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Book Title: By the Red Moonlight

Author: Amanda

Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Kris

Release Date: October 5,

Genre: Shifter Paranormal M/M Romance

Tropes: Forbidden love, enemies to lovers, found family

Themes: Destiny

Heat Rating: 4

Length: 221

It is book 1 of a new series
but does not
end on a cliffhanger.


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Dreamspinner Press

On All Hallow’s Eve when
the sky glows bright…


Alpha werewolf, crime boss, and secret Seer Bashir Bain is
neck-deep in negotiating a marriage of convenience with a neighboring alpha when a tense
situation goes from bad to worse. A job applicant at one of Bash’s businesses—a guy who
was supposed to be a simple ex-cop, ex-con tattoo artist—suddenly turns up

A rogue newborn vampire would have been a big wrench in
Bash’s plans even without his attraction to the man. After all, new vampires are under their
sire’s control, and Ethan Lambert doesn’t even know who turned him. When Bash spares his
life, he opens himself up for mutiny, a broken engagement, and an unexpected—and

Ethan just wants a fresh start after being released from
prison. Before he can get it, he’ll need to turn private investigator to find out who sired him
and what he wants. And he’d better do it quick, because the moon is full, and according to
Bash’s prophecy, life and death hang in the balance.


Blood. Not visible, but he could smell it. A lot of it.
Impossible to detect inside the parlor, because it always carried a faint scent of blood due to
the needle work, but outside, Bash had no doubts. Those who knew about him being a Seer
knew his hunches were never wrong.

A man sprinted toward him and was stopped cold when
Bash shot out an arm to catch him by the throat.

No, not a man.

A vampire.

The hiss and growl and snap of fangs made it difficult to
hold the creature at bay, especially since he was strong—incredibly strong. Bash could
barely contain him, which should not have been a challenge as an Alpha against a newborn,
but that’s what this vampire had to be, because Bash recognized him, and he hadn’t been a
vampire a few hours ago. The sire had to be powerful to create a fledgling this strong on its
first night turned.

“A shame we couldn’t offer you that job, Mr. Lambert,”
Bash said evenly. Poor man never even made it out of the neighborhood after his

Lambert—Ethan Lambert, Bash recalled—snapped
again with a click of fangs. A shame indeed, but this had to be Ethan. Bash would have
known anyone else lurking about these streets, shifter or human, and the young vampire
had natural red hair and a handsome face beneath the raging hunger, just how Siobhan had
described him.

Shifter eyes glowed with power when they gave in to their
true forms, but a vampire’s changed entirely. They shone yellow when fed, amber when
hungry, and red when feral. Ethan’s eyes matched the moon above. What little control he
might have had if he wasn’t a newborn was buried in the back of his mind by the
overwhelming need to feed.

“The hell?” Deanna bellowed from the mouth of the alley,
throwing back her shoulders and letting her fangs and claws extend, her skin darkening to a
deep indigo-black, fur sprouting rapidly across her skin. She was ready to tear the vampire
to pieces as soon as Bash threw him her way, which was what Bash planned to do….

When he caught the glow of the scarlet moon above
Ethan’s head.

Somewhere deep within the red of Ethan’s eyes was green.
Bash couldn’t see it, but he knew, like a vision of the man Ethan had once been, beautiful
and smiling and utterly enchanting.

With a howl, Bash slammed Ethan’s head down into the
pavement once, twice, three times before he stilled.

“What did you do that for?” Deanna growled. “Rip his
damn head off!”

“No,” Bash said, the claws of the hand that had seized
Ethan the only part of him changed, and now that too shifted back. He bent beside Ethan,
whose fangs were still visible with his lips parted, but his eyes were closed, chest still since
he no longer needed to breathe. “We’re bringing him back to the den. I have

“What?” Deanna balked, all towering force even as she
shifted human, save the glow of her burning violet eyes. “That’s a vampire, Bash! A

“I’m aware, and we are taking him back with us. Now pick
him up.”

“Fat chance!”

“Deanna, I am your—”

“Fuck you, big shot Alpha! When you’re being an idiot,

you’re just Bash, and you can’t go bringing some fanger home when negotiations with
Russell are heating up. If you ever thought a Halloween was the night, this is the one. Kill the
guy and be done with it.”

That was the easy answer, but if it was easy, why bother
with a prophecy? When had a vampire even entered Bash’s city? And what did it want? It
couldn’t be a coincidence that Ethan had been turned and left on Bash’s doorstep.

Vampires were vermin, an infestation to be rid of if even
one was discovered in pack territory. As they aged, they became far stronger than shifters,
which was why they had to be eradicated before they spread, or they might take over. They
were messy and foolish and too easily made feral, just like their wild newborns. Better to kill
them on sight, always. Bash couldn’t even remember the last time a vampire had been
spotted in Centrus City.

But if the prophecy meant for Bash to kill Ethan, why have
his art so entrancing? Why have his eyes cut through Bash like bullets? Why have every part
of Bash’s instincts screaming at him that killing was not the answer? There were too many
connecting pieces for him to take the easy route like his father would have in his

“Pick him up. If I’m right, my future betrothed never needs
to know.”

“Yeah,” Deanna scoffed despite bending to do as ordered,
“and if you’re wrong, we’re all screwed.”

About the Author

Amanda Meuwissen is a
bisexual author, with a primary focus on M/M romance. As author of the paranormal
romance trilogy
The Incubus Saga
and several other titles with various publishers,
Amanda regularly attends local comic conventions for fun and to meet with fans, where she
will often be seen in costume as one of her favorite fictional characters. She lives in
Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband, John, and their cat, Helga.

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