RELEASE BLITZ: “A Conspiracy of Ghosts” by Tricia Owens


Book Title: A
Conspiracy of Ghosts

Author: Tricia

Cover Artist: Tricia

Release Date: March 21,

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance, Paranormal M/M

Tropes: Former lovers, second chance

Themes: Forgiveness, trust

Length: 52 000 words/254

Heat Rating: 4 flames

It is a standalone story and
oes not end on a cliffhanger.


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As young men struggling to deal with their paranormal
abilities, Michael and Dane found relief when they found each other. Michael could hear the
dead. Dane could feel them. Together, they seemed the perfect pair. But chasing ghosts is a
demanding lifestyle, and despite their attraction to each other, their tumultuous
experiences drove them apart.

Eight years later, their paths cross again. They’ve been
pitted against each other in a competition to exorcise a ghost from a B&B. Now that
they’re changed men, Dane is determined to win Michael back. But Michael is distracted by
Jericho, a ghost with the face of an angel but with a core of cruelty. A ghost who knows their
deepest, darkest secrets.


His recent encounter with Dane swam across the surface of
his thoughts, disturbing the meniscus.
willing to forgive if you are
. Michael had been
too shocked by the statement to react to it except defensively, but he considered it now
more thoughtfully. Dane wanted them to try to work it out. Dane regretted their break-up.
Michael knew him too well to believe that forgiveness was the only motivation behind the
come-on. Dane wanted to prove to himself that he could pull from Michael what no one
else had been able to: his undivided attention.

Good for him, but Michael wasn’t sure what
wanted. Seeing Dane again, this new version of him, had turned his world on its ear. It was
tempting to dismiss the wild, uncontrollable man Dane had once been. With this change
and with his declaration, Dane demanded to be taken seriously as a romantic partner.

As soon as Michael allowed himself to consider the
possibility, he knew he was in trouble.

Slowly, he lay back on the bed and let his hands flop
naturally. One landed on the mattress beside his hip. The other fell on his upper thigh, near
his slowly filling cock. After a pause and an even briefer debate with himself, he lightly
cupped his palm over the growing mound in his jeans.

He hadn’t taken many lovers after Dane. His longest
relationship had been four months with a parapsychology student who’d begged to become
Michael’s assistant despite him not needing one. But the student, Charles, had been
relentless and Michael, flattered and lonely, had given in, allowing the younger man to
accompany him on a handful of cases. The inevitable had occurred. Just as with Dane and all
the others, Charles grew frustrated with what Michael couldn’t give him.

“I feel like I’m dating someone with mental problems,”
Charles had stated bluntly at the end. “You should look into medication.”

Embarrassed and humiliated, Michael had done so. But the
doctor confirmed what he already knew. ADHD wasn’t his problem. Ghosts were. They
refused to be silent.

“And that hasn’t changed even if Dane has,” he murmured
aloud to the empty room.

His clairaudience gift was stronger than ever and his
interest in paranormal investigation was as intense as it had ever been. He didn’t see how he
and Dane could work it out no matter how badly they wanted to. But for the sake of the
moment, for the sake of pretending at being
normal, he fantasized about them
managing it.

Intimacy between them had never been planned or even
anticipated. Michael carried the blame for that. Though he’d always found Dane attractive,
he’d usually been too preoccupied to act upon that attraction, leaving it up to Dane to
initiate anything.

“Do you really not know?” Dane had asked the first time,
after he’d lost patience and pushed Michael against a door to kiss him deeply. “Why do you
look so surprised?”

“Because I—” Michael hadn’t known how to explain that
his world was multi-layered and he sometimes got caught up in the wrong one. That is, the
one without the living. He’d known even that early into their relationship that Dane
wouldn’t react well to such an admission. “I wasn’t sure how you felt about me.”

“I’ve been chasing you,” Dane had murmured against his
lips before swiping them with his tongue. “How could you have not known?”

Easily, but Michael said only, “I know now.”

About the Author

Tricia Owens has been
writing m/m fiction since 2000, after stumbling onto the term ‘slash’ and thinking it referred
to horror stories. She is the author of the Sin City, A Pirate’s Life for Me, and Juxtapose City
series, among several others. She lives in Las Vegas.

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