned the alphabet. Unfortunately, her first foray into novel writing,
titled Big Bear with Sparkly Earrings, wasn’t a bestseller, but hope springs eternal. She’s
published twenty-three novels and seven novellas.


Author Links

Blog/Website |
Facebook | Twitter |

Instagram | Newsletter




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SERIES TOUR: “Demon’s Blood, Never Change, Demon’s Life” by Shari Sakurai. Rafflecopter Giveaway Included!


Demon’s Blood Series by Shari Sakurai

The stories are best read in the following order:

Demon’s Blood (Demon’s Blood #1)

Never Change (Demon’s Blood short story)

Demon’s Life (Demon’s Blood #2)

Genres: Paranormal/vampires, LGBTQ, gay fiction

Overall Heat Rating for the series: 1 flame

Publisher: Farnhurst Publishing

Cover Artist: Farnhurst Publishing


Book Title: Demon’s Blood (Demon’s Blood universe #1)

Author: Shari Sakurai

Length: 302 pages

Release Date: January 23, 2014

Add on Goodreads


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

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Immortal blood is precious and Kokawa Taku’s makes him especially unique.

After vampire hunters force them to flee Tokyo, Taku and his lover, Thane, try to make a new life for themselves in England. But three months later Thane is still tormented by nightmares of the fire that almost cost them their lives. This leads to carelessness and the discovery of one of his victims.

When faced with threats from all sides Taku tries his best to protect them although his actions are met with disapproval and anger from Thane. Unknown to his lover, Taku is also struggling to keep hidden the truth of what really happened three months ago.

However, it is only a matter of time before Taku’s past and bloodline catches up with him.



Book Title: Never Change (Demon’s Blood universe short story)

Author: Shari Sakurai

Length: 47 pages

Release Date: December 1, 2018

It is part of the Demon’s Blood universe, but can be read as a standalone.

Add on Goodreads


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US | Amazon UK



Thane’s arms curved around his back and he felt the younger vampire trembling as he rested his head on Taku’s shoulder. So easily broken, Taku often forgot what it had been like in the beginning. For him things had been different, he reminded himself. He had already known what it felt like to take a life.

With Nagasaki in the grip of a bitter winter, two vampires struggle to hunt in the challenging conditions. When an opportunity to feed from a dying man presents itself, Taku insists that they take advantage of it. Yet his newly turned lover is left feeling devastated by their actions. Seeing Thane so distraught is more than Taku can bear and so he makes a decision to shield Thane as much as he can from the darker side to their existence. However his desire to protect Thane might one day cost him everything.

Never Change is a short story set in the Demon’s Blood universe.



Book Title: Demon’s Life (Demon’s Blood universe #2)

Author: Shari Sakurai

Publisher: Farnhurst Publishing

Length: 322 pages

Release Date: November 4, 2019

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Out of respect for the relationship we once had I will spare your life. However, if you try to obstruct me again then I will kill you

Vampires are now an endangered species. Possessed by the demon Kurai, Kokawa Taku has sworn to eradicate all those whom he deems inferior.

Determined to free Taku from the demon’s corruption, Thane seeks help from Taku’s sire, Takata Koji. Thane’s search for answers takes him to Hong Kong where he learns the devastating truth. That in order to save Taku, Thane may have to kill him.

Refusing to accept this, Thane makes a decision that places the fate of all vampires in the balance. However Thane is unaware of the betrayal around him and that his actions will either save Taku or destroy him.


Excerpt from Demon’s Blood (Demon’s Blood universe #1)

Ōtsuki, Kai Province, Honshū, JAPAN, 29 January 1714

Takata Koji knew he was dying. The sickness that had swept through his village had been relentless and had claimed the lives of scores already. He had fallen ill five days ago, two days after his younger sister, Kaede, died. The physician had just been to see him. The grim expression on the man’s face and the distraught weeping of his mother only confirmed what, deep down, Koji already knew. He did not want to die. He was only twenty-five. He wanted to cling onto life with every fibre of his being. But simply the will to live was not enough. Koji’s body ached and he could not get warm, no matter how many blankets his mother brought him. His voice had failed him two nights ago and was yet to return.

It was a cruel hand of fate that the direct descendants of the Takata clan had managed to survive elimination at the hands of their enemy only to perish now. The Okada clan had defeated his relatives almost a hundred and fifty years ago in battle. Of their branch of the family Koji was the only male born; the last heir. His mother could bear no more children.

Hearing the voices of his parents Koji glanced towards the shoji. He had only seen his father once since he became ill. His mother said the man was consumed by grief. Koji knew better than this. Takata Kazuhiro had talked of nothing other than reclaiming his clan’s status and land since Koji was a boy. Yet his own frailties had prevented him from achieving this himself. Some of the Takata clan’s descendants had managed to secure positions within the Tokugawa Shogunate. However, a poor background and ill health had prevented Kazuhiro from doing the same. Koji had been his last hope. It was more than his son dying; it was Kazuhiro’s dreams too.

Koji inhaled deeply, finding even this intake of air difficult as he shifted his position on the futon. The movement caused one of the woven blankets to slip off him and onto the tatami floor. There it remained. Koji lacked the strength to reach over for it. A hacking cough shook his fragile form. He had lost so much weight that his clothes hung off of him. The last time he had gazed at his reflection he had seen a corpse rather than a man staring back.

Koji gasped, fighting to catch his breath as the painful tickling sensation in the back of this throat relentlessly forced the violent coughing fit. A metallic taste welled up in his mouth and the frightened young man gagged over the side of the futon. The hand automatically flying to his mouth came back slicked with crimson.

“Nishimura-san!” his mother raced into his bedroom screaming for the physician at the sight of her son’s blood. Koji felt hands on his shoulders. He was roughly shaken when he failed to respond. Panicked golden eyes raised to meet his mother’s terrified ones even as his vision began to fail him.

“Koji! Koji!”

Her cries were becoming fainter now and the darkness that he was falling into was more inviting. As much as he feared death, Koji now felt some relief at its embrace. He was so tired. As much as he wished to hold onto life he realised that, deep down, all he really wanted was to be free of the pain.


Candles flickered in the dark, the heat from their burning light touching his sensitive skin as he was drawn from unconsciousness once more. Hot, red wax dripped onto the stone altar from the ceiling above. One spot landed on his palm, causing a hiss of pain to escape him. The clan’s Mon – coat of arms – was etched crudely into the low ceiling. The large circle and rhombi making up the outline of the symbol seemed to swell in size the longer that he stared at them. The two smaller diamonds in the centre were coloured completely in red.

Koji could hear the hum of lowered voices around him yet they remained in shadow. He tugged weakly on the rope that bound his arms above his head and back against the stone surface. An unnecessary precaution, for the fever had robbed him of most of his strength. He could barely curl a palm into a fist.

A weakened cough alerted them to his wakefulness and one man stepped forward. Koji tried to make a sound but a gentle gasp was all that was permitted from dry lips as his father approached. Takata Kazuhiro’s stern expression did not falter although there was some regret lingering in his reddened eyes.

Kazuhiro sustained a leg injury in a fight before Koji was born and had walked with a stick ever since. He leaned heavily on this now, as though it would somehow give him strength. A candle lit lamp was held in his free hand. Koji shifted slightly under his father’s gaze not understanding the situation or the reason for the man’s silence. He had slowly begun to recognise the room that he was in and confusion filled him. It was the village shrine.

“Kazuhiro!” Another voice broke through the quiet murmurs. Koji’s gaze turned to the newcomer. Tears stained his mother’s cheeks. Her hair had fallen free from her usual ponytail to tangle around her face in wild waves. The streaks of silver were clearly visible now. Since he had fallen sick she seemed to have aged twenty years.

“Do not do this,” she pleaded softly of her husband. “Nishimura-san—”

“Cannot help him,” Kazuhiro finished for her. His words were as hard as stone. “This is the only way.”

“He is our son! And you would condemn him to this!”

“It will save his life,” Kazuhiro gestured to the two men – whom were neighbours of the Takata’s – standing behind him. “It is a great gift, Natsumi.”

“How can you call it a gift? It is a curse!”

Koji watched helplessly as the two younger men seized his mother and dragged her from his line of sight and back into shadow. He could make out her further protests and sobs for a few moments. A cry pierced the calm of the room. Then silence followed.


About the Author

Shari Sakurai is a British author of paranormal, horror, science fiction and fantasy novels that almost always feature a LGBTQ protagonist and/or antagonist. She has always loved to write and it is her escape from the sometimes stressful modern life!

Aside from writing, Shari enjoys reading, watching movies, listening to (loud!) music, going to rock concerts and learning more about other societies and cultures. Japanese culture is of particular interest to her and she often incorporates Japanese themes and influences into her work.

Shari loves a challenge and has taken part and won the National Novel Writing Month challenge eleven times!


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