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Book Title: A Little More

Author: Pauley J

Publisher: NineStar

Cover Artist: Jaycee

Release Date: September 6,

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: Opposites attract, businessman and blue-collar worker, richer vs

Themes: Dealing with cheating and betrayal. Trust is a fragile

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 84 600 words /311

This is the first book in the
Hot Property Series. Each of the four books will concentrate on a different main character
from a successful construction company. Each successive book will include spoilers from the
previous one if the books are not read in order.

This book does not end on a


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Sometimes it’s harder
to trust than to love


Ethan Scott has everything he could possibly want: an
amazing career, great friends, and more money than he’s ever dreamed of. Oh, and men. So
many men. Yep, life is perfect, and he doesn’t ever see it changing.

Nate Sullivan has sworn off men. They can’t be trusted.
Simple as that. After years of being lied to by the man he thought he loved, the very married
man with a wife and kids, he’s promised to never give his heart away or get emotionally
attached to anyone again.

Ethan thinks it’ll be a sure thing to get Nate into his bed,
but when the sexy and frustrating decorator rebuffs him at every turn, he comes up with a
new plan to tempt the man he can’t stop thinking about. A sex agreement. For the duration
of Nate’s work contract, with no strings attached and definitely no hearts and roses or
emotional fallout.

It sounds like the perfect deal. Nate gets to have the man
he’s been craving since they first met before walking away, his heart intact. Ethan gets to
have Nate in his bed, finally satisfying the itch he’s constantly trying to scratch. Problem is,
Ethan’s still trying to extricate himself from his disastrous marriage and if there’s one thing
Nate won’t touch, it’s a married man. When Nate finds out what Ethan’s been hiding, the
betrayal of trust leaves him devastated.

Nate leaves, but Ethan’s determined not to let him go. Will
Nate give him the chance to explain, or will he risk losing the only man he’s ever truly



Pouring the steaming coffee into my usual mug, I let the
rich aroma fill my senses. God, I needed this. Taking a large gulp, I savored the strong taste
as it hit my tongue, the heat burning my mouth and throat as I swallowed, I hoped like hell
the caffeine would kick start my body after the late night I’d had.

I plopped myself down at the kitchen table to take the
weight off my aching thigh muscles from last night’s activities when the front doorbell rang
loudly in the quiet space.
Who the hell was
I glanced at the clock on the
at a quarter to nine on a Saturday

The bell rang again so I pushed my seat back and dragged
my ass up the stairs and down the first-floor hallway. Yanking the front door open to get rid
of whoever had ruined my peaceful morning, I was about to give them an earful, but then I
looked into his face and the words died on my lips.

The man standing on my doorstep must have been mid-
twenties at the most. A few inches shorter than my own six two, he wore a blue baggy t-shirt
a good couple of sizes too big, almost drowning his slim frame, and a pair of loose-fitting
gray jeans and black sneakers. His angular face gave him a Scandinavian look, with a strong
jaw and high cheekbones. Sandy blond hair shone golden in the morning sun, short on the
sides and long on top, swept away from his forehead and held in place with some product.
My fingers itched to slide through the strands to see if they were as soft as they looked and a
sudden image of my hand gripping tightly in his hair as I tilted his head to lick up his neck
flashed through my mind.

Despite the tempting package he presented, I couldn’t
seem to tear my eyes away from his lips. Pink and full, they were begging to be kissed, and I
had to bite down hard on my tongue to refrain from licking my own in readiness.

Well, hello, Blondie.

“Mister Scott?” his smooth, quiet voice asked, giving me
goosebumps and pulling me from the trance I’d fallen into. Lifting my gaze to the palest
green eyes I’d ever seen, I nodded at his question, my mouth suddenly unable to voice a
coherent response. He shifted on his feet, “I’m, err, here about the painting quote.”

Damn, was that today?

He extended his hand out in front of him, and, giving myself
a mental shake to wake the hell up, I reached for his and clasped his palm, my own larger
hand encasing his. A shock of electricity shot up my arm catching me by surprise. The guy
obviously felt the effect too as his eyes widened and he took in a short, sharp


“Please, call me Ethan.” I held onto his warm hand a little
longer than necessary before reluctantly releasing it and giving him a friendly smile.

The guy stiffened slightly and inclined his head. “I’m

“Nate.” I savored his name on my tongue, rolling it around.
“Please, come on inside.”

I stepped aside to let him enter, unable to resist the urge to
lean in slightly and inhale his scent as he passed by me. Light and citrusy with a hint of soap.
As he moved into the hallway, I gave him the once over and was disappointed to see his t-
shirt covered his ass, obscuring my view.

Jesus. I had
to stop perving on the guy. I deliberately pushed my hands into my sweatpants pockets to
try to hide my growing erection and to subtly press my fingers against the head of my cock
to give me some degree of control and hopefully, relief.

It didn’t.

Nate had stopped a few feet into the hallway, glancing
around, assessing his surroundings, but he didn’t say anything and waited silently for me to
take the lead.

“Come on,” I offered. “I’ll give you the tour, and we can talk
about what I want.”

About the Author

Pauley J Ray has been making
up stories in his head for as long as he can remember, and now gets to write those stories
down in his own gay romantic fiction, involving sexy, complicated, and flawed characters
searching for their happily ever after.

When not writing, he loves
meeting up with friends and can’t wait to get outdoors with his husband, hiking, camping
and traveling to new and exciting places as often as they can.

He feels extremely lucky to be
able to sit at his laptop, all day, every day, creating the heartfelt, angsty and passionate
romance books he himself loves to read.

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