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Book Title: The Wingman

Author: A.

Publisher: NineStar Press

Cover Artist: Natasha

Release Date: July 26,

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance, Romantic comedy, New

Tropes: Friends to lovers, love triangle, childhood best friends, slow
burn, sharing a bed (tent)

Themes: humor, friendship, family, communication

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 69 762

It is a standalone story and
does not end
on a cliffhanger.


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Always the wingman,
never the “one”.


Nathan, a college student with a thing for funky hats and a
definite not-thing for the great outdoors, has been a wingman extraordinaire for his lifelong
best friend Lorcan for as long as either can remember. With his innate ability to talk
endlessly about how great Lorcan is to anyone who’ll listen, Nathan has always been the
best man for the job—even if he’s secretly waiting for the day when Lorcan will realize that
Nathan is the only guy for him.

But then, Lorcan sets his sights on Miles, the suave,
leather-jacket-wearing musician with a love of mountaineering and a family of six
overprotective sisters, and Nathan must once again put his wingman skills to work.

Trouble is, Nathan is getting tired of the old routine, and
Miles is the only human being on the planet immune to Lorcan’s charm. Not to mention that
Miles’s interest is immediately piqued by the outspoken and completely oblivious


Nathan blinked blankly at his best friend.

“My help?” he parroted, not quite getting
what Lorcan was suggesting. It wasn’t as though he could go up to this Miles guy and talk his
ear off about Lorcan to encourage him to make the first move. They’d already met; they’d
spoken. If Miles was interested, he’d make a move.

Hope stirred in Nathan’s chest.

If Miles was interested, why hadn’t he already made a

“Yeah, I need you to do your thing.” Lorcan nodded, looking
at Nathan expectantly, as though that would make Nathan whip out a ready-made action
plan on how to get into Miles’s pants.

“Dude, I do that so you can talk to them without doing the
awkward introductions yourself.” Nathan spoke slowly, as though explaining how to draw a
straight line to a child. “You’ve already covered that.”

“Well, then think of this as a part two,” Lorcan allowed with
a huff, probably because Nathan was making very valid points. “I don’t know if he’s even
into guys.”

Nathan frowned thoughtfully. Normally, it was easy to tell if
someone was into Lorcan. Or at least to Nathan. He liked to think his dad’s perceptiveness
had been inherited—to a lesser extent, of course, because Nathan was good, but he wasn’t
that good—enough that he made a great wingman to other people, not just Lorcan. Hell,
a few of the people in their friend group had asked for his help before.

It wasn’t as easy, sure. But Nathan had a pretty high
success rate. A few of them in happy, long-term relationships to boot.

Maybe he should have business cards made.

Nathan Reed—will get you laid.

Nathan shook off that thought as quickly as it had come
because that made him sound like a matchmaker, and he was decidedly not experienced
enough to consider that as a career path.

“So you…what? Want me to meet him and suss out if he’s
interested?” Nathan tried talking slowly, one brow apprehensively raised.

“Yeah!” Lorcan grinned. “Exactly. Work your

Nathan huffed out a laugh, rolling his eyes at Lorcan’s
enthusiasm about Nathan’s apparent “magic.” It wasn’t magic; it was just knowing how to
talk to people. Specifically, talking to people about Lorcan. Who, in Nathan’s opinion, was
the easiest thing in the world to talk about.

Sometimes, on very good nights, Nathan didn’t have to do
as much. Sometimes, the woman would know exactly why he was approaching and just cut
to the chase. He always appreciated those; they made his life a lot easier.

“Okay, I’ll do you this one favor.” Nathan sighed, clearly
teasing. There were no favors between them. No one kept tabs over who owed the other
what. “Now drive me somewhere to get food. I’m starving.”

Lorcan laughed, his mood clearly elevated from earlier.
Even that was enough to settle Nathan a bit more. Sure, his brain might still be working
overtime on limited sleep, but Lorcan’s coming-out experience had been painless for him,
and that was something at least.

“Your wish is my command,” he quipped back, starting up
the car and taking them to their usual haunt.

There was nothing better than getting food with


Lorcan was a picky eater, while Nathan happily consumed
anything deemed edible. Which meant Nathan tended to get extra of whatever Lorcan
didn’t like, and no food was wasted.

Win-win all around.

But this time, the experience was different.

Nathan hadn’t been worried about any uncomfortable
silences or lapses in conversation after being away for so long, and he’d been right not

But he never thought to be worried about Lorcan
never shutting up.

Which, under normal circumstances, would have been
fine. But these weren’t normal circumstances.

Lorcan wouldn’t stop talking about Miles.

In the last half an hour, Nathan learned more about the guy
than he ever wished to. His gut twisted with each and every new fun fact presented to him,
his shoulders drawn tighter and smile more strained.

So far, Nathan learned the following:

Miles was a musician.

A lot of people were musicians, especially in LA; it wasn’t a
big deal. In fact, Nathan had taken piano lessons for an entire week and could still
successfully play “Twinkle Twinkle.”

Miles was a graduate from Juilliard.

Nathan might have asked Lorcan to repeat himself because
there was no way he’d said

But he had. And that was fine. Juilliard was a
college just like any other. Saint Andrews was nothing to scoff at either.

Miles was adopted.

It made sense. Probably adopted into a wealthy family with

plenty of connections, considering the Juilliard thing (fucking Juilliard).

Miles’s eyes were this unusual gray

Lorcan spent a great deal of time talking about the color of
Miles’s eyes. (There were only so many ways to describe stormy gray with flecks of brown,
Nathan groused, please move on.) Anyway, Nathan had been told that he had unique eyes.
Granted, they’d been compared to a swamp before. But still. Swamps had a bad rap—they

But no, Lorcan clearly had a thing for smoke-colored eyes
now, not gunky-green.

Miles was hugely involved in environmental

Nathan recycled.

About the Author

Fuelled by a worrying tea
addiction (with a tattoo to prove it), A. Poland is a rom-com writer from Ireland who delights
in telling stories that make you fall in love with the characters and give you that squee
feeling in your chest.

Three words A. would use to
describe her writing are funky, silly, and spicy. Which, coincidentally, is also their dancing

When they’re not
daydreaming of the next meet-cute, A. works as a video producer and a full-time dog mom
to her pride and joy, Gizmo.

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