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Book Title: Disowned
(Club Royal Book

Author and Publisher: Elouise

Cover Artist: Designs by Tina

Release Date: June 2,

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: Friends to lovers, Daddy/little, hurt/comfort, famous person
chooses commoner

Themes: Family trying to hurt those the MCs love,

Heat Rating: 3 – 4 flames

Length: approx 82 000 words/
295 pages

It can be read as a standalone
but it is recommended the other books are read first.

The book does not end on a
cliffhanger, but there is an overarching storyline that goes through the series.


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Book 1 (Rogue Royal) will be on sale from June 2 –

An ex-Army prince must
protect the man he loves from his treasonous family


Life couldn’t get any more twisted and convoluted if it tried.
Christian hates his parents as much as they hate him, but he never expected them to throw
him in a cell when he blurted out he was bisexual. Their public image is important to them
because it hides the transgressions they’ve subjected many people to over the years. People
Christian mourn every day because he couldn’t save them. Reading is an escape, and one
place gives him the solitude he needs to shore his defences – and the view isn’t too bad

Oscar is living his dream. The owner of a beautiful cafe
slash bookshop slash library, he is never happier than when he is working, which is all the
time. When Prince Christian becomes a regular, Oscar tries to stop his attraction to him, but
the man is like a god. A haunted god, but nonetheless. His scrutiny of the man means he
notices when Christian nears breaking point, but he has no idea what to do about it.
Christian offers to find him a Daddy, but Oscar hesitates. Does Christian really want to help
or is he feeling sorry for him?

When their attraction persuades Christian to take the role
of Oscar’s Daddy for himself, can he keep Oscar safe when he goes up against the people
who wish to harm those they love?

This is an MM book containing BDSM scenes and D/s
dynamics in all forms. It also has lots of loving, friendships, family drama and, of course, a


“Would you like some company?” he asked.

Christian smiled. “Sure. Have a seat.”

“I don’t have to if you want some peace. I didn’t realise Hilary

“Sit down, little one,” Christian murmured.

Oscar slid into the seat opposite him, pulling his cup and cake
towards him. He was quiet for a moment before he peered at Christian again. “Does it

Christian chuckled. “A little. Eating is tiresome because it makes
my jaw ache, but I can manage.”

“Are your ribs the same?” Raising his eyebrows, Christian tilted
his head. “I saw you wince a couple of times.”

“Yes. My ribs are decorated like a rainbow at present.”

Oscar gasped. “Should you be resting?”

“If I didn’t get out of there, I would’ve gone mad. I’ve been
‘resting’ for days already.” He focused on his coffee, taking a sip.

Oscar bit his lip to stop from asking what happened. Instead,
he used his fork to cut a piece of his cake and slide it into his mouth. The chocolate cake was
delicious, and the reason he always had his supplier make an extra cake so he could take one
home. He counted it as part of his wages. It didn’t help that he had a sweet tooth,
something his Daddy would need to help him with when he had one who stayed longer than
a night.

“What are you thinking about?” Christian asked.

Oscar opened the eyes he hadn’t realised he’d closed and
studied him. Then he stared at his cake, pushing crumbs from one side to the other. He
huffed a laugh. “I was thinking that I needed my Da…” He glanced over his shoulder. “I
needed my Daddy to make sure I didn’t eat too many sweet things. I have something of a

Christian laughed. “Working in a cafe is probably not the best

“Don’t I know it. I’m sure my trousers are getting tighter by the

“You look fine to me. I bet being on your feet all day balances
the sweet addiction. I bet it’s not as bad as Henry and George, anyway.”


Christian put his mug down and curled his hands around it.
“Henry loves fudge. Any flavour, any shape. Just fudge. If he had his way, he’d eat it every
day. As for George, his addiction to love heart sweets easily pays a factory worker’s annual

Oscar chuckled. “I don’t feel so alone now.”

“You’d fit right in, don’t you worry.”

Oscar’s heart jumped with Christian’s words, though he knew
the prince didn’t mean anything by them. There was no way he would fit in with royalty.

“I will be speaking tomorrow to a couple of people who might
be interested in your…situation,” Christian said. “I will hopefully have more news for you

Oscar swallowed hard, ignoring the pang in his stomach when
he thought about someone else being with him. He couldn’t have a prince. “Thank you.” He
drank his coffee, shoving down the feelings his traitorous body was bringing to the

“What’s wrong?”

Oscar glanced up. “What?”

“You seem sad. Has something happened?”

“No, nothing. I’m okay.”

Christian narrowed his eyes on him, and Oscar fidgeted in his
seat, wanting to make himself smaller. Not because Christian was intimidating, but because
Oscar’s brain was already associating Christian with being a Daddy and someone he didn’t
want to upset. He wanted to be good for him, even though they didn’t have that type of


He lifted his gaze to where his name had been called, and
Hilary waved for him. He stood. “I have to get back to work. I’m glad you’re okay.” Oscar
stepped away but turned back when Christian said his name softly.

“I’ll find someone. I promise.”

About the Author

I am Elouise East but feel free
to call me Elli. I write sweet and steamy connections in gay romance. I also touch on taboo
stories under the name Elouise R East.

Books that tell the stories
where friendship and family are the focal point – be it blood family or chosen – is very
important to me. That’s why I include a variety of personalities, talents, ages, situations and
abilities as I believe a story or a character needs. I want my characters to be real, to be
relatable, to be free to have whatever views they tell me they have. And trust me, most of
the time, I do not have
any say in the matter!

My characters come to life on
the page for me as well as my readers. Their stories unfold in front of me, and I have very
little input into how they want to be shown. Just like real life, the lives of my characters
change with every choice, every interaction and every conversation. And I wouldn’t have it
any other way.

I write books that are
emotionally realistic, even if liberties are taken with other aspects of my stories. I don’t
know any other way to write. It comes from deep inside.

Who am I? A single parent to
two children who make life worth living. An avid reader who still devours every book she can
get her hands on. A student of learning about any subject that takes her fancy. An author of
books she would read herself. And a romantic at heart who loves anything cheesy.

Who’s in?

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