BOOK BLAST: “Little Red” by Shelby Rhodes.


Book Title: Little Red (Fairy Tales Retold Book 1)

Author: Shelby Rhodes

Publisher: Self-Published

Cover Artist: Jahla D. Brown

Release Date: January 30, 2022

Genres: Fantasy, Fairy tale, M/M Romance

Themes: Good vs. evil

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 72 415 pages

It is the first book in the series. The main story is


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Follow along and you will see a tale retold in a world of unimaginable creatures,
gods, and goddesses. A world filled to the brim with magic. Our story begins with a sorcerer
with too much power without the age to match.

Ryder, our hero, who just so happens to be a painfully short redhead, has found himself
burdened with the fates of thousands, in a life where he has so far received very few
answers. In order to find the cure to the plague that has overtaken the Kingdom of Solais, he
sets off on a quest to seek out his slightly crazy grandmother, in the Yore Forest.

Add in one flirty, handsome werewolf Prince, a sarcastic sorcerer-hating werewolf, some
full-blown insanity, and a bit of magic, and Ryder finds his momentous task doubling in
difficulty and stress. But all is not what it seems, and sometimes life takes you to places you
never wished to stand. In the end, Ryder’s decisions and paths are not choices but destiny.
And in said destiny lies insurmountable magic, death, and maybe even love.


Bane sprinted into the forest, running faster than Ryder could ever hope to.
The thudding of the man’s bare feet on the dirt path almost lured Ryder to sleep.

It would have been to their detriment. The danger was not over. Escaping
his grandmother would take more than physical strength and a little magic. She would not
give up that easily.

Ryder had barely had that thought when he felt it—magic. The air became
electric as it surged closer. He could taste it. Ryder could feel it permeating his very bones.
But something was wrong. Instead of fear or apprehension, his very soul felt elated.

Ryder felt energy build inside him. Strength he shouldn’t have had, it called
for his magic to rise. And as the unknown force sped towards them, his heart started to race
in anticipation.

At first, there was only a thundering rumble. Then the ground began to
shake, and a roaring symphony of cracking, snapping, and explosions followed—sounds of
pure destruction. Screeching beasts could be heard in the distance, the creatures dying as
they are unable to get out of the way of his grandmother’s spell. And soon, the already dim
sky darkened further.

He watched Bane quickly glance back. When the werewolf swore and
started a brutal pace, he knew they were probably screwed.

Even knowing that, Ryder couldn’t stop his eyes from widening in horror
when he finally caught sight of what was after them. It was not something anyone could
outrun. Headed their way was a tsunami-size wave of dirt, rocks, and trees. He could see
nothing beyond it. Not only was it coming from behind, but from all sides, leaving only an
increasingly narrow path in front of them.

And as the two waves began to swell over them, stealing away their path,
Ryder’s first thought was that they were going to die. But then the defiant part of him, that
always pushed him to defeat the odds, screamed no—no, he would not die this way! Ryder

He let his magic consume the mysterious energy—he let it free. Instead of
recoiling from the all-consuming spell coming for them, his magic flew towards it. As their
magic collided, a spell he had never learned filled his mind. The language was old, foreign to
him, but he somehow understood.

When the world turned to darkness, the wave mere seconds from crushing
them, time slowed for Ryder.

His body hummed, and the spell he shouldn’t have known past his lips.
“Îgňaęϋe těŕrvʼna ɋȏnǹ ȸrǽ relǽg’uɱ Ťę môrʋǐtȕs!”

He began to emit a red glow. That glow became brighter and brighter, until it
was blinding.

Ryder blinked as time returned to normal. The wall of dirt, all of it was gone.
The only evidence of it having been there was the barren land all around them.

“That was…insane,” Bane rasped, voice shaking. The man had a death grip
on him, and the werewolf’s voice wasn’t the only thing shaking.

In a slight daze, Ryder peered up at the man. Fearful brown eyes met his. It
was the look one cast at a monster. Ryder quickly glanced away.

Clearing his throat, Bane announced, “We should get going.”

Going where, Ryder thought weakly. He found he was too tired to ask. The
energy and magic that had saved them had dissipated, the spell that had been so clear
moments before was lost to him.

Bane started off again after a moment of hesitation, carrying him into the
barren wasteland the spell had created. Listening to the werewolf’s speeding heartbeat,
Ryder let his exhaustion take him.

While he did not know where they were going, or what was going to
happen, the one thing he did know was that this was far from over.

About the Author

Books have always been a big part of Shelby Rhodes’
life. Unfortunately, growing up writing had been a constant struggle for her. So, even with
her head filled with stories she never tried to write them down.

It took many years to gain the confidence to explore
writing as a creative outlet. Now writing has become a way for her to dive into new
adventures and explore new worlds.

With confidence, she fully intends to explore
everything that has been stuck in her head. It is her hope that others will join her on her

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| Twitter

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BOOK BLAST: “A Particular Friendship” by Paul Van Spiegel. Rafflecopter Giveaway Included!


Book Title: A Particular Friendship

Author: Paul Van der

Publisher: Perceptions

Cover Artist: Paul Van der

Release Date: November 28,

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: Boy meets boy, loses boy, gets boy back again

Themes: Religion and being gay, coming out as an older man

Heat Rating: 3

Length: 62 000 words/ 225

It is a standalone book and
does not end on a cliffhanger.


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Tom Morton is a gay
Catholic priest whose lover comes back into his life leading to a confrontation with a
powerful bishop.


The story has two timelines. In the odd-numbered chapters
we meet Tom, an isolated fifty-year old parish priest of St. James’ Church, a Jesuit-built
church in a northern English town. Tom is an in-the-closet gay man in an increasingly
intolerant Catholic Church, an organisation that defines homosexuality as inherently
disordered with traditionalist elements blaming incidents of child sex abuse on an
underground ‘pink mafia’. Antony, the only man Tom has ever fallen in love with, the man he
abandoned thirty-years earlier, arrives in church to ask Tom to provide the Sacrament of the
Sick to his dying mother.

In the second timeline, the even numbered chapters, we
see Tom from childhood through to his ordination as a priest. As Tom grows into
adolescence the confusion begins: he has experiences with girls, as well as burgeoning
romantic and sexual feelings for his friend, Antony. After they sleep together for the first
time, as the pressure to conform to a heterosexual society reaches fever-pitch, Tom
abandons his lover and flees to the Church. At Ash Burrow seminary, Tom finds acceptance,
a masculine culture, and other gay men like himself.

The novel has three sections. The first section describes
Tom meeting Antony again after decades apart, the rekindling of their relationship, and how
history repeats itself with Tom siding with the Church against his love. In the second
timeline, we see Tom’s childhood, and the repercussions of the tragic car accident that kills
his father and brother.

The second section describes Toms emotional collapse and
the deterioration of his mental health until he reaches the point where he is actively
suicidal. In contrast, we see Tom’s teenage-self approaching life with a sense of potential.
The section ends with Tom coming out to his congregation and informing them that he is
HIV positive and has been for twenty years.

In the third section, Tom is sacked, and St. James church is
closed and put up for sale. Tom is also dealing with the scars of a violent sexual assault
suffered whilst he was a seminarian at Ash Burrow – the perpetrator, Derek Worrell, is now
the Bishop of Preston. In the second timeline, we see Tom’s life at the seminary, his
romances, his appreciation of the structure of the Church, and the horrific incident that
changes his life forever.

The story reaches its close with a group of gay Catholic
priests standing with Tom against the bishop and the diocese. Antony proposes to Tom in a
crowded railway station, and they prepare to begin their lives together.


Excerpt from ‘A Particular Friendship’

Tom read the gospel according to John.

‘When it was almost time for the Jewish Passover, Jesus
went up to Jerusalem. In the temple courts, he found people selling cattle, sheep, and
doves, and others sitting at tables exchanging money. So, he made a whip out of cords and
drove all from the temple courts, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the coins of the money
changers and overturned their tables. To those who sold doves he said, “Get these out of
here! Stop turning my Father’s house into a market!”’

‘Jesus was a man of action,’ Tom told his congregation, ‘a
person who would take risks. Jesus did not stop to do a risk assessment, fill the forms in, or
consult a firm of speciality solicitors. Instead, he acted out of a deep conviction, the
conviction that love is God, that love is central to our lives, that crowding our lives with the
busyness of business leaves no room for goodness. Jesus felt fear, just like us, but he did
what he knew God wanted him to do.’

After the blessing and dismissal, the Arundel children,
Sophie and Danny, led the way from the altar to the church entrance, brother and sister
dressed in matching black cassocks and white surplices. Standing on the tiled steps, Tom
shook the hands of his parishioners, blessed proffered rosaries and crucifixes on chains,
waved goodbye to the choir, thanked visitors for coming.

On his way back to the sacristy, Tom found Mike Arundel
waiting by the Lady Altar as his children snuffed out the candles and tidied up.

‘Hello, Mike,’ Tom said, as he strode past.

‘Father Morton,’ Mike Arundel replied.

‘See you, Father Thomas,’ Sophie said, as she hung her
cassock on a hanger in the wall cupboard and disappeared into the church.

‘How are you finding things at St. Pat’s, Danny?’ Tom asked.
‘I went there myself, a long time ago.’

‘Everyone seems really nice. Mister Cooper is strict

‘I went to school with your headmaster. He was in the year
above me.’


‘It’s a big change, going to high school.’


‘Do you see your sister around school much?’

‘Not much.’

‘What subjects do you like best?’

‘I like music and drama.’

‘What about sports, football and rugby?’

‘I don’t like football.’

‘I didn’t like it either at school. I was useless. I like watching
it now though.’

‘My dad takes me to watch Bussell Athletic.’

‘That sounds fun.’

‘I’ve got to go… my dad will be waiting.’

‘Hi five, Danny.’

The boy slapped the priest’s hand and then he was

‘Go and sit with your sister in the car,’ Tom heard Mike
Arundel tell his son.

‘Father Morton,’ Mike Arundel said, as he stepped into the
sacristy, ‘keep your hands off my boy.’

‘I beg your pardon?’ Tom said.

‘You heard me.’

There was a loud knock at the front door of the rectory and
Tom, still stunned, walked from the sacristy into his home. Opening the door, he found a
dishevelled woman with a supermarket carrier bag in her hands.

‘Hello, Father Morton. I’m sorry to trouble you. I’ve had
nothing to eat for two days. Can I come in?’

Tom fought the compulsion to tell the stranger to piss off,
to tell her that now was not a good time. In fact, it was an incredibly bad time. He bit back
his anger. Then, he did what he was supposed to do and invited the woman in.

‘Come in, please. Would you like some food?’

‘Thank you, Father. I thought you were going to tell me to
fuck off there, for a minute.’

‘No, not at all. Sorry, I was having a senior moment. The
kitchen is this way. Please follow me.’

As his guest took her seat at the table, Tom brought out a
slice of Joan Bird’s ‘Friday fish-day’ pie from the fridge.

‘I’ll warm this up for you. Would you like a tea or a coffee
with that? Let me plug that phone in for you.’

‘Can I use your bathroom, please? I promise I won’t rob

‘There isn’t anything worth stealing, I’m afraid, not unless
you like religious books. The bathroom is upstairs, first door on the left.’

Tom warmed the pie in the microwave and put some frozen
green beans into boiling water on the stove.

‘You’re welcome to have a shower whilst you’re here, if you
like. There is a lock on the door so needn’t worry about your privacy,’ he said, as his visitor

‘Are you saying I smell?’

‘Gosh no. I would never say that. I was just…’

‘I’m messing with you. I’m Rosie.’

‘Hi, Rosie,’ Tom said, extending his hand, ‘I’m Tom.’

‘You’re a good priest, Father Morton. I can tell. Not like
some of the others.’

‘That’s kind of you. Funnily enough, I’ve just had a rather
unpleasant conversation with a parent who told me in no uncertain terms that I am not
allowed to clap hands with his son.’

‘The bad apples spoil it…’ Rosie said, dissolving into a
coughing fit, holding her sleeve to her mouth.

‘Are you okay?’ Tom said, concerned. ‘Can I get you

‘No, I’m fine,’ Rosie said, fishing a fistful of paper napkins
from her pocket and wiping her mouth.

‘I think your food is ready.’

Tom watched as Rosie devoured the food, finishing her
plate in a matter of minutes.

About the Author

I am the author of the Queer
Testament series (Trans Deus – about a trans woman Christ, 7 Minutes – about coming out at
the point of death, Parably Not – an illuminated book in the tradition of William Blake, and A
Particular Friendship- a story about a gay Catholic priest who finds himself in conflict with
his sexuality and his Church). My stories are about the intersection of faith and sexuality. I
am a Will Blake obsessive and I’m working on new material based on his themes of sex and
gender fluidity, revelation and rebellion. I love reading (Alan Garner, Alan Moore, Susan
Cooper, Ballard, and PK Dick especially). I live in Manchester, England.

Author Links

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BOOK BLAST: “His Wild Flower” by L. Grey S.


Book Title: His Wild

Author: L. Grey


Cover Artist: Tjota

Release Date: December 28,

Genres: Dystopian Sci-Fi/cyberpunk, Boys Love

Tropes: Enemies to lovers, slow-burn

Themes: Good vs Evil, courage & perseverance,

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 80 600 words/ 324
kindle pages

This is a standalone book for now. It concludes, but there’s an
open-ended silver lining in the epilogue.


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US | Amazon UK

There’s ugliness in beauty,
but there’s also beauty in ugliness…

We may be monsters, but
we are each other’s monsters…


What is destiny? Do we have the power to change the
course of our lives, or are we forever bound by fates formulated by the algorithm of

And coincidences – are they merely fluke
occurrences or are they the results of a planned chain reaction?

That is the story of a man who has run away from
his past, and another who is running from himself. Pursued by their own demons, the
unlikely pair collide fiercely with judgements and misunderstandings. From enemies to
lovers, the pair journey on a path to discover truths that they have been denied. But are
they ready to face them?

Who is the hero and who is the villain in their

And what is their destiny…?

YouTube Trailer


Chapter 1

Looking at himself in a half mirror, he tightened his fist and
the arrowhead punctured his palm. Staring at the bident tattoo on the left of his chest, he
trembled and a tear rolled down from his eye. Savagely stabbing the arrowhead onto it, he
carved and mutilated the ink of his past.

Covered in blood, he squeezed his built body under the
tight shower, clumsily hitting the on button. Standing naked under running water, he lifted
his chin, parted his lips and tasted the chlorine water. The ravishing man ran his thick and
rough fingers through his drenched hair.

Blood drained like scarlet before waterfall from his
mutilated wound. Unfazed by the stinging pain, he smothered soap over his sculpted torso,
crimson bubbles dribbling down his rock-hard chest to those iron abdominals. Attached to
his body were a pair of athletic legs and a perky derriere. Wrapped with unsightly scars,
each told stories like cave paintings. He brushed his callused fingers over them.

Out of the shower, he raided the minibar. Cracking open a
few miniature vodka bottles, he splashed them over his mutilated wound and roughly
dressed it before swallowing a handful of painkillers, complimentary of hospitality Alice.
Breaths slowing down, his lids turned heavier.

* * *

He peeled open his swollen lids. Painfully tied to a chair
with barbed wire, he noticed he was restrained by his own signature Shibari knots. He
chuckled to himself; only one madman would mock him with such atrocity.

He heard footsteps approaching. Pricked by thousands
of pins and needles, his body went into shock when ice-cold water was splashed onto him.

Laughing sinisterly in a familiar coarse voice, the man
beside him smacked Marcus’s cheeks and whispered, ‘Time to wake up, my sleeping beauty.’

His throat tightened: Marcus was voiceless. A sudden
punch to his jaw sent a back tooth catapulting out of his mouth. Falling to the ground,
Marcus spat out metallic tasting blood between his teeth.

Holding Marcus’s arrow-tipped blades to his throat, the
man sneered, ‘How could you, Sheng?! You traitor! I’m going to take away everything you
cared about!’

Hah… that’s me…

I am Sheng… I was Sheng…

Faint knocks from a distance distracted the man.

* * *

…they were getting louder. Slowly lifting his lids, Marcus
was unsure if he was still dreaming. Stumbling to the door, he was greeted by Alice with

Taking one look at the tray of mush, Marcus asked, ‘What’s

‘The Director told me to bring this. High-protein mashed
beans with a side of kale salad and toast.’

‘Ugh…’ Repulsed by the unappetising meal, Marcus took a

slice of toast then chucked the tray on the desk and pulled a long hoodie over himself to
venture outdoors.

Hospitality my arse!

Guided by his lens, Marcus left the heavily guarded building
with his head down and scouted around Downtown. He felt as though he had walked into a
science fiction movie.

The bustling Downtown was buzzing with flying drones and
patrolling robots. Autonomous vehicles were driving themselves seamlessly and accordingly.
Transportation capsules were travelling at super speed in transparent tubes which was
around Downtown, surrounded by cloud-height skyscrapers.

Still trying to adjust to his new upgrade, Marcus’s cornea
lens was being bombarded with relentless data, holograms and augmentations along with
all the data from the Solar users. Dazed from experiencing the overwhelmingness that Stig
had warned about, he kept bumping into people who were engrossed in their Solar devices.
A migraine began to pound against his skull so he turned the lens off.

He wandered into a park. Sitting on a park bench, burying
his head against his knees, he rocked desperately to try and force the pain away. A
concussion had his brain mixed up, and he gasped when he suddenly flashed back to a pair
of bloodstained hands.

I’m a coward. Everyone is dead and I’m still breathing. I
failed to rescue them.

Guilt… Marcus was tormenting himself with it. He was
nothing but a lone wolf prowling in a foreign land, purposeless and meaningless.

He took a deep breath… and ended up choking himself
with a pungent stench of drunkenness. Passed out beside him (at ten in the morning) was a
man hugging an empty bottle of champagne at ten in the morning. With thick, scruffy hair
over his face, Marcus could not get a good look at the intoxicated person. Missing a shoe,
shirt unbuttoned, half undone tie – the man clearly had had a bit too much fun.

The drunk propelled his guts and Marcus sprang away
nimbly like a ninja. Holding his breath from the awful stench on his hypersensitive nostrils,
Marcus caught the drunk before he rolled into his own sick. Laying the drunk down, he
draped his hoodie over the man.

And left.

About the Author

Little Grey Soul

Eye for Beauty,

A Boys Love

A storyteller of fictional

Root of the East,

With a voice of the

Blending them makes writing

Little by little,

Grey celebrates the

Soul behind my writing is for
you to unriddle.

Author Links

Goodreads | Facebook

Twitter |

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BOOK BLAST: “A Quick Buck” by K.L. Hiers.


Book Title: A Quick Buck

Author: K.L.

Publisher: Stormy Night

Release Date:

Genre/s: Contemporary MM Mafia Romance

Trope/s: Daddy Kink, May/December, Silver Fox, Rich Boy Needs Love

Themes: Love and Power, Lust Before Love, Revenge

Heat Rating: 5 flames

Length: 108 000 words/503

This is a standalone story. It
a spin-off from the Cold Hard Cash series, but the
other books do not need to be read in order to enjoy this one.

It does not end on a


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Universal Link | Amazon US | Amazon UK


Alistair Star didn’t come to Noah Allan’s house looking for a
boy in need of a hard spanking from a man who knows how to give one. Noah was just
meant to be kept as collateral until his uncle could be tracked down. But when the
twenty-two-year-old trust fund brat gets mouthy, Alistair decides it’s long past time
someone took off his belt and put him very firmly in his place.

Noah may be used to buying whatever he wants
and doing as he pleases, but he wouldn’t call himself spoiled. Unfortunately for him, the
dangerous, infuriatingly handsome mob boss holding him prisoner disagrees, and Alistair
doesn’t just plan to teach Noah a shameful lesson that will leave him sore, sorry, and
desperately aroused. He’s going to give Noah exactly what he needs…

A daddy.

Publisher’s Note: A Quick Buck
includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please
don’t buy this book.


“You are an exceptionally rude young man.” Alistair rose
from the piano.

“Says the fuckin’ geezer who’s kidnapping me in my own
house!” Noah growled. “Wow. Fuckin’ dementia settin’ in, Gramps? Do you understand how
crazy you sound?”

“I do believe it’s time for that lesson in manners.” Alistair
slid his belt from his pants, folding it in half and lightly patting it against his palm.

Noah froze, staring stupidly at the belt. He was so stunned
by the clear implication that he laughed.

“I’m going to take you and put you over my knee,” Alistair
said sternly. “I’m going to spank you with this belt until I hear a very sincere apology
followed by absolute and total silence. While we’re staying here, I am going to expect you to
be a model guest. Obedient, quiet, and dare I even say grateful. Do you understand, dear

“You?” Noah laughed again. “You’re going to spank

“Unless you’d like to apologize right now?”

“Ha!” Noah stood up straight and tall, towering over Alistair
as he taunted, “I’d love to see you fuckin’ try it, old man.”

“Very well.”

In the space of a blink, Alistair grabbed Noah’s arm and
twisted it into his back, dragging him over his knee as he sat down on the bench. It
happened so quickly that Noah didn’t have enough time to register the pain until the belt
cracked over his ass for the first time.

“Oh, fuck!” Noah tried to kick away, but the pressure on his
arm in Alistair’s iron grip made a compelling argument to stay as he was. His ass felt like it
had been branded where the belt had struck, and he hissed angrily. Even through his jeans,
it hurt like hell. “Oh, wow, yeah, fuck you.”

“That didn’t sound like an apology, dear Noah,” Alistair

“How about you take that ‘dear Noah’ and shove it up
your—oh, fuck!” Noah cried out as the belt hit him again. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“Mmm, that sort of language will simply not do.” The
buckle clinked as Alistair set the belt aside, and he reached around Noah’s hips to grab at
the front of his jeans. “A strong-willed boy such as yourself usually requires additional

“Hey! Stop!” Noah squirmed as Alistair undid the button
and opened up the fly of his jeans in one swift jerk. A rage like he’d never known filled him
when Alistair grabbed the seat of his jeans and pulled them down with his underwear, just
enough to expose his ass to the entire room. “Oh, fuck you!”

“Now.” Alistair had the belt again, and he lightly dragged it
over Noah’s bare cheeks. “Let’s try this again, shall we?”

Noah tried bucking away, but he couldn’t get out of
Alistair’s iron hold. He was furious from being stripped and humiliated like this, and he
refused to comply. “Go fuckin’ die in a fire. A really big fuckin’ fire.”

“You still have plenty of time to apologize.”

“Yeah? But you sure don’t. Bein’ all old and shit. Might
have a heart attack and drop dead right—agh, shit! Shit!” The pain from the belt against his

bare skin was new, burning white hot, and Noah couldn’t explain the overwhelming rush
coming over him.

Definitely didn’t have an explanation for his hard

There was no way to hide it from Alistair, considering it was
digging into his thigh, and Noah ducked his head, embarrassed and furious he couldn’t
escape. For some reason, being held down was only making him harder, and the vicious
cycle of shame and anger kept right on fueling his persistent erection.

“Why, Noah.” Alistair chuckled low. His voice dropped to a
sultry tone, whispering as if they were lovers as he said, “I’m not sure I should continue your
punishment under these circumstances. Would you like to apologize yet?”

“Eat… a dick,” Noah panted, refusing to acknowledge how
all the little hairs on the back of his neck suddenly stood up from the way Alistair

“Mm, I take it that’s a ‘no’?”

“You’re… a fuckin… genius…”

“Well.” Alistair clicked his tongue, the leather creaking as
he raised the belt back up. “I can already see you’re going to be quite a handful.”

“You’ve got no fuckin’ idea, you stupid—ow,
fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck!”

This was going to be a very, very long day.

And he still hadn’t gotten that shower.


About the Author

K.L. “Kat” Hiers is an
embalmer, restorative artist, and queer writer. Licensed in both funeral directing and funeral
service, they worked in the death industry for nearly a decade. Their first love was always
telling stories, and they have been writing for over twenty years, penning their very first
book at just eight years old. Publishers generally do not accept manuscripts in Hello Kitty
notebooks, however, but they never gave up.

Following the success of their
first novel,
Cold Hard Cash, they now enjoy writing professionally, focusing on spinning tales
of sultry passion, exotic worlds, and emotional journeys. They love attending horror movie

conventions and indulging in cosplay of their favorite characters. They live in Zebulon, NC,
with their husband and their children, some of whom have paws and a few that only
pretend to because they think it’s cute.

Author Links

Blog/Website | Facebook | Instagram

Twitter | Newsletter Sign-up | Patreon


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BOOK BLAST: “Finding Sarah” by Aprille Caniff


Book Title: Finding Sarah

Author: Aprille

Publisher: Fulton

Release Date: August 26,

Genre: Romance, F/F Romance

Tropes: Trauma, New Girl in Town

Themes: Internal Struggle, Relationship, Love

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 60 000 words/ 187

The book ends on a
There is a follow-on book


Buy Links

Amazon US | Amazon UK

The past has left her
scarred and broken, but does she have the strength to risk her heart on the


When Sarah steps off the plane in Provincetown, she has
only one goal—to leave the past behind her. As she begins her journey of rediscovering

herself, she meets one of the town’s deputies under less-than-ideal circumstances but soon
finds herself drawn to her in ways she knows she can’t allow.

Deputy Catrina Diaz loves her job, her family, and her
friends, which is why she became a deputy to begin with, to keep her town and those she
loves safe. When she crosses paths with Sarah, a newcomer to town, she finds herself
wanting more than Sarah is wanting to give.

Sarah fights hard to find herself as the past keeps finding
new ways to haunt her. As their relationship grows, will the secrets Sarah is hiding, secrets
that Cat realizes everyone knows but her, finally pull them apart? Can Sarah trust Cat
enough to overcome her past and the insecurities it has caused and take a chance on the
one thing she thought she could never have again-love?


Grateful for the privacy, Sarah sat down, facing Cat on the
couch. “Cat, I don’t want you to think…” Sarah paused, struggling to find the words to

“What? That you’re avoiding me?” Cat reached over and
took Sarah’s hand, their fingers automatically intertwining. “Sarah, I like you. I like spending
time with you.”

Sarah was overcome with sadness. “Cat, we can’t.”

“Give me one good reason why.”

A tear slid down her cheek as she spoke the simple truth
that had consumed her since she had met Cat. “Because I’m broken, and you deserve

Cat reached over and gently wiped the errant tear away
from Sarah’s cheek. “We are all broken in some way, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help
each other to heal.”

Sarah shook her head, frustrated for what she wanted and
for what she could never have. “Cat, you don’t understand.”

“No, I don’t, but I’m willing to wait until you are ready to
tell me. Until then…” Cat leaned forward and gently, almost shyly, placed a soft kiss on
Sarah’s lips. The feel of Sarah’s lips flooded her senses and filled her with a warmth so
intense she finally understood what all the romance novels were talking about. She
understood what it meant to fall with one simple kiss. “I want to spend time getting to know
the Sarah you are wanting to become.”

Sarah did her best to fight back and hide the feelings she
had for Cat, but that kiss, how could she hold back now? That one simple kiss tore down the
walls she had built to protect herself and others. She had to do what was right and stop this
before it got out of control, but what her mind wanted was overridden by her heart,
surprising even herself. “Cat, I don’t know if I could handle you walking away if you find out
what happened to me. I’m telling you, it’s horrible, and it’s not something you can

It broke Cat’s heart to see the tears that were now flowing
freely down Sarah’s cheeks. She wanted to erase the past and the hurt it had caused her.
Instead, she pulled Sarah into her arms and held her as she cried. “I see you for who you
are, and that’s all that matters. Just give me a chance to prove it to you.”

Sarah wanted to say no because she couldn’t take anymore
hurt or disappointment in her life, but the longer Cat held her, the harder it was to fight.
Finally, she dried her eyes and sat up. “Maybe…”

About the Author

Aprille Canniff retired from
the military after 24 years of service and has deployed to multiple Middle Eastern locations
throughout her military career. She is a full-time Deputy Sheriff who loves her job and
wakes up every morning ready for another day. Her passions include fishing as a catch and
release type girl and hiking with her wife. Her two cats determine the pace of her future
books so she never gives a timeline for completion.

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BOOK BLAST: “Wicked Lovely: The Black Blade Chronicles, Book 1” by J.K. Hogan. Rafflecopter Giveaway Included!


Book Title: Wicked Lovely (The Black Blade Chronicles, Book

Author: J.K.

Publisher: Euphoria

Cover Artist: J.K. Hogan @

Release Date: October 12,

Genre: M/M Fantasy Romance

Tropes: Enemies to lovers

Themes: Adventure/quest (kind of Game of Thrones-esque but

Heat Rating: 4

Length: 90 000

It is the first book in the
series and not a standalone story.
There will be an
HEA over a three-book arc. The first book isn’t quite a cliffhanger, more of a
to be continued ending.


Buy Links – Available in Kindle

Amazon US | Amazon UK

A new series that
combines the adventure and magic of epic fantasy with the enchantment of



Darkness grows in the realm of Taleth. To the west, a
power-hungry despot schemes to conquer kingdoms and territories alike by chasing an
ancient elven prophecy that could give him the power to rule all. In the east, after a prince’s
murder goes years unanswered, a princess learns there was much more to her brother’s
death—and to her life—than she realized.

The House of Kjenelach is shaken to its foundation when
Princess Sigrid is stolen away. Her faithful guardian, Sir Senne Clayward, reluctantly accepts
help from his nemesis, a notorious halfling mercenary of questionable morals—but
indispensable tracking skills—called Kasimir vas Hjardar.

Kasimir makes his living hunting monsters, both creatures
and men. While he exists outside the law, he lives by his own unassailable code of honor. At
the top of that list: never harm a child. When he turns down a contract to kidnap Sigrid and
later finds out she was taken by someone else, he offers his help to the prickly knight tasked
with protecting her.

Together, they embark upon a journey across the continent
to save Sigrid and foil King Prosper’s plans to conquer Taleth. The way is fraught with
dangers and pitfalls, from supernatural beasts to Senne’s deathly fear of magic, but they
must not fail, for Sigrid may very well be the savior of the realm: the long prophesied
Aisnellach Fuil. Somehow, the two men must set their differences aside and work together
to rescue Sigrid, and possibly find love along the way.

About the Author

J.K. Hogan has been telling
stories for as long as she can remember, beginning with writing cast lists and storylines for
her toys growing up. When she finally decided to put pen to paper, she found her true
passion. She is greatly inspired by all kinds of music and often creates a “soundtrack” for her
stories as she writes them.

J.K. resides in North Carolina
with her husband, two sons, and their pets. If she isn’t writing, J.K. can be found designing
book covers at Wicked Pixel Designs, creating fiber art and supplies at Earthbound Fiber Arts
watching Hurricanes Hockey and, of course, reading!

Social Media Links

Blog/Website | Facebook | Twitter

Instagram | Amazon | Pinterest


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BOOK BLAST: “Dancing Before the Crash” by C.C. Everhill. $20.00 Amazon Giftcard Giveaway Included!


Book Title: Dancing Before the Crash

Author: C.C.

Publisher: Self-published in
conjunction with Ronni Sanlo Literary (

Cover Artist: Barbara
Gottlieb (

Release Date: April 25,

Genre: Memoir

Trope: Friends and lovers

Themes: Gay life 1977-1989

Heat Rating: 4

Length: 72 388 words/386

It is a standalone book and
does not
end on a cliffhanger


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US | Amazon UK

Imagine finding someone’s
diary – would you read it?


In 1977, a 22-year-old man moved to NYC to pursue his
dream. His journal tells of his romances, friendships, clubbing while attempting to “make it”

in the big city. The author’s diary takes us from the early days of the 1970’s disco era
through the devastating AIDS epidemic. If you lived through this era or are interested in
LGBTQ+ history, this book offers insight from a survivor.


Sunday, April 26, 1981

It is now 3:30 a.m. and I’m not able sleep. I can’t stop thinking about last Sunday, which was
Easter, so I thought I would get up and write about it.

Jesse was changing into his bellmen’s uniform when I entered the locker room on Saturday
before work. He was in a chatty mood and said the rash had disappeared.

“I have an idea. How about if you come home with me tonight and then tomorrow, we can
spend Easter together?”

What a surprise! I accepted.

Easter was delightful. We walked the dogs to the Village and had brunch on The Patio. After
eating, we walked back to Jesse’s apartment and got high while drinking beer on the roof. It
was a warm sunny day and since we were both slightly sweating, we took showers before
leaving for work.

That was a week ago. Our first night of sleeping together since the night we partied at The
Saint. Tonight, while we were in line at the cafeteria, Gerald the server commented that he
constantly sees us together.

“That’s because we’re both the same age and from Colorado and worked together at
another job.” Jesse explained.

I wanted to add that we are compatible, sleep together now and then, and enjoy each
other’s company. Instead, I smiled. Don’t want to upset the apple cart.

After work, we smoked a few joints in Central Park and then walked to a nearby diner for a
bite to eat.

P.S. Earlier this week, Jesse invited me to accompany him to his parent’s house in May to
celebrate our birthdays.

“Oh, that sounds great, but I’m not sure about a trip to Colorado.”

“We’re not going to Colorado. They live in Connecticut, remember? We can rent a car.”

I forgot that his parents lived in Connecticut. We talk so much about being from Colorado.
As I recall, on the first night we met he told me his parents had moved.

Invitation accepted.

About the Author

C.C Everill was born in New
England. He earned a BA in Music and Theatre in the 1970’s. Before moving to NYC, he kept
a diary which was the foundation for “Dancing Before the Crash.” He is now a retired piano
teacher and resides in North America with his husband of 36 years and their three

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BOOK BLAST: “Flowers of Flesh and Blood” by Amy Tasukada


Book Title:
The Yakuza Path 5: Flowers of Flesh and

Author: Amy

Publisher: ‎ Macarons & Tea Publishing

Release Date: May 28, 2020

Genre: gay thriller, NOT ROMANCE

Tropes: Bad boys, tragic hero, unrequited love

Themes: Mafia, betrayal

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 299

It can be read as a standalone
but you get more if it is read as part of the series.

It does not end on a


Buy Links

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Kobo

Apple Books | B&N | Google Play | Books2Read

A killer. A traitor. A deadly war that could take their love
and their lives…


Ruling the Kyoto yakuza makes Nao Murata a perpetual
target, especially with the Koreans encroaching into their territory. An attempt on his life at
his mafia headquarters crosses a line. Setting up his beloved ally Aki as the would-be
assassin crosses another. Nao knows the only way to save his friend’s life is to sever their
growing bond and force Aki to fake his own death…

But Aki Hisona refuses to stay dead. Determined to expose
Nao’s would-be killer and save the man he loves, Aki goes deep undercover in the Korean
underworld. But when he’s asked to prove his loyalty, he risks becoming caught in a web of
his own lies…

With Aki gone and the Kyoto mafia in grave danger, Nao
fears his trust in others could be fatal.

Will Nao and Aki find the traitor in time, or will Nao’s rule
end in bloody chaos?

The Yakuza Path: Flowers of Flesh and Blood
is the powerful fifth installment of
The Yakuza Path thriller series. If you like gritty Japanese crime, richly-nuanced
characters, and slow-burning gay romance, then you’ll love Amy Tasukada’s high-octane

Buy Flowers of Flesh and Blood to slice into the Japanese underworld today!

The Yakuza Path Series

BOOK 1 – Blood Stained Tea

BOOK 2 – Better Than Suicide

BOOK 3 – One Thousand Cranes

BOOK 4 – The Deafening Silence

BOOK 5 – Flowers of Flesh and Blood

BOOK 6 – Wrapped in Screams

Releasing in November

Pre-Order here


Aki closed his fingers around the paper brim of his empty
coffee cup and ripped another small piece off. Without looking, he added it to the pile on
the table. Mindlessly stuck on repeat, he ripped, added, ripped, added, over and

He’d spent the night in the twenty-four-hour Korean café,
trading off between sleeping in the bathroom and eating cake to justify staying. He’d been
hoping to improve his Korean, but the speakers played nothing but pop songs. Aki learned a
million new ways to tell Nao how he felt but doubted he’d gained the right words to impress

Another rip.

Another one on the pile.

Another turn of the mangled cup… Another rip.

His ribs tightened in his chest, crushing his heart until it
screamed. He didn’t deserve to be by Nao’s side.

Another turn.

Another rip.

Another sugarcoated song about love.

Aki’s thumb hit the bottom of the cup. Nothing more to
tear up but himself.

He stood, bones aching from napping on the bathroom
floor. He needed a bed, and the only way was with Namjoon’s help.

About the Author

International best-selling
author Amy Tasukada writes thrilling times of crime, love, and gore. Readers who crave
diverse characters, unique settings, and edge-of-your-seat action will devour her
Yakuza Path series. Readers who seek less blood and more love will swoon
over the
Yakuza Path
and Would it Be Okay to Love You? Series. Amy is an atheist, queer author who enjoys drinking tea,
Japanese street fashion and visual kei music. Her calico cat, O’Hara, is never far from her
side. Amy lives in North Texas, but is always planning her next trip to Japan.

Author Links

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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