RELEASE BLITZ: “The Bow II” by Jay Tripp.


Book Title: The Bow II: Forbidden Romance

Author: Jay Tripp

Publisher: J T Print and
Publishing Services, LLC

Cover Artist: Olivia Pro

Release Date: April 2,

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M

Trope/s: Forbidden

Themes: Coming out,

Length: 85 000 words/ 331

Heat Rating: 5 flames

It is part 2 of a

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Brandon and Tyler have been together for five years and
things have gotten stale. Tyler’s career has taken off while Brandon is struggling to make his
mark in the world of journalism. With Tyler away on assignments so often, Brandon is left to
cope with his loneliness. In the meantime, flames from the past come to heat up the scene
and cause problems for Brandon and Tyler.



Down in Mobile at my parent’s house, we sat around the
breakfast table as my dad paraded around with his ‘kiss the chef’ apron on, a pile of
pancakes in one hand and a pile of sausage patties in the other hand.

“How’s the job going, Brandon?” my mom asked. She sat so
poised with both hands clasped around her coffee mug. Tatianna was away at Spelman
College in Atlanta. She’d kill me if she knew I came home without her.

“It’s going.”

“Oh that’s all?” my Dad asked. “You mean to tell me after
$55,678 on a bachelors and an MBA all your career is doing is going?” he concluded. He sat
down with us to have breakfast.

“Dad, don’t start.” I was not in the mood for a lecture. I
looked like I didn’t want to be bothered with the conversation. I reached for a plate as if he
didn’t say anything at all.

“What did I say that was so wrong? I mean, son, you
apparently are not happy. I’d just hate to see all of your effort, ahem, and our money go to
waste. Tyler seems to be doing quite well for himself, always on CNN in the evening. That
boy is sharp as a tack, I tell ya.” He got up from the table to refill his coffee.

“Should I have Tyler start being the one to visit you guys
from now on?” I asked sarcastically. I was in no mood to hear my Dad bragging about Tyler.
He seemed to have had some type of bromance with Tyler ever since he first met him. And
to think, I was afraid he would be all shitty acting to meet a boyfriend of mine for the first
time. Boy was I wrong. Those fools sat down in that man cave all day and night watching
football and drinking Budweiser. They both are Saints fans. That’s all that was needed to get
a bond started, and with Tyler being a frat guy, it was nothing for him to have the type of
connection he managed to make with my dad. My dad even got Tyler into drinking bourbon
and smoking cigars. Tyler always did know how to click with straight men. He’s such a boy. I
think I was happier about my parents really being so open about welcoming my life,
especially after they had told me before that they didn’t want to see any of my boyfriends
coming around. I was grateful for growth. To think, they put me out for being gay in high
school, and look at how God changed it. I was so, so thankful but it irritated me how they
would fawn all over Tyler.

“You must still have some jetlag. Your attitude is on ten
today, baby,” my mom replied as she reached for a pancake.

“I apologize. Yes, life hasn’t been all too happy for me
lately. Tyler is always at work and I’m always having to do these boring stories. It’s just not
how I thought things would turn out for me. I’m almost thirty. Something has to change, I
just know it.” My dad was coming back from the coffee pot. He stood by my chair and put

his hand on my shoulder.



About the Author

Jay Tripp, Jr is a
contemporary LGBT author. He has written two novels, with this one being the trilogy in his
The Bow series. The Bow is his first adult fiction series.

Tripp is an advocate for
equal rights for socially marginalized groups. He writes to affect change in attitudes towards
those groups. By changing the narrative and educating his readers through his works, he
progressively helps to erase the stigmas and eliminate the stereotypes of those


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