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Book Title: Prince of Flowers (Wild Hearts Book 1)

Author and Publisher: Nazri

Cover Artist: Christian

Release Date: September 30,

Genres: Contemporary MM, Fantasy M/M Romance

Tropes: Enemies to lovers, forced proximity, shared bed, found

Themes: Trust, truth (Both MCs spend a good amount of the book
deceiving each other, and have to learn that maybe they shouldn’t!)

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: approx 62 000

This is book 1 in a series and
oes not end on a cliffhanger. HFN.


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He captured a fae prince,
but can he capture his heart?


Lochlann Wilde walks in the shadow of his father, a
legendary summoner who commanded mythical beasts in battle. But Locke isn’t legendary.
He’s barely a summoner, never passing his academy’s trial of the elements.

And then he accidentally summons a fae prince with a
beautiful body and a bad attitude.

Sylvain is fiery and ferocious, stronger than anything Locke
has ever encountered. And hotter, too. But time is running out. Locke must tame the prince’s
wild heart. If he fails his trial, he’ll lose his inheritance and ruin his family’s name.

Without Sylvain, Locke could lose his chance to become a
true summoner… along with his shot at true love.


The invisible entity’s breath rushed on the breeze,
seductive and strong. The faint beat of its heart sounded like the playing of a distant drum.
Above all things else I could taste the overwhelming power on the tip of my tongue, a
palpable flavor of strange, alien magic.

I had to have it. I needed to earn my Summoner’s Crest. It
was finally my time. I had to make my father proud, wherever he could be. I thrust my hand
out, the grimoire levitating at eye level, pages fluttering in an eldritch wind as it turned to
the correct section. The binding, the forging of a powerful contract.

“With iron will and stalwart heart I beseech you, great force
of the ether. Make yourself known. Manifest. In the name of the summoners that have come
before me, hear my words. Heed my call.”

A new wind swirled at my feet, sending leaves tumbling
upward, whipping at the branches. Gooseflesh rose all over my skin, my body’s response to
the tingle and thrum of gathering power. Something was here. Something was

Time to finish the incantation, the barest minimum for me
to qualify for the Summoner’s Crest. Time to complete the Pact of the Unknown.

“I invoke you, thing of the ether, unseen and unnamed.
Grant me time and space enough to bargain and barter, to forge a bond that may yet be
fruitful for us both.”

The wind howled, ripping at my cloak, shearing through my
hair, screaming into my ears. It was coming.

It was here.

Time to bring it all home.

“Nameless of the ether, dweller in the unknown, I call you. I
summon you. Come forth. Reveal yourself!”

Grass, leaves, and petals exploded in a burst from the
center of the clearing, filling the air with a swirl of green and gold. I shielded my eyes,
watching through the gaps in my fingers. Had it worked? It must have. I said all the words
correctly, channeled the torrent of great magic through my soul, my flesh. Nothing short of a
god could have resisted my summons.

And there he knelt in the center of the glade, his head low,
his neck loose, a powerfully built man wearing leather trousers and little else. He propped
himself up by one hand, groaning, rubbing at his forehead with the other, like someone
recovering from a hangover. A side effect of the invocation, possibly.

Black hair fell in soft wisps over his brow, across his pale
gold eyes. They took their time to focus, then filled with defiance, with wild devilry. He
glanced up at me, eyes widening, mouth turning up in anger. But even in fury the man was
devastating. That face, those lips, that — oh, gods, that body. He was the most beautiful
man I’d ever seen.

And then he opened his mouth.

About the Author

Nazri Noor is a California-
based author of Filipino and Malaysian descent. While capable of fluently cursing in three
languages, he only writes in English, and has been doing so in a professional capacity for
over 20 years. His urban fantasy novels feature wise-cracking heroes who save the world
with wits, style, and magic: think sass and class, while kicking ass.

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