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Book Title: Reclaiming Pride

Author: Jessie G

Publisher: Jessie G Books

Cover Artist: Andrew

Photographer: CJC

Cover Models: Luiz Oliveira
& Yenner Sanchez

Release Date: May 18,

Genre: MM Paranormal Romance

Tropes: shifters, hurt/comfort

Themes: prophecy, betrayal, trust

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 66 000 words/220

It is book 2 in the Kindred
Story Trilogy

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Grigori & Matisse
must accept their destiny and learn to trust each other before they can face the enemy they
know…and the one they never saw coming



The first time Grigori Federov, Zenith of the Wall, dreamed
of his Kindred, he feared Crowley’s good fortune was making him wish for things he couldn’t
have. As much as he doesn’t want to get his hopes up, the man in his dreams is in trouble,
and every time they connect, the threat is worse. Accepting that his fated mate is real is the
first step to finding him but saving him is only the beginning of their problems.

A lifetime of running and losing everyone he loves has
taught Matisse that no one can be trusted, and he doesn’t believe he’ll ever be safe. When
Grigori tries to convince him otherwise, his wish for it to be true isn’t enough for him to let
down his guard. But while he doesn’t believe in fairy tales, he may not have a choice when
the only one who can stop the hunters is the Zenith who wants to love him.

Discovering who they are together reveals a connection
between the Kindreds that could be a clue to fulfilling the prophecy. Unfortunately, it also
exposes a deception that forces the Zeniths to question their sacred purpose.

Now they have to decide: are they destined to save the
world or destroy it?



Everyone knew the least trustworthy person was the one
who begged to be trusted. Grigori didn’t look like the type to beg, but Matisse figured a guy
who showed up with an army at the exact moment it was needed would feel secure in the
image he was presenting. With all those muscles and a generous helping of facial fur
accentuating his scowl, the army was actually overkill.

You’re safe now, said the big burly bear to the itty-bitty lynx.

It was laughable. More than that, it was the most wildly
outlandish claim he’d ever heard. Safe? Come on! A kit still wobbling on four paws would
know better.

So, why didn’t he?

“Are you cold?” Grigori frowned and stepped closer. “You

“I did?” He hadn’t realized, but Matisse didn’t think it had
anything to do with the temperature. “No, I’m pissed that I didn’t realize how close the
hunters were. I can’t afford to get caught off guard like that.”

Then again, he couldn’t afford to follow a voice in his head
and yet here he was in a place he’d never been with men he’d never met half-believing that
he was safe because the big, smoldering badass said so.

“You were focused on my army charging toward you. I think
you can cut yourself some slack.”

“Except that mistake could have gotten me killed, so no
slack and no excuses.” And no more getting distracted by his hot savior.

By all appearances, Grigori knew he was in trouble even
though they had never met before and had rushed to help him. In Matisse’s experience,
strangers didn’t do that for one another unless they had an ulterior motive. He just needed
to figure out if Grigori was in league with the hunters or if he was working another angle.

“Do you know why they’re after me?”

“Not yet.” Grigori offered him a reassuring smile that
seemed…awkward. Unused. Kind of endearing, not that Matisse was fooled.
Much. “Mehdi will keep at least one alive so we can get you that answer.”

“Only one?” Matisse didn’t want to sound ungrateful.
Friend or foe, perfectly timed or total coincidence, Grigori and his men were the reason he
was still alive.

Grigori gave him a funny look and reminded, “They were
trying to kill you.”

“I know.” Who knew better than him? “I just…” Matisse
trailed off with a shrug. All he wanted was to have a normal, threat-free life like everyone
else. It was a simple request, and one he didn’t think required a blood sacrifice.


About the Author

Jessie G is a bestselling MM
Romance author with a penchant for hurt/comfort stories featuring chosen families and
second chances. She likes her men rough around the edges and willing to wallow into the
darkness to save the one they love. From ex-cons to bad boy bikers, military heroes to fated
mates, she hopes you find your next great read among her books.


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