RELEASE BLITZ: “My Friend Tyler” by Shea Swain.


Book Title: My Friend

Author: Shea

Publisher: SSW

Cover Artist: Shea

Release Date: January 4,

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Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: Forbidden love, friends to lovers

Themes: Coming out, forgiveness

Heat Rating: 3 – 4

Length: 71 487 words/ 133

It is a standalone story and
oes not end on a cliffhanger.


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Tyler Morales is a friend by association. So, when my
inebriated ass stumbles into his bedroom after a party and see him bare, face down, and
blindfolded in some sort of sensory play, I’m speechless. And when his partner removes the
earplug in his ear and asks him if I can join in, with a nod of Tyler’s head, my body moves
before my brain can catch up.

Initially, I want to forget that night. Tyler never saw me and
his partner doesn’t know me. But that proves difficult because I dropped something inside
Tyler’s room. He traces the item back to me but it doesn’t matter. I want him even though
I’ve never considered dating a guy. Problem is, Tyler hasn’t come out and it seems he comes
with his very own stalker. None of that shit matters. I want what I want. So, tell me, what’s a
guy to do?


Chapter One

When your life changes, it is always


Tyler Morales is a “friend” by association. When my friends
meet up, we end up hanging out. Aside from being acquainted with some of the same
people, we attend the same college and currently share a class. Like me, Tyler ranks at the
top of his class so if I need a partner in a class and he’s available, we link up.

He’s someone who’s easy to get along with. He’s modest
yet, he doesn’t fade into the background, which is what I try to do. Fading probably isn’t
possible for him. To be honest, he’s pretty as fuck, in a masculine way if that makes sense.

Let me explain…

He’s probably a couple of inches shorter than my six feet
four inches. Girls constantly orbit around him, gushing over him enough for me to know
details like how soft his curly brown hair is, how long and how dark his lashes are, or that his
hazel eyes have evergreen specks. Tyler is also pretty active on campus and I’m sure I’ve
seen him in a sports uniform before. Plus, he seems like good people and though I’m not a
social butterfly, it was nice of him to invite me to one of his rare get-togethers.

I push myself up off the floor. For several seconds, I comb
through my memory, trying to figure out how I ended up asleep in Tyler’s guest bathroom.
When I open the door, I see no one. I realize the small party/gathering is over. Half-awake
but groggy, I get the idea that I’ll just let Tyler know I’m leaving.

So, I stumble down the hall, realizing I’ve never been in his
place before now. It’s nice. When I trip over nothing and hit the wall, I know I’m not only
sleepy but a little lit so I’ll be sleeping in Tyler’s parking lot till morning. I wonder if he’ll let
me use his couch. That’s what I’m thinking when I stagger into the first door that’s ajar. If I
say I wasn’t ready for what I see, it’s an understatement.

I wasn’t fucking ready.

Tyler is on his knees, face down with his naked ass up and
blindfolded. His arms are stretched out with his wrists bound to the bed posts. At this angle,
I see some device in the ear. But what has me frozen and speechless is a guy I’ve never seen
before pounding into Tyler’s ass with abandon.

The sounds they are making…

The sounds Tyler’s making…

When I recover from my frozen shock and can bring myself
to move, I jump forward, grab the guy by the arm, and yank him away from Tyler. The guy
nearly crashes into an upholstered chair that’s in front of a window but somehow avoids it
and falls to the floor. I look back at Tyler who is breathing heavily and has fallen to his belly
as if exhausted.

I look back at the rapist, his eyes are wide and he’s righting
himself. I’m seeing red. The need to beat his ass bloody is becoming stronger with every beat
of my heart. But…I’m also finding it hard to breathe because my anger is mixing with
something I’m ashamed to admit. I am so fucking turned on that my dick is rock hard and
bucking against my jeans for release. This makes me even angrier.

“What the fuck!” the guy yells. “Look, man,” he says as he
stands and holds his hand up to stop me from advancing. “Tyler never said he had a

I pause, frowning.


“You should know we’ve been fucking for a couple of
months now. He asked me to tie him up and fuck him like this?”

The guy exhales as he rubs his hand over his hair.

“Gene? Gene, what’s wrong?” Tyler whispers.

I can hear apprehension reflected in Tyler’s tone. It’s not
what I expect. It dawns on me that his mouth isn’t stuffed with anything and if he needed to,
he’s capable of screaming for help. Help isn’t what I was hearing from him.

“He asked you to do this to him?” I ask. My voice cracks.

“He did. I’m sorry but how could I resist?”

I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Tyler isn’t gay, as far as I
know. I think we’ve even hooked up with a couple of the same girls.

I look at the guy. He’s ass naked too yet, I find nothing
appealing about him which is a relief. I sigh as I focus my gaze to his eyes and face.

About the Author

Shea is a woman who
believes that love is life’s greatest gift so it’s no wonder she writes Romance Novels. She lives
on the east coast of the United States with her family. A romantic to her core, Shea reads
and enjoys watching anything with a love story. She especially likes binging on Romance TV
around the holidays.

She enjoys spending time
with her family, meeting people, reading, chatting. Collecting Barbie dolls, toys, and Funko
Pops makes her happy. But she’s addicted to watching anime, k-dramas, movies, and playing
The Sims games. Shea also loves music and has mentioned that she writes better when she
has music playing as white noise in the background.

This exciting author writes
Adult Romance in the sub-genres of Contemporary, Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal,
Sci-Fi, and Erotica.

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