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Book Title:

Author: S.

Publisher: S Legend

Narrator: Curtis

Release Date: November 24,

Genre: Arranged Marriage M/M Romance, fantasy

Tropes: Enemies to lovers, age gap

Themes: Self-discovery, forgiveness

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 9 hours

It is not a standalone story.
Tristan is book one of the Tristan Trilogy.
The story
ends on a cliffhanger.


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An alliance forged through
marriage. The cost? One Man’s dream.


An alliance forged through marriage. The cost? One Man’s dream.

Tristan dreams of the day he’ll succeed his father as the
next Warlord of Markaytia. Elves—creatures famous for their darker passions and
tantalizing culture—approach the Markaytian king with an offer he can’t refuse: an alliance
with the Elves for the one Tristan Kanes.

Tristan is forced to give up his dream.

He’s not thrilled, but Tristan is a man of duty above all else.
What choice does he have? He cannot refuse the king or Markaytia. He begrudgingly comes
to terms with the arranged marriage. Is he a tad sour about it? Yes, but he’ll get over it.


Maybe it won’t be so bad. Elves have cool weapons,
maybe he’ll get one?

Corrik bans him from cool weapons.

Corrik’s seen Tristan’s gruesome death on the point of a
sword in a prophetic vision. He bans Tristan from picking up a sword ever again. Tristan
wants to accept the marriage with grace to make his people proud, but he resents Corrik for
his remorseless attitude over his life’s work.

Facing the Ice Prince and himself.

Tristan’s conflict follows him on the journey to the
mysterious Elven land of Mortouge. He hates Corrik for taking him from the life he loved,
boy does he, but his new Elven husband is an enigma and he’s captivated. He sets Tristan’s
blood on fire and freezes it at the same time. Corrik unravels Tristan’s true nature and
despite his best efforts, Tristan falls for his ice prince.

But Corrik won’t bend.

Corrik wants to be obeyed. He’s demanding and
possessive. He’s overbearingly protective.

Can these two find a suitable compromise? Or will Tristan’s
resentment and Corrik’s arrogance ruin forever their chance at love?

Tristan by Mock (S. Legend) is a gay romance fantasy featuring enemies-to-lovers vibes, an age
gap, arranged marriage, first times, and a happy ending (um, eventually). This is the first
action-adventure romance in the Tristan Trilogy. Mock may have written it down, but truly
it’s told by your lovable host, Tristan Kanes. He’s funny, sarcastic and while it may not seem
it at times, he’s the real person in charge of this story.


I remember the day I was called to the Great Hall alone, which set o all kinds of warning
bells. Lucca and I were attached at the hip then and were usually called to the Hall together.
In hindsight, I think it was because my uncle, King Amarail Kanes, knew Lucca would react
poorly when he heard the news.

I walked into the hall with my stomach already churning and when I saw that my father and
uncle were not alone, it plummeted like it had been shoved in ice-cold water.

That was when I saw him for the rst time.

The power of his features came from what wasn’t there, rather than from what was. The
man was devoid of imper‐ fections; not one thing about his face or his body hinted to a
deciency. There was no weakness in his impenetrable demeanor—the man was used to
winning and getting what he wanted. His cold purple eyes knew no warmth or sunshine and
sat as sentinels atop the high bridge of his patrician nose, complementing the supercilious
manner that surrounded him. Without a smile on his face, he looked cruel and stony. At the
same time, there was no darkness in him, whatsoever. Gold hair owed long over silver robes
that were open to reveal porcelain white skin; unmarred, and solid. The breezy, pretty robes
did nothing to diminish the restrained force of his chest and abdomen muscles—he seemed
to dominate the eeminate attire, as if he’d already defeated it. Not a body built for eldwork,
but for blood—war.

My cock stirred for him and made it impossible to deny that I was attracted to this ice

mountain of a man—I blushed. This was not the place I wanted to have an erec‐ tion. I
shifted my eyes away from the prince, down to my boots, placing my hands over my crotch.

“King Vilsarion, Prince Corrik. This is Tristan, my son,” Father introduced me.

“Welcome,” I said, giving a deep bow to each using the Markaytian etiquette Papa taught
me, then I took my place beside Papa.

“Tristan,” my uncle said. “We are honored to announce that we have reached an alliance
with Mortouge.”

I smiled my best smile. Absolutely, bloody fantastic! The Elves didn’t align themselves with
just anyone and knowing what I knew of the recent unrest in the Northeastern Plains, since
we helped them a while back, I knew it was best to have as many strong alliances as
possible, if the Kanes were to maintain our hold of Dragon’s Rock. For the rst time in
millennia, we had to take extra measures to protect Markaytia’s crown city.

“That is excellent, Sire.” I turned to the Elven king. “I’ve been named as successor to my
father at my coming-of- age ceremony, and as future Warlord, I will look forward to dealings
with your Warlord. We Markaytians could learn from your teachings. I’ve read much about
your weapons—I know you forge the best ones,” I gushed.

I wage for peace, but war is inevitable and the prospect of ghting alongside an Elf was
exciting. All I knew of Elves at the time was of their weapons and great wars. I had little
interest in their other qualities. The Elves are a beautiful, mysterious race, but I didn’t see
much use getting involved in their politics or anything else about them since they were also
a private race who didn’t often allow outsiders into their grand kingdom.

I didn’t expect the Elven king to frown at my words. The smile on his face lit up the room
before, and especially standing next to his grouchy-looking son, the contrast was far
reaching. I turned to look at Papa, confused, and he took a sharp breath, ready to cry. Father
stepped between us; his dark eyes pinned me in place.

Uncle continued. “The alliance will be sealed with a marriage, Tristan. You to Prince Corrik.”

The displeasure must have been plain on my face, though I tried for the life of me to hide it.

About the Author

Some of you know her as
Mock, others as S. Legend, or Miss S. She welcomes all names but will often go by Mock, a
name given to her by her readers.

Mock is an ambitious
creative, weaving the most precious aspects of her soul into stories. She is an architect,
building fascinating worlds, designed from inquiry, rooted in worldly wonderings. It’s an
intuitive process where she is the scribe, the translator, the conduit.

It helped that storytelling was
the language spoken at home. One simply didn’t say, “We have an ant infestation. ” In
Mock’s family it was, “I was on my way to the living room, when a peculiar ant crossed my
path. I looked to my right, a suspicious line of them marched toward the pantry. In that
moment I knew; my kitchen was under siege.” The natural flow of conversation always took
this form.

And so.

When Mock wrote her first
novel, she didn’t plan it chapter by chapter, there was no outline, no “plotting” to speak of.
But she didn’t “pants” it either, she didn’t make it up as she went along. She knew how the
story felt, where it curved in places and hollowed in others; she knew the destination it
rushed toward. Instead of orchestrating, she let the world inspire her, and held space for
the words to come, trusting the characters knew what they were doing. All she had to do
was tell a story, as she always had done; like breathing.

This is her peace, her healing
and solace: Gifts better shared.

Mock’s works are the comfort
you seek when you need to come home. Her unique writing style will take you, wayfaring
reader, to unexpected destinations.

She always says, “I’m not in
the business of making up stories, I couldn’t if I tried. I’m lucky enough to get picked to
share someone else’s story when I ask a question to the universe. Someone answers; I write
it down.”

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About the Narrator

Curtis Michael is a worldly
creative and proud member of the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities. Having traveled and
taught drama overseas for upwards of the past decade, he has somewhat recently taken up
voice acting and narration. You’ll hear some of the flavourings of his experience in the
Tristan audiobook, as the characters are wildly inspired from not only the world of Tristan,
but also Curtis’ different cultural encounters. With two dogs, two cats and a Corrik of his
own, Curtis currently resides in Southeast Asia. He can be found on the many beaches or

secluded in his vocal booth poring over juicy stories at every chance he gets.

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