NEW RELEASE: “Treading Water” by Alex Winters.


Book Title: Treading Water

Author: Alex

Cover Artist: Reece

Release Date: October 03,

Genres: Contemporary M/M Sports Romance, Gay Romance, Gay

Tropes: Hollywood A-Lister Versus Small Town Stud, Actor Versus Athlete,
Coming Out, Forced Proximity

Themes: (Almost) first time gay, summer love, Hollywood scandal, coach
falling for his student, student falling for his coach, deserted summer camp

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 310

It is a standalone book and
oes not end on a cliffhanger.


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What happens when love
is sink or swim?


Actor Tucker Crawford is having the worst summer ever.
Thanks to a viral video of him trying to swim, he’s the laughingstock of Hollywood and his
role in a hit TV series is in jeopardy. The only bright spot is Tucker’s sexy new swim coach,
Reed Oliver, but even that has its problems—because Tucker is deep in the closet and has
never been with a guy.

Reed Oliver is having the best summer ever. He’s just scored
a high-paying freelance gig teaching a Hollywood actor how to swim. The two of them have
the run of a deserted summer camp, complete with an Olympic-size swimming pool. But
when cocky playboy Reed meets shy, virgin Tucker, sparks fly and Reed’s walk-in-the-park
coaching job becomes a minefield of temptation. Once they kiss for the first time, there’s no
way to overcome their mutual passion and no looking back. But after two weeks of secluded
intimacy, can they keep their romance alive in the real world?


Tuck made a tongue-clucking sound and then sipped the last of
his beer. “My strategy at this point is just get through the day without another scandal, you

Reed gave him a stern, fatherly glance. “You’ve got to let that
go, Tuck. You can’t let it control your life.”

“Easy for you to say, Reed.”

“I know it, but that’s what we’re here for, right?”

Tucker sat up, and little ripples fluttered across his concave
belly. Reed inched up as well and reached to open the cooler top so one of them could slip
their hand inside. Tuck obviously had the same idea, and their fingers glanced across one
another’s as they reached for the lid.

“Sorry!” they blurted at the same time, descending into
mirthful little beer-buzzed giggles until Reed noticed they were still lingering in each other’s

“I’ll grab the beer.” Reed reluctantly pulled his hand away.

“Okay, but it’s gotta be my last.”

Reed glanced at the two or three bottles left inside the
shimmering ice. “Oh yeah?”

“Big day tomorrow, right?”

Reed sighed. For some reason, the last thing he wanted to do
with Tucker at the moment was work. Coach. Admonish. Correct. Teach. “I mean, it’s not like
we have to set our alarms, though, right?”

Tucker gave him a wry grin. “This how you are with your
swimmers back home?”

“Hell no,” he barked, very much the same way he might at
them. Then he softened. “But this is different.”

They were still sitting up. The sun caressed Tucker’s smooth,
unlined face like an unseen hand, and they were mere inches away from each other
now—so close Reed could smell the chlorine in Tucker’s hair and feel the heat coming off his
half-naked body in tempting, shimmering waves that Reed felt deep inside his clenched gut.
“Oh yeah? How so?”

Their eyes met in the afternoon sun. Reed’s answer was
revealing in more ways than one. “I’m miles away from home, kid.”

About the Author

Alex Winters is the
pseudonym of a busy restaurant manager whose curious young staff would love nothing
more than to follow him around the dining room reading his steamiest, most romantic
passages aloud! When not writing romantic holiday stories of various heat levels, he enjoys
long walks with his wife, scary movies and smooth jazz. Visit him at to see what
stories are brewing up next!

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