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Book Title: Crossing Lines (Hollywood Hopefuls Book

Author: Jeris


Cover Artist: Jeris

Release Date: March 30,

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance

Trope/s: Age-gap, Hollywood

Themes: Trust, commitment

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 61 095 words/181

It is a standalone story.

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A Hollywood executive. A
sexy barista. A bold proposition.



Crossing Lines is a sexy and sweet age-gap, opposites-attract mm

romance set in Hollywood.

When Matt is propositioned by Jasper, a hot older guy, he’s
more than down. That is until he realizes Jasper has a boyfriend, and Matt would be joining
them both. He’s not into it, especially since the boyfriend is a jerk. What Matt doesn’t
expect is the lingering disappointment that the handsome man who approached him wasn’t

Jasper is not used to rejection. He didn’t become one of
the most successful executives in Hollywood by accepting defeat. So when Matt, the sexy
young barista, turns him down flat, he’s determined to find out why, especially when there
is such undeniable chemistry between them.

Crossing Lines is the third book in the Hollywood Hopefuls series, but it works as a standalone



Jasper turned in Reid’s arms and simply nodded. Reid’s face
lit up, and he drug Jasper off the dance floor. They made their way to the bar to reload on
drinks, then they found a small table in the bar area to scope out their options. After quickly
scanning the bar, Jasper knew they’d have no trouble finding a willing third. While he was
probably a solid 8, even at his age, Reid was a fucking 10, taking tall, dark and handsome to
a whole other level. Jasper could already see guys shooting them the
Pick me! Pick me!
eyes. They were practically licking their lips.

“How about him,” Reid said, nodding his head toward a
table near the back. Jasper followed his gaze to a table with three young guys, seemingly in
jovial conversation. He watched the three men for a few minutes, trying to gauge their
relationship to one another. It certainly seemed like they were close, but the vibe was very
platonic. Easy laughs, casual postures, but not sitting close or touching at all. They appeared
to be oblivious to the entire club around them, and from what Jasper could tell, they were
celebrating. Judging by the baby face on the one guy, it could be his 21
st birthday.
Jesus. I’m old enough to be that kid’s

“I hope you’re not talking about the ginger, because if you
are, I’m going to have to institute a
must be old
enough to rent a car
policy.” He shot Reid a
judgmental glare.

Reid laughed. “Not the baby gay. The blonde.”

Jasper considered this. The blonde was also really young,
early twenties at best. He was good looking in a boy-next-door sort of way, but Jasper wasn’t
particularly attracted to the innocent type. If they were going to have a threesome, he
wanted someone who would know what to do. And when his eyes flicked to the third man
at the table, all Jasper could think was “Bingo.”

“Him,” Jasper said, not phrasing it as a question.

“Lip Ring?” Reid lifted an eyebrow.

Jasper slowly raked his eyes over the man, considering his
appearance. There was something about him that seemed vaguely familiar, thought he was
sure they didn’t know one another. He’d certainly have remembered meeting him. He was
young, too, but older than the other two. Definitely still in his twenties. He had black hair
that was shaved on the sides and longer on top, and it had a few streaks of blue in it. He had
piercings in his eyebrow and lip, and while the black hair and piercings would make a lot of
guys look rough, the man’s clear blue-grey eyes and easy smile made him seem
approachable, kind even. He was long and lean, dressed in all black, tight jeans and a t-shirt
that was rolled at the sleeves. His exposed arms were all creamy-pale skin contrasted with
stark, bold tattoos, all black and grey and striking blue.

“Yeah,” Jasper croaked, realizing he had been staring for
longer than he probably should have been, “him.”

Reid grinned. “Fuck yeah. I’ll go say hi. You go grab a…looks
like he’s drinking a beer?”

Jasper stood up quickly. “I’ll go talk to him. You get the


About the Author

Jeris Jean is a life-long
Minnesotan with an obsessive love of books. She has a master’s degree in English Literature
but didn’t write her first novel until she was in her mid-thirties. Something just “clicked,”
and all fell into its rightful place.

Jeris is a lover of cats, coffee,
binge-watching tv shows, her bffs, puzzles, knitting, white sunglasses, black nail polish,
purple hair, and reading and writing like it’s going out of style, especially mm

She lives with her husband,
two sons and their cat, Fluffy Cat Love, in a lovely little suburb of Minneapolis.


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