BOOK BLAST: “Little Red” by Shelby Rhodes.


Book Title: Little Red (Fairy Tales Retold Book 1)

Author: Shelby Rhodes

Publisher: Self-Published

Cover Artist: Jahla D. Brown

Release Date: January 30, 2022

Genres: Fantasy, Fairy tale, M/M Romance

Themes: Good vs. evil

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 72 415 pages

It is the first book in the series. The main story is


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Follow along and you will see a tale retold in a world of unimaginable creatures,
gods, and goddesses. A world filled to the brim with magic. Our story begins with a sorcerer
with too much power without the age to match.

Ryder, our hero, who just so happens to be a painfully short redhead, has found himself
burdened with the fates of thousands, in a life where he has so far received very few
answers. In order to find the cure to the plague that has overtaken the Kingdom of Solais, he
sets off on a quest to seek out his slightly crazy grandmother, in the Yore Forest.

Add in one flirty, handsome werewolf Prince, a sarcastic sorcerer-hating werewolf, some
full-blown insanity, and a bit of magic, and Ryder finds his momentous task doubling in
difficulty and stress. But all is not what it seems, and sometimes life takes you to places you
never wished to stand. In the end, Ryder’s decisions and paths are not choices but destiny.
And in said destiny lies insurmountable magic, death, and maybe even love.


Bane sprinted into the forest, running faster than Ryder could ever hope to.
The thudding of the man’s bare feet on the dirt path almost lured Ryder to sleep.

It would have been to their detriment. The danger was not over. Escaping
his grandmother would take more than physical strength and a little magic. She would not
give up that easily.

Ryder had barely had that thought when he felt it—magic. The air became
electric as it surged closer. He could taste it. Ryder could feel it permeating his very bones.
But something was wrong. Instead of fear or apprehension, his very soul felt elated.

Ryder felt energy build inside him. Strength he shouldn’t have had, it called
for his magic to rise. And as the unknown force sped towards them, his heart started to race
in anticipation.

At first, there was only a thundering rumble. Then the ground began to
shake, and a roaring symphony of cracking, snapping, and explosions followed—sounds of
pure destruction. Screeching beasts could be heard in the distance, the creatures dying as
they are unable to get out of the way of his grandmother’s spell. And soon, the already dim
sky darkened further.

He watched Bane quickly glance back. When the werewolf swore and
started a brutal pace, he knew they were probably screwed.

Even knowing that, Ryder couldn’t stop his eyes from widening in horror
when he finally caught sight of what was after them. It was not something anyone could
outrun. Headed their way was a tsunami-size wave of dirt, rocks, and trees. He could see
nothing beyond it. Not only was it coming from behind, but from all sides, leaving only an
increasingly narrow path in front of them.

And as the two waves began to swell over them, stealing away their path,
Ryder’s first thought was that they were going to die. But then the defiant part of him, that
always pushed him to defeat the odds, screamed no—no, he would not die this way! Ryder

He let his magic consume the mysterious energy—he let it free. Instead of
recoiling from the all-consuming spell coming for them, his magic flew towards it. As their
magic collided, a spell he had never learned filled his mind. The language was old, foreign to
him, but he somehow understood.

When the world turned to darkness, the wave mere seconds from crushing
them, time slowed for Ryder.

His body hummed, and the spell he shouldn’t have known past his lips.
“Îgňaęϋe těŕrvʼna ɋȏnǹ ȸrǽ relǽg’uɱ Ťę môrʋǐtȕs!”

He began to emit a red glow. That glow became brighter and brighter, until it
was blinding.

Ryder blinked as time returned to normal. The wall of dirt, all of it was gone.
The only evidence of it having been there was the barren land all around them.

“That was…insane,” Bane rasped, voice shaking. The man had a death grip
on him, and the werewolf’s voice wasn’t the only thing shaking.

In a slight daze, Ryder peered up at the man. Fearful brown eyes met his. It
was the look one cast at a monster. Ryder quickly glanced away.

Clearing his throat, Bane announced, “We should get going.”

Going where, Ryder thought weakly. He found he was too tired to ask. The
energy and magic that had saved them had dissipated, the spell that had been so clear
moments before was lost to him.

Bane started off again after a moment of hesitation, carrying him into the
barren wasteland the spell had created. Listening to the werewolf’s speeding heartbeat,
Ryder let his exhaustion take him.

While he did not know where they were going, or what was going to
happen, the one thing he did know was that this was far from over.

About the Author

Books have always been a big part of Shelby Rhodes’
life. Unfortunately, growing up writing had been a constant struggle for her. So, even with
her head filled with stories she never tried to write them down.

It took many years to gain the confidence to explore
writing as a creative outlet. Now writing has become a way for her to dive into new
adventures and explore new worlds.

With confidence, she fully intends to explore
everything that has been stuck in her head. It is her hope that others will join her on her

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