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Book Title: Blue Moon
Rising (
Prophecies Book 2)

Author: Amanda

Publisher: Dreamspinner

Cover Artist: Kris

Release Date: May 24,

Genre: Shifter Paranormal M/M Romance

Tropes: Alpha with non-Alpha shifter (not A/B/O), reluctant hero,
rebound relationship

Themes: Destiny, starting over, prejudice

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 76 000

This is book 2 in the Moonlight Prophecies series.


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Dreamspinner Press

Sometimes the right
answer is the part of yourself you are afraid to face.


Alpha Jay Russell’s broken engagement may just be the best thing that ever happened
to him. His ex-fiancé’s twin, Bari, is much more his type and straightforward about his flirting
and desire to unite their packs.

Jay returns home after his misadventures in
Centrus City to a new prophecy, an unknown enemy, and tribal unrest over a series of
racially-driven murders. Furious, Jay is determined to bring whoever’s responsible to
justice… but the unrest upsets the fragile peace he’s been working to achieve, threatens his
new lover’s life, and undermines his position as Alpha, which makes investigating a

Can Jay and Bari work together to fight their inner
demons—and a strange adversary dead set on returning to the past—or will mistrust and
political machinations tear them apart?

Blue Moon Rising is the second book in the Moonlight Prophecies series. Fans of shifters,
soothsayers, and shadowy villains will fall under Amanda Meuwissen’s spell in this
suspenseful, sexy urban fantasy romance.


“I’m not texting or calling with what went on in Centrus
City. Those events need to be explained in person. What’s Ursula asking?” Jay added as an
aside, curious if she’d heard anything from the rumor mill.

“She knows you well.” Maximus scrolled through some of
the messages. “Wondering if you’re bringing home any strays with your new

Jay cringed. He wasn’t even technically bringing home a
fiancé anymore. It was better things hadn’t worked out between him and Bashir, but that
didn’t mean what happened didn’t hurt. Instead of breaking things off between them from
the start, Bashir had slept with Ethan—twice—before Jay backed out of the marriage
himself. Jay just wanted to be someone’s first choice, but being a hopeless romantic didn’t
mean he had luck in love.

“You’re not still poring over pack reports, I hope.” Bari
appeared as if summoned, depositing himself gracefully in the seat next to Jay with a
dramatic crossing of one leg over the other and leaning toward him. Bashir smelled like
sandalwood, but Bari smelled like jasmine, another sign Bari was more Jay’s type, because
that smell made his insides quiver, and scent was a common factor in choosing a mate.
“Even an Alpha needs to take breaks, darling. And we’re nearly home! Well, home for you.
Speaking of….” He batted impossibly long lashes, and his exaggerated nature reminded Jay
like a slap to the face how different he was from Bashir in every way. “Foolish little ol’ me
forgot to look into any hotels. I hope everything won’t be booked.”

Maximus scoffed at the obvious lead-in, but Jay had already
intended this offer.

“No hotel necessary,” Jay said, enjoying Bari’s scent but
trying to stay focused and hopefully not look as red in the face as he felt. “Only Max and our
Magister are mated, so we have plenty of spare rooms at our den. We’ll head there once the
train arrives so you can get settled and I can address my circle about what’s gone on the past
few weeks.”

“You haven’t told them anything?”

“Not yet, but I’m sure they’ve heard whispers. While I
intend to tell my circle everything, I’ll make sure it’s understood that talk of Seers, Focuses,
and Nulls needs to be kept as only gossip for everyone else.”

“My pack thanks you for that,” Bari said with a gentle touch
to Jay’s arm. He was very casually physical, another contrast to his brother. “I know you were
gone much longer than planned. I hope everything ran smoothly without you.”

“Smooth enough,” Maximus growled, reminding Jay that
they weren’t alone. “Are you an ambassador or a spy?”

“Max,” Jay chided him.

“It’s okay,” Bari dismissed. “I was prying. I won’t pretend
like Bash didn’t ask me to keep him informed of the state of your city. But allies should be
honest with each other.” He looked squarely at Maximus and grinned. “When I spy, I’ll warn
you first.”

Maximus turned away with another scoff.

“But before any espionage, I’m looking forward to a better
meal than the train food we had for lunch.” Bari returned his attention to Jay. “Would you
like to get dinner later?”

In an instant, Jay was a flustered teenager again because he
couldn’t think of a response. He wasn’t used to anyone being so forward with him, especially
someone who’d almost sort of already proposed.

“He’s been gone for weeks,” Maximus broke in, “and you
think he’s going to immediately start playing tour guide just because—”

Max,” Jay chided again, which at least
helped him find his voice. He knew his Second was only looking out for him, but being a
good Alpha meant taking time for himself too, something he often forgot. “Pack business
comes first, always,” he reassured Maximus, and then looked to Bari. “But I do have to eat.
I’d love to take you to dinner tonight.”

There was that unique crinkle at the corners of Bari’s eyes
that Jay had never seen on Bashir. “Marvelous. It’s a date. That is a very fetching shirt on
you, by the way.” He lightly tugged Jay’s collar and stroked once more down his arm before
getting up and heading back toward Theresa and William with a sly smirk.

It wasn’t that special of a shirt, Jay thought, just
black with a few horizontal stripes in gray, but since he’d taken his jacket off during the ride,
he supposed the short sleeves flattered his biceps well, which was where Bari had

Jay realized he’d followed Bari’s retreat almost to the point
of turning in his chair and quickly sat forward again.

Maximus stared at him deadpan.

“What? It’s just dinner.”

As soon as Maximus huffed and looked back out at the city,
Jay couldn’t contain his smile. Just dinner—

About the Author

Amanda Meuwissen is a
bisexual author, with a primary focus on M/M romance. As author of the paranormal
romance trilogy
The Incubus Saga
and several other titles with various publishers,
Amanda regularly attends local comic conventions for fun and to meet with fans, where she
will often be seen in costume as one of her favorite fictional characters. She lives in
Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband, John, and their cat, Helga.

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