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Book Title: Crossing the
Line (Jake’s Bar Book 2)

Author: AG

Publisher: Painted Hearts

Release Date: August 25,

Genre: Romantic suspense, Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: Lovers to enemies to lovers, second chance romance, race to
uncover dangerous secrets

Themes: Fast-paced suspense, ex-cop with little left to lose, protective
lawyer who loves too hard, hurt/comfort, broken trust, forgiveness (or not), family found,
new start, Two men falling in love while dodging bullets and chasing bad guys

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 81 000

Crossing the Line is Book 2 in the
Jake’s Bar series. It is a standalone romance with a satisfying end for the mystery. It does not
end on a cliffhanger.


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Broken Trust doesn’t give
Second Chances…


Holden Wright had it all—and lost it. Five months ago, he
was on top: a decorated detective with a bright future. Then his father’s gambling destroyed
everything. Left with nothing, Holden works nights at Jake’s Bar with no idea how to get his
broken life back on track.

Brent Northwood has it all—except the man he
loves. Brent made a deal with the devil to become a well-respected lawyer, but success
doesn’t turn out to be all he ever wanted. His love for Holden started with a wild, crazy
hookup in the rain, but it all came to an abrupt end when Brent lied—with best
intention—but a lie is a lie and Holden can’t forgive.

Holden needs the successful lawyer back in his life
about as badly as he needs the bullet hole his father put in his shoulder. But with secrets
from Holden’s past threatening his future, Brent is the only one who can protect him. The
two men forge a volatile truce to stay one step ahead of danger, but is it enough to mend
the broken trust between them? Can they risk a second chance for love knowing what’s at

But none of that matters if they can’t find out who
is trying to take Holden down…

Series: Crossing the Line, Book 2 in the award-winning
Jake’s Bar series, is a steamy, M/M romantic suspense featuring a rainbow-colored bar full of
quirky characters, and all the romance you can handle. So, download today, and get ready to
fall in love with Jake’s Bar.


Holden topped off the beer and slammed it on the counter
in front of Grey. The grungy mechanic tore his eyes away from a green-haired twink across
the room. “What crawled up your ass tonight?”

JD’s was a gay bar and prime hookup spot, so there were a
few dozen suitable answers, but Holden wasn’t feeling any of them. His mind was fucking
with him—flashing lust-filled images from a past he’d buried deep in a box labeled
“mistake.” For the past hour, while he was serving drinks and cashing out people as it got
late, he had tried hard to ignore the man in a dark suit sitting at one of the high tables away
from the crowds. It had been a good night until Brent Northwood showed up.

Grey took a sip and licked the foam off his lips with an
exaggerated swirl of his tongue. On the other side of the bar green-hair rolled his eyes and
turned away to follow his friends back to a booth. Grey had tried to get the guy’s attention a
few times now and had consistently been shot down.

“You’re not Kyle’s type,” Holden said helpfully as he wiped
down the beer taps.

Grey pulled a face. “It’s a shit night. The place was hopping
for a while, but lately it’s been slow. I think Jake is in trouble. He hit gold when that blogger
made a big deal out of JD’s, but there was just no way that was gonna last. JD’s doesn’t offer
enough. In the end, it’s just a dingy corner bar.”

Then what the fuck are you doing here every night?
Holden swallowed his acrid reply. Grey was a
bit of an ass, however Holden was pretty sure that nothing but an empty apartment waited
for the guy at the end of the day. Five months ago, he would have been quick to judge and
discard JD’s regular, but these days, they had too much in common.

Before he could stop himself, Holden threw a glance across
the room to the lanky man sitting motionless in the dim light. As always, Brent looked like
he’d just stepped out of a courtroom. Impeccably dressed in an Armani suit. A face with
square angles and full lips with a cupid’s bow. The dark five o’clock shadow was the only
imperfection, but it enhanced his classic charms. Holden had always known he was bi. He’d
experimented with both men and women, but Brent Northwood, almost ten years older,
serious to the point of severe, wasn’t even his usual type. Still, nobody had ever been as

Elbows resting on the table, the lawyer nursed a whiskey in
his hands. He seemed lost in his thoughts. Luckily, Grey picked up their conversation again
before Holden was caught staring. “Somebody must have bought the rundown movie
theater next door. They’re renovating. The dumpster takes up half the parking spots on this

“Yeah, Jake’s been talking about them hammering all day
long. He’s pissed about the noise,” he replied.

“If that’s turned into a bar, Jake can bag it,” Grey said with
gloomy delight. “I’m telling you, this is only the beginning.” He waved around the mostly
empty place.

“Bullshit. It’s Tuesday. Tuesdays are slow.”

“And you’re stuck with Tuesdays.” Grey wasn’t done stirring
shit up. “Maybe you should talk to Jake. You must be hurting for money after losing your
cushy detective job—”

A hand came down on Holden’s back. “Grey, shut your
mouth,” Jake growled at the mechanic. “Nobody needs your poison. Told you that before. If
you can’t be civil, get the fuck out of my bar.”

It wasn’t an empty threat. Jake had zero tolerance for hate
or stupidity, and he was fiercely protective of his staff. Jake grabbed a few empty bottles and
tossed them into a crate under the bar. “Where is Jazz?”

“It was slow, so I sent them home a few minutes ago.
They’ve got an exam tomorrow. Talked about it all night. I’ve got it covered and thought they
could use a few extra hours of sleep,” Holden replied.

“Makes sense to take advantage of a nice, peaceful night,”
Jake said with a happy sigh. He was the only bar owner Holden knew who got into a pissy
mood when his place was packed with people. Jake loved peace and quiet, and most nights,
JD’s Bar was anything but.

Jake stopped abruptly and squinted into the dimly lit
taproom. “What’s the damn fixer doing here?”

“Northwood?” It was petty, but Holden took some perverse
pleasure in the fact that Jake didn’t like Brent.

“Yeah, Brent fucking Northwood.”

About the Author

Eighteen years ago, AG
Meiers came to the US for adventure and stayed for love. Currently, she lives in New England
with her husband and two awesome kids—balancing work, friends and family, and

When she has some free
time, her favorite thing to do is travel and visit new places. Her past trips have already
brought her to a variety of countries on four continents. She never passes up an opportunity
to experience different cultures, diverse people and amazing locations.

Even though she has been
dreaming up stories all her life, she has only recently started to write them down and share
them with the world. As a writer she loves to put her characters through a lot of challenges,
conflict and heartbreak, before she allows them to find their happy-ever-after.

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