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Book Title: Finding Forever Boxed Set

Author: Marie

Publisher: Sin Books

Cover Artist: LC

Release Date: May 25,

Genre: Contemporary MM Romance

Book 1 prequel – A Winter’s Dance – (Finding Forever
– is a learning to love story

Book 1 – A Kind of
– Second chance at love, hurt/comfort;

Book 2 prequel – Nothing Like a Summer Romance(Finding Forever
– is a first time for everything, summer romance story.

Book 2 – Nothing
Like Forever
– Soulmates to partners, can’t live with him/can’t live without him;

Book 3 – Forever After
– Enemies to lovers, forced proximity, bi-awakening.

Themes: Love finds a way even with challenging

Heat Rating: 4 flames

The novels are standalone,
obviously the prequels are not. The prequels do not need to be read to enjoy the novels.
There are n
o cliffhangers.

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The men of the Finding
Forever series will set your heart on fire (and possibly your Kindle too)


Whether it’s overcoming a twelve-year separation and
trauma, figuring out a complex and confusing identity, or learning to see beyond the surface
to the heart of gold inside,
these three novels and two novellas by Marie Sinclair show how love survives and flourishes even in
the darkest of times.

For Ry and Cart (A Winter’s
and A Kind of Forever), saying I love you for the first time didn’t work out the way fairy tales told
them it would. Together in college, they are accidentally outed by a photograph taken at an
LGBTQ protest, and separated by Ry’s conservative family. Twelve years later, they’re
reunited, but Cart quickly realizes that Ry is no longer the carefree, sensual lover he knew
when they were younger. Something haunts and torments Ry, making him run from Cart
who has to decide if he’s willing to risk his damaged heart for another chance at

When Jake and Micah met (Nothing
Like a Summer Romance
), there was an
instant connection. The month they spent together during summer break was full of first
times for Micah. First kiss. First love. First time doing drag. He’s pretty sure he wants Jake to
be his first for everything, but Jake’s not so sure he can do a relationship.
Nothing Like Forever charts the ins and outs and ups and downs of the twenty years it takes them to figure
out that Jake is aromantic and that happily ever after doesn’t have to look a certain way.

After an apartment fire leaves Diego homeless, Jake gives
him a place to stay. The only problem, Alex is already living there. In
, Alex and Diego navigate a bumpy road built
from bad first impressions, misunderstandings, and close proximity. When Alex’s 13-year old
comes out as trans and moves across the country to live with him, Alex sees a different side
to queer youth counselor Diego, and the two discover an attraction that burns hotter the
more they get to know each other.


It was four in the morning, and for the first time since Diego
had woken up, the enormity of what had happened washed over him. His home was gone.
Everything he owned except for the clothes on his back and what he had in his go-bag was
likely damaged by smoke and water, even if the fire hadn’t reached his apartment, so all that
was gone as well. He was a small dot in the vastness of San Francisco, and the panic he’d
pushed aside in favor of helping others began to surface.

Where to find an apartment he could afford was a question for
later; Diego’s immediate issue was a place to stay right now. His first thought, of course, was
his family. He was the youngest of five siblings, as well as the only boy, and had countless
uncles and aunts and cousins living in the Bay Area. Any one of them would put him up if he
asked. His parents would be happy to have him move back home. Actually, they’d be ecstatic
to have him under their roof, but his mother would be especially pleased to have him back
where she could express her concern over his love life and try to play matchmaker with
every gay man her friends knew.

Jake was an option, though not a great one. He had two places,
the bungalow on Great Highway and the Victorian he’d inherited from his father in the inner
Richmond. Once the renovation work had been completed back in November, Jake and his
boyfriend, Micah, had moved into the Richmond house, which meant the bungalow was
theoretically perfect. Diego was sure Jake would let him stay in the guest room as long as he
needed, but Diego wasn’t sure how long he couldstay because Alex was already
living there while he did some long overdue renovations on the place.

Diego winced as he remembered hitting on Alex at a friend’s
wedding last summer. The sight of Alex backing into a tray of champagne flutes and the
shatter of glass as they hit the group, not to mention the horrified and angry look on Alex’s
face, was not something Diego wanted to see again. So, no, Diego would not be asking Jake
for a place to stay.

With no other viable options coming to mind, he called Cart,
apologized for waking him, then asked if any of the apartments above the center were

“The resident’s unit is being repainted, and Xave and Ess are
moving in there as soon as it’s ready.” Cart suppressed a yawn. “Sorry. If you can stand the
fumes, it’s got a bed.”

“I’ll open the windows. Thanks, man.” Diego shouldered his
backpack and began walking toward the Castro and the youth center.

“I’d offer our place, but Jen and Stephen are here with the
baby while theirs is being worked on. Try Jake in the morning. Between his two places, he’s
gotta have an extra room.”

“I’ll do that. Thanks,” Diego told him, but he’d figure something
else out. He wouldn’t share a house with someone who hated him if it were the last place on
Earth available to him.

About the Author

Marie Sinclair is a queer
writer living in San Francisco. Though she’s been a writer all her life, it wasn’t until she
stumbled upon MM romance that she knew she’d found a home for herself and all the
characters in her head.

Her focus is on contemporary
romance, usually on the steamy side. While HEAs are guaranteed, it will always take some
work for the couples to get there, and it might not look the way they expected at the
beginning. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Marie believes in rooting her stories in
the real world of queer culture and showing how love can survive even in challenging

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