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Book Title: The Fourth State of Matter

Author: D’Arcy

Publisher: The Wild Rose

Cover Artist: Jennifer

Length: 87 000 words / 349

Release Date: May 31,

Genres: Sci-fi, M/M Romance, Menage, Space Opera, Aliens

Tropes: Class divide, Fast burn, Scifi spaceship adventure

Themes: Rebellion, Freedom, Personal discovery

It is not a standalone story,
but does not
end on a cliffhanger.


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Space is cold, the sex it
hot, and the rebellion is right on target.


Earth is dead. Humanity survives by selling the only
resource available—themselves. 2689 has signed away his rights as a living being and
become décor, living artwork that rich aliens use to decorate their homes. It’s a stable

existence but a boring one. Until one day his owner plays host to three unexpected guests.
Large, loud, and more potent than anything 2689 has ever experienced, this trio of ship-
dwellers from the wrong side of the universe awakens a desire he can’t ignore.

However, blissful days of sex and companionship
with Brog, Desmodian, and Xavis come to an end when 2689 discovers a plot that could land
the trio in jail…or worse. 2689 will have to make a choice—stay silent and allow three
innocent lives to be ruined or give up his stable life to protect the ones he loves.


Pet fumbled his drink, creating a clink of glass against glass
and spilling pink droplets onto the table’s surface. He had encountered Décor Preservation
Services once before, at his first auction, when they evaluated his quality and determined
what price to charge his buyers.

“And what does DPS want with us?”

Desmodian sounded too calm, considering the tremor Pet
felt running through the hand on his head.

Vige scoffed. “Really? A trio of dirty ship-dwellers running
around with one of their precious décor, and you don’t think they’re going to

“We’ve done nothing wrong.” Xavis ruffled his feathers
again, filling what little space remained in their alcove. “Pet was transferred to us legally.
Anyone can check the license.”

In a different situation, Pet would have stroked the feathers
back down, but he was too scared to do more than stare dumbly from person to


Book Title: The Use of
Heavy Water

Author: D’Arcy

Publisher: The Wild Rose

Cover Artist: Jennifer

Length: 89 000 words / 360

Release Date: October 12,

Genres: Sci-fi, M/M Romance, Menage, Space Opera, Aliens

Tropes: Beach vacation, the past returning, capture, rescue /

Themes: Relationships, betrayal, deception, personal strength,

It is not a standalone story,
but does not end on a cliffhanger.

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Décor don’t usually go on vacation, but after their
adventure in the Iota Cloud, Pet is looking forward to a week of relaxation on the planet
Syzygy, an ideal vacation spot for aliens from all corners of the galaxy.

The fancy resort they’ve chosen isn’t welcoming to
ship-dwellers, but defying societal expectations has always been a favorite pastime for
Desmodian, Brog, and Xavis.

However, a divide is sparked in the trio when
shadows from Brog’s past make an unexpected appearance. Distracted by their conflict, the
three are left vulnerable to an enemy who knows their weaknesses.

The trio can’t save Pet this time. It’s up to him to
rescue the ones he loves and return them all to their true home among the stars. If he fails,
their freedom and maybe even their lives will be forfeit.


Desmodian turned sharply back to Brog. His hand, which
had been holding the card, opened and closed as if confused about its sudden emptiness.
“What? You’re keeping it?”

One of Brog’s hands held the card, and another gripped
Desmodian. That still left two arms free to cross over his chest in a challenging posture.
“Maybe. No reason not to.”

Desmodian gaped. “No reason…after what that man did to
you. There’s every reason to avoid him.”

The pair stared each other down, Brog with one set of eyes
and Desmodian with his whole body.

Pet’s foot slipped over wet rock, and he nearly tumbled off
the island. He had seen these emotions on his trio before, but rarely directed at each other.
On the rare occasion they fought, it usually ended as quickly as it started. He hoped this time
would be the same.

Xavis approached the argument with both wings
outstretched. “Hey, guys, calm down. This isn’t worth fighting over.”

Brog let go of Desmodian, practically throwing his hand
away. “If he thinks he can make decisions for me, then we got somethin’ to fight

Desmodian’s hammer planted in the sand again, hard
enough to sink several inches. “It shouldn’t even be a decision. It should be common sense.
Yaivin Vels is the reason you ended up arrested and in Unit 22 in the first place. You
shouldn’t want anything to do with him.”

About the Author

D’Arcy Arden grew up in
Akron, Ohio, where she attended creative art schools and was surrounded by beautiful
country landscape. This combination cultivated an interest in literature, art, and the natural
world around her. In college, she earned a Masters Degree in Fiction Writing, which primarily
taught her that there is no one way to tell a good story. So, she turned around and went
back for a degree in Animation as well. This love for both visual and written stories has given
her a preference for stories that are memorable, easy to picture, and, most importantly,

That was her main goal when
she started writing The Fourth State of Matter—to provide readers with a fun story featuring
the three S’s. Science, sex, and spaceships. It is her first published novel, but only the
beginning of a great adventure.

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