RELEASE BLITZ: “Relevant Law” by Janice Jarrell


Book Title: Relevant Law (The Fearless Heart, #2)

Author: Janice


Cover Artist: Janice Jarrell
and Robin E. Vuchnich

Release Date: September 25,

Genre: Contemporary M/M

Tropes: Hurt/Comfort

Themes: Suspense, Angst, Abduction and Rescue

Heat Rating: 4

Length: 91 638 words/
around 215 pages

It is part of a series but can
be read as a standalone.



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Sometimes love is defined
by fear.



They’d been through it all and emerged victorious. Now

they stood on the very brink of a whole new life bursting with possibilities and renewed
hope for the future. Colin will take the bar exam and begin his promising career as an
Assistant Commonwealth Attorney for the city of Charlottesville. Joshua receives his second
Ph.D. and adds Forensic Psychologist to his list of achievements. What could possibly go


And then:

Three students are abducted from the University of Virginia
campus. All three are recovered alive but have been sexually assaulted and brutally beaten.
From his new position as Assistant Commonwealth Attorney, Colin partners with both
campus and city police in a combined task force determined to solve these horrific crimes
and put the perpetrator behind bars. But can they succeed before the ‘campus abductor’
strikes again?


The abusive and volatile husband of one of Joshua’s
patients threatens his life. Suddenly Joshua is under siege as he is stalked both at work and
at home by an unstable assailant.

Entangled in both these life-threatening situations, Colin
struggles to protect both the university he loves and the man he adores. But…


“Oh god, Josh, my sweet love, if anything’s happened to
you…” his voice trailed off, unable to voice the unthinkable.


“NO! Joshua’s
mind shrieked. I can’t give up! I won’t give up! Colin will come! He’ll come!”


Warning: This novel discusses sensitive material
which may be distressing to some readers. Relevant Law explores themes of abduction,
physical violence, and non-graphic sexual assault.



Colin surged to his feet and strode toward the front desk
just as Ray, the desk sergeant entered. He grabbed Colin’s arm and drew him toward the
door. “A friend of yours found Joshua’s car by the Culbreth.” He shoved Colin toward the
door where several uniformed officers waited. “Go with the guys!”

Without uttering a sound he moved through the station
house door and into the darkness beyond. He felt the cool night air touch his face and as he
lurched to a halt his heart jackhammered against his chest. “Oh, sweet Jesus,
no!” he whispered, feeling his insides twist with horror. “NO!” As he reached
the squad car, he felt a strong hand grab his arm and guide him into the vehicle.

“Just take it easy, Colin. We’ll find him.”

When the squad car approached the street where the
Culbreth Theater was located they were nearly blinded by the spinning flash of police and
ambulance lights. The area was already surrounded by law enforcement and Colin spotted
both campus and city police cars parked at random angles, blocking off the street forcing
them to stop where they were.

He bolted from the car and ran to where several police
officers were gathered. Some were bending to examine the ground, and the beam from
various flashlights darted here and there as others examined every inch of ground, sidewalk,
bushes, and street.

“Colin!” a voice called, and he spun to see Lenny striding
toward him. “Ray called me,” Lenny said, grabbing Colin in a tight embrace. “We’ll find him,
Colin. I promise you. We’ll find him.”

He saw flashing police lights in the parking lot across the
street and sprinted across the busy avenue to join them. He spotted Joshua’s car at once,
surrounded by several uniformed police and moved toward it. As he approached, one of the
officers grabbed his arm. “Colin, don’t touch it! We want to check it for prints or other

Colin nodded but gave no response. He turned away and
blindly stumbled back across the street to the theater. For a moment he stood, surrounded
by the flashing lights, hearing the murmur of somber voices, feeling himself teetering on the
edge of collapse. “Josh,” he moaned. “Oh god, this can’t be happening.”

He felt Lenny take his arm and lead him to one side. “Take
it easy, buddy. Just let the guys work. They’ll figure it out. We’ll find him, Colin. We’re
searching his car now, looking for anything that might help us. We can’t find his cellphone

Colin lowered his head and nodded without fully
understanding, then spun as the sound of heartbroken sobbing reached his ears. He saw

David kneeling on the ground, embracing someone who was bent over, clutching a cloth
garment, rocking back and forth as if in pain. He moved to where David knelt and fell to the
ground beside him. The voice was Nate’s.

“I heard him!” Nate choked out, shaking with sobs. “I heard
him cry out, but I ignored it. Thought I was imagining things! It’s my fault! He brought me
my jacket and it’s my fault! Oh god, oh god, oh god! Josh!” He lifted his head and his
tear-streaked face twisted in pain when he saw Colin kneeling beside him. “Oh god, Colin,
forgive me!”



About the Author

My name is Janice Jarrell. I
am a retired grandmother who lives in Seattle, WA. I have two children and three
grandsons. I’ve been writing gay romance since I was twelve years old, only back then it
called ‘gay romance’. In fact, it had no name at all. It was the fifty’s, and
it was worth your life to admit to being gay, let alone confess to being a girl who constantly
fantasized about relationships between gay men. Hell, I didn’t even know what a
was. I lived on a farm out in the sticks in a tiny Michigan village and I’d
never, to my knowledge, even heard the word. I just knew I loved the thought of boy-on-boy
romance. I just
knew that there was something hot going on between Tom
Corbett and his Space Cadets and all those guys on ‘Combat’.

I wrote slash fanfiction for 30
years, writing over 337 stories, some as short as 100 words (a drabble), some as long as a
series which was over 119,012 words. I enjoy writing my stories. I enjoyed the feedback I
received from my readers. It was a creative release I’d been searching for my entire life and I
blessed the Internet for leading me to this artistic oasis for my spirit.

Love’s Magic was
my very first step into writing my
own characters. I will always be grateful
to the slash fanfiction community for nurturing the budding author until she was ready to
blossom into a fully realized novelist. It’s been an amazing thing to watch the gay
community’s growth over these past twenty years. My own journey has echoed theirs in
many ways, and I’m grateful to all those gay activists who fought to give the gay community
the rights and privileges they
deserved. Love’s Trials, Love’s Glory, and Love’s
Lawyer were the second and third, and forth books in the series and all four books are
available in audio format on Audible.

I’m also grateful to the gay

romance community, readers, authors, publishers and promoters, who are making these,
my retirement years, the most creative ones of my life. When I’m not writing, I’m traveling,
walking, hiking, knitting, crocheting, and weaving.

I’m very excited about the
upcoming release of my fifth contemporary gay romance novel, Relevant Law. Those of you
who fell in love with Joshua and Colin in the four previous books in this series are in for a bit
of angst in this latest episode. A dark and sinister cloud hangs over the University of Virginia
after three students are abducted, raped and beaten. Colin works with both campus and city
police to catch the perpetrator, but his hard work and effort proves futile when Joshua turns
up missing!

Despite their struggles there
are still many passionate, loving moments and the friends they treasure will be there to help
them find their way.


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