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Book Title: Espejos (South Texas Lore 1)

Author: Michael War

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Cover Artist: Jennifer Gavins

Release Date: July 3, 2019

Genre/s: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy M/M Romance

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 41 000 words

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After his mom passes away from a terrible accident, Carlos heads home to Tres Reynas for the funeral—and to reunite with his brother. Given he left after his parents abandoned him for coming out, it’s not a homecoming he’s looking forward to.

Once home, he learns a neighbor wants to steal his family’s ranch, and his brother is considering selling it. Determined not to let the ranch be lost, Carlos works to save it—with unexpected help fom the handsome, rugged Eugenio.

But Carlos can’t seem to focus, especially with his mother’s image seeming to haunt the ranch mirrors, like she’s trying to tell him something—or maybe like he’s just losing his mind.



Domingo Menchaca. Just hearing name brought chills to Carlos’ spine. One stare from the patriarch of the Menchaca family was enough to make most people freeze in their tracks. Except for Carlos’ parents. Domingo used his stern demeanor and formidable presence to bully almost everyone that got in his way. But not Hector and Elena Rocha. They never let Domingo get the best of them, even when he came at them with everything he had. Carlos knew that if they were going to fight, they needed to find a way to dig into their DNA and pull out whatever they could.

“But we can’t just sit around and let this happen though. There has to be something we can do.” Carlos was pacing at this point. He always did when he got excited or anxious. The way he was feeling he was going to walk straight through the floor.

Beto stayed behind the desk. “There’s not much we can do now. I’ve been calling lawyers all over, and they all say same thing: just sell. And to tell you the truth, I think I just might.”

Carlos stopped pacing. “You can’t be serious. How can you think of selling all this? This is our family’s legacy. We have a responsibility to keep this going.”

Beto came around from behind the desk and confronted Carlos. “Do not lecture me on our family’s legacy or responsibilities. In fact, you are the last person who can tell me anything about that. Besides, what is it to you? I’m gonna ask you again: Why do you care so much now?”

Carlos didn’t say a word. Part of the reason was because he was filled with so much rage. The other was because he didn’t really know the answer himself. Beto was right, he never thought of going back, and he certainly never pictured himself taking over the ranch. But there was something pulling him in, making him say those things. He couldn’t explain it. One thing was for sure, he was not about to let Beto know that he lost his job. That would give Beto too much ammunition to form his own conclusions.

“Oh, so now you have nothing to say,” Beto exclaimed.

“Would you believe anything I told you? Fine, yes, some of this is guilt. I do want to make some things right, especially after hearing that Mom called out for me. But I still hold so much anger, and it’s hard to let go. Maybe I just feel that this would help me move past all this. If you sell, then I’ll really never get a chance.”

For a moment it looked as if Beto might have sympathized. His eyes had a hint of concern. But as soon as it came, it went just as fast, and once again Beto’s eyes displayed nothing but anger towards his brother.

“Poor you. You know other people are gonna feel this too? I’ll have to let go of everyone. Well, the ones who haven’t left. Eugenio was able to convince some people to stay, and luckily, I have an account that Menchaca hasn’t found, so I can keep them paid for a bit. But that won’t last long, which is why I think it is best that I just sell the place before it is too late. There will be enough time for everyone to find a new job, and the money will help me get settled somewhere before I figure out my next move. So, whatever guilt trip you are on, you need to stop. Your life isn’t the only one that matters.”

It was now Carlos’s turn to return the anger. “I never said it was all about me. That’s why I want to fix things, so that no one has to lose their jobs. And we can run this together, like I’m sure Mom wanted.”

Beto walked towards the door and stood by it. “What Mom wante– I would love to keep arguing with you about this, but I’ve got calls to make, and then prepare for the rosary tonight. Though it would be fun to see you try and do some of this type of work. Maybe I should let you do some of the chores around here. Then you might not want to stay and I can sell.”

The lamp on Beto’s desk flickered a bit, then the small mirror on the opposite wall fell off, shattering into several pieces.

“Great, more bad luck,” Beto moaned as he walked over to pick up the pieces. Carlos walked over and helped him.

“Careful, don’t cut your hands on that,” Carlos cautioned.

Beto laughed. “You sound just like Mami when you say it like that.” Beto’s look went from laughter to sadness. “I miss her so much. It hurts to sell, but I don’t see a choice. Not with how dirty the Menchacas are fighting.”

“I feel like there is still more to all this that you aren’t telling me.”

Beto kept on picking up the pieces.

“Beto, please, what is it?”

“I didn’t get a chance to see if there was a will on file. Someone broke into the house the other day and left a mess in here. Papers were scattered and torn everywhere, and the computer and files were damaged beyond repair. I called the police, but they were no help. They said that since I didn’t know if the papers existed, then I couldn’t be sure someone took them. They said it was probably a kid looking for drugs or quick money.”

“But you don’t think so.”

“No, but I can’t prove it was Menchaca. He’s not going to stop, and I just don’t have the energy.”

Carlos stopped collecting pieces and placed his hand on his brother’s shoulder. “You’ll see. We can fix all this. Just give it a chance.” Both went back to collecting the broken glass. Carlos wasn’t sure, but while he was examining one of the pieces, he thought he saw something moving in the corner of the room. Yet when he turned, nothing was there. He chalked it up to simply being a figment of his imagination and continued to help Beto clean up.


About the Author

Michael War is a writer whose real life tends to be on the boring side, which is why his imagination seems to float towards gay romance. Aside from writing about beautiful gay men of all types (bears, jocks, twinks) getting it on, he also enjoys writing poetry and screenplays. War holds an MFA in Creative Writing and plans to write more romance themed books in the near future. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook for updates on upcoming stories or with any questions or comments. Or, you can read his blog for some mindless ramblings.


Social Media Links

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“Switching Wesley: The Dungeon I” by Aimee Brissay. Currently on sale for $0.99 in the US & UK through July 9th. Also available for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.


Two Doms falling for each other. What could possibly go wrong?

Wesley has everything under control. He works as a professional Dom at the Dungeon, the only BDSM establishment in town, and though he’s single, his life is satisfying as it is. 

Then Connor, a fellow Dominant and future colleague, comes along, and Wesley begins to question himself and his choices. Is he really a Top? And how can he continue working at the Dungeon as a Dom when he wants nothing more than submit to Connor?


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For the first time in longer than he could remember, Connor felt nervous. It wasn’t performing in front of an audience, which he had done before, as much as doing it in front of Wesley. There was something about the man that made him feel unworthy.

He closed the door behind him, and rested his back against it. How would it be today? Would he be able to handle it or would he flash back to Alin, his ex? Fear chocked him at the thought. He wiped his clammy palms against his pants, the image of his dead lover burning his retinas.

No. It couldn’t happen. That part of his life was over. Dead and buried, just like Alin, Connor cursed the day they had met. The man, barely legal, had been a force of nature. He took Connor by storm and it had taken him a long time to see Alin’s true face. And like so many times before, doubt ate away at Connor. Had there been something he could have done for Alin? Anything to stop his deadly spiral downwards? What kind of Dominant was he when he failed to see what his lover was going through?

Bile rose to his mouth and he swallowed it back. Awkwardly, he rubbed his palms together in another attempt to wipe them off.

What was he thinking, coming to work in the Dungeon? Yet, there he was. Lucas had given him a chance and he wasn’t planning on throwing it away.

Alone in the chamber assigned to him, he tried to shake off the worries and memories and focus on the job at hand. Despite the name of the club the room he was in was fairly common, like one would have found in any house, with a table and a couple of chairs in the corner, a large Saint Andrew’s cross on the wall opposite the door, and hooks dangling from the beams on the ceiling.

He knew there were more impressive chambers in the place, Lucas had mentioned them when he had signed the contract, but he hadn’t had a chance to take a tour. For his first time, he was just happy with the plain room he’d been given.

He checked the unfamiliar room, trying to get himself used to the layout and the paraphernalia at his disposal. He whistled at the array of toys exposed. It was the best stocked playroom he had ever seen. He walked over to the cabinet and perused the array. There were some items there, like the silver hooks, he had drooled over for months without being able to afford them. His fingers tingled to touch them, so he linked his hands behind his back to restrain himself from reaching for them. There would be enough time to explore when he wasn’t fighting nerves.

Pulling himself from the cabinet, Connor opened the gym bag he was carrying across his back. He extracted the mats he had brought with him and began spreading them on the floor to form a neat square. Satisfied with the end result, he checked his watch. The soft knock on the door confirmed he was running out of time. Pushing the empty bag out of his way, he went over to open the door.

Wesley’s shy smile had Connor’s heart skip a beat.

“Am I early?”

Connor dry swallowed and stepped back to allow Wesley to enter the room.

“No, no. Right on the dot.”

“Where do you want me?”

Connor paused, gaping at Wesley in shock, images of a naked Wesley swirling in his head. 

“Oh, for the scene.”

Wesley frowned, confusion written clearly all over his face. Connor recovered quickly and jumped to answer, trying to hide his slip.

“You can take one of those chairs, if you don’t mind.”

Wesley nodded and headed for his place. The clocked chimed the hour and the knock on the door marked the beginning of the session. With one deep breath, he welcomed the submissive into the room.


“Come on in.”

Robert hesitated in the doorway, eyes darting from Connor to Wesley and back. 

“Sir Wesley is here to assist. Is this alright with you?” The question took Wesley by surprise. Connor had already checked that Robert had been informed about Wesley’s presence in the room, so there wasn’t a need to ask him in person. But the fact that he did so, that he wanted to make sure for himself that the sub was indeed fine with the change, denoted a level of care that only a highly responsible Dom would exhibit. 

“Yes, Sir.” Robert reacted to the command in Connor’s voice. His posture changed, his back straightening and his eyes looking slightly past Connor. 

“Good. Come on in. Take off your shoes.”

If the request surprised Robert, he didn’t show it. He obeyed immediately. As the sub took off his sneakers, Wesley looked around. When he had entered the room, he had missed the mats on the floor. They were blue, thick and clearly custom made. Uncomfortable, he glanced at his own shoes, and tried to retrace his own steps, hoping he hadn’t stepped on and dirtied them. He couldn’t remember, so he pulled his feet back, under the chair, just to be on the safe side.

In his socks, Robert stood up, waiting patiently for the next command. 

“Socks too.”

He started toeing off them, but Connor stopped him. 

“Do it elegantly, please.” 

Robert froze, panic flashing across his face, before he crouched and removed them one by one, as careful and graceful as he could. Once done, he looked back at Connor, his eyes not really meeting the Dom’s.

“Stand up. Come closer.”

Robert complied, taking two steps until he stood at the inner edge of the mats. Wesley watched Connor carefully, observing the concentration the man showed, the way he was taking in Robert’s reactions and posture. He clearly wasn’t as inexperienced as Wesley had thought, after all.


By then, Robert was standing in the middle of the square the mats made. 

“Now sit.”

Robert sunk to the floor in one smooth, practiced move. 

“Very nice. Make yourself comfortable, please.”

A bit surprised and unsure, if Wesley was interpreting the sub’s expression correctly, Robert complied. He wiggled, a lot less graciously this time, until he was sitting cross-legged, hands resting awkwardly over his knees. Yoga, he didn’t practice. 

 “Now, let’s talk some.”


“Before we start, let’s go over the rules.”

Wesley leaned in, eyes narrowing to slits, breath held as he waited for Connor’s next words. There were house rules, which all the employees, be them dominants or submissives, had to obey. Wesley, like everyone else there, had a set of his own on top of the Dungeon’s, some dictated by his personal boundaries, other times by the concern for others’ safety.

“As you wish, Sir.”

“I am Connor. Sir Connor to you. You will address me properly. You will answer my questions immediately. Is this clear?”

“Yes, Sir.” There was no hesitation in Robert’s voice. 

“What’s your safe word?”


“Apricot.” Connor repeated the word, as if trying to imprint it his own mind. “Okay.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“What are your limits?”

Surprise had Wesley straighten his back. Maria had extensive files for everyone who frequented the Dungeon. Did Connor think Robert had hidden things from Lucas and his partner? Judging from the sub’s expression, he was just as shocked. However, he recovered quickly and proceeded on listing everything that was on his list. Connor listened to him patiently, his entire attention on the man on the floor. Wesley watched Connor, taking in the body language.

Robert finished talking and remained seated, eyes forward, his pose perfect and elegant, waiting for the following commands. 

Without a word, Connor walked to the table by the wall and wheeled it by the mats. He took out the ropes and spread them on its surface. Wesley noticed with satisfaction that Connor preferred hemp over other materials too. Robert remained still, though Wesley caught the gasp escaping his lips at the sight of the hemp.

“Sit up. Take off your shirt and pants.”

Robert scrambled to obey, some of his elegance lost in his hurry.

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Book Title: I’ve Got You

Author: Becca Seymour

Publisher: Rainbow Tree Publishing

Cover Artist: Booksmith Design

Release Date: July 2, 2019

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance

Trope/s: Single dad romance

Themes: Coming out, forgiveness

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 69 000 words/240 approx. pages

It is a standalone story. It is the same world with different characters as Let Me Show You.

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When a single dad and a newly outed veterinarian meet by chance, it takes red-cheeked conversations, a tentative friendship, and the willingness to put their hearts on the line to show these men they’re made for each other.

Single dad Davis Jackson is busy balancing his coffee shop and being the best dad he can be. That doesn’t mean he’s not lonely. After a fumbling encounter with a man who looks as gorgeous as he does unhappy, Davis is left wondering who the mystery man is.

All Davis knows is that he has never felt such an instant attraction to anyone before, but when he discovers the brown-eyed man’s identity, it’s clear the recently out-of-the-closet veterinarian is lost and quite possibly broken.

A swoon-worthy low-angst stand-alone contemporary M/M romance featuring characters from LET ME SHOW YOU.



I cleared my throat, suddenly aware I’d stayed quiet for a few seconds too long. “Hey.” My voice was gravelly and sounded unnaturally deep.

The guy paused in front of me, his hands dipping into his jeans pockets. He was quiet for a beat, seeming to contemplate what to say.

“You know Rex then?”

I nodded and then took a glance at the large head resting on my lap. With a small nod, I smiled. “Yeah. He finally likes me, so I’m taking it as a win that we’re friends.”

The brown-eyed man’s head tilted slightly, his gaze scanning my face a moment before his eyes returned to mine. “So you’re a friend of Carter’s?”

A humorless snort burst free, not enough to startle Rex, but enough for the guy to raise his brows. I cleared my throat again, not especially liking the fact that it seemed to be closing up and becoming uncomfortably dry in front of this guy. “Well, sort of. We used to work together.”

“Not anymore?”

I bit back the bitter retort dancing on my tongue, tempted to ask if that wasn’t what “used to” explicitly meant. There was no need for me to be so defensive or any bigger of an asshole than I already had a reputation for being.

“Nope. Just trying to figure out my next move.” I clamped my mouth shut, wondering why I’d shared so much. He sat on the lounger beside me, stopping my analysis. “Please, take a seat.” Damn, I really needed to learn to keep my mouth shut and stop being a dickhead. “Sorry.” I threw him a small grimace, noticing both of his perfectly arched brows were lifted, his attention solely on me. There was also a small smile on his lips. I was positive I saw it twitch.

“Hey, I can leave.”

Though, he stayed put, making no indication he planned on moving. He didn’t even shrug or twitch as he spoke.

While solitude had been what I’d craved, I was smart enough to recognize that just maybe not being alone was a good thing. Being alone, I was discovering, was not helpful at all. All it did was give me too much time with my thoughts. And that had a habit of screwing with my head. While I’d sought the quiet, especially since my blowout with Carter a while back, I recognized how dangerous isolation could be. Loneliness was a slippery slope.


About the Author

Becca Seymour lives and breathes all things book related. Usually with at least three books being read and two WiPs being written at the same time, life is merrily hectic. She tends to do nothing by halves so happily seeks the craziness and busyness life offers.

Living on her small property in Queensland with her human family as well as her animal family of cows, chooks, and dogs, Becca appreciates the beauty of the world around her and is a believer that love truly is love.



Author Links



Twitter: @beccaseymour_








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RELEASE BLITZ: “Love’s Glory” by Janice Jarrell.


Book Title: Love’s Glory (Revolutionary Heart series)

Author: Janice Jarrell

Cover Artist: Robin Vuchnich /

Release Date: June 29, 2019

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance

Heat Rating: 4 flames

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They did it all for the glory of love.


In October of 2017 cocky, alpha-male Irishman, Colin Campbell, Sergeant in Charge of the Special Assault Unit of the University of Virginia Campus Police Force, dove in front of a bullet meant for a University of Virginia student. The bullet shattered his thigh and severed his femoral artery, a wound which nearly took Colin’s life and left him temporarily disabled. His infirmities robbed him of the strength and athletic prowess which had been his for most of his life leaving him humiliated and bereft.

When Colin was shot, his partner, Joshua Abrams, a Doctor of Psychology at the Rainier Clinic in Charlottesville, never once left his side. He poured every ounce of strength and love he possessed into healing the magical Irishman whom he adored and was overwhelmed with relief and gratitude when Colin was taken off the critical list. Thinking that they had survived their trial, he took Colin home, believing that their happiness was now assured.

But like many injured police officers, Colin subsequently withdrew from his partner. Overwhelmed by feelings of shame and embarrassment, he devoted himself almost obsessively to the physical therapy with which he hoped to rebuild his strength and reclaim the life he had lost. Unable to share his pain and feelings of inadequacy, he shut Joshua out, leaving him to cope alone with the post-traumatic stress he suffered as a result of Colin’s shooting.

In the following months Colin and Joshua fought to keep their relationship alive. Although deeply in love, they felt powerless to cope with the after-effects of Colin’s injuries both to his body and to his pride as a man, and to heal the emotionally devastating PTSD with which Joshua suffered.

Love’s Trials tells the story of this painful and challenging time in Colin and Joshua’s life. As we join them now, Colin is still walking with a cane and still suffering the physical after effects of his injuries. But he and Joshua are both in therapy and are now dealing positively with the emotional and psychological damage they both endured.

They face their future side by side, determined to stand or fall together, as soul mates and lovers. This book follows them on their journey as they move toward the happy future they both long to share. You can count on a happy ending. In fact, you can count on a happy read. In this book, Colin and his beloved Joshua have left their trials behind and now revel in Love’s Glory.


“I can change, Josh.”

“I’m sure you can.”

“In fact, I’m changing already.”

“I’m fully aware of that.”

“Does it worry you?”

“Well, of course, it worries me.”


Joshua sighed. He scooted higher then dipped his head to kiss Colin’s chest. “Because maybe the new Colin won’t…,” he faltered, “won’t likeme.”

“Different Colin. Not new.”

“Still.” Joshua pressed his face to Colin’s body, his warm breath caressing the solid muscles beneath his lips.

Colin’s hand cupped his chin and lifted it. “Josh, right now I’m a kite in the wind flip-flopping all over the sky. The only thing keeping me sane is that I know you’re holding the string.”

Joshua bowed his head, his lips pressed to Colin’s skin. The breath he drew in trembled in his throat. “Glad to hear it,” he murmured. “Real glad.”

“You’re my bedrock, Josh. My oak.”

Joshua met his eyes and stared into their honeyed-green depths. The frown had disappeared from Colin’s face, replaced by an expression of profound love. He smiled down at Joshua, then bent and hooked one powerful arm around him, lifting him until his body was sprawled on top of Colin’s, molded to him down their entire length.

“You worry too much,” Colin murmured then dragged his tongue across the crook of Joshua’s neck.

“It’s an ethnic problem,” Joshua replied, and felt Colin quiver with laughter.

“I’m not buying that, ” Colin said, still chuckling. “I’ve seen you eat pork. You’re a piss-poor Jew.”

Joshua lifted his head and grinned at his partner. “I’m not a piss-poor Jew,” he protested. “I’m a genetic Jew who doesn’t keep kosher.”

“Semantics,” Colin muttered, pulling Joshua down into his kiss.

Joshua moaned as their mouths molded together in a passionate echo of their bodys’ intimacy. He felt the shape of Colin’s mouth pressed softly against his and his breath caught in his throat. His lover’s kiss was filled with tenderness, and within the fervor of that kiss Joshua felt Colin’s desire that he feel secure in the love of his magical Irishman.

When their mouths parted, Joshua slid his lips to Colin’s ear. “You know,” he whispered, “you should never mistake my momentary bouts of insecurity as a sign that I don’t believe in us.” He lifted his head and, again, his eyes met Colin’s. “Because I do.”

“You’d better,” Colin muttered. “Or you’re gonna feel pretty damned silly fifty years from now.”

Joshua nodded, his face against his lover’s shoulder, his body nestled against Colin’s as they lay pressed together, filling in Colin’s every muscular ridge with the planes and contours of his own physique. “My god,” he whispered, “you feel so fucking good.”

“So do you,” Colin replied. He slid his fingers into Joshua’s dark curls and tugged, lifting his face until their eyes were inches apart. “I chose you,” he murmured, his voice rough-edged. “Don’t ever forget that, Joshua. I could have had any guy I wanted… all of the gays and quite a few of the straights, far as that goes. But I chose you.”

Joshua smiled. “I know. Seeing you sitting at my dining room table that day was the biggest shock of my life.”

“And I had no intention of leaving until you agreed to come back to Virginia with me.” Colin’s fingers moved to Joshua’s cheek, tracing the angles of his face. “I would have been back, pounding on your door, every single day until you said ‘yes’.” He relaxed onto his pillow. “I went to Glencoe to get you and I wasn’t leaving ’til I hadyou.”

Joshua laughed. “It’s not like you had to struggle much. I caved pretty quickly.”

“Yeah. A real time-saver, that, because, believe me, I wasn’t going anywhere.”

About the Author

My name is Janice Jarrell. I am a retired grandmother who lives in Seattle, WA. I have two children and three grandsons. I’ve been writing gay romance since I was twelve years old, only back then it wasn’t called ‘gay romance’. In fact, it had no name at all. It was the fifty’s, and it was worth your life to admit to being gay, let alone confess to being a girl who constantly fantasized about relationships between gay men. Hell, I didn’t even know what a homosexual was. I lived on a farm out in the sticks in a tiny Michigan village and I’d never, to my knowledge, even heard the word. I just knew I loved the thought of boy on boy romance. I just knew that there was something hot going on between Tom Corbett and his Space Cadets and all those guys on ‘Combat’.

I wrote slash fanfiction for 30 years, writing over 337 stories, some as short as 100 words (a drabble) some as long as a series which was over 119,012 words. I enjoy writing my stories. I enjoyed the feedback I received from my readers. It was a creative release I’d been searching for my entire life and I blessed the Internet for leading me to this artistic oasis for my spirit.

Love’s Magic was my very first step into writing my own characters. I will always be grateful the slash fanfiction community for nurturing the budding author until she was ready to blossom into a fully realized novelist. It’s been an amazing thing to watch the gay community’s growth over these past twenty years. My own journey has echoed theirs in many ways, and I’m grateful to all those gay activists who fought to give the gay community the rights and privileges they always deserved.

My second contemporary gay romance novel, Love’s Trials followed Colin and Joshua on their journey as men and as a couple. The readers who fell in love with them in Love’s Magic were thrilled to see their romance continue to grow and blossom, but were forced to watch our beloved boys go through some pretty traumatic trials in this book, trials which nearly shattered their relationship. But their love proved stronger than any troubles in the end and they now move forward into the happiness they know they deserve.

In Love’s Glory, my newest release, Colin and Joshua bask in the happiness that eluded them in Love’s Trials. If you’re looking for a book filled with anger, fear, and anxiety… look elsewhere. Love’s Glory is about just that… the glory of love and the continued growth of these two extraordinary men and the amazing friends who are a large part of their lives.

I’m also grateful to the gay romance community, readers, authors, publishers and promoters, who are making these, my retirement years, the most creative ones of my life. When I’m not writing, I’m traveling, walking, hiking, knitting, crocheting, and weaving, and enjoying my life here in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

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RELEASE BLITZ: “Mated” by Tricia Owens.


Book Title: Mated

Author: Tricia Owens

Publisher: Self-Published

Cover Artist: Tricia Owens

Genre/s: Paranormal MM Romance, wolf shifters

Heat Rating: 5 flames

Length: 84 000 words

Release Date: July 2, 2019

Add on Goodreads

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As the brother of the pack alpha, Wren knows his place, even if that place occasionally brings him to harm. But when a handsome new alpha and his pack come to town, challenging the status quo, Wren finds himself torn between the old wolf shifter attitude and a new one.

Gideon is the alpha of the Corwin pack. Though he moved into the territory to take advantage of business opportunities, the moment he encounters the young black wolf with the blue eyes, he finds his priorities changing. Wren is obedient as a good beta should be, but Gideon is banking on him having a rebellious streak. The only way to find out is to gamble: by forcing a marriage between their packs. But it’s a step that unleashes homophobia, deadly danger, and the discovery of a dark secret that was never meant to surface.


Gideon slowly lowered himself to one knee.

Wren sucked in a breath. “You shouldn’t—”

“I believe you when you say you don’t follow True Call.” Gideon’s voice was low and rich. “But I also believe that a part of you has grown used to it and is struggling with the concept of an alpha who doesn’t need to hurt you to command you.”

“Get up,” Wren gritted out. He was beginning to sweat. Even though he knew his reaction was disproportionate to what was occurring, his body refused to listen. “You shouldn’t be on your knees in front of me.”

“This bothers you, doesn’t it? Me in a classically subservient position.”

“It’s not right.”

Wren went taut as Gideon raised a hand and stroked the tips of his fingers down Wren’s throat. His forefinger paused, resting atop his pulse.

“What if I’m on my knees for you?” Gideon stroked across his pulse point. “Seems you like that better, hmm?”

“Please stand up.” Wren dug his fingers into his thighs.

“No.” Gideon dropped his gaze. “I like the view here.”

He eyed the bulge in Wren’s jeans as though considering whether it would fit in his mouth. Though the thought of Gideon giving him a blowjob was mind-blowing, Wren wasn’t sure he wanted it to happen.

As if he could read Wren’s mind, Gideon glanced up at him. “You’d tell me no, wouldn’t you? If I offered to.”

Wren wished he could close his legs, but with Gideon kneeling between them he was stuck. Vulnerable.

“What if I didn’t offer?” Gideon dropped the hand that had been touching Wren’s pulse. He placed it high on Wren’s thigh, a mere inch from where all the blood in Wren’s body was gathering. “What if I told you I’m going to do it and I want you to sit here like a good little pup and enjoy your alpha’s attention?”

A moan crawled up Wren’s throat, but he caught it at the last minute, releasing a strangled sound instead. Gideon’s eyes darkened and the wry amusement that had been lingering on his features fell away.

“Should I test you?”

About the Author

Tricia Owens has been writing m/m fiction since 2000, after stumbling onto the term ‘slash’ and thinking it referred to horror stories. She is the author of Sin City, A Pirate’s Life for Me, and Juxtapose City series, among several others. She lives in Las Vegas.

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RELEASE BLITZ: “Bernard’s Diary” by S. L. Danielson.


Book Title: Bernard’s Diary

Author: S. L. Danielson

Publisher: Self-Published

Cover Artist: Diana TC (

Release Date: June 28, 2019

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance

Themes: Coming out, suicide attempt, forgiveness

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 44 000 words/142 pages

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Can a suicidal bellhop find true love?


Bernard Covington, suicidal and not the most-handsome man in the world would be happy to leave the world behind altogether. That is until he meets Dr. Jack Larson. The physician takes his wounded heart and soul and patches them back together, but is he Mr.Perfect?

Bernard and Jack develop a romance, but soon the tide begins to shift as Jack’s past is revealed and it becomes a game-changer for the couple to deal with.

Will Bernard and Jack have a happy ending or will he succumb to his desire to end it all or will dealing with Jack’s phantoms keep him going? Only Bernard’s diary knows what secrets lurk in his soul…



Bernard sat on his bed after another long day at the hotel just a few miles away. He was a bellhop.

Not the most glamorous profession, but the only one he could get years ago when his life plans changed drastically. He raked his fingers through his thick salt-n-pepper hair and yawned wide. He reached down and opened up his nightstand drawer and pulled out his journal. He flipped to an open page and plucked off the pen that was attached to the outside and clicked the point down.

I can’t hold this in much longer. Jeremy makes me want to explode every time I get near that incredible body of his! He’s such a good customer, tips well, and never has much luggage. I love bringing up room service to him…I wish it were me that was staying behind in the room with him. I have to tell him how I feel; he must suspect something by now. I’d give anything to have a real man in my life for once, just once! Something’s gotta change in a big way or…shit. I’ve just, I’ve got to do this before I fall apart and die a 46-yr-old virgin. Wishing myself luck!

Chapter 1: Fateful Night

August 8th. 10 p.m. The blinding red and blue strobing from the ambulance lights lit up the dark street. It’d been a silent evening until its arrival. Two paramedics rushed up the concrete steps to the midnight blue steel entry door on the far side of the long, rectangular apartment building. The lights from the ambulance painted a brilliant hue onto the otherwise dull, gray brick building. Even the trim was gray and all of it was rusted and falling apart.

Another medic followed after, steering a gurney down the steps. Their patient was out cold and

stripped from the waist up. He had all kinds of medical apparatus on him; IVs, a breathing mask,

and a defibrillator on standby. Finally, the two medics maneuvered their patient down and into the waiting ambulance.

“Ok, what’ve we got?” barked the voice over the radio.

“Heart attack and attempted suicide,” the medic replied in a professional, matter-of-fact tone.

“Any defib?”

“Shocked him twice. 46-year-old male, obese, two bad wrist lacerations, and ingestion of pills.”

“10-4, we’ll be ready.”

The ambulance pulled into the emergency department at Adams County hospital. It wasn’t a fully-equipped center, but it would have to do. The patient was near death. The doors on the ambulance flew open and the stat team ran out to greet them. In charge was a tall, handsome young doctor named Jack Larson. They ran with the gurney inside and to a treatment room. There were four people working on him at once, but Jack kept order to the chaos.

“Nurse, type and cross-match his blood and start him on Narcan.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“What’re his vitals?” he demanded.

“BP is 90 over 50, pulse 135,” the lead nurse replied.“Damn, too high. What’s our patient’s name?”

“Bernard Covington.” The other nurse read it from the report.

He touched the patient’s shoulder and leaned over him. “Mr. Covington? Can you hear me?” He pulled out his exam flashlight and pulled up the man’s eyelids one at a time to check the dilation.

“He’s out cold, doc. Cops said they found him like this, pills were right next to him.” One of the medics chimed in.

“How many and what kind?” Dr. Larson asked.

“Effexor, 50 mg. Had 30 pills filled, only 20 were found, and it was just filled.” The nurse drew the necessary blood and labeled it for the lab.

The doctor groaned. He hated seeing suicide cases. “All right, let’s pump his stomach, suture these wrists too. They’re pretty deep.”

“Yes, sir.” The nurse prepared the needle, cleansed the wounds, and very skillfully sewed up the wounds. He wrapped them in a thick, cushy layer of gauze and laid them at the patient’s side.

“Good job, Higgins.” Dr. Larson nodded at him.

“Damn, Dr. Jack; that’s the worst I’ve seen. Cops found a butcher knife with blood on it.”

Jack looked at the nurse in surprise. “A butcher knife? Damn, Bernard, you’d cut your hand off.”

He pursed his lips and shook his head.

“He’s stabilizing, Dr. Larson,” the nurse reported.

“Alright, go prep him and pump his stomach. Keep him on constant watch.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

About the Author

S. L. (Stephanie) Danielson began writing at the tender age of five. She knew it was her calling from the moment she put pen to paper. In her teens she began writing alternative works and the genre stuck. She created ever more elaborate tales and finally in her early 20’s years began to create works with her new love; male/male romance. She has since written more than 30 works both solo and collaborations).

Stephanie is classically trained in business, accounting, and HR/training, possessing both an undergrad and graduate degree. She also owned and operated Romance First Publishing where the ultimate goal was to help other unknown, as well as known authors get their start in the publishing world.

Beyond writing, her other hobbies include: painting, gaming, and spending time with her husband and two cherished cats.

Her blog is and email is

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Twitter: @sl_danielson



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BOOK BLAST: “Impossible Things” by Beth Bolden. $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Included! See below link to enter:

Book Title: Impossible Things (Star Shadow series #2)

Author: Beth Bolden

Publisher: Beth Bolden Books

Cover Artist: Cate Ashwood Designs

Genre/s: Contemporary MM Romance. Friends to lovers. Slow burn. Rock star romance.

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 80,000 words

Release Date: June 10

Add on Goodreads


Buy Links – Available on Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US | Amazon UK


It’s never the end . . . it’s only the beginning.


For the last ten years, Benji and Diego have not only been members of Star Shadow, one of the biggest boy bands in the world, but best friends. During the years of fame and fortune they’ve also held a front row seat to the callous cruelty of the music industry. As much as they’ve both wanted more from their relationship, it never felt worth it to trade what they have for something hot, heady and completely impossible.

But is it really?

After welcoming back their long lost member and making it through their reunion tour with a new lease on fame, life suddenly seems too short to continue settling for safety.

Benji and Diego could have everything they’ve ever wanted, but can they figure out how to choose each other? Despite every impossible thing the world intends to throw at them?

It’s never the end . . . it’s only the beginning.



“Are you okay?”

Benji glanced up and of course it was Diego. Of course it would be him who’d know that something was wrong.

He cleared his throat, his tongue suddenly thick in his mouth. The panic hadn’t faded entirely yet, and he felt too close to the edge still, but Diego reached out and cupped his shoulder with his hand. The fear retreated a little more.

If he couldn’t be honest with Diego, could he be honest with anyone?

“I was just thinking of the last bow, the one we took when we didn’t know it was the last one,” Benji admitted.

After a moment of hesitation—which Benji understood entirely, their friendship sometimes seemed like a walk through a minefield—Diego pulled him into a hug. His hands hovered over Diego’s shoulders before giving in and gripping him tightly.

They stood there together for a long moment, holding on to each other. Benji let his head fall down to Diego’s shoulder, but otherwise they didn’t move.

“It was hard, because we didn’t know it was over, but it was over,” Diego finally said, the sound of the stagehands beginning to take down the stage around them punctuating his words. “But it turns out that it’s not really over after all.”

Benji didn’t want to say that some mornings he woke up and for a split second he still thought it was over. That he sometimes had to remind himself that he wasn’t on his own again, that he wasn’t struggling with a career that didn’t fit quite right, that he didn’t miss his boys so much he ached, that he hadn’t ultimately crashed and burned.

“It’s hard to forget, sometimes,” he said, even though he hadn’t really meant to say anything at all.

Diego pulled back, and even in the dim of backstage, Benji could see the empathy in his eyes. “You know, you’re more than your achievements,” Diego pointed out softly.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t been told that before, but something about the earnest belief in Diego’s voice made him want to believe this time. The problem was knowing, with crystal clear clarity, what he was capable of. And never being able to settle for less than that, without that ugly voice yelling in his ear that he’d failed again.

“I know.” Benji’s smile was wry. “Theoretically.” Reluctantly, he let go of Diego. Too long holding him, too long of them holding each other, and he was going to want even more than he already did.

Diego laughed. “Yeah, that’s the whole problem. Theoretically. You’re rich and famous. You don’t need to work so hard all the damn time. You’ve made it, Benji.”

All theoretically true.

If only that voice would shut the fuck up sometimes.

“Yeah,” Benji said, rolling his eyes. “I know.” He paused. He and Diego had been practically inseparable this tour, but it was ending tonight, and they had two weeks in LA before the recording sessions on the new album started. Even though they’d spent so much time together already, the idea of a two-week break from Diego hurt. It had never hurt before. Somehow, Benji knew, they’d crossed that point of no return. Friendship alone would never be enough again. Had it been the kiss? He could barely remember it, it had been so short and brief. Nothing like he’d always imagined. He’d wanted a do-over for the last six months, but maybe they needed more privacy for that.

“Hey,” he started again hesitantly, “we should get together when we get back to LA.”

Diego was leading the way back to the green room and didn’t look at Benji. “I’m not sure. I’ll probably be busy with Ana.”

Benji knew how much he loved his daughter, and how much he’d missed her on this tour, even though his ex, Vicky, had brought her to as many tour stops as she could. So he didn’t know what to say to that. Even though it was probably true, it was hard not to see it as a brush-off. Diego was good with people; he wouldn’t give a brush-off that felt like one. He’d make it sound legit, all to spare Benji’s feelings.

The question was why was he brushing him off, right after hugging and reassuring him? Benji didn’t know, and didn’t know how to bring it up, because they were walking into the green room, and Max was spraying the walls with a bottle of sparkling apple juice and Leo and Caleb were dancing to the Black Eyed Peas, their favorite post-show soundtrack.


About the Author

A lifelong Oregonian, Beth Bolden has just recently moved to North Carolina with her supportive husband. She still believes in Keeping Portland Weird, and intends to start a chapter of Keeping Durham Weird.

Beth has been writing practically since she learned the alphabet. Unfortunately, her first foray into novel writing, titled Big Bear with Sparkly Earrings, wasn’t a bestseller, but hope springs eternal. She’s published eleven novels and four short stories, with Impossible Things, the next book of the Star Shadow series, releasing in June 2019.


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