RELEASE BLITZ: “Desert Ice” by Rose Maefair.


Book Title: Desert

Author: Rose

Publisher: Self-Published –
listed as Motely Cat Publishing

Cover Artist:

Release Date: October 31,
2022 (First published January 30, 2017)

Genres: M/M Romance, Fantasy, Adventure

Tropes: Captive prince, enemies to lovers, misunderstanding

Themes: Forgiveness, Stranger in a Strange land

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 131 830 words/ 531

It is intended to be the first in
a series. It is a revised version of the edition released in 2017.

It does not end on a


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Lysander is a mage
more used to commanding earth, metal, and wood than people. How is he to be master of a
slave, and the slave’s desire, when Lysander hasn’t fully mastered his


Lysander is a gentle mage who wants a warrior slave to save
his family. Wyl is a betrayed prince who wants his freedom and what was taken from him.
Their hearts and desires collide amidst storm, steel, and magic in the desert. Lysander can
master the elements, but can he master his desire for Wyl? Can Wyl fight for, let alone love,
any man that dares to own him? (Revised Edtion)


Arms numb, Wyl sagged against his restraining

His thick, dry tongue cracked his lips, searching to find a
hint of moisture hidden in any recess in his mouth. There was no relief to be found.

He leaned his head back, wincing as the coarse rope around
his neck chafed against his raw skin. He stared at the unfamiliar sky above. Home was cloudy
skies and cool, wet winds from the sea. This sky was clear blue with a relentless sun high
above. He let his head fall forward to his chest. This sky was as cruel and foreign to him as
this ancestorless city.

How long had it taken the slave ship to travel the southern
lands, let alone Tandir? What had made his father think slavery was more merciful than

Why did I not foresee D’ara’s treachery? Takesh! If I had the
spit, I’d gladly waste it on the sands to dishonor the thought of her.

She had cost him everything: his freedom, his home, his
family, and even his connection to the ancestors. He would get it all back. He would not be
one of the forgotten!

About the Author

Rose lives in southern
Indiana. When she isn’t writing, she can be found gaming or out with friends. Nearby
conventions are also familiar haunts. She’s especially fond of coffee shops and cats.
However, no matter what she is up to, her muse diligently takes notes, seeks inspiration, and
weaves together plots and ideas.

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