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Book Title: CLUBBED
TWO: Anxiety, Anger, Activism

Author: Robert A.

Cover Artist: Nirkri with
original art by Alejandro Mesurado

Release Date: January 31,

Genre: LGBTQ Historical Fiction

Themes: LGBTQ Pride; Diversity; Disability Awareness and Acceptance;
Interracial Love; 1980s Queer Fashions and Fads; Ageism, Infidelity, AIDS

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 81 516 words/ 291

It is part of a series, but can
be read as a standalone.

It does not end on a


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Every day is a good day to
be gay.


CLUBBED TWO is historical fiction, set in Philadelphia from
1982 to 1992. Club Sanctuary can be seen as a metaphor for the greater LGBTQ community,
but it is written as a real place, with characters who are fabulous, funny and

The author combines historical characters and
events with fictional ones, creating a story that’s entertaining, informative and emotional.
The love story between the two main characters, Joey and Henry, serves as a vehicle for
connecting the stories of diverse, Queer characters.

This second book in the CLUBBED series continues
the story as the LGBTQ community fights prejudice and ignorance in an effort to be
recognized as people worthy of respect. Will the community be torn apart by fear, or will
they come together to support PWAs? (People With AIDS)

Experience the drama, the beauty, and the excitement as
well as the music, fashion and fads of the 80s with CLUBBED TWO: Anxiety, Anger, Activism.


When he let himself into Kirk’s room, he found Kirk sitting
on a small sofa in front of a 13-inch black and white TV with no cable. The picture was fuzzy
and the volume was low while a rerun of
was on.

“Just put the box on the coffee table and we can eat here.
And keep out two beers and put the rest in the fridge.”

Kirk proceeded to eat, with no hint that anything sexual
was about to take place between them. This felt awkward to Jando who didn’t really know
how to act on a date. He was used to quick fuck-n-sucks, usually in a public place like The
Hole at the club. So, he copied what Kirk did. He figured Kirk knew how to act better than he

After a few minutes, there was only one slice of pizza left.
Kirk looked at the young Puerto Rican guy sitting next to him with a mischievous

“Hey Bae, you know what I always wanted to do?”

“Please don’t tell me you always wanted to smash a guy in

the mouth with a slice,” Jando joked.

“No, not that. But you know how in the movies, a couple
will share something they’re eating, until they end up mouth-to-mouth. And then they have
to decide whether to kiss or what they’re gonna do next?”

“Yeah,” Jando said. And not just people do that. Remember
in that cartoon where Lady and the Tramp were eating spaghetti?”

Kirk laughed, actually snorting a little as he thought about
that famous scene.

“If you’re the Lady, I guess that makes me the Tramp,” Kirk
said, still laughing.

“You wanna try it?” Kirk asked, reaching for the final slice,
trimming it into a very slim slice and pointing the uncrusted end towards Jando’s

Kirk closed his eyes and started to eat the crust on his side
of the slice. He felt the pull as Jando joined him, taking small bites of the other side.

Kirk started laughing again. “Damn! I didn’t think about
that we actually have to stop to chew.”

Now both of them were laughing, as Kirk continued to hold
the slice in mid-air between their two mouths.

“Keep going, Bae. Keep going.”

With gooey cheese dripping down and various pieces of
pepperoni, green peppers, onions and mushrooms falling, and while they tried to keep from
laughing, their mouths continued to inch closer.

Finishing the slice, they were both chewing as their lips
finally brushed up against each other’s.

Swallowing hard, Kirk took the lead and kissed Alejandro
forcefully. He pushed Jando back so he was prone on the sofa as he slid his tongue into
Jando’s mouth, tasting the pizza but also the sweetness of Jando’s lips and tongue. Jando
returned the favor, kissing with a passion that he’d been holding back for a few hours,
needing some release soon.

“I wanna do this right. Let’s go in the bedroom,” Kirk
whispered, lifting himself off Jando’s writhing body. “And bring the beers with you,” Kirk
reminded him as he took hold of a walking cane that was next to the sofa, unnoticed by his

About the Author

Robert A. Karl is a native son
of Philadelphia, PA, a retired educator, a queer author, and the proud Gay Dog Dad to Zuna,
the Awesome Boston Terrier. He now resides in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he enjoys the
beauty and culture of La Isla del Encanto, The Island of Enchantment.

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